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Well guys I know this has been a sore subject for us. I watched a you tube video labeled flooded corn in Missouri. It starts out with a drone flying over the corn fields while the guy is talking about ducks and hunting and such. He shows his blind and the fields completely dry. All of the sudden a pump must have got left on and omg mallards all over the place eating corn in a flooded field. Then he states when ducks are in the corn fields they are either dabbling or eating corn. He says and I quote he says not a make believe story when they are eating you can shoot them all day long. But if they have eaten too much of the corn you might shoot them out of the field. How in the hell is it legal. How after all the evidence and data that has been given that this has not changed. I know the answer is big money but as an avid waterfowler to know that you cant hunt over corn but it is perfectly legal for them to and in doing so for the last 2 decades have changed a complete waterfowl migration is unreal. Literally has changed a natural migration of an animal to the north west. Absolutely totally unreal

January 09 at 6:00am

To all south hunters. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Guys this man is for real. Josh Goins is making all efforts to restore what is being taken from you, your kids, and grand kids. Someone has finally stood up against the absolute illegal hunting practice for you and I that is totally legal for northern hunters and towards the west hunters. Which is hunting over baited fields, ponds or standing corn. Can someone please tell me how this loophole and law change allows these hunters that we all watch on you tube videos hunt in fields of standing corn stalks unharvested or run a combine thru it not harvest it or somewhat harvest it but hey throw some of that corn back on the ground the ducks need food. Mechanically pump water in 12 to 18 inches then bring 10 people at $300 per gun shoot ducks then get paid from other laws for the corn not harvested from the federal government. Which as we all know means we just paid for them to do so. This is unbelievable that its allowed guys. Josh is building a federation to return the laws that prevented this before. Anyone who has been duck hunting for atleast 20 years has seen the demise of waterfowl in our state. To the new guys who have just started over the last 5, 6, 7, years or so you hear the stories and see the pictures but yall have no idea what used to be here. If something isn't changed you never will and what you are seeing and killing now will be less and less. It cost $60 to join this federation which is a non profit guys. We all know that's 1/2 tank of gas in a boat for a trip. Or 3 boxes of shells. He needs members and supporters. Its the only way to make a difference if yourself or your generations to come want to remain in this sport.

February 09, 2019 at 6:23am

I bet captain. Being on the water as much as yall are I bet yall see some s..t. Can you imagine the total number of game fish killed by these boats and just tossed over like nothing. Breeder fish too. Stock fish. But hey like I stated above deep pockets get you anywhere. Everyone knows it. Hell how many gates are blocking waterways that only private land owners can access. Lotta oil and gas money. Deep pockets again. We are the only state that allows it. A friend of mine that bowfishes all over the country told me he owns land on certain rivers. He said if the river floods his land you can drive a boat wherever the water has risen. Not here though. Shoot certain areas look like gated deer leases with multiple gates to get through blocking access.

February 20 at 5:11pm

don't forget about those poor poor almost extinct red snapper. When you fill your boat up with gas get a few boxes of bait 100 lbs of ice a hotel room closer to the marina and some food so you and your buddy can pull up and catch your 4 fish. Meanwhile in commercial land they pull up to the same rig you fishing with a long line down there pull up besides you and put 100 snapper in the boat right in front of you. All in favor say yes for this to take place. Oh yeah we gonna offset seasons so you cant go throw you a few ajs in the boat with your limit of snapper to have a decent box of fish.

February 20 at 4:32pm

Wow just watched the videos. Never really thought about that side of the impact of this process. Just looked at those boats in empire as pogey catching boats. Whats the big deal right. Well that's a major impact. 3/4 of a billion pounds of bait removed plus all the other dead fish. Basically legal gill netting from what I saw on the videos. But boy you talking about some deep deep pockets there. Shoot that's a lot of good ol Louisiana political paid vacations at fancy resorts to be able to continue this practice. Drinks included

February 20 at 5:21am
A comment titled: Re: Duck Season 2019-2020 Recap in response to a report titled: Duck Season 2019-2020 Recap

grey ducks, teal, red heads pintails, mottled ducks, widgeon, dos gris. Roseau canes in the pictures. survey says venice Louisiana. That looks like the same tunnel boat I saw hunting all over the delta refuge in open water. Bad ass little rig. Note to all refuge hunters. You cannot build permanent blinds on the refuge. I HEARD thru the grapevine that if you hunt in a permanent blind and bring surface drives on the refuge that robo cop mike downy will get ya. Guess they finally had enough of the complaints about it happening. Good season though

February 18 at 8:17am

ok lets go ahead and just get all the guides in an uproar. Changes are coming due to overfishing and other staggering numbers. this is just my personal thought on this. The way overfished speckled trout by the thousands of fishing guides who beat the hell out of the fish on a daily basis pulling hundreds of thousands of fish out of Louisiana state waters. Every day they leave pull up on a reef and while captain whoever is baiting hooks and his 3 customers put 75 trout in the boat then tell the customers keep fishing they turned on and it turns to 100 without the captain ever making a cast. Then gets on the radio with captain few fish and calls him in to finish his limits so he doesn't go back to the lodge with his butt whipped in front of the other group. And this goes on for days, weeks months all year. All while raping the states resources. There are multiple operations with 5, 7, 9, and a few with 12 to 15 guides that charge a rate of $450 per person times 15 to 20 people or more which makes for a hell of a payday. These guys network and wipe out schools and populations all for a picture and return business. Again wiping out on a daily basis the Louisiana states resources. They fish sometimes weather permitting 30, 40 days straight and continue putting a uncountable amount of fish in the boat. I talked to a friend that has a camp in south Plaquemines parish next to a guide operation. He said he asked the owner for a estimate of trout brought to his table. Guy replied we have 4 to 5 guides and we put 30 to 40,000 trout a year on our cleaning table. Now start hitting the calculator on a daily basis. The average guy that might get to go fishing 1 to maybe 2 times a month for the most part does not fill the boat up. So after all these years of networking with each other, raping the states waters for the customers and their pictures. Abusing the Louisiana states resources. For several decades now. Now your reward will be your jobs just got easier with way less fish to catch and clean. Awesome job. I also talked to a few guides and they said that they have asked for the ldwf to make it to where they cannot have their limit on charter trips and it never happened. Guess we will have to see what the great state does next. Has there ever been talk about reducing the limits if you are on a charter trip since there are 10,000 charter guides now. Just throwing a number out there. Not sure on that amount. I also discussed my post almost word for word with a big guide in the area he stated yeah you are absolutely right. We did it to ourselves. No names stated though

February 05 at 8:10pm

Maybe the monarch butterflies make it 2500 miles to the same trees because theres no agriculture I mean flood and feed I mean cut and hunt over bait practices going on. You know just like the migration of waterfowl use to til all this was altered up above. And as far as IMPRINT. My friend was at a duck banquet in Arkansas a few years ago and one of the main prizes give away was that after the hunting season is over and right before the migration heads back. If you were the winner of this great prize a plane flew over and scattered corn across any area you wished. This is after the weather, the geese and the ducks had removed most or all feed. The reason for this and it was stated at the banquet was so when the migration retuned and stopped in this particular area the birds would remember food in that area. You know IMPRINT. Kind of like when you stop along the way on a trip and you eat at a restaurant its imprinted in your memory that when you go there you will return to it. My wife and I will not go to Tennessee to visit her family without eating at The Depot. You know cause its imprinted in my mind it was so good not to go back. Also years ago on Americas funniest videos there was a family videoed a pair of mallards that for some reason stopped and stayed in their pool. They started leaving some feed on the ground for them and they had babies. Shortly after they left. The following year same family same pool videoed a serious migration with hundreds of mallards landing in their pool and was all over the yard. Why you ask fowlhooked. Because they remembered. You know imprinted in their little brain

January 14 at 5:46am

Its all about the big money now. A friend of mine hunted Kansas on a guided hunt and has been hunting ducks his whole life. He said it was unreal. 20 people at the lodge times 300 per day. 2 day hunt made $12,000.00. Plus tips for guides and tips at lodge. He said both groups limited out in a hour or so both days. No one above the south will want the laws to change. He also told me that none of the land was leased. They just talk to the farmers and get permission maybe drop a bottle or two of crown or jack daniels. And as far as the surface drives go . The best and worst thing ever created for this sport. How can you possibly make something too good. Well they did. Its sad when the new generation duck hunter all they know that my boat with my 40 hp gt runs 36.3/4 mph but if I put the newest macaroni carburetor and shave my pistons down 3,000ths more of an inch plus take 7 bottles of water out of my boat I can run 37mph. Now I can really go run the hell out of them ducks off all the areas they were sitting and resting.

January 12 at 5:35am

Keep in mind guys my main topic for this post was the guys statement. While the ducks are in the fields eating corn you can shoot them all day long. His words exactly. After he states be carefull cause once the corn is gone you can shoot them out of the field. To anyone that has atleast 2 decades of hunting ducks under their belt knows the changes. Josh Goins and his group has posted data that has been researched an submitted by professional scientist not just a bunch of guys whos limits aren't filled anymore. And their research proves that since the migratory bird treaty act was changed our numbers have been on a steady and I mean steady decline since then.

January 10 at 5:08am

yep surface drives and the abundance of them and the amount of hunters has put a major pressure on them. But anyone that has followed when the migratory treaty act was changed and the farming slash agriculture slash hey we can do what we want and hunt ducks over feed and its legal. The migration has stopped and shifted. Venice use to be a duck mecca. On the east side the land is actually building. Ponds closing in. All still full of feed everywhere you go. Ducks don't come down like they use to.

January 09 at 5:47pm
A comment titled: Re: To Mr. Kinny and Mr. Larry in response to a report titled: To Mr. Kinny and Mr. Larry

if anyone takes 30 minutes and will watch any of josh goins flyway federation videos and really listen to the scientific data that has been shown you will all shake your heads and say how in the hell can this be legal. as I said scientific data that has been reported by scientist or drs that has been hired by this federation, Not just people who have been hunting for 50 years saying oh they did this or this changed or its hot. Yes weather is a big factor to waterfowl but if you listen to his video and stated in 1998 the migratory bird treaty act was changed from that year and on there has been a major steady decline in our numbers. Not a slight up or down but major decline. Water on the feed or feed in the water??? How can you watch a video of a guy up north on any corn farm show you corn on the ground plus standing stalks. Walk over to pump #3 turn it on put 4 inches of water in his field. Have 5,000 mallards sitting in it bring in 10 to 15 people a day at the rate of 300 per day blast a 10 man limit of ducks in 1 hour put the video on youtube to make sure we all see it so you want to drive there to hunt it so he can make more money not make all of us sick. Try and go put 500 lbs of corn in your pond which is the same thing and you are arrested seriously fined and 3 to 5 years no hunting. People in Kansas and other states could care less and never could identify a duck in the air til theses changes were made. Now its big business making several hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. You think they want a change. And every year each generation of birds imprint the following which has slowly shifted the migration of ducks west. You need big changes if you want to see a reversal. But just like you trying to win your fishing rights to tidal influence waters in this state and prevent landowners gating and blocking your access the guys with the deep pockets always win. Mr . goins I pray your passion and drive and support is enough to get a reversal.

December 30, 2019 at 5:14am
A comment titled: Re: duck hunting decoy help in response to a report titled: duck hunting decoy help

Yep like duckaholic said buy you some decoys and go to texas Kansas or Oklahoma where the duck migration has now been diverted to. but if your like the rest of us and have to hunt in what use to be the best waterfowl action around. Avian X, decoys are good. Didn't care for how squeezable some of them were. Been hunting with G and H decoys for a long time. Have some that are almost 20 years old and still look great and they are very durable. Not sure if everyone will agree to this do not purchase greenhead gear. Paint wears off them in less than a year

December 15, 2019 at 8:52pm
A comment titled: Re: Plaquemines Parish at it again in response to a report titled: Plaquemines Parish at it again

jesus Christ people the parish can barely afford to cut the grass here. yes they have rules for the parish land and are getting you to pay for permits to hunt it. Revenue and protection of lawsuits for the 10,000 people hunting all over it. And 10,000 is probably light. Don't get the permit and just go hunting. Play the odds. Anyone ever see sheriffs down there on a daily basis checking and looking. How long will that last if so. How much money are they gonna spend on this effort???? Hell roll the dice. Last year we saw a major drop in hunters and I think it was because of this. Thank God. The place gets beat to death now. This year I thought they were having a duck hunting tournament with the amount of mudboats and boats with pirogues we saw going down. Back to the topic the councilman members are like north versus south and cant come to an agreement on shit to help this once flourishing parish. So like I said just go hunt it. Hell what they gonna fine you $75??? There you go probably said what everyone is saying and doing anyway. Just have to add this. This is a paradise that is completely ruined now by social media, mudboats, and way way way too much pressure. Good luck killing the few birds you do and hope the drinking and fishing is great.

September 17, 2019 at 7:21pm
A comment titled: Re: Teal Opener No Suprises in response to a report titled: Teal Opener No Suprises

mandevillian we are in venice too. Got down early to do alittle fishing before we went to the camp and had a awesome time listening to the 1,400 surface drives running around making sure they put their eye on every last teal in the area. We were anchored up and watch 2 boats run back and forth in the same area for 30 minutes or better. Then they passed by us in the canal we were fishing. I informed him that if he ran across that bay next to us he could go see the 8 teal that was sitting by that island out there and watch them fly away. Also talked to a guy that said he was in venice since wedsnday scouting and said he didn't see a huge amount. 3 days of scouting in a surface drive. You can cover the entire venice area up river down river and every canal and pond anywhere you go. Now multiply that times literally a few thousand boats. Nothing can withstand that kind of pressure. I understand the birds aren't in yet but if you run whats there to death wont be much to shoot. My son was fishing anchored in a different area and said the same mud boat passed him 7 times. He finally asked the guys if you tell me what you are looking for I will tell you where they at so yall will get the hell out of here. Guys with private land right north river has plenty birds and all shot limits easily. Everyone I talked to on the mudboat marathon areas had very few limits or stayed late to kill a few stragglers. Good luck mandevillian with the season man. Our area down here is ruined forever.

September 16, 2019 at 7:00am
A comment titled: Re: Port Sulphur Fishing Safety in response to a report titled: Port Sulphur Fishing Safety

in a flatboat with a mudmotor you should be ok. although in some ares in closer to the mines there is s... under the water all over the place. if the weather is decent any of the open bays you should be ok. not much trouble out there. As I stated above if you use a bay boat or a outboard the closer to the mines there stuff all throughout there. A friend of mine was fishing 2 weeks ago. He has over 30 years experience there. He was searching for new stuff to fish said when he looked down while trolling he saw a huge pile of boulders under the water. You have to be carefull in there. Be safe and have fun.

May 01, 2019 at 6:46am

Uhhh yeah he got caught hunting doves over a field with visible feed on the ground in Mississippi and thought since who he and hunting parties were would get away with it. Nope all were ticketed. Because its illegal to hunt over bait. Look guys I started this post to bring awareness to SOUTHERN WATERFOWLERS. After speaking with josh goins and listening to laws that were changed and or altered by no til farming, being able to hunt feed remnants on the ground, and anything else that has been altered and allowed that is putting our southern traditions in jeopardy. If you speak with him for a while or listen to some of the youtube videos its quite disheartening. He is making a push to get legal action taken to make changes. If we all just sit back and say theres no way it will be done. We will never know til we get involved and as a force try and make a difference. To all hunters DOWN HERE you have to be sick and tired of going to your leases, blinds, ponds, marsh and seeing next to nothing and wondering what the hell happened to our ducks. At least if you get involved you can say we made an attempt. If no one does well find yourself a good deer lease or drive north for ducks. No thanks I am a true Cajun southern marsh man. And hope to see my son and possibly grand kids have something left

February 18, 2019 at 6:01pm

Greenhead1 don't know if there are any other northern hunters posting on my topic of discussion but he is and has been the main one defending their farming, non farming , well almost got all the feed off the ground before we hunt practices. Guess we will have north versus south again but for a different reason this time. Any one ever been on a dove hunt which is a migratory bird where the field that has been planted, cut but if it has any feed on it at all and wildlife agents show up. Guess what heres all your tickets and loss of hunting priveliges

February 17, 2019 at 5:10pm

Yes he has. When I started this post and he was the first to comment stating don't waste your money. And I called about a dozen friends to read his comments about bragging about we are done don't waste your money you should see all the mallards up hear eating corn now. When they read it they called me and said f... that started looking into what flyway federation is stating and joined. Besides his comments if you just sit in school and listen to 15 to 30 minutes about what practices weren't allowed and now are its sickening. And yes we southerners are die hard duck hunters. We are talking about opening day for the next season the day after the closing. If something isn't changed you wont be killing ducks here much longer. Weather??? Sure it has play in it. But changing the treaty act was a huge swing in things since then. I have friends in Kansas for 15 years or better. They didn't even know what a duck was then. Now they have huge migrations that have shifted. And yes he is the most talked about person on this post. A friend of mine was on his way fishing last Saturday morning called me at 6am and said dude you see the comment this freaking northerner is saying. So thanks for pissing a bunch of us off. Keep up the good work

February 16, 2019 at 6:31am

Right maybe they came down due to the major snow storm. Oh wait our ponds are frozen up north no problem lets get the ice eaters out and solve that problem right quick. Anyone ever watch a video with 2 feet of snow around it that an ice eater took care of that problem. Like I said don't blame yall at all.

February 14, 2019 at 9:27am

PublicLandAddict if you have witnessed it first hand then you know. Yes its baiting and of course no one north will say it is. Yes they have to control the water. So it starts with what a foot or so of water. Then when the guides slash corn farmers who are getting double paid by the hunters and then the federal government walk into the corn fields and look at the corn all eat up. Dam the ducks cant reach the corn hey bob go turn on the pump and put 8 more inches of water so the ducks don't leave we still got 3 weeks left they cant reach it man. As I said would you complain if you were allowed to go to the grain elevator buy 2,000 lbs of corn go put it in your ponds and sit back and ring the dinner bell without being thrown under the jail. Hell no. Yall come and get it and heres some #2 steel in your face. As I posted before I took my 3 year old to a park last week. Man can you believe the ducks were coming to her while she was throwing feed on the ground. No different than what they are allowed to do. A friend of mine who lives in Georgia and has a tv show went to Kansas and hunted the fields. He told me he was shocked that he was laying down in a blind hunting with so much feed on the ground. 20 hunters in 2 fields limited out 1 hour. And there is nothing wrong with this

February 14, 2019 at 6:44am

Your first post you were bragging about being able to hunt in cut corn or standing corn. You also bragged about we should see all the mallards eating corn up there now. Now you are bragging about the size boat you fish out of and gonna name it captain obvious. You should name it captain a..hole and it takes a big boat to carry such a big one. Yep mandevillian josh has struck a nerve. We will do all that is possible to support this and him. It might take years if something can be done. If im not mistaken he has made headway in Canada with data and proof already. We are in Plaquemines parish and we are working to have a meeting with some big players down here. If no one makes an attempt my son and grandkids will never see ducks here. Yes land loss and coastal erosion is a problem. Can anyone send me a picture of any project that ducks unlimited has funded to restore or protect any marsh or land down here??? Seriously I don't know of any and not saying they haven't but someone put something up here that they have funded to help one of the most duck hunting states in the country. I truly hope south hunters take 10 to 20 minutes to look at some of the videos and just listen to what he is reading word for word of what has been changed. It makes you shake your head.

February 14, 2019 at 6:24am
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