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It was my 7 year old son who wanted to go hunting on a Saturday morning and sit in an open ladder stand with temperatures reaching 30 degrees at daylight. Because we were late getting up, breakfast was not an option to get to the stand on time. However, I was prepared with a bag of wheat thins in case my son got hungry. As soon as I reached for the wheat thins, I looked up and say a deer standing by the feeder. I then realized it was a buck and he was looking right at us wondering why we were eating wheat thins. I knew I had to make a shot quickly because he knew something was not right, and he looked to be pretty good. But I had not had to time to study how good he was. With one shot, he dropped 80 yards from us. When my son and I picked up our binoculars and studied the deer, we realized he was no average but, but the biggest deer that I have ever harvested, much less seen on hoof.

December 05, 2013 at 10:14pm
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