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Can anyone tell me all the outdoors shops in the area? Trying to find a few items that maybe some local shops might sell, like bait and tackle/outdoors?

January 18, 2016 at 2:54pm

Sunday night I thought to myself should I fish the trestles the next two days or sight reds and I am pleased to say I made the right choice. Monday morning a friend and myself loaded the boat, picked up a few live shrimp and headed to the trestles. Wind was coming out the SSE with small incoming tide. Got all the way to about the 174 marker and trolled around there. Shrimp were popping on the top water enough to make a avid angler fill with excitement. One after another we pulled in fish using live shrimp, Carolina rigged of course. Specs, drum, reds, all that the lake had to offer. Next day, I decided to take a solo trip back with only about twenty live shrimp. Live bait is great when available but if your catching on plastic you feel more accomplished as an angler in my opinion. Used all the live bait by 7:45, with about 10 in the box, from then on out it was just finding out what these specs wanted to sink those fangs into. Now everyone has their go to plastic and for the most part you won't find a tackle box without a pack of Matrix Shad tucked in there. Being that the water clarity was great and the shrimp I bought from the bait shop were light brown I decided to go with the magneto Matrix color. First cast I let that bait sink to the bottom(key to catching at the trestles) popped it up and could feel the spool on my curado ripping drag. I'm looking for that STAR winner so I always get happy when drag rips. Flipped a 2.5lb slab right in. I continued to fill the box with a limit by 10 with boats all around me wondering why am I the only one catching. I am a 24 year old inspired angler who has a 15ft flat and that fishes pretty much every day I have off, which keeps me in trouble with my fiancé most of the time. The point is that fish do not care about the size of your boat or what kind of fishing rod or motor you have, its all about the presentation of your bait. Matrix Shad are great baits but you have to use the right color for the right conditions. The boats around me were throwing lemon head color and as soon as the bait hit that water working that rod like Indiana Jones with his whip. Laughing of course I knew why I was the only one catching. Presentation and color, letting that bait get to the bottom is the number one tip when fishing the trestles(I personally count to 8 then jig). Most anglers carry about 200 dollars worth of bait in their tackle box but use the same color every time. I personally carry every color Matrix because I believe in the baits but also use every one. The trestles and surrounding areas are only going to get better as we go through April and May. Grab your favorite baits whether that be Matrix Shad or live and hit the water. Happy fishing...

April 08, 2015 at 9:38am

Headed out early this morning to find the reds on this frigid day. Didn't see a boat on the water. Decided to hit the intercoastal and the specs were on fire. One after another, deep water and slow presentation was the key along with matrix shad and shu shu baits. A few boats fished right on the side of me and nothing. With this winter still lingering that bait has to hit the bottom. It was a great day for me, cold but great. Good luck and good fishing everyone.

February 03, 2015 at 6:05pm
A comment titled: Re: The Trestles are heating up! in response to a report titled: The Trestles are heating up!

The Bait Shop off of Front street in Slidell has live. Every shop or launch should have live shrimp right now. Fishing is only going to get better with these SSE winds. Get on the action!!

April 09, 2015 at 10:33am
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