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More photos from last weekend

March 13, 2016 at 12:25pm

Central High Fishing Team member Jared Abbott had a couple of really good days on Toledo Bend pre-fishing for the Costa Central Open High School tournament last weekend.

His first trip to Toledo bend produced plenty of action and had Jared excited about the tournament that would have been this weekend but due to the heavy rains, tournament officials wisely chose to postpone the event.

The tournament will be moved to some time in June and Jared and his dad can't wait to go back.

Their fish came on several patters and lures with fish holding near banks on the beds to fishing underwater point. Almost all of their fish came on soft plastics and jigs.

March 13, 2016 at 12:20pm

Beautiful day on the water! Wind predictions were a little of but that didn't stop us from having a great day!

Fished the northwest fringes of Black bay and had a very steady but slow bite. The kind of bite that you think about leaving a spot but then another trout comes over the rail.

Water in the bay was muddy but cleared up as we moved back toward the marsh, but still in the bay.

Fish were caught on many patterns. Live shrimp under a cork, live shrimp on a Carolina rig, lemon head Matrix Shad both on the bottom and under a cork and my old faithful... DOA under a cork.

Ended the day early with 33 nice trout on ice for the beautiful ride back in.

May 18, 2014 at 9:31am

My buddy donnie and I made the trip down to Sweetwater on Saturday with high expectations of calm seas and lots of trout. We got both!

The second stop yielded the biggest Trout of the day and alot of mixed bag fish including Flounder, Bull Croaker, and a few Bay Snapper (AKA Sheepshead). We put a few on ice and the tide went slack and it was decision time.

I decided to move north in hopes of a finding a little moiving water still incoming and it was still slack.

We stopped on a submerged island and started to get a few hits and trolled until the bite got red hot. We finished off 52 trout by 1:30 along with the rest of our box and yes there were some white trout mixed in. We were hammering fish till the end and just decided to call it a day because of the heat. All this with completely dead water.

All big trout were caught on live shrimp, our box toppers came on live and glow artificial under a cork. At the end, Artificial was about two to one but thats probably because of the time it takes to re-bait.

One moree note... We saw pogies everywhere today. Huge schools.

Another great day in Black bay!

July 02, 2012 at 8:26am


Had my brother in law, Todd and his buddy Jody from Georgia, along with my 11 year old son Jared join me for a wonderful weekend out of Sweetwater in Delacroix.

We caught plenty of fish and a nice mess of crabs to top of some quality time spent with someone I don't get to see much.

I'll be back next weekend to let Jack be the captain for a day and relax and enjoy fishing on our company salesman trip.

Check out the video for some highlights!

August 14, 2011 at 8:51am

We had a great weekend out of Sweetwater this weekend with family in from Arkansas and two boys ready to compete in the KOK youth fishing

We caught plenty of fish and crabs and had some great fellowship with the gang putting on the rodeo. Our boys managed to win the largest Redfish and Catfish trophies so it was just the icing on the cake.

I'll include a few pics of some of our catch.

Looking forward to going back down in 3 weeks (that is if I can get the Xpress welded up)

July 18, 2011 at 10:08pm

If you own an Xpress boat and fish salt water please read this!

After trying to track down a serious leak in my HD 22B and changing out every fitting on the boat without finding anything, I filled my boat up with water and looked for any sign of a leak.

With no visible leak but knowing my bilge had to be run every 10 minutes this past weekend I was desperate to find some kind of leak somewhere. I inspected The hull and noticed what appeared to be pits In various locations on the hull but nothing had water seeping. I also saw that there was no other damage like scratches or dents because I've never hit anything in this boat. I then grabbed the side of the boat and pushed back and forth thinking the leak may be under the bunks. Immediately water started dripping off the bunk that looked like it had baking soda mixed in.

After a little Internet investigation I realized the boat has corroded and has formed a hole that I can't see but know is there. I assume the salt on the bunk caused this to advance the process. I bought an aluminum boat to take the potential problems salt water environments may cause. Now I find that fiberglass would have been the safer and better choice.

I called another buddy that has the same boat and he confirmed that he noticed the same problem recently. Another problem we both had was that we had to replace the springs on the trailer that had corroded to the point they were about to collapse. I hardly ever see my trailer because I never back it it in the water when its empty. A recent trip with the family gave me opportunity to inspect it. Also, spray corrosion inhibitor on everthing you can on your trailer to extend the life.

Guys, check your trailer for corrosion frequently. If you own an Xpress, you better be inspecting the bottom of the hull. By the way, there are no welds in the area of corrosion. If there were it would be covered on the 'lifetime' warranty. In my case and to my surprise, all other hull issues are only covered for 5 years (fine print). My boat is 6 years old... Go figure!

July 18, 2011 at 10:00pm

We had a great trip to Delacroixlast weekend out of Sweetwater Marina. The action was non-stop all day! Check out the video for a few of the highlights we actually got on tape.

July 07, 2011 at 7:35am

From the first cast to the last we had action as fast as a group could get. My cousins Ted and Todd, as well as Ted's kids; Spencer and Andrea joined Jared and I for a great day out of Fourchon.

We had a full boat and it took some skill casting but everyone got it down and by day’s end they were all Pros at bringing the Specks in. The wind once again cursed our trip, but I chose to change plans half way across the bay and take shelter behind the islands instead of braving the edge of the open gulf. It turned out to be a good decision when all was said and done.

Our first stop was chosen for us by the birds. We saw several groups working and I chose the one with gulls that had very large shrimp in their beaks. One cast and not even a chance to pop the cork and I had a keeper in the box. My crew was amazed we had a fish that quick having never fished in Louisiana before.

They all grabbed their rods and the slam was on. Not large fish, but we were getting plenty of keepers mixed in so we stayed with it. I dropped the trolling motor to chase the school and it was dead. I knew my day would change and I would be exhausted with no trolling motor. I quickly set the anchor and they picked off as many as they could before the school moved away.

I did try to drift, but the wind was too strong and blew us too fast. The formula worked, but we would have filled the ice chest early had my trolling motor worked.

Birds were everywhere. In fact, I saw more groups of gulls than I've ever seen in one day. I would just watch the water and the size of shrimp I saw to pick a flock working them over.

We did move away from the bird pattern and hit one of my favorite spots which produced 3 sharks which was just as good as Trout to my crew. Even that slowed down and I made the run to the rig we slammed the reds at last trip, but things just weren't right there. The tide was weird and I just couldn't get the boat positioned right with the wind and tide opposing each other.

I opted to head back to the area where we started the day and once again birds were everywhere. We pounded the Specks, Gafftop, and White Trout until we had 97 in the box.

We decided to leave them biting and head back for the long drive back to Central. In all, I estimate that we caught around 400 fish because we had about three fish thrown back for every one we kept.

Saturday was one of my best days on the water. Not for the fish we caught but getting a chance to spend time on the water with two people I haven't really had time to spend time with since I was a boy. I have many fond memories of Ted and Todd and this was a special day to add to those memories.

They also reminded me of the things I take for granted like Dolphin. I saw more Dolphin Saturday than I think I've ever seen. Was it that there were a lot of them or was it that I saw them through someone else’s eyes. I can't say, but they put on a show coming as close as 3 feet from the boat.

I think I may have caught 5 fish all day because I just took in the day and enjoyed the smiles and laughs from everyone. I spent my time taking their fish off the hook so they could get back to catching fish. At times we had 5 fish coming over the side of the boat at one time. I think my head was on the pillow for about a minute before I fell asleep, exhausted, but with a smile on my face.

What a day that I will never forget the rest of my life.

Till next Trip...

God Bless

August 03, 2009 at 9:20am

Fourchon Redfish Slam

Donnie, Jared and I arrived on our spot @ 6:30 AM on Friday and by 7:00 we had to count our Reds to make sure we weren't over the limit. We had 12 on ice at that point and put more larger Reds in the boat that we released until the final keeper Red to finish out our 3 man limit came @ 7:23 AM.

We had no intention of catching Reds on Friday but that's what was biting hot and heavy. Jared was a happy boy with all the action we had. It was a nice change of pace to put some Redfish fillet in the freezer in the summer. I ususally chase them during the Spring and Fall.

We caught several nice Trout to go along with the Reds until the "Sight Fishing" Armada showed up and we had six boats around us. Of course, as usual the bite stopped and no one was catching anything.

We gave up on that spot around 8:30 and headed to one of the islands chasing some birds on bait during the run with no luck. The bite was over due to slack tide so we looked at a full box and some worn out fishermen fron the Chinese fire drill we had going earlier and called it a day @ 10:30 AM.

We caught Reds, Specks, Flounder, some huge Spanish Mack's, and a ladyfish that was at least 3 ft long. I had no idead they got that large.

Till Next time...

God Bless...

July 06, 2009 at 3:21pm

Once again... Wind!

I'm going to visit a Voodoo Queen and see if she can get this wind curse off me. Even with the wind we had a great day.

Our first stop started quickly. 10 seconds into my first cast I settle back and "Bam!" my rod got ripped from my hand and in a mad scramble crawling accross the floor of the boat and I quickly grabbed it as it went into the water and was disappearing from sight. To add insult to injury, the fish managed to get off the hook. Within the the next 10 seconds Donnie was hooked up with a hawg Trout.

I thought this was going to be a dream day. In fact the first two hours were. We avereged about 6 monster Trout per hour but I would had sit there all day for thos beauties. We pickup Reds, Trout in the 3-5 lbs range, Flounder, spanish mackeral, and even sharks and I was lovin' it.

That's when my other curse kicked in. For yet the 2nd trip in a row. We watched as a boat came in and hovered. I thought we were safe but quickly realized I was wrong. With three other corners of the rig, this guys decides to take the middle and drop his anchor within 10 feet of where we are catching our fish. As with the 2nd trip in a row, not another bite. With about an hour wasting time hoping the fish would forget his boat was there, we gave up and headed off in rough seas to try to find more fish.

We pounded out a few fish ending the day with about 30 something Specks, about 15 white Trout, and the rest from above.

I knew where I could find fish but a boat was just on the fringes of where I wanted to go so I chose to move on and leave it to them without taking a chance on disturbing thier fishing even though I would have anchored about 75 yds away. I wish others would respect my boat when I'm anchored up.

We later went back to that spot when it was open and picked up a few kicker Trout. That was on a slack tide so I know they would have really been there had I chosen to crowd the other boat. I made the right decision.

We hit some birds on the way in and nothing but small trout were to be boated. I had one more plan, but another boat was on the fringes of where I wanted to fish and I know I would have been out of range of them but I chose not to crowd them and head in.

All in all, a great day considering the howling winds. We realized when we got home and looked at the fish that we had some very nice fish a great box. All big Trout were caught on minnows and all smaller trout caught on Speckulizers. We caught over 150 trout in total, so it was a fun day.

Till next time... God Bless!

June 14, 2009 at 9:44am

Fourchon/Timbalier Island 5/24/09

In one hour of arriving at our first spot out of Fourchon, our day was made. 10 minutes after setting anchor Jared, my 9 year old was hooked into the biggest fish of his life. He was doing battle with a 35 lbs Redfish that continued for about 15-20 minutes.

After a quick decision to mount the fish we took pictures and got our rods ready for a few Trout. Todd had other plans. He came in for the weekend to visit and do a little fishing with me. He made the most of his trip hooking into yet another 35 lbs Redfish. His battle lasted just as long as he put his new Suffix 17 lbs line to the test. I was impressed because with his drag "very" tight the line hold even with at least 10 extended runs by the red brute. He was exhausted after the fight in very rough water.

I had something different on the brain and wanted some silver action. Trout to be exact. Well we didn't get one hit from a trout and I watch a group of birds camped out in one spot for about 30 minutes and I just couldn't take it anymore. We pulled anchor and made or way toward the birds while Todd tied on my trusty speculizers so we could get into the trout. As we got closer I realized the Trout may not be Trout after all. Huge fish were busting bait but I just couldn't tell what they were. When we got just about in casting distance I saw the water with an red/orange glow. We were surrounded by hundreds of Bull Reds. Three baits in and our rigs were completely destroyed. One Red would take the cork and the other the DOA and they would go in opposite directions. In an attempt to reel my cork in, at least 6 other Reds grabbed the cork and made extended runs before letting it go and another grabbing it.

We worked the rest of the morning to put a decent box together. We put 50 specks and 8 gafftop in the box by 1:00 PM. I had two happy guys and a tired captain by the time we got back to Baton Rouge. Not bad for an extremly rough day.

God Bless...


May 27, 2009 at 7:51pm

After a very succesful trip chasing Reds in Golden Meadow last weekend, it was back to our normal summertime fishing trip. Speck fishing in Fourchon. I took the Wife and my 7 year old this week and all I can say is it was amazing!

We hit one stop and other than moving about 50 yds., one time we never really had to do anything else. Speculizers picked up a nice limit with plenty of white Trout thrown in. My son was on fire catching more than his share of these beauties. He was all smiles all morning. We got a late start arriving on our first spot around 7:00 AM in Timbalier bay. At 10:00, my little fishing partner looked up at me with these tired eyes and said "Dad, we heave plenty of fish, can we go now?" We were in catch and release mode now anyway on a school of White Trout so we eased the 22' Xpress away from our spot and headed accross a smooth bay.

Today were the best conditions of the year. Calm water, huge shrimp jumping everywhere, and clean water. Most of our fish were caught on Speculizers, but the top water bite was fast an furious too. I just didn't have time to stick with it, because taking my wife and son's fish off took precident.

My last cast with a top dog, produced the most explosive hit I've ever seen. My bait hit the water and a 6' shark literally came completely out of the water reminding me of the videos of great whites killing seals. I never felt him because he cut me off instantly. It was worth the price of the top dog he took with him to see that awesome strike.

We bought 100 live shrimp which we will boil tomorrow because none of them ever got used. Hit the water, look for shrimp and you will fill the boat with dechent trout in Fourchon.

Till next week...

God Bless...


July 01, 2007 at 8:32am

Golden Meadow has more Redfish than we could shake a rod at today. We limited out early, stayed just relaxed and caught Redfish all day. Today were the best conditions I've had on the water this year. I kinda wished I would have made the trip to Fourchon, but after our production today, I couldn't have asked for more.

My nephew made the trip with me after driving in from Arkansas and he had a trip he'll remember the rest of his life. We boated the largest Black Drum I have ever seen in my life. We didn't weigh it before releasing, but I will include some pictures and you guys can give us your opinion on the weight. What a great day and cherished time on the water with my nephew. once gets no better than today.

God Bless, and be courteous on the water.


June 24, 2007 at 7:28am

Full weekend in Fourchon.

Trying to redeem myself for my trip two weeks ago when the battery went dead on the trolling motor, I took My brother in law and his buddy Jody who both flew in from Georgia to do a little fishing with me. We were in for a similar weekend, but Sunday pulled off a great trip for us.

Saturday was not as calm as I had hoped, but fishable early. Problem was, I found a few trout late in the morning and we had to check into our room and prepare for the evening chasing Redfish. We tried and area I discovered using google earth and we could see Redfish everywhere as I made my way to a pond I just had to fish. While under power in a very small bayou, I saw a Red cruising down the bank and had to grab the ole gold spoon and make a cast. Literally as it hit the water, the Red was on and I had to back the big motor into neutral and reel in a 20 inch red. 10 minutes later, I sheared the pin on my trolling motor putting us out of commission for yet the second trip in a row. We tried to use the big motor to keep a drift going, but that doesn't work in a shallow pond. By 11:45 PM Saturday night, I had a new pin and the repairs made.

Sunday opened up with howling winds, but I wasn't going to let anything else spoil the rest of our trip. We headed straight for the spot we found them on Saturday, and we drifted for sporadic Trout. Not hot and heavy, but we were putting nice fish in the box. it slowed and we ran to Brush island with only one flounder taking anything we threw. We ran to flock of birds from there just to get about 300 yds away and they disapeared, but left us one nice trout for the box with no other bites.

Hit a rig next with a nice Red, 28" and a 20" trout. We ended the day back where we started, still catching sporadic fish including sharks, spanish,Gafftop, and Trout. We ended the day running in rough seas accross Timablier bay with 62 nice fish on board and two happy guys from Georgia. I'll include a couple of pics of our catch.

I'll be back after 'em next week, but probably chasing Reds with my nephew from Arkansas in Golden Meadow unless I get an absolutely perfect wind forecast.

Tip: Carry repair kits for your trolling motor on board at all times.

God Bless...


June 19, 2007 at 8:40pm
A comment titled: Gold spoon is the bait! in response to a report titled: Fishing Delacroix out of Sweetwater

Thanks!I use a gold spoon 90% of the time when chasing redfish. Spinner bait and market shrimp the reset. Mostly Market shrimp when I have inexperienced fisherman or kids onboard.

July 07, 2011 at 9:01am
A comment titled: I just checked... in response to a report titled: Redfish Slam

and the state record is 4.64 lbs. I think I had that beat. 2.5 would have gotten my name on the board. Oh well, it was released to catch again some day.

July 06, 2009 at 4:56pm
A comment titled: Keep taking those kids fishing! in response to a report titled: THANKS CAPT. JOHN

Great pics! My 9 year old son had a blast on Friday in Fourchon. There's nothing like watching the kids reel in a big fish!

July 06, 2009 at 4:48pm

July 01, 2007 at 11:22am

He fishes more than any other kid his age that I know of. I discuss boating, courtesy, fishing tactics, and loving and protecting our enviroment on every trip. It's surprising how much he remembers and comments on on our trips. Especially non-courtious boaters. I let him "drive" the boat in on this trip(with Dad's hands real close).Thanks for the comment.

July 01, 2007 at 11:21am
A comment titled: I agree AC Delco. in response to a report titled: Trolling motor batteries?

I just did a survey of all my buddies and the ones with Delco batteries got 5 years plus out of them. I just put two new ones on my boat to replace Interstates that I only got 1 year out of.

June 19, 2007 at 8:37pm
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