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A comment titled: Old Timer in response to a report titled: Slab White Perch While BassN

My Name is Mr. Cliff.
If every one is hand fed then no one would survive. The kid needs to learn from us old timers. Fishing with a bamboo stick in a perow is what it is all about. Now days every one has fish finders, boats, and etc. If you can not fish with out a fish finder or big fancy boat then why fish at all. Surviving in the woods by your self is the only way one can really appreciate fishing. Building all the gear from scratch. In 1982 I caught a 32 lb channel cat fish on a shoe line and some good old spam on a camping trip. We did not waist one part of him. Used his remains for bait. His bones for tools. Kids these days need to learn the true meaning of fishing. Start from the bottom, and realize all you need is a fishing rod now days and a little bait. This is what it is about. Sitting on a log as the sun goes down drinking some suds down yonder around the lake or bayou is true fishing. Watch ' Grumpy' old men. They can teach you what fishing is all about. They catch the big cat fish and release him.
The identification is a guest pass. No names must be on their. Fish illegal then you will be prosecuted. As long as the kid is with his friend and throws back his catch then he can fish their when ever. The camera's are not just for people fishing but if some one try's to break in and It allows us to monitor the lake. They recently had non members keeping bass under 10 inches. They were so small and it became ridiculous. I will be walking around the lake and sitting on my porch. I hope all the young fishermen can learn the real ways to fish. - Cliff

March 23, 2013 at 12:03am
A comment titled: Old school Cajun in response to a report titled: Slab White Perch While BassN

He Does not have proper Identification. Even if he is with a member he must have the guest pass on him at all times so their is not a miss confusion. Rules are rules. We may not like all of the LAWS but we Follow them. If they did not have Wild Life In fisheries agents then we would not have fish. If we did not have people like me then we would not have fish. You young people need to respect your elders. We did not get to where are now by luck. When I was about your age Fishing Laws were not as enforced. People would catch what ever when they could get away with it. I stepped in and changed a few of my friends actions. It's the little things that make our lakes, rivers and ponds go as far as they do. When my house is on the News it better be for a good reason not to attract every person from here to China.

March 22, 2013 at 3:31pm
A comment titled: Good in response to a report titled: Slab White Perch While BassN

If their is a six pounder in their then I must be using the wrong bait. I'm the old man that walks around with suspenders on and I'm always smoking a cigar. You can not miss me. I live right next to wear you took a picture of your latest catch. I work my way around their and just catch and release. Some times fish bite some times they do not. As long as you are WITH a friend and THROW back I have no problem with you fishing. I have to protect what we have. I'm to old to go out to the marshes and ride boats. This is where I fish and only where I fish. I'm friends with the man where that lives by the skinny cut with all the cypress tree's. He has camera's in front of his house and on the lake side. He is always patrolling and asking who lives here. He has been doing this because we have had intruders. It is really sad that these people have to come here and steal what we have. If you catch a lot of fish then good. Take pictures but crop the houses out. I do not want people coming here. Back when I was growing up I caught 9 pound bass in a friends pond. I through it back and just think how big he is today. Thanks

March 22, 2013 at 11:26am
A comment titled: Quick to Judge in response to a report titled: Slab White Perch While BassN

I have lived here for over 25 years. I know every one who fishes this pond. There are people all of the time trying to slip in and fish this pond. As a member of the neighborhood. You have to pay a certain amount of money a month for use of pond. This pays for ' STOCKING', fishing and to maintain the pond. I Know he does not live here. He does not have the guest 'ID' on. He also titled his pictures ' POND HOPPING'. People over the years have stole our bass. The largest bass in this pond is maybe two lb. It's really sad.
If he does live here, he can email me his EXACT address or who he was with. This would clear everything up. If he can not, then he was here illegally. We do not tolerate this here. If he lives here then he has the right to fish, but he needs to clear the air first to hold his ground. Also this is CATCH AND RELEASE POND!!!!!!!!!

March 22, 2013 at 10:42am
A comment titled: Look same FISH in response to a report titled: Slab White Perch While BassN

That fish you caught looks pretty similar to mine. Same spot. I THROUGH IT BACK! CATCH AND RELEASE. MEMBERS ONLY!

March 22, 2013 at 1:01am
A comment titled: 225 pond in response to a report titled: Slab White Perch While BassN

Hey Pond Hopper! I know where you are in your lastest picture.That picture where you said ' The Chunk of the Day'. I live there. A few years ago I helped stock the pond with Crappie. My grand children fish this pond. This pond is CATCH AND RELEASE. The reason they have such good crappie is because people like me have been taking care of this pond and it's catch and release. I feed these fish on a daily bases. I have been doing this since you were probably born. I'm good friends with the NEIGHBOR hood BOARD! I do not appreciate you catching these fish out of this pond and showing everyone in br. If you live here and you fish this pond than that is fine, but you need IDENTIFICATION. You need a YELLOW plastic name card with your name on it . If I see you out their again and you do not have this identification or are not with a member who MUST BE WITH YOU. Then I will contact the police. If you do not want problems then CATCH AND RELEASE AND TAKE PICTURES if u live here. These fish are not to be kept to eat. Fish you eat come from rivers and huge lakes or marsh but not a pond the size of a foot ball field.! I'm watching.....

March 22, 2013 at 12:00am
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