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this buck is the first Deer that I've killed in four years off a 20 acre block of timber that I've been hunting for the last twelve years I've just been planting a three acre food plot and made two man made water holes on the property trying to get a good deer to show up last year I had six does and a narrow horned big bodied six point after the acorns started falling last year the deer just left until about the week after thanksgiving then they started to show back up never had a deer bigger then that six point this year was different as soon as I bushhogged my lanes and started putting out rice bran started having lots of deer sign everywhere after about two weeks I put out a camera and had 475+ pictures of deer in five days mostly does but a had a very poor three point show up and start staying almost all day and night. Then on the last few night pictures I had a decent. Eight point show up over the next few weeks I kept having a few pictures of him every couple of nights but he wasn't coming every night on the evening of October 12th a deer appeared in my shooting lane at about 6:30pm at the very end of the lane I thought he was the three point that was a regular when he got at my 55 yard rice bran pile that's when I realized that he wasn't the three point but was the eight point after that I slowly raised up my 45-70 and took the shot he ran about 38 yards through the thicket next to my food plot where he crashed

October 21, 2015 at 2:39am

These are a few pictures of some bucks i have on trail camera

August 21, 2012 at 10:59pm
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