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To all south hunters. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Guys this man is for real. Josh Goins is making all efforts to restore what is being taken from you, your kids, and grand kids. Someone has finally stood up against the absolute illegal hunting practice for you and I that is totally legal for northern hunters and towards the west hunters. Which is hunting over baited fields, ponds or standing corn. Can someone please tell me how this loophole and law change allows these hunters that we all watch on you tube videos hunt in fields of standing corn stalks unharvested or run a combine thru it not harvest it or somewhat harvest it but hey throw some of that corn back on the ground the ducks need food. Mechanically pump water in 12 to 18 inches then bring 10 people at $300 per gun shoot ducks then get paid from other laws for the corn not harvested from the federal government. Which as we all know means we just paid for them to do so. This is unbelievable that its allowed guys. Josh is building a federation to return the laws that prevented this before. Anyone who has been duck hunting for atleast 20 years has seen the demise of waterfowl in our state. To the new guys who have just started over the last 5, 6, 7, years or so you hear the stories and see the pictures but yall have no idea what used to be here. If something isn't changed you never will and what you are seeing and killing now will be less and less. It cost $60 to join this federation which is a non profit guys. We all know that's 1/2 tank of gas in a boat for a trip. Or 3 boxes of shells. He needs members and supporters. Its the only way to make a difference if yourself or your generations to come want to remain in this sport.

February 09 at 6:23am
A comment titled: Re: Port Sulphur Fishing Safety in response to a report titled: Port Sulphur Fishing Safety

in a flatboat with a mudmotor you should be ok. although in some ares in closer to the mines there is s... under the water all over the place. if the weather is decent any of the open bays you should be ok. not much trouble out there. As I stated above if you use a bay boat or a outboard the closer to the mines there stuff all throughout there. A friend of mine was fishing 2 weeks ago. He has over 30 years experience there. He was searching for new stuff to fish said when he looked down while trolling he saw a huge pile of boulders under the water. You have to be carefull in there. Be safe and have fun.

May 01 at 6:46am

Uhhh yeah he got caught hunting doves over a field with visible feed on the ground in Mississippi and thought since who he and hunting parties were would get away with it. Nope all were ticketed. Because its illegal to hunt over bait. Look guys I started this post to bring awareness to SOUTHERN WATERFOWLERS. After speaking with josh goins and listening to laws that were changed and or altered by no til farming, being able to hunt feed remnants on the ground, and anything else that has been altered and allowed that is putting our southern traditions in jeopardy. If you speak with him for a while or listen to some of the youtube videos its quite disheartening. He is making a push to get legal action taken to make changes. If we all just sit back and say theres no way it will be done. We will never know til we get involved and as a force try and make a difference. To all hunters DOWN HERE you have to be sick and tired of going to your leases, blinds, ponds, marsh and seeing next to nothing and wondering what the hell happened to our ducks. At least if you get involved you can say we made an attempt. If no one does well find yourself a good deer lease or drive north for ducks. No thanks I am a true Cajun southern marsh man. And hope to see my son and possibly grand kids have something left

February 18 at 6:01pm

Greenhead1 don't know if there are any other northern hunters posting on my topic of discussion but he is and has been the main one defending their farming, non farming , well almost got all the feed off the ground before we hunt practices. Guess we will have north versus south again but for a different reason this time. Any one ever been on a dove hunt which is a migratory bird where the field that has been planted, cut but if it has any feed on it at all and wildlife agents show up. Guess what heres all your tickets and loss of hunting priveliges

February 17 at 5:10pm

Yes he has. When I started this post and he was the first to comment stating don't waste your money. And I called about a dozen friends to read his comments about bragging about we are done don't waste your money you should see all the mallards up hear eating corn now. When they read it they called me and said f... that started looking into what flyway federation is stating and joined. Besides his comments if you just sit in school and listen to 15 to 30 minutes about what practices weren't allowed and now are its sickening. And yes we southerners are die hard duck hunters. We are talking about opening day for the next season the day after the closing. If something isn't changed you wont be killing ducks here much longer. Weather??? Sure it has play in it. But changing the treaty act was a huge swing in things since then. I have friends in Kansas for 15 years or better. They didn't even know what a duck was then. Now they have huge migrations that have shifted. And yes he is the most talked about person on this post. A friend of mine was on his way fishing last Saturday morning called me at 6am and said dude you see the comment this freaking northerner is saying. So thanks for pissing a bunch of us off. Keep up the good work

February 16 at 6:31am

Right maybe they came down due to the major snow storm. Oh wait our ponds are frozen up north no problem lets get the ice eaters out and solve that problem right quick. Anyone ever watch a video with 2 feet of snow around it that an ice eater took care of that problem. Like I said don't blame yall at all.

February 14 at 9:27am

PublicLandAddict if you have witnessed it first hand then you know. Yes its baiting and of course no one north will say it is. Yes they have to control the water. So it starts with what a foot or so of water. Then when the guides slash corn farmers who are getting double paid by the hunters and then the federal government walk into the corn fields and look at the corn all eat up. Dam the ducks cant reach the corn hey bob go turn on the pump and put 8 more inches of water so the ducks don't leave we still got 3 weeks left they cant reach it man. As I said would you complain if you were allowed to go to the grain elevator buy 2,000 lbs of corn go put it in your ponds and sit back and ring the dinner bell without being thrown under the jail. Hell no. Yall come and get it and heres some #2 steel in your face. As I posted before I took my 3 year old to a park last week. Man can you believe the ducks were coming to her while she was throwing feed on the ground. No different than what they are allowed to do. A friend of mine who lives in Georgia and has a tv show went to Kansas and hunted the fields. He told me he was shocked that he was laying down in a blind hunting with so much feed on the ground. 20 hunters in 2 fields limited out 1 hour. And there is nothing wrong with this

February 14 at 6:44am

Your first post you were bragging about being able to hunt in cut corn or standing corn. You also bragged about we should see all the mallards eating corn up there now. Now you are bragging about the size boat you fish out of and gonna name it captain obvious. You should name it captain a..hole and it takes a big boat to carry such a big one. Yep mandevillian josh has struck a nerve. We will do all that is possible to support this and him. It might take years if something can be done. If im not mistaken he has made headway in Canada with data and proof already. We are in Plaquemines parish and we are working to have a meeting with some big players down here. If no one makes an attempt my son and grandkids will never see ducks here. Yes land loss and coastal erosion is a problem. Can anyone send me a picture of any project that ducks unlimited has funded to restore or protect any marsh or land down here??? Seriously I don't know of any and not saying they haven't but someone put something up here that they have funded to help one of the most duck hunting states in the country. I truly hope south hunters take 10 to 20 minutes to look at some of the videos and just listen to what he is reading word for word of what has been changed. It makes you shake your head.

February 14 at 6:24am

Weather and climate are big factors. Loss of habitat is huge in our area. If anyone takes the time to listen to any of the information that is on you tube about what josh with the flyway federation is reading directly to you about what has been changed in the laws and is now allowed thru loopholes you will be disgusted unless you are the ones that are being benefited from these changes. And the numbers of birds coming clearly started declining drastically when these changes were made. As I stated above some of the Midwest states never knew what a duck was when it flew in front of them. Now they are the premiere hunting spots in the country. And just as many people post all year long. Whats wrong ??? Where are the ducks??? My ponds are full of feed and have been for years and 10 to 15 years ago we were covered with ducks. Not any more though huh. Just link up and listen to some of the things he is reading directly from laws and data and if things aren't reversed give it 10 years and see what you will be doing for a passion. It wont be duck hunting in Louisiana unless you just enjoy sitting around talking about the good old days while nothing comes in the decoys

February 13 at 5:37am

frustrated or not the laws that are in place now allows certain areas up north to bait legally and hunt ducks. Everyone south knows what practices are allowed to be done. And we all know who the major player is for the last several decades to improve areas up north to keep and hold birds from coming down. When you go on youtube and listen to what josh goins has to say and read word for word what was 100 percent illegal and now due to some law changes. Everyone all the sudden is a farmer getting paid to guide hunts on and then get paid by federal funding. Which means we are paying for these states to hunt over baited flooded ponds and then get paid by the government for unharvested food sources. Yes you bait for crawfish which is a farm raised product and harvested by the crawfish farmer. Anyone ever seen crawfish migrating in the air from up north and being short stopped by any and all practices that is allowed. Cant say I have. In your post above you are bragging about all the mallards eating the corn and don't waste our money. 10,000 members with 5,000 supporters in a year. Good start. 10,001 as of 530 am this morning with many more to come. And we know we are up against ducks unlimited in this fight. But if no one tries to reverse what is done we will all be golfing or on a bowling team. No thanks. I promise you this number will double by the end of the year

February 10 at 10:52am

im sure you did have a great year. Who wouldn't if year after year you are allowed to do what is allowed. When you imprint in ducks heads after several generations they start changing what they do. And instead of blaming duck dynasty start thanking ducks unlimited which in the beginning had wonderful intentions. But now as we know and see has fought to do all it can do for your rights to be able to hunt standing stalks of corn, or lets cut it and not harvest and hunt it fields. You mention you should see the mallards eating corn there now. You should see the ducks come running when I take my 3 year old to the park and throw feed to them. Man if we could only have a gun in our hand when they do like the corn field hunters. You should thank all involved when the migratory treaty act was altered. Some states didn't even know what a duck looked like til this happened.

February 10 at 4:01am
A comment titled: Re: What happened to the ducks in response to a report titled: What happened to the ducks

just joined the flyway federation guys. Josh Goins started this federation realizing what is going on and must be stopped. He has 10,000 members and 5,000 supporters in a year. He has proven data and records that he is fighting this with not speculation or a bunch of guys sitting around telling him why they not here no more this man is trying to make a serious push to return the migratory treaty act. We all know whats going on above us. How in the hell can they be allowed to have standing corn or so called remnants of corn on the ground pump in 12 to 18 inches of water then run guide services or hunt for fun over baited fields or ponds. Unbelievable!!!!!! Try and go put 3 to 700 lbs of corn in your pond under water and hunt it. In jail, under the jail, 5,000 dollar fine and 3 to 5 years no hunting. And then what you got caught doing is blasted with your name all over Louisiana sportsman and the don debuc show Seems perfectly fair right. To all south duck hunters not just LA hunters his membership is $60. $60 we all know that's 2 and a half boxes of shotgun shells which you wont need in the next 10 years if something doesn't change

February 09 at 6:01am
A comment titled: Re: What happened to the ducks in response to a report titled: What happened to the ducks

Duckinaround ive been in venice for almost 30 years also. You already know how it use to be there. The absolutely best duck hunting around. And I have strongly posted that the pressure that place receives is killing it slowly on top other things. But you cannot have and this is probably close to 1,000 surface drives constantly from 1am til pitch black dark constantly hunting and so called scouting and expect to hold birds in the area as we did before these machines came into place. Duck Dynasty, mud motors, social media, and google maps have ruined what used to be a family tradition and something that runs deep in your blood. To hey man I got this jacked up 55 modified mud buddy with these inverted cams and had my pistons bored out 3,0000ths of a millimeter to go 1.5 mph faster while I wear my got to have drake waterfowl camo and smear all this black paint on my face but make sure it didn't get in my eyes or my beard I just grew. Thank all the locals who cant wait to shoot a limit of ducks and hurry up and post their picture on every site they can to show off. Now venice and other areas are overtaken by Georgia, Mississippi, and alabama hunters. Way to go. Don't complain when you pull up to you hunting spot and cant get in your ponds due to the other 6 boats who have been there since 230 am. The writing is on the wall guys. Good luck next season.

January 31 at 7:29am
A comment titled: Re: What happened to the ducks in response to a report titled: What happened to the ducks

Last Cast we are hard core waterfowlers. Have been for 30 years. Its very hard to watch what is taken place above us and to know that DU is doing what they do for the mid to northern states. I have been blessed to be able to hunt an average of 45 out the 60 days for 10 years now and to see the demise of the ducks is heartbreaking. Same habitat, enough grass to choke your outboard. Nowhere near the birds, not even close. Then you put ducks unlimited tied in with the wealthy doing whatever they can to accomplish keeping those so called private refuges that only the deep pocket guys have keys to for their hunting privilege. The farmers are taught how to maintain their land to keep them full of ducks as long as possible. How in the world can a combine go and plow a field not even harvest it, call whats on the ground corn remnants, then pump water in flood the field. Watch 10,000 ducks pour into the field and have 10 guys pay you $350 to hunt it. But I dare you to put 500 lbs of corn in your pond and hunt it. Whats the difference its corn under water right??? The bottom line is as usual its all about money and our state as usual is like giving a crackhead a bank account full of money. They are going to F.... it up. In 10 years or less I think we will be looking for another tradition or driving north if you still want to kill ducks.

January 29 at 6:41am
A comment titled: Re: Lack of Ducks continued..... in response to a report titled: Lack of Ducks continued.....

Duck enticer spot again spot on. That's where the ducks are. They are sitting out in wide open bays in 5 feet of water without a piece of land around them. They are sitting in the gulf of mexico. East bay has thousands and thousands of ducks mile or miles out with no way to get to them. zin zin bay same way . open bays off of grand pass. Wonder why almost every big open water area are stacked lousy with birds but they don't want to come in the marsh til dark to eat and leave. It cant possibly be the pressure can it. And yes with the youth hunt. I stated in a post above you go on the youth hunt and there are a few guys that take them by there self. But on opening weekend every boat, camp, hotel room, houseboat, or trailer is rented out with 2 to 10 people in it. The 20 kids that are hunting on the weekend before does no damage

January 17 at 7:38am
A comment titled: Re: Lack of Ducks continued..... in response to a report titled: Lack of Ducks continued.....

pushpaddlebang that's exactly the truth spot on. all the surface drive owners frown on the truth. Your comment about the Delta nwr been seeing that for awhie. When the row of pilings were across the bay and labeled the refuge with signs, to the right of the refuge where all the surface drive run rampid and wild no ducks. Get on the inside of the pilings 3/4 of a mile and thousands of ducks. I guess the grass on the refuge taste better than it does off the refuge. Pass o loutre is a joke now. But again we talk to the conservationist that does the duck count on that wma. He puts the duck count tablet in our hands at the camp and shows you his data sheet. Where he stopped guys on the no motor restriction area the hunters are killing limits or close to a limit. Off the restricted area where the mud boat marathon or dragster race begins little to no ducks are killed. Again there must be something different in the feed in that area for people to be killing ducks there. This is data from the main duck count man in the area. His exact words are if they don't do something about these machines this place will be ruined to. In my opinion too late.

January 17 at 7:26am
A comment titled: Re: Lack of Ducks continued..... in response to a report titled: Lack of Ducks continued.....

Last cast that's exactly what Larry Reynolds posted in a topic not long ago. From 1996 to 2000 there was 6,500,000 birds in the Mississippi flyway and 60 percent came to Louisiana. Now the last 4 year study was 7,500,000 in the flyway and 35 percent make it here. It will probably get worse. I had a guy and his 3 friends run by and putt putt around in a pond that came in front of us while we were hunting 4 times. On the 4th time I paddled out waved a paddle in the air to get his attention to come to us. When he came by us I asked him what the f... are you looking for so I can help u find it so we can finish our hunt. Finally left and didn't see him the rest of the hunt. The pressure that the surface drives put on public land and parish owned land is absolutely insane. Social media has ruined what we once knew as paradise. Its almost like a summer resort but in the fall. Try and find a place to stay in venice 4 or 5 days before the opening day. Trucks and trailers are parked on the main road. The entire area has been overtaken by Alabama and Georgia. Don't blame them. If I had to travel to their state to hunt so be it. To all and anyone who starts whining when 3 boats are parked in your favorite spot that you have been hunting for years. Just remember to say your welcome to them after you shot a 5 or 6 man limit by 730 am and couldn't wait to put it all on facebook or duck forums and be sure to remind them you killed these in venice and my god it was all on public land.

January 14 at 6:42am
A comment titled: Re: Lack of Ducks continued..... in response to a report titled: Lack of Ducks continued.....

We all know that the number of ducks do not come to Louisiana like use to. But when they get here they are shoved out all day every day. The farming practices that are allowed up north for these guys to be able to legally hunt is ridiculous. Sure run your $750,000 combine over this corn and all these remnants weren't picked up so we can flood these fields with water and hunt them. WOW THATS GREAT. You go put corn in a pond and get caught you will be hung. Dam our pond frozen over what are we going to do. Hell we get one of them ice eaters and take care of that. Anyone ever hunt a pond with all frozen ice all around except your mechanically made pond. Stupid with ducks. I have a personal friend of mine that was at a waterfowl banquet in Arkansas this year. He told me that a giveaway prize was after the hunting season was over. 2 weeks after it closed an area of your choice a plane would fly over and flood the area with 5,000 lbs of corn to give the ducks migrating back a place to stop and eat and imprint in their brain that theres food and a reason to come back. This was a prize guys. Face the music guys we are in a losing battle on this and nothing will be done about any of it to help this state. Between the migration shifting west, agricultural fields legally baited and hunted, all that ducks unlimited does to help those poor guys figure out how to help them from keeping them from coming down south, baiting the fields for them to imprint their brains on the way back north, defrosting completely frozen ponds for hunting purpose, and then when what finally comes down to us gets ran out by the 30,000 mud boats across the state. That number is probably low.

January 13 at 9:46pm
A comment titled: Re: Lack of Ducks continued..... in response to a report titled: Lack of Ducks continued.....

Charles k. Ive been hunting in venice for a long time and have been saying now for the last 5 to 7 years the mudboat capitol of usa, better known as venice Louisiana is being ruined by these boats. the ducks get ran out of the entire marsh day after day. 2 seasons ago we sat on the edge of an open bay that typically holds a tremendous amount of ducks. We were fishing trying to catch some catfish for dinner at our camp. This was the Friday evening before opening day. My friend had a fish counter on his console and started counting. He clicked 47 mudboats that ran in and out of the bay while we fished for alittle over 2 hours. 47!!!!!!!!!!!! All day every day the mud boat marathon begins down there. Its disgusting to watch. Anyone who does not believe that this is keeping birds out of your marsh is kidding their self. Yes people still kill ducks there, but you don't see the birds sitting in the marsh and ponds resting. Nope as soon as they are sitting here comes dragster #1 then dragster #2 and so on running the piss out of them. If something isn't done about this with all these mud boats ruining the hunting down there. Which they wont its gonna get worse and worse. And as far as the youth hunting pressure. Get real about it. Been taking my son on youth hunts since he was 8 years old and this was his last one. We have always said its amazing you only see a few guys taking the kids when only they can kill them. Hearing a few shots here and there killing a few ducks. But boy the following Saturday every mud boat has any kid, neighbors kid, friends kid, or any minor old enough to hold a gun to be able to add to the duck kill. Bad enough after the limit is killed by 8am. Man now we have to ride around with one guy looking at google maps for any pothole, pocket, pond, while the other is driving the hopped up lawn mower motor 35 mph til we almost out of gas and out of time to make the evening hunt. Remember when you would pull up to a pond have ducks sitting in them at dark. Paddle in they would leave and come right back. Whens the last time you heard or saw resting birds in the pond you were going in.

January 13 at 9:29pm
A comment titled: Re: Plaquemines Parish public land permit in response to a report titled: Plaquemines Parish public land permit

team extreme didn't say that mud boats are the only reason for lack of ducks. But the constant non stop pressure of running boat after boat after boat will not allow them to rest and eat and sit. As I said in pass o loutre we talk to the duck count guy weekly. Why is it in black and white on paper that by his counts from stops in the marsh constantly have way better numbers by on non motor areas than other areas. Also which everyone knows to go to the refuge and kill the hell out of them. We have always stated with our hunting group yall run your mud boats to they run out of gas scouting, harassing, scaring every sitting duck in the marsh out and we gonna go to the refuge and kill ducks coming comfortably to the decoys. Well now if you can beat the mudboats to your spot on the refuge. or watch them pull into there boat blinds all over the refuge. Well Im sure everyone else that hunts down there has seen this practice and is sick of it. Also never said out of town guides are reason for no ducks. They are the main reason you can barely go on parish property and find a decent place to hunt since they flood the marsh for 2 months building blinds every where to stake claim to what is rightfully theirs to prevent you from hunting their pond or bay blind. After all they deserve to do so since they went to the parish office, leased 3,000 acres of land. Put in place a insurance policy in case of a accident. Went put posted signs on their parish land lease. Oh shoot, im down in the marsh about 40 ish days. I missed all of those legal hunting practices that they have done to do this. Any body knows any one that owns or hunts on the land on the WEST side of the river. Absolutely insane with the ducks. Why??? Privately leased or owned and managed every day to keep everyone off. You should see the ducks Its incredible. Have a great season guys. Do your best to not get run over by one of the 5,000 mudboats operated by these kids which run and sound like a hopped up dragster. Good season to all

September 12, 2018 at 8:28pm
A comment titled: Re: Plaquemines Parish public land permit in response to a report titled: Plaquemines Parish public land permit

oh man. a mud motor ban. my god it would be amazing to see the hunting in lower Plaquemines parish get back to like it used to be. Any one who has been hunting in the area for any length of time remember how easy it was to kill ducks and how many were in any area you went before the 10,000 mudboats run every ounce and inch of land from as soon as the limit is killed til time for the 10,000 boats finally run every duck in the area out to make the evening hunt. Man it used to be awesome. But don't worry guys doubt if that will ever happen. We talk to the conservation duck count guy in pass o loutre often. Shows us his paperwork and shows us the difference in ducks killed in non motor area to the run all over all day run everything out of town areas. Wonder why the guys who put the effort to pirogue in and hunt un aggravated birds are killing ducks??? Guess they just get lucky every season in those areas.

September 09, 2018 at 9:09pm
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