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I am debating the idea of starting a samll company on the side catering to spraying duck leases, cleaning out runs and ditches and maintence necessary before hunting season each year, just wanted some feed back on how many of you would consider hiring out someone to do these things. Any comments are greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

September 05, 2010 at 1:01am

Mardi Gras trip 6/19/10 caught 80 yellow mouths between 4 of us the calmest I have seen it in a while 2 at a time purple and charturse .

June 20, 2010 at 3:23am

Has anyone been killing ducks at PAC I am finally going to be able to start my duck season this weekend due to cutting sugarcane and i sure hope there are a few birds to shoot at . thanks

December 31, 2008 at 6:08pm

i am going buy a browning silver hunter my only thought is weahter to buy the black synthetic or camo anyone has an advantages over one or the other? thanks does the camo fade after a while is my only concern

December 02, 2008 at 10:35pm

Went to cocodrie today winds were high water from wine island pass to near whiskey pass was like choclate milk but near whiskey pass it cleared up was able to boat 35 nice trout 16-24 inch range with 1 18 inch redfish all on live minnows. I was quite angry with some of the people fishing around me, these people now a days who think because they have a colorful bay boat and wear a fishing shirt makes them a angler they are wrong. I anchored approx 100-150 yards outside of the last boat in line at the pass, some so called angler in a nauti star decided he wanted to fish in between us this upset me a bit but it gets better. Then some idot anchored approx 15-20 yards on the other side of me, but it gets better his buddy decides to chat with him so he pulls up even closer and they chatted for a while if it would have been for their children and wives on board there would have been words exchanged oh the two boats close to me were a champion and a skeeter if either of these boats owners reads this i appreciate what u did u should learn some sportsman ship if all u want to do is ride around and chat go to lake verret don't interfere with people who like to fish take your high dollar glitter filled boats and go somewhere else if anyone who was at whiskey pass this morning reads post a comment if you saw how close they were to me i was in a 21 whaler. Good luck to all the real sportsman out there.

July 26, 2008 at 5:01pm

I have a 1997 mercury 225 efi the oil tank is full the oil tank on the motor is full but the engine oil light keeps coming on any one who may have had this happen to them or may know the problem please let me know the buzzer keeps going off also 4 beeps then nothing a while later 4 beeps again thanks

those of u who have answered me how good or bad or the 225 mercurys the one i have is a 97 which i bought last summer with only 50 hours any reply is greatly appreciated

June 16, 2008 at 7:24pm

Fish are bitting awesome at Lake Beouf Friday caught 83 lake runner all hand size and bigger, Saturday caught 75 once again all large fish, winds are high though, just drift and don't cast far. Everything was caught between 5 and 8. Now it is time to catch yellow mouths

May 10, 2008 at 10:55pm

Are the fish bitting at the Mardi Gras rigs yet was wanting to make a trip this week anyone who may let me know thanks.

May 10, 2008 at 10:52pm

Has anyone seen ducks in the orange grove area, i have not been able to get to my pond on the account of working 7 days a week was going to try to slip away to hunt on saturday morning thanks in advance

November 08, 2007 at 9:09am

Went to dulac sunday got a late start, didn't begin to fish until about 8 a.m. but the trout were bitting pretty well caught around 30 with only 1 or 2 throw bakcs most were 13-14 inches with a few 17-19 fished in the marsh everything was on artifical- popping cork with a doa shrimp(white) no redfish good luck fishing.

September 24, 2007 at 3:14pm

I am currently looking at a 1995 21 whaler outrage currently own a 1986 18 outrage which is a very good boat and is for sale if anyone is interested but just was wondering if anyone knew of how good the 21 foot outrages are also it has a 1997 225 mercury with 50 hours on the motor if anyone could tell me how good or bad of an engine and boat this it would be appreciated thanks

August 04, 2007 at 3:10pm

Light winds this morning which was good but the water still looked like choclate milk tried fishing new cut with no luck so moved on to whiskey pass and caught a two man limit did not find fish to be feeding all that good but with a white doa under a bayside cork it was on had to fish several hours but it was worth it. Fish did not respond to live bait much good luck fishing

June 10, 2007 at 4:54pm

Just wondering i have an 1986 boston whaler outrage that is in excellent condition with a 150 mercury with only around 150 or less hours loaded with bimini top fish finder vhf radio custom leaning post sportsman trailer and many other features want to sell but don't know what to ask was thinkin around 12,500 would that be too much suggestions wanted thanks

April 29, 2007 at 11:25pm

Went to cocodrie saturday and all i heard on the radio was that today was the best day of the week to fish, that was b.s. the weather man was full of %^&* when he call for 10-15 more like 18-25 felt like i was on deadliest catch it was so rough managed to catch 1 fish (trout) water was muddy i am not going back until the end of may

April 23, 2007 at 10:34am
A comment titled: hey man in response to a report titled: Go Devil Problem, Please give your opinion.

i had the same problem all i did was adjusted my carb and cleaned it out it ran fine after let me guess what kind of motor u have a briggs possible a 23hp

January 04, 2009 at 6:26pm
A comment titled: mercury in response to a report titled: Repowering questions????

optimax all the way whatever u do don't buy a yamaha, or a suzki junk i would rather run a johnson than either of those

July 29, 2008 at 10:08pm
A comment titled: my two sense in response to a report titled: Trout fishing

I tell u what who every swamp01 is definetly a dumb@$# who is a selfish retard who was never taught proper common sense he should probably try to learn some

July 28, 2008 at 10:58pm
A comment titled: trout fishing in response to a report titled: TX Cont'd

Fishin is a numbers game the more u catch the better u did if u want to catch fish lets go to dularge of cocodrie and i'll show u how to trout fish, p.s. kind of hard to fill up a box with 10 a person isin't it

July 09, 2008 at 9:57pm
A comment titled: mercury in response to a report titled: Yamaha Question

should have bought an optimax

July 09, 2008 at 9:44pm
A comment titled: Bait Boat in response to a report titled: cocodrie bait boat

What channel can i catch him on with my vhf i plan to fish out there this weekend thanks

June 25, 2008 at 8:58pm
A comment titled: i agree in response to a report titled: Fishing Etiquette

I agree many people don't have the same understanding as i do but louisiana is a sportsman paradise sportsman should have a little respect, i understand that during the winter at the tank batteries it gets a little crowded and people fish on top of each other but out in the open water there is no excuse for that kind of behavior what he did is an act of ignorance. I would have thrown my bait as close to him as i could have and made his fishing trip one he remembered i also would have met him at the launch and let my actions do the talking. This kind of situation has happened to me numerous times this summer on the beach side of last island someone sees u catching fish and just pulls up. The only way that this is avoidable wheater hunting or fishing is to get a lease. That is a terrible thing to say with all the public bounties la provides. Sportsman don't be ignorant show a little class on the water. last year i had engine trouble while fishing at PAC a fellow boater refused to tow me in because he wanted to do some more fishing that is totally unexcusible. I still remember his face and his boat and i am still looking for him. Show some respect and help others out when need. Sportsman should be able to count on other sportsman when in need don't u think. tight lines and blue skies

September 04, 2007 at 11:09pm
A comment titled: oh well in response to a report titled: Long day one moment in venice next back fishing in the lake

don't feel bad the same thing happened to us this morning i do believe that i am still sick to my stomach

June 23, 2007 at 4:48pm
A comment titled: Buy It in response to a report titled: boston whaler, to buy or not to buy

I currently own a 1986 18'Outrage previous I owned a 17' montauk which i think was the toughest little boat ever built my 18' is a tough boat and 3 to 5 foot waves din't bother me it is powered by a 1986 150 mercury black max which (knock on wood)starts and runs as good as a brand new motor out of the box, in my opinion the only thing i don't like about my boat is the lack of storage, but overall my opinion is that whaler builds the best boat there is. My father recently toured the whaler factory and was amazed by the workmanship that goes into one being built,he told me that when the foam is injected into the hull if it is not done 100% perfect the boat is put out for the trash. you think other manufactures do that. Good luck fishing

April 24, 2007 at 10:51am
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