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I had the same run in with a game warden during a hunters safety course. During the Q & A I asked what the Wildlife and Fisheries was doing about the predators in the National Forest. He said to define predators, so I bought up panthers. He said 'I was mistaken'. Once yes, I could have been but not 9 times and one at ten feet there is no mistaking what you are seeing! I asked if he had ever seen one. He said no. I asked him if he got out in the woods very often. He said he lives in the woods. I told him he must not cause he hasn't seen squat[edit]! Everyone got a big laugh out of it. But that is the Wildlife and Fisheries stance on panthers. Even after mulitipul sightings. Game camera pictures and so on. They are just living in denial. I sure wish someone can explain that?

April 03, 2012 at 3:13am
A comment titled: Harassed in response to a report titled: Dog Hunters Harrassed By Forest Rangers

I can relate to your pain. But, I've hunted the same area for years. Two years ago dog hunters released their dogs the night before dog season opened and ran their dogs through the game reserve. When the warden finally caught them, he was crying please don't take me to jail in front of my 9 year old son! Not a good way to teach a child how to hunt. My point being, there are more dog hunters not following the rules than one's following the rules. Remember, I've hunted those woods for years. I've heard the gun shots, when the dogs hunters were running in a section. Too many shots and hits for just bucks only. Not to mention the AR-15 with the twenty round clip. I've also heard the saying 'We have to kill them while we can, cause we won't have a season next year!'

March 12, 2013 at 2:54am
A comment titled: There has been panthers killed in La. in response to a report titled: Cougar Sighting

A guy killed one in Desoto parish a few years ago that was stalking him. After the investigation, he was justified in killing it. It is currently mounted and displayed in the Wildlife and Fisheries main office in Baton Rouge. As far as black panthers, I have have never seen one. I've seen 9 panthers in my years of being outdoors. All here in Louisiana! All of them were brown. Several I watched for quite a few minutes. I believe the Wildlife and Fisheries are finally coming around due to all the game camera's bring us proof. I just hope nobody is stupid enough to kill one. I would hate to have to pay that fine! Not to mention it is a beautiful animal.

April 01, 2012 at 10:34am
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