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On thanksgiving day my wife Megan traveled to Bienville parish to meet me at our camp for 4 days of hunting. I had been hunting for 2 days already and had not seen anything shootable yet. But I knew exactly what stand this 115” 8 pt was going to everyday for the past week. For the first 2 days I stayed away from the stand knowing my wife was coming on Thursday and I wanted her to have the opportunity to bag this deer as her first deer of her life. She got to the camp at about 1:30 and by 2:30 we were set up in the stand patiently waiting. At about 5:00 the sun was setting and he never came out. I was starting to feel doubt that he would not come out or he would come out too late. Finally at about 5:15 my wife tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to my left, out of the corner of my eye I saw a large bodied deer 125 yards away on the edge of my food plot against the trees. I told Megan to get her tikka t3x stainless 6.5 creedmoor out of the window of the stand and get relaxed. She looked at me and said “that’s an 8 point”, so I told her when she was comfortable and had a shot to go ahead and squeeze the trigger. Not even 10 seconds later I heard the rifle go bang and saw the 195 pound buck mule kick and take off running. I was nervous for her probably more than she was nervous. About 10 minutes later we got off stand and started looking for signs of a kill shot. After looking for about 20 minutes with my wife, my dad and my mom we had not found a single sign that the deer was hit. We followed his tracks into the 7 year old pine cutover until we couldn’t follow them anymore. Bummed out about not recovering her first deer we went back to our camp. After talking to a buddy at our camp and telling him the story he gave us the number to a guy with a great dog named Dixie. Dixie and her owner showed up at the camp 10 minutes after we called them and we headed to my stand to see if Dixie could pick the trail up. Within 5 minutes of Dixie hitting the ground she was sitting next to the deer for us! I could not have been more excited for my wife, and I’m grateful for having this memory with her! Her very first deer is one that I am very proud to have hanging on the wall!

February 08 at 9:50am
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She hit him kinda low, about 4” behind the shoulder plate and he was quartered away from us, the bullet exited out of the left shoulder plate. She was shooting 140 gr Hornady black BTHP. Since then I swapped to seller and Beloit 140gr soft points and had much better luck with my 8 pt I shot a few weeks after she shot this one. I opted for a higher shot on mine and he crumbled where he was standing. He was not impressive at all, an older 6 or 7 year old 8 that was only 11.5” wide. He just needed to be taken out. I normally shoot a tikka t3 in .270 Wsm, I bought the 6.5 for her and decided I would hunt with it a little last year, it’s a great round but I will be sticking with my .270 Wsm this year

June 15 at 9:43am
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