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I read The Tri Parish Times, The Gazette, and The Comet on line. All in my opinion are great newspapers. In the jeer section of Saturdays on line edition of the comet. I felt legitimate questions were raised along, with several inaccuracies.

I would like at this time to answer those questions and correct the mistakes.

The Wisner Foundation own no part of the property addressed in the jeer. The opinion that Fourchon should be developed by private entities sounds good, but in fact private entities will want to maximize profits, making Fourchon beach unaffordable to 95% of the people. The same people that have spent hundreds of millions accessing and protecting Fourchon beach.

Am I against private development of some areas of Fourchon?

No, I just want to make sure there are vast areas of Fourchon that will have affordable access, so the taxpayers will have the opportunity to get a bang for their buck.
As for the delay in the process, it is not for a lack of need or urgency. The commission made an offer to Caillouet land for the appraised value of the property. They were given ample time to respond and did not.
When the commission got no response I decided, after having been given authority to negotiate in behalf of the board, (with the board having to approve any compromises I may reach with the landowner of course).
So despite 5yrs. of fruitless negotiations I decided to try again because, the negotiator for the landowner had changed.
I talked to the D.A. and he felt it was a good idea, but could not get involved because the new negotiator was an Asst.D.A. I then asked our attorney to contact the negotiator, after at least four attempts he got no response. There is urgency and need for access, but the facts are, the construction of the Caminada Headlands project will not allow access till probably mid-2014. So there is still a small window of time for negotiations.

Can we afford it?

That’s a no brainer. The parish’s long range master plan calls for the development of tourism and ecotourism.

What other area in the parish can offer what the beach can?

Again, can we afford the opening of 12 miles of beautiful white sugar sand beach? Millions of dollars are being spent on promoting tourism in Lafourche, Terrebonne, and Jefferson parish. The opening of Fourchon beach would allow the region to offer tourist a continuing destination, not just a place to make a onetime visit.
This would have a tremendous economic impact on the region. Greatly increasing the sales tax base and hotel motel taxes. So yes, we can afford it. It would become a new economic engine for the region. So I would like the region to support the commission’s effort. Lafourche has been very generous in assisting other parishes in the region, for example charity hospital in Terrebonne and sediment pipeline in Jefferson. Also nearly 6 million dollars on elevated highway one. This allows service companies in
Neighboring parishes to better access Port Fourchon.

People, does it make sense that half a billion dollars of your tax dollars will be spent on Fourchon beach between state and federal projects, and you would not be able to use it? This is not fair; I hope you agree with me. I hope The Comet; a great newspaper doesn't view this letter as an attempt to make them look bad, but only an attempt to inform them and the public as to certain facts about Fourchon beach.
I am signing this letter as a private citizen because I felt the need to respond quickly, and the commission doesn't meet till next month. After all the public needs to know the facts.
Please print my contact info so I can answer any questions.

Rickey Cheramie
985 677 0309
P.o. Box 141 Golden Meadow LA.70357

May 18, 2013 at 10:36pm
A comment titled: Ten feet tall and bullet proof in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

Mr. Ten feet tall and bullet proof behind a user name(Mr. Hall),

Quit embarrassing yourself by continuing to misspell cite. Site is where something will be built(such as a pavilion,fishing pier,rv park, etc). I'm glad you're getting used to that word. Name the four times you say I contradicted myself. If you had any sense you would google beachfront development districts 33:7572 revised statute you will find that we have the power to zone, expropriate, and tax and we are charged with building and maintaining recreational facilities. (We are a subdivision of the state) we are charged with bringing and developing recreation to and for the parish, read it yourself and admit you are wrong. It doesn't mean a private developer could be permitted! Don't like the law? Then ask your politicians to change it. While you're at it change the public trust doctrine. I know you can't stand that every man, woman, and child owns the seashore, and has the right to access it. This has been LA. Law since 1812, and has been law since Justinian times. Prove me wrong on that! Mr. Hall you have been wrong so many times in your comments, I feel sorry for you. If you want I will go back to the beginning and make a list of how many times you were wrong,(but that would just further embarrass you). If you and your group are so interested in buying this property, sounds like you might have an ulterior motive, but beware you would be buying a piece of property that is within the jurisdiction of a subdivision of the state, that is charged with bringing recreation to this jurisdiction. Being zoned recreational would throw a wrench in the plans for a condo development wouldn't it? Why dont you guys buy it and when you find out you cant develop it, you would sell it to the parish for pennies or maybe get an umbrella and a chaise lounger and watch the people on the seashore enjoying what is rightfully theirs. Was it Jim Mora that said you think you know? You think you know? But you don't know. Check your facts before you attach your fictitious name to it.
Our attorney is also from Cut Off La. (A south Lafourche boy getting a scholarship to Harvard). You want to take away from that? And as a former state rep. for Lafourche and Grand Isle, he spent many years making laws, not just interpreting them. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard law school, and gave the commencement address,taught at Tulane law school. In 1987 gov. Jindal named him chairman of his transition team for coastal restoration and environment. He is also recognized by the LA. Supreme Court as an expert on environmental issues. Loulan also co authored the bill that authorized the states 30 yr master plan.
Not bad for a South Lafourche boy, but the only reason I referred to him was, you said my opinion meant nothing. I assure you that I consult with him on a regular basis. After all he's been on retainer since 1997.
I guess you failed to recognize that. Google biography of Loulan Pitre Jr. you keep going off on tangents the subject is Fourchon beach. Not the port, not an rv park, not Elmers,and not your ability to predict the future. I don't guess they could diagnose attention deficit disorder when you were a child. Boy, if you would have gotten adderall back then, you might be taken seriously today,but that didn't happen! Remember I didn't start the insults you did.

June 07, 2013 at 5:05pm
A comment titled: Admiral sir, in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

I knew Huey's son Palmer and his son Palmer jr, spent many a day hunting with them on their ranch in Mansfield and eating drinking, and being merry at Tahiti east on grand isle. Did I learn to filibuster from them? Who knows. If I put everyone else to sleep you'll hang in there with me. lol. The beach being open would be almost as good as a Mowata store Tasso burger, with a little boudin on the side on the tailgate of your pickup while on a goose hunt. I don't agree with professional services contracts for engineers and architects either. It does go on in this parish, but it won't go on in our committee. In fact we are allowed 20 bucks per meeting per diem in 6 yrs. NO member has ever filed for it. My board consist of dedicated individuals. No fees ever discussed, and none will with this board.

June 07, 2013 at 4:51pm
A comment titled: Dear fish fear me, in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

Why would I want to charge a fee on your beach when I don't charge a fee on my private property? I guess we have all become suspicious of politicians, but unpaid public servants should be given the benefit of the doubt. You are right it's all about the grand kids 4boys, 3 girls all sportsmen.

June 07, 2013 at 4:48pm
A comment titled: Dear speckle searcher in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

I'm glad someone else notices in Lafourche that paradise La. Is quickly becoming paradise lost. There are some landowners and lease holders still allowing public access, my hats off to them.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel one of the major landowners is considering allowing fishing by boat only outside of hunting season.

June 07, 2013 at 4:47pm
A comment titled: Dear slick in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

Haven't shot one of you in 38 yrs, know I should, just can't do it anymore(I save them for my grand kids).
At one point Wisner let us have access to two miles of beach. We had a tight set of rules regarding littering, and driving on the dunes. We had inmates come in on Mondays and sweep seashores and landowners property. We had only one incident with dune driving, the harbor police cited him, the d.a. prosecuted him, and he was banned from driving on Fourchon beach for life. The hard heads and gaff tops if you don't load up like I usually do, the day shift gulls and the night shift coyotes will take care of the rest. A little surf and turf dish with baby birds in the nest providing the turf. You have made light of a sad situation, but our rules and regulations kept a handle on it. Thanks for the humor. Between the two landowners they have billions of dollars of lawsuits against b.p. Thousands of people enjoying themselves on the beach would not look good for their claim of damages. Elmers have no trash pick up or patrol. Made me laugh. The facts I present are accompanied by directions on how to verify. Is Mr. Hall doing that? How can you say (after reading the la. Public trust doctrine ) that my facts are debatable?

June 07, 2013 at 4:46pm
A comment titled: Mr. Hall in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

My brother boots had less than accurate information on Fourchon beach, and an impossible solution to our problem. All of the facts I have presented to brother boots on this subject are accompanied by directions to verify with my name attached to them. You insinuate I have skeletons in my closet and that it will come out later. I can tell you one thing that will not come out(the source of your false information). I am certain of that because people are reluctant to put their names on false information or lies.
How did I Get get a lease at Fourchon? Like everyone else negotiated the lease and it was reduced to writing and I signed it. Didn't even know what I was going to do with it. After all, the negotiations were before the beachfront
Was even formed. They put it out to bid two times and they turned down all bids I bid each time and when I was called the third time I bid significantly less than the first two times and was shocked to get it. It sat there for yrs. my nephew and son approached me wanting to build an rv park and I ended up letting them take over the lease. Why did Burlington resources give me a shot at it? Maybe because my father was their caretaker for 30 yrs, after he passed I was their caretaker for 10yrs. Our pay? A fur trapping lease on their property. Lets talk permits there were 5 hurdles then parish permitting office, parish health dept, state dept of health and hospitals, fire Marshall, and south central planning ,if you're suggesting I bought all of them off you must think I have a lot more money than I have. Oh how did Chris Morans rv park get a permit? Just like my son did he complied. Will my son benefit from a beach full of people? There is a space requirement between campers. That is all that will ever be put there I challenge you to call your friend Larry Picciola to find out if this is true. The rv park is at full capacity since it opened with the beach being closed. I have explained this to you several times perhaps your sources are not liars, because you do not seem to have a capacity to understand anything. Intelligence cannot be insulted if it doesn't exist sir. That a delay in a vote to expropriate seems to you a sign of weakness is absurd there are 4 plans. Tune in.

June 07, 2013 at 4:40pm
A comment titled: comment in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

In my comment to code when I explained it was not time to consider expropriationt. I referred to the gates and posted signs in Lafourche as a highly contagious epidemic. Please explain to me how is that not mentioning it. Anybody wants to catch this man in a lie, look at my only comment to code red. Wow! In mentioning Cam Morvant and Al Danos. I was giving you names of respectable people that could verify my facts. Give me the names of your sources. 0h, let me guess they also want to remain anoymous. Call Al and Cam up and when they verify my facts, then feel free to call them liars also. The beachfront district is trying to take the Tidewater canal? Wow, get your source to check and he will find that it is NOT in our jurisdiction. Since when in this parish can the public own private land? I'll answer that question with a question.
Since when in this state can a landowner own or block access to public trust lands? Feel free to look it up. Or call the attorney generals office. You say you know, it's obvious by these erroneous comments that you sir know nothing, you did not get one of your 'facts' correct. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to state false facts, but I guess if you hide behind a user name you can.

June 07, 2013 at 4:34pm
A comment titled: Launch in response to a report titled: FOURCHON BEACH

In the public trust doctrine the division of state lands ,the dept of natural resources the state attorney general and any extensions of state govt. must protect with tax dollars. And they must also assure access to all people to any public trust lands .any lands in lafourche that is gated off or posted with gulf tidal flow influencing them is part of the public trust.unfortunately these lands are outside the beachfronts jurisdiction but we would gladly introduce a resolution of support to any group that would take on that fight.the only vehicular access to the seashore is through this property . The state can get access to the
Seashore and they are mandated by the public trust doctrine to do so.why are they not acting on it ? I don't know I suspect they don't want to complicate the caminada headlands project with litigation at this point. One thing I do know is the beachfront commission has the authority to acquire access and we will no longer sit on our hands. Thanks so much for your respectful questions. How's the fishing in leeville now?

June 05, 2013 at 3:48pm
A comment titled: Three reasons, in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

Why, brother boots plan for access can not and will not work!
1. The state can not sell public trust land(read review on la.s public trust doctrine).
2. In the negotiations between the port and the Wisners for Fourchon island the port wanted to lease everything from the seashore north to old Fourchon excluding the Chevron lease, the Wisners said they were open to negotiations, but leasing the beach and the dunes were not an option. Also when the question of purchasing Fourchon island and the beach, the Wisners pointed out according to their trust their lands cannot be sold.(see wisners response to mayors state of trust letter or call Amanda Phillips , sec. Of Wisner committee.
3. The port because of a prior settlement with the caillouets cannot force the sale of their property, and they like the Wisners don't want to sell. (Check out port minutes and settlement document between caillouet land trust vs.greater lafourche port commission.
So that plan cannot and will not work. Your expert should have known that (if he was an expert). I have presented my facts on this proposal along with the way to check them out. If you want to know anything about Fourchon island do what the port does call me, their last request of me was to identify the wading bird rookery on Fourchon island. Brother boots, I still feed off of your passion for the beach. Thanks.

June 05, 2013 at 3:47pm
A comment titled: Boots in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

In a special condition to the Caillouet permit, the Dept of Natural Resources, acknowledged the right to drive on Fourchon beach. When we met with cpra they told us that they would consider driving on the beach from surf line to vegetation line after they finished the project, but we needed to come up with a tight set of rules. We told them we had that addressed in our master plan under rules and regulations. They reviewed them in front of us and said the rules were very tight. Because of this they would not ban beach driving as the landowners wanted. I have the letter asking for an opinion from cpra and their response was; they would not ban beach driving after the project was complete, but there would be only one crossing over the dune, and they would have to approve the plan. The road you are talking about would be way into the future. IF the port could secure a lease with the Wisners and that road would be at least a quarter mile behind the dunes going west from 3090 to near the rocks, not to them. The state has no plans for a road and even the port could not be permitted to build a road on the marsh creation area(no road behind dune). Maybe way behind it. How many people who own the public trust can carry an ice chest, fishing rods, tackle boxes,surfboards,and carry children a quarter mile. There would be no rd to the east of3090. The port would maintain the area in front of this 44 acres. The state would continue to maintain the rest of the seashore. After all the state and attorney general are mandated by the public trust doctrine (look at louisiana law review public trust doctrine) to protect and provide access to all public trust land. Many, many, many, people prefer going to Fourchon beach than going to Jefferson parish. Remember the state is mandated to provide access and protection to every inch of the public trust (that the public desires to go on)and the beachfront development commision is created by an act of the legislature (research louisiana law regarding beach front development districts). The Port Commission, because of a prior settlement, cannot have anything to do with gaining access through this property. Remember boots we are only trying to get access, we are not looking to take over the responsibility of the state on the entire beach, and all of the amenities you mentioned at grand isle were built by federal and state grants not parish money. As would ours. Your information comes from someone who isn't privy to all of what's going on or maybe he or she has a stake in keeping the public off of the beach. In any case I would love to debate whoever your source of information is in this forum,but let me guess hey want to remain anonymous. Boots you are an intelligent articulate person and a fellow alumni of s.l. Myself 1971 state champs won best personality and wittiest check out 1971 yearbook. Remember there has been no vote to expropriate this property, and as a brother I want you to google la. Public trust doctrine you will find what the state and attorney generals obligations are to the public in this doctrine I stand behind my facts and attach my name to them. I don't think you were taking a pot shot at me, but if you were you were right. I do have a personal interest in Fourchon beach being open. I would love to see my grandchildren and the rest of the public enjoying Fourchon beach as I did, doesn't take much to make an old man happy. lol Thanks boots,and don't expect to get kicked out of Dos Gris if you a sign a waiver of liability and agree on carrying a membership card. (No personal agenda here)total cost to public not a red cent and I paid for all the protection and restoration my self, but please don't go on the neighboring Wisner property they will cite you. Yes, the same Wisners that own 7 miles of Fourchon beach and just took tens of thousands of acres away from the public north of la 1. If I were opportunistic I would charge people to fish my property, or wish the beach never opened so that my son would get more charters, or if I was trying to help my family I would not have put public rv park in the master plan. I would have done this even if my sons rv park had not stayed at full capacity, it opened a week before oil spill and has been at full occupancy since then even with the beach closed. Please research these facts I have presented and let us know what you find.

June 05, 2013 at 3:43pm
A comment titled: Respect in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

I respect all of the people who comment on this post a lot. Whether you are for or against. Sincerely.
I've gained a lot of insight as to what the opposition might say. This has allowed me to prepare my answers for the future.(great scrimmage I am ready for the game) Lets all hope the game is called, because of settlement.
Lets put things into perspective, this would not be the simple taking of a property to build a baseball field(if it resorts to that).
I agree there would be an extreme burden of proof as to need. I agree to that(even though that has been done a thousand times). This is a different situation. Mr. Hall you may not be for the taking of your neighbors property for a baseball field, but if that neighbor was blocking access to your property you may see it differently. You may want to bring legal action against your neighbor, after all you could hunt a mgmt. area, but you sir would win access to your property as thousands of others have. You would not be asked by a judge to forget you owned the property. So you needed to move on. I can't see why that's not perfectly clear to everyone. We all have a need for access to what is ours. This is necessity! Please google the louisiana public trust doctrine regarding seashores and navigable waters. Please look at all of it, let me know what you find! Also visit the louisiana law review(I'm sure we are all Lsu fans ) look at their interpretation of the public trust doctrine, you will see that the case may not hinge on public need, but the right of the people to enjoy the public trust, that it has owned since Louisiana was admitted to the union by the nature of its sovereignty. It is the legal duty of all state agencies dealing with public trust lands, and the state attorney general to protect the publics right to enjoy public trust land.
It's not the beachfront that's not doing their job. Please everyone read Lsu law review re. Public trust doctrine then decide if the commision has a leg to stand on. If we god forbid have to go to court. You will see that govt. has the right and an obligation to spend govt money on public trust land. As you will find we are fighting for the rights that the people have had since this state was admitted into the union. Remember the state must assure that all residents have access the sick, elderly, and handicapped to all areas of the seashore.

Expropriation is part b of plans a .b .c .d . The legislature gives the commission the power to expropriate, zone,(control development in our jurisdiction) and to tax.(The cleanest process is negotiation and resolution.) Still hoping !
Admiral , I worry about you and I. I think we enjoy this way too much lol! Carry on sir. Boots anybody that's lived down here is considered a brother,an anybody that's lived down here and has evolved into a birder, wow I admire that. Boots, speckle chaser, code red ,granny, ash, Ceb99, shad rig, Mai's weh,sl sweetie, lady tarpon,buddy t ,and e man. We feed off of your passion to return to your beach.
Dear sport la, you claim to care about laf. Parish . However you want to deny the people of Lafourche what they want. To prove to you that the people of Lafourche want this, when the council voted to put up the money to offer the landowners(the appraised value of the property), there was a standing room only crowd there from all walks of life in the parish, even a large group of ladies from Thibodeaux. When I state facts from now on I will give you a way to verify them. Call the council clerk ,find when this measure passed then call vision communications and request a video of that meeting you will find poor, middle class, and wealthy people applauding the passing of this measure. So much for your class war. Now for your turf war. The people of the tenth ward tax themselves to build infrastructure to broaden our tax base, much of this tax revenue is spent parish wide. So we are not selfish like you are. We do not regret the taxes we collect going to any part of the parish that request it. Keep your balloons flying high. With your hot air.
Mr. Switzer, I hope you understand that if it resorts to that we would only be seeking access to the only ingress and egress site to the seashore(a small part of the hundreds of acres they own. This is an issue that we have negotiated for nearly 6yrs. I think you would agree that we need access to the seashore. You tell me how do we achieve that(open for suggestions.)
Mr. Wilson, I really want to thank you for very intelligent questions and points, unfortunately I can't speak for the state and have the same question as you do for the state. It came close to expropriation, but Caminada headlands had a deadline to begin this process, they began the process through the South Lafourche levee district doing it for the state. It was voted on and passed. At the last minute the landowners dropped the requirementhat the state ban beach driving it was dropped at that time, and the easement for construction workers was signed. It's ironic that the only people with access to the beach are construction workers building up the landowners property, with your tax dollars. It is rumored that the state will revisit this after project is complete. Mr.Wilson, How's Dennis? Has he been behaving?
Mike Guerin, I miss your input. Did Mark Hilzim give up the secret beach? All commenters have been extremely important to our efforts, and believe it or not, I would be proud to call you friends. All of you, but please google Louisiana public trust doctrine (this was used in the ban on gillnets).
Sincerely Rickey

June 05, 2013 at 3:33pm
A comment titled: Mr. Hall in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

I'm impressed that you and your friends have that much money. I guess you could afford to buy a lot and build a big condo and stop the people from being on the seashore, but if you and your friends have that kind of money I would imagine that your group would be cautious with your investments. Call the c.o.e,
The c.p.r.a. And parish c.z.m. ask them if you could get a permit to develop or build anything on footprint of Caminada headlands and related marsh enhancement projects. Call FEMA and ask if they would approve any development on the dunes in that general area. All land east of Fourchon will not be insured. If you do this research and you find what I say is true, would you still buy it? If you did I'm certain you would allow the people access to the seashore. By the way our attorney is a Harvard graduate. I hope they come back to the table so it doesn't come down to that.

June 05, 2013 at 3:20pm
A comment titled: Admiral,sir in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

I'm disappointed in you. I bought an old rusty station wagon(something I could haul my shrimp, fish, crabs, and nutria). I never took a job I couldn't do or an obligation I couldn't pay.
I don't think I have strutting peacock syndrome, I don't have any tail feathers left.
I guess I would compare more to a buzzard, sitting here waiting for something to die or get run over then I feed heavily and fly back to my tree, plenty, plenty, plenty, patience. I agree with the great chief and always tell my boys the same thing. In the words of Aaron Tippin you got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. I'm not falling for there's no way to get my people on the beach.

June 04, 2013 at 10:51am
A comment titled: Wow sport in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

You must be running out of gas what a weak argument that was. I expected more out of you. Do you think that I don't know what an antonym is. Look up synonym for necessity it will say (need),(want),(desire). If access isn't agreed to, and it goes to court the judge will judge the definition not me not you. I guess your bubble is a hot air balloon and you're supplying the hot air.

June 04, 2013 at 10:48am
A comment titled: Code red, in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

I like many of your positive comments on the beach fronts endeavors. I however disagree with you that expropriation is necessary. There is still time for the landowner and their new negotiator to respond to our attempts to negotiate access. Thanks for your bringing my attention to the article in La.fishmag. I hate to tell you that the 2 miles that you see in the photograph with so many people(was open for 3 months) you won't see that kind of crowds at Elmers. The neighboring landowner seeing that the Caillouets were getting away with blocking public access decided to do the same and padlocked their gate. People believe me it's an epidemic in Lafourche ,the Gheens boat launch, Clovelly boat launch,Tidewater Canal,30,000plus acres of Wisner public shooting and fishing grounds. On the west side of bayou Lafourche 80% of the land from north of Leeville to the Pointe Aux Cheine mgmt. area is now gated or posted. All of these areas are influenced by the ebb and flow of the Gulf of Mexico. That is the definition of state navigable waters. You are being blocked from using these waters it's an epidemic and highly contagious it's coming to all coastal parishes.

June 03, 2013 at 3:58pm
A comment titled: Dear admiral, in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

A synonym for necessity is desire. This has been upheld in court countless times. The public expresses desire. Govt that is elected to serve the people brings the request to a court of law. Judge decides what is just compensation, and if there is need. Not me you or anybody else. I've beat that horse to death, and don't know how to explain it any other way.
As for gates on state water bottoms and navigable waterways, I stated in an earlier comment how wrong that was. Why is it wrong? They are putting cables and gates at ingress and egress points(to public waters)that run through their property(illegally), thus privatizing what belongs to me and you and us all. In your way of thinking we wouldnt have a chance Of getting a judge to force removal of the gates, because we cant prove that we have a need to fish that property(that we legally fished on all of our lives )after all we could fish in the gulf couldnt we? Would the landowners say we couldntprove certified neccesity and to enjoy what is rightfully ours what would a judge do no one knows. If we stop our effort on Fourchon we might as well stop the effort to remove the gates not fighting it would encourage greedy landowners to take whats left of the public trust.
Thanks admiral. Oh by the way I wish I could have have been with you at Woodstock, then I wouldn't have to get my hallucinogenic friends to interpret your comments. Or is it that you found your wild rabbit in the bottom of a bottle of Hennessy. You do remember the song I don't know why I love you ,but i do? In addition that is why the Beachfront commision at the request of the Houma nation placed the identified archaeological sites in our jurisdiction off limits to everyone but certified tribal members. I'm glad we agree that Fourchon can not be developed, that is why the only thing we will try to get permitted in our jurisdiction are the pilings for the fishing pier, after an archaeological search of the impacted area of course. In our master plan 99.9% of our jurisdiction would remain in its natural state.
So another reason comes to play along with state and federal projects that need constant maintenance. That one day this property could be a multi million dollar condo development is ludicrous,thanks for bringing it up. I have a quote similar to uncle earls's that goes, don't put anything on the Internet that you can't put your name to, don't say anything on the phone that you can't say in person, don't phone anything you can talk about in person. That's why my name and contact info is on this site. I guess I'm the uncle earl of fourchon . But one thing I admire about the kingfish, he broke a private monopoly(standard oil pipeline)and made it open to all of the public. I guess a chicken in every pot from the publicly owned chicken farm. If my comments seem confusing I am addressing several comments with one response.

June 03, 2013 at 3:54pm
A comment titled: White boots, in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

It was also a great place to hang a Coleman lantern and figure 8 a boones shad rig that you purchased at Schwegmanns at a reasonable price. It was also my secret spot to tie my boat and drop my butterfly nets caught thousand of pounds of shrimp and flounder. The new po po has
Put an end to all of that.

June 03, 2013 at 3:36pm
A comment titled: Mr. Fishes. in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

I'm sure that 99 percent of the people of Lafourche and Grand Isle including myself agree with you on the tolls. In my position being openly against the tolls was probably not the politically correct thing to do, but I speak my mind always have and always will. All of the people of Grand Isle had to pay tolls just to get home. Port workers have to do the same to go to work. It's the only toll road or bridge I know of in this country that does not have an alternate route. The state required this so everyone had to pay, thus paying the state their money back sooner. After much protest they exempted residents of Grand Isle. The reason they gave was the old bridge was no longer good. I question that. All they had to do was put the toll booth south of the down ramp south of the bridge where you could have the option of traveling down old La. 1. We would hope you would consider coming down here, we are building a million dollar plus boat launch in leeville before the toll booth there are motels bait houses and great places to eat .
Scam I agree.

June 03, 2013 at 3:23pm
A comment titled: Admirial in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

Mr. Rabbit
I would prefer answering questions, rather than negative comments.
Is it fair that only people in opposition to this subject could comment on this site. My question is who is the principal and who are the surrogates in the opposition. Call me old fashioned, but I was raised to stand behind what my convictions are, with my name attached to it. I will not become a computer sniper, firing pot shots from a distance, with my identity hidden. That is not what a real man does. You refer to Obama, you must support him. You choose to ignore the fifth amendment to the constitution dealing with eminent domain, that's been held up in court several hundred times. Perhaps if you were president, you could do away with it by executive order. That would allow people to block public access to public land. We have, thus far thrown roses at padlocks, and today your grand son would say I want a pickup truck to ride on Fourchon, but he wouldn't hit a screen door. He would hit a locked gate and you would, know he needed that truck and you needed to fight to remove that gate. I respect everyone's opinion whether I agree with you or not, because I agree with the people's right to disagree, and I also respect you sir.
But I have some bad news for you . You are probably a descendant of the Biloxi or Charenton branch of the Chitamacha tribe. I'm sorry to tell you they didn't get their land taken by the white man they sold it to white settlers. Was it fair? I don't think it was. because they didn't have a certified master appraiser value their property or have a judge decide its value.

June 01, 2013 at 1:24am
A comment titled: Mr. Hall, in response to a report titled: Fourchon Beach

Thanks for your comments. I really really do appreciate your comments. In an earlier comment you stated that an honest answer I gave to one of your questions would be copied and used against me. I hope this is not the case this time(hope it wasn't a veiled threat), I really do. If honesty means anything to you(and I think it does)I can tell you that I will continue to answer questions truthfully, and if it can be used against me so be it. After all GOD and my father said, thou shalt not lie. Thanks for the comments.
Just looked up the synonyms for necessity and they are as follows need,want,requirement. They all fit regarding our endeavors thanks

June 01, 2013 at 1:18am
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