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It is probably not the site at all. Even some legitimate ad sites get taken over by cookie and malware injection. Just as google will inject ads into your searches and display ads when you get your search results, some bad actors will take advantage of legitimate functions.

I don't see any cookies being injected on my stream, this is probably because of the path to the sites server. Your ISP may be trying to inject ads and one of their ad 'customers' is supplying compromised ads.

Please don't be so quick to blame this site, there are literally thousands of points that this could be happening before and after the site, including your own computer first, make sure you run a scan on your computer with a reputable software such as malwarebytes. If you use firefox there is a addin that will stop cookies from being downloaded.

January 21 at 7:44am

I have a 2013 H20B, Match of the HP to the hull is great, not overpowered not under powered. I can do 35mph with full fuel, ice and 3 pob.

Hull cuts trough chop easily and gives a smooth ride. Only drafts 8' water when I want to go inside for Reds.
Put a folding T Top for a place to get out of the sun, makes all the difference in the world. The bimini style just doesn't work for long saltwater rods, especially when you need to get it up quick for a rain storm.

I've never regretted for one minute my purchase. Get Xpress to give you a second 'saddle' for the trailer front. The assembly the winch sits on will break within the first two trips, as well as the side bumpers.
Use the second saddle to have a welder fit two gussets and you will never worry about the winch support again. Replace side bumpers with a clamp on board, you will need it in wind to get boat on trailer.

October 18, 2016 at 10:09am
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