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Sept 16, 2017 we will be having a benefit Open bass tournament (team or solo) from the North Pass ramp in Manchac for the family of Adayln Mince. Entry is $110 and the big bass option is $10. Food, door prizes and over $200 in raffle items will be given away. Email me at to receive an entry form.

August 09, 2017 at 12:29pm

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers will be hosting their Fall Open tournament out of Manchac on Oct 22, 2016. Door prizes, gift bags and food will be given away. Raffle items such as a MHX blank custom rod, artwork by local artist Randy Caminita and more will be part of the mix to. Entry is $100 with a $10 big bass option. 90% payback on entry and 100% payback on big bass. Follow the link to the clubs website to download entry and rules. Blastoff will be given by time entry is received and posted on the website. Businesses wishing to sponsor the event please contact us at excellent chance to advertise to a wide base.

September 07, 2016 at 1:07pm

The FPBA held it's first classic launching out of Spokane Fishing Resort on Lake St. John on Feb 27-28. 13 boats qualified to fish for over $4,200 pot in a 2 day shoot out. Most of the guys had never fished the lake until the start of the 2 two praactice period beginning the Thursday before. Even the lack of knowledge of the lake some good sacks came across the scale. Jean Junuis and John Gillespie weiged in 13.43 lbs to take the day one lead and Patrick Engerran and Bailey Madere brought in 14.96 lbs on the second day with the Big Bass of the tourny a 4.55 lber. Eight bags over 11 lbs were weighed despite the 20 mph winds on Sunday that had most of the teams fishing where they could instead of where they wanted to. 2 day combined results are below:

1st Jason & Trenton Pittman 10/24.74 lbs $1,738

2nd Steve Ruschmeier & Casey Cramer 10/22.71 lbs $1,200

3rd Patrick Engerran & Baliey Madere 9/21.81 lbs $786

4th Jean Junuis & John Gillespie 9/21.30 lbs $414

Patrick and Bailey picked up another $130 for their big bass + $50 day two side pot.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for 2016 and visit our sponsors page at to learn more about them and how to contact any or all of them. Platinum Level sponsors are Mister Twister, Legend Cartography, Tight Lines Bait & Tackle, Hydraulic Services and Supply and Stalker Fishing Lures. Gold Level Sponsor Louisiana Cat. Silver Level Sponsor Southern Way Retrievers. Thanks always to the North Shore Bass Series and

For info to join the FPBA or just to check us out go to our web site at or look for us on Facebook as The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers or Twitter @TheFpba. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don?t miss any of our weigh in videos to get the top finishers reports on how they made their money. Contact Patrick Engerran at for info on joining or becoming a sponsor. To qualify for the 2017 Classic a member must fish 8 tournaments in 2016 so if you want in next year better be joining now!!!!!

March 03, 2016 at 1:21pm

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers held their 1st Open Bass tournament Jan 23rd on the East Pearl River. Despite the cold temps and 20 mph+ winds we had 28 boats turn out to fish. Five places and two big bass spots paid over $2100 in cash and Sponsor product thanks to Mister Twister throwing in $200 of baits to the 1st place Big Bass. Over $2000 in door prizes and raffle items were also given away. Next Open tournament is scheduled for Oct launching out of Manchac. Information for this will be published late summer. Results below:

1st Charles Dauzat and Mark Mohr 5/12.78 lbs
2nd Reese Watkins 5/11.90 lbs
3rd Skip Rayborn and Jeff Bruhl 5/11.39 lbs
4th Ralph Dunn 5/10.64 lbs
5th Jay and Randy Ladner 5/10.59 lbs

Mister Twister Big bass was Reese with a 3.47 lbs
Charles and Mark close behind him with a 3.42 lber

Thanks to all the sponsors, anglers and family and friends that helped us at this event.

For information to join go to our web site and check out our Facebook page by searching Florida Parishes Bass Anglers.

January 29, 2016 at 4:01pm

The FPBA held it's first tournament of 2016 launching on the East Pearl. 24 boats and 41 members showed up to brave a nasty day and high muddy river that dropped out quick once the north wind started to blow. As always some guys will figure them out and crush them and this was no exception. For info on joining or on fishing our Open on the East Pearl 01/23/16 please go to Results and video of weigh in is below. Thanks for reading and watching. Check out our web site for more info and find us on Facebook at Florida Parishes Bass Anglers.

1st Skip & Reid Rayborn 5/11.54

2nd Jimmy Dorris 5/11.36

3rd Jason & Trenton Pittman 5/10.78

4th Steve Ruschmeier & Casey Cramer 5/9.54

5th Jean Junuis 5/6.71

January 20, 2016 at 5:58am

On January 23, 2016 we will host an Open Bass Tournament on the East Pearl River launching from the “Green Bridge” off of Hwy 90. There will be no boundaries for this tournament and an entry fee of $100 a boat with a 1st place payout of $1,300 for 50 boats. One spot will be paid for every 6 boats. In addition to the payout multiple sponsors have stepped up to support this event with numerous door prizes and raffle items valued over $2,000. Lunch will be provided to the anglers courtesy of one of the Northshore’s best cook-off competition guys, Joe Madere.

Sponsors for the event are Mister Twister, Legend Cartography, Tight Lines Bait & Tackle, Stalker Fishing Lures, Prop Chock, Pure Fishing, Southern Way Retrievers, Premier Industrial Services, Santone Lures, Bill Lewis Lures, New Pro Products, Wildwood Resort on Toledo Bend, Liquid Mayhem, Jonesy Rod Sleeves, the Bait Sack and The Northshore Bass Series. Items for door prizes, raffle items and swag bag are; Mister Twister baits package, Legend Cartography GeauX card, one month training for a retriever, Yetti cups, tackle bags, tubes of scent attractant, Santone Lures baits packages, Bill Lewis bait packages, live well vent kit, rod sleeves, lure holders, tungsten weights, Veritas rod and more. The raffle tickets will be sold 6 for every $5 and a container will be placed in front of each item. You can put your tickets in for the items you want to win ensuring you will only win the items you want to. This tournament is shaping up to be a premier event for the area with plenty of swag to be won and given away. To download an entry please use this link.

Boat numbers will be assigned based on order paid entry is received. For more information on becoming a member or to sign up for the Open go to or contact Patrick Engerran at Any business wishing to help sponsor the event please contact Patrick at the above email.

December 31, 2015 at 12:01pm

Weigh in video and top 3 interviews from Manchac tourny. Congrats to Trenton Pittman on his 1st solo win in his 1st solo tourny.

August 13, 2015 at 6:28pm

Weigh Video and interviews from the West Pearl Tourny

August 13, 2015 at 5:57pm

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers were on the East Pearl for the 2nd tournament in a row on 6/13/15. Results and video are below. For information go to
1st Jason and Trenton Pittman 5/10.28
2nd Steve Ruschmeier and Casey Cramer 5/9.70
3rd Bruce Vallelungo and Brandon Mohren 5/8.8
4th Darrick Neale and Nick Church 5/6.66
Mister Twister Big Bass went to Jason and Trenton with a 3.53 lber

June 23, 2015 at 12:57pm

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers had 19 boats and 33 anglers fish the event
1st Ronald Pierre and Shaun Miley 5/8.23
2nd Corey Wheat and Branden Sheridan 5/8.03
3rd Nick Church and Darrick Neale 5/7.80
4th Kevin Williams and Todd Stein 5/6.89
Mister Twister Big Bass Award went to Forrest Green and Al Duncan with a 3.82 lb bass.
Find us at or on Face Book at Florida Parishes Bass Anglers. Check out the GoPro of the weigh in..

June 07, 2015 at 7:47am

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers held our 5th tournament of the year on the Tchefuncte River 4/12/15. 16 boats with 23 anglers showed to fish a rainy Sunday. Results below:

1st Jason Pittman 5/9.72

2nd Derek Paternostro/Darren Welch 5/7.47

3rd Jean Junius/John Gillispie 5/7.21

4th Barry Galloway 4/6.86

5th Forrest Green/Al Duncan 5/5.88

Mister Twister Big Bass went to Jason with a 3 lber

Went would like to welcome new sponsor Dr. Charles Genovese Jr. and thank him for his sponsorship of 4th place. This will enable FPBA to pay 4 spots in every tournament. For information on joining go to our website also check out our Facebook page at Florida Parishes Bass Anglers.

April 22, 2015 at 2:58pm

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers held its fourth tounrament of the year on 3/28 in Delacroix.

1st Steve Ruschmeir 5 9.81

2nd Richard Bennett 5 9.68

3rd Ryan Soto 5 5.5

4th Derek Paternostro and Darren Welch 5 7.74

5th Bruce Vallelungo and Brandon Morher 5 7.41

Mister Twister Big Bass award went to Ryan Soto with 2.86 lb

Next tournament will be on the Tchefuncte River 4/12. Go to for information on joining. New members must have apps in by Sunday night 4/5/15..

April 03, 2015 at 12:28pm

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers held it's first March tournament on Sunday, March 8th out of Manchac. 18 boats and 28 anglers fished the event.
1st Jason and Trenton Pittman 5/11.41
2nd Wyatt Junot and Josh Crowder 5/10.29
3rd Jean Junius 5/7.0
4th Derek Paternostro and Darren Welch 5/6.71
5th Bradley and Phillip Romano 3/5.14
Mister Twister Big Bass went to Jason and Trenton with a 3.8 lber.
Next tournament is a Club Choice to be voted on 03/14 at 7PM. The meeting will be at Buffalo Wild Wings in Covington. If you wish to join go to our web site at for info or attend the meeting on 3/14. Find us on Facebook to like our page and follow all of our action.

March 13, 2015 at 11:55am

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers held their second tournament of 2015 on Feb 7th at Bayou LaCombe. 30 anglers endured a tough bite but as always somebody figured it out.

1st Place Wayne Richardson and Lee Zachary 5/11.01

2nd Place Richard Bennett 5/6.13

3rd Place Dereck Paternostro and Darren Welch 5/5.70

4th Place Forrest Green and Al Duncan 4/5.04

5th Place Jake Martin 4/5.01

Mister Twister Big Bass was Wayne and Lee with a 3.79.

Our next tournament will be on Sunday, March 8th at Manchac. Launch site will be the public ramp under I-55, safelight to 3pm, hope to see everyone there. For info about FPBA, contact Kevin Williams (985) 502-6146, email or Patrick Engerran (985) 474-6112, email Also, please see our website at and like us on Facebook at Florida Parishes Bass Anglers.

February 11, 2015 at 2:13pm

The FPBA held it's first tournament of 2015 on Sunday, 1/11 out of Menetre Park on the Tchefuncte River. 25 anglers showed up to fish on a day that was forcast to be cold and wet. Fishing was tough but one team figured them out and brought a 5 bass limit to the scales.
1st Dereck Paternostro and Darren Welch 7-11
2nd Patrick Engerran and Wayne Richardson 5-13
3rd Jason and Trenton Pittman 5-8
4th Scott Andrews and Paul Paille 3-13
5th Andrew Green 3-5
The Mister Twister Big Bass went to Scott and Paul with a 3-13.
For information on joining the FPBA go to and also find us on facebook as Florida Parishes Bass Anglers. We are a members only club. The next tournament will be Feb 7th at Bayou LaCombe. New member applications must be submitted by Jan 31st in order to fish in this tournament.

January 27, 2015 at 1:32pm

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers are a new club started late this year. Our area of fishing will be mostly North Shore from Manchac to the East Pearl. Entry fee is $40 a boat and this is team or solo. We are a members only club that will start accepting dues for the 2015 year. We will be fishing two more tournaments this year without dues, 11/30/14 Bayou Liberty and 12/14/14 on the Tchefuncte River from the 4th street launch. For more information vist our web site at or contact Kevin Williams at (985) 502-6146 or email

November 24, 2014 at 2:17pm

The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers are a new club started late this year. Our area of fishing will be mostly North Shore from Manchac to the East Pearl. Entry fee is $40 a boat and this is team or solo. We are a members only club that will start accepting dues for the 2015 year. We will be fishing two more tournaments this year without dues, 11/30/14 Bayou Liberty and 12/14/14 on the Tchefuncte River from the 4th street launch. For more information vist our web site at or contact Kevin Williams at (985) 502-6146 or email

November 24, 2014 at 2:13pm

Hope to see everyone Sat

September 11, 2017 at 5:33pm

Talk regarding our club specifically or just anyone fishing there in general?

February 01, 2016 at 5:26pm
A comment titled: FPBA in response to a report titled: New Bass Club on North Shore

We held all of our tounaments this year on Sunday but for 2015 we will be alternating between Sat and Sun. Go to and click on the schedule link and maybe you can make half at least. 2016 we may go back to all Sunday depending on which one draws better.

December 16, 2014 at 12:39pm
A comment titled: Yes in response to a report titled: New Bass Club on North Shore

Yes, there will be on each tournament. We will vote on them at our next meeting for next year.

November 28, 2014 at 12:46pm
A comment titled: Local clubs in response to a report titled: South MS bass clubs

I sent you an email. Let me know if you are interested in the clubs I sent you and I'll get you connected.

August 05, 2014 at 4:12pm
A comment titled: Sponsor in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Not a chance on the sponsorship. I can hardly afford me to do fish them. Not fishing Ms has cut down my bank roll. Here's the deal. Nobody has ever seen anyone win as consistently as you are catch big fish pretty much whenever you want to in a body of water that isn't known for big fish. Nobody knows if you cheat, there is no proof, only whispers. It's a lot of un needed drama. I can't tell you how to handle it. You can be cocky or you can be humble with wins. At this point I don't think if it matters. You can let it roll as is or try to prove you aren't. Ball is in your court. People could put their money where their doubts are and pay for a polygraph. Random so if you pass there is no doubts you took something to alter your pulse. No idea how to go about it or what it cost. Just an idea. If the money can't be raised then everybody shuts up. If you pass then their should be a line of people to apologize.

June 30, 2014 at 8:32pm
A comment titled: Never accused in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Read back thru. Never said u did. Just lot of baggage. I also said everyone I fish with wants you to be that good. You did call me a has been tho. In a club I'm afraid people would stay away. I have respect for anyone that works hard to be great. Fishing is the one thing that gets me thru bad days next to my wife. I want you to be THAT good. As I also said you kicked my many a time. We need to put all this crap to rest and get back to good draws on the river and everywhere else. You know I am near the top most days wherever I fish. Here, Ms or Natchez. Nobody should have to prove they aren't cheating. I have been accussed of it before, mostly it's when I go to other peoples home water and win. If you want to partner up and fish local teams then we will for a while. Not forever. If you think I'm doing this because I want to win your wrong. I can do that by myself. You catch them I'll sing your praise. You don't then you don't. I repeat. Most of what is said by everyone is 'I hope he is that good'. People want you to and it sucks you need to prove it. And no I'm not taking my boat up the Tangi very far past Lee's.

June 30, 2014 at 7:43pm
A comment titled: Rush in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Trust me Kyle. Winning five figures in a 100 boat field is a bigger rush. Going 2 hours and winning $2,000 in a 75 boat field when half call it their home lake is a bigger rush. Blasting off in a 140+ boat field for 10k when u think u have an honest chance at it is a bigger rush. Once you feel that feeling fruit jars want even be a enough to raise your pulse. It's like taking your wife bream fishing.

June 30, 2014 at 7:29pm
A comment titled: Fancy Boat in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Patrick Engerran. Sorry Kyle, I was mistaken you knew my name, which you probably did from the duel power pole referance. I think I'm the only one with them. Fancy boat? Thanks. I worked long and hard far it. Remember I just got it. Yours was bigger till Feb Lol!! Can't seem to catch fish? I have my days, good and bad. I do generally seem to be around the top. Sometimes at it sometimes not. That's bass fishing. Sure, we could partner up in my fancy boat anytime u want. I'm quite proud of it. Work 55 to 60 and on call 24/7 to get it after many years of dreaming. You name the team tourny and we will do it. Although from your comments about can't seem to ever catch fish I gather you will be at a disadvantage with me as your partner?

June 30, 2014 at 7:21pm
A comment titled: Travel in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Bass Master I'm not talking fishing the Bend or Rayborn in $1000 entry deals. The Basin is only a few more miles for us then the Pearl. As far as money Kyle has kicked my butt enough to prove he is better than me and I have made money over there in teams and have done respectable in the singles. I only started fishing that area this year. Only started on the Northshore 2 years ago. If I can do respectable then Kyle being a better fisherman than me will make money for his family and only be gone another hour and a half. It ain't gambling when you good. I know he's on the river must ever Fri and Sat or somewhere fishing. I respect hard work because I too put in every chance I can get to fish and learn. Mist weeks that is only one day a week two if I'm lucky so rain, shine snow or anything else I'm going.

June 30, 2014 at 6:08pm
A comment titled: Not Hiding in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

My screen name says who I am. Frogman is right. I think numbers have dropped on the river tournies. Right or wrong if Kyle was in a club people would stay away. There is already talk of next year clubs going to dues and members being voted in. Some would still join and fish it sure but it wouldn't be a strong club or draw good. Too much baggage. Some will agree some won't. 'NO'

June 30, 2014 at 5:46pm
A comment titled: Either Way in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Brfrogman is right. Nobody has caught him cheating. What he has done in this area has never been done before, not just the winning streak but the big fish he can catch seemly on demand when he needs to. Streaks end in time or as pintail said he really 'yes people he really is THAT good'. I know everyone hopes it is on the up and up and wants him to be that good. Very few people I fished against or with mind getting an a$$ kicking by a good stick. If he is cheating then in time they all get caught. When people are that good they get tired of the small stuff, why fish for $100 when you can fish for $1,000 or $10,000. The Basin isn't that much of a longer drive than the Pearl is so that isn't a factor. We are lucky enough to live in a tournament rich region with good money to win by a good fisherman. When he steps up to bigger stuff and has success and passes a couple polygraphs or either he dosen't do good because he really isn't that good. Either way it will work itself out in time. I just hope that this doesn't bring out cheaters who think it is the way to win. Tournaments are about who is the best that day and honesty is the key to it. I could never cheat to win anything and look myself in the mirror or look anyone in the eye knowing that cheating is the only way I could win. We all can only hope everyone else that fishes against us feels the same.

June 30, 2014 at 5:15pm
A comment titled: Live Wells in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Yes having a reasonable size sack of fish in live wells during summer may be tough, everyone has fish die from time to time including me. If the fish was stressed for some reason or not healthy they would be more prone to die (swallowed hook, long fight or other things). I think Kyle has a 20 ft boat so keeping 15 lbs of healthy fish alive in that size boat shouldn't be tough. There are lots of articles and videos about fish care out there as well as additives for use in calming and treating injured fish, just got to take the time to learn about it. One big thing that hardly anyone does is clean them out once in awhile, fish release a lot of toxins and waste during a day in a livewell. I've lost a lot of money by a couple ozs, half a lb will kill you. Then again thinking back most of Kyle's wins have been by pounds, not ozs so none of that matters.

June 30, 2014 at 3:26pm
A comment titled: weigh in in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

redshad said gills were still barely moving so in theory they were alive for penalty purpose. If you poke 'em and gills move they alive. After they in water they may float belly up and I think that is why he said dead. Kyle you are right, you are in everyones head and your name is becoming known far and wide. When you start fishing bigger trails I'm sure you will have the same success. Getting into it at such an early age and having this success is just a stepping stone. Go regional then go bigger once you have gotten the same success. No reason to be satisfied with winning $100 pots when you clearly have the skills to figure them out anywhere. Win one or even place in top 3 and you can fund the next 2 or 3. As the saying goes 'go big or go home' I'm sure I'll be seeing you on the Media and Bass N Bucks trails soon.

June 30, 2014 at 1:24pm
A comment titled: Weigh in in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Maybe I'm confused but I think oldbass is talking about the tournament at the top of the thread. redshad was the director for that one. I can understand the confusion tho. Kyle has won so many who can keep track? Just a thought, does anyone feel this is going to or is now keeping anyone from fishing the tournaments on the Northshore?

June 30, 2014 at 11:57am
A comment titled: Rider in response to a report titled: June 21 Manchac Results

Yes he did finish 3rd I think with a rider. I could be mistaken but that was the 1st one he did not win in 6 months and the only one he did not have a limit in also. That was with a Hail Mary fish at ramp in last 10 mins. Like everyone else I'm just stating this as I remember. I think he won next couple after that tho. It must be ssumed he is legit unless proven otherwise. This 23 year old phenom also is a big bass specialist. The bigger the tournament the bigger the bass it seems. I'm sure he's planning on stepping it up in the future to fishing Media and Bass an Bucks as his next stepping stone. With the ablity he has shown to catch limits when the rest only have 2 or 3 fish and his skill at getting that key big bite under pressure he could fund the entire season dues on his 1st tournament. By his 2nd he'd be making money. Why win $100 when you can win $1,200? He has prob caught more bass over 4 lbs in tournaments then the rest of us combined the last 2 years. All I can say to his success is 'Wow!!! Unbelievable'.

June 30, 2014 at 10:33am
A comment titled: Count me in in response to a report titled: December Manchac Tourney

I plan on making it.

December 03, 2013 at 4:54pm
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