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11.879 acres for sale in Chesbrough La. 1 mile from Sandy Hollow Wildlife Management Area 2 miles from Sumner High School on B. Brown Rd. $8500 acre Call Brian 985-514-3897

June 24, 2019 at 4:41pm

Lease to own mobile home lots 3/4-1/2 acre with well and septic. Sumner school district..

July 07, 2018 at 7:44pm

I agree with what some of the guys have said on their post. The most important thing you can do is pattern your shotgun. You can have great results with several different shells by changing your choke tube in order to get the best pattern. I shoot a KicKs High flyer with 3 1/2 #2 1 9/16oz Kent's and often will put in a Heavy shot shell for the third shell. It seems to have better knock down at long ranges. I also pattern my gun with a large back drop but shoot at a pie plate at 40 yards to get an idea of what hits the duck Benelli SBE II. With #3's which has more shot I actually get less shot on target but they shoot great out of my Berretta and a Pattern Master choke tube. Different Brands of the same shell size produces a different result as well as different shot size. As you can see above more BB's does not always mean more hits on the target.

July 19, 2012 at 2:09pm
A comment titled: Re: Any Okhissa reports? in response to a report titled: Any Okhissa reports?

How was your trip?

July 11, 2017 at 4:19pm
A comment titled: New to Duckhunting in response to a report titled: New To Ducks

Great question.. It says a lot about you as a hunter just for asking it, my hats off to you for that. Hope this helps you.
Be early and know where you are going, have 3-4 spots picked out so if another boat is there you have another plan.
Have a spot where you can get against the bank put up your boat blind and hunt if all other spots are taken.
Weather you shoot standing or sitting everyone in the boat should do the same, otherwise people get killed eventually or at least shot, ears rung, etc.
Develope zones of fire, stay in your zone. The two zones will overlap for two people in the boat.
Respectful hunters call at duck that are just flying overhead or flying by but once ducks are working someone else's blocks, get off of them!! Let that guy try to kill them, if they leave his decoys then start calling them again. Others may not do this for you but it is the right thing to do. God created waterfowl for all of us, share with your brothers.
Early season is not as bad but two weeks in put out more than what you want to pick up on decoys or stay home.
Good luck this season.

November 10, 2013 at 8:49am
A comment titled: Age in response to a report titled: Age this buck (video)

This is a good 3 1/2 year old deer. Very nice deer and good job passing on him.

February 06, 2012 at 4:08pm
A comment titled: Cool video in response to a report titled: Video bow kill on Iowa 10 point

Nice Video Bradd

November 23, 2010 at 12:12pm
A comment titled: Little MUD in response to a report titled: Japanese Mini Truck

My friend has one that we use on our Duck Lease in the Delta. We load it down with everything people,decoys,dogs and guns. He even has a tripod mounted in the bed of his. Cargo box on top and it sees way more than a little mud... We drive it in duck ponds and field mud in the Delta can be 18 in deep. Get a snorkel and a lift kit and get gone.

November 04, 2010 at 10:20am
A comment titled: Cover in response to a report titled: hunting high

Empty Shell is right. You are never scent free I stand corrected. I should have said as scent free as possible.

The higher you get the vital's are smaller so to speak. And the closer the deer is to you the greater the chance of only catching part of the vitals.

Ex- Only one lung on the side you can see. Only the top of the liver.

October 19, 2010 at 6:44am
A comment titled: Cover in response to a report titled: hunting high

Chris has some good advice for covering the angle. But I am not a big fan of hunting that high. You will get some one lung shots and a deer can run a long way on one lung.

Put some pieces of pvc pipe on your stand in the back and all around but the back for sure. Now drop in some artificial Christmas tree limbs and you should be in good shape.

I do this to all my stands climbers too. If you have a good back drop they won't pick you out and if you are scent free. There is no need to get that high.

October 18, 2010 at 12:01pm
A comment titled: The grip in response to a report titled: Is this just me??

Glad you got it figured out. It is not always the bow. Here is a tip for proper grip and not everyone shoots the same grip. That being said I thought I would give you one to use that is easy to do time and time again.
There are two bones in the arm from the elbow to the hand. One of them comes to the base of the thumb ( The Radius ) If you push just below the muscle that is under your thumb you can feel it.
That is where you should feel all the pressure from the bow. Fold your middle,ring,and pinkie finger in and your index finger and thumb should be straight and relaxed. Now for the wrist there are three types of wrist positions High,Medium and low. If you shoot at a deer directly under your stand you will almost always shoot at that deer with a low wrist grip (wrist bent all the way back) so shoot that way all the time and you will never see a change. It is possible to move the impact of the arrow up to 6 inches by shooting a different wrist position High to low.
Don't change a thing now this is for off season practice. For most people that have not had any instruction at all. If you shoot a low wrist grip and have the slight bend in your arm so you can push a little in the direction of the target when aiming. Your pin movement will slow down and you can have your draw shortened so that your arm is farther away from the string,and you are less likely to hit your arm also. The muscles of the hand are almost out of the picture with this style grip. Because the bow grip is in the fold of the hand and between the two muscles that cause pre-loaded torque you are less likely to have side to side movement upon release.

October 11, 2010 at 1:11pm
A comment titled: String tip in response to a report titled: Bowstring

Sorry to hear that happen to you. It is a good idea to purchase a new string and have one on hand in the future. Also you can pre-stretch a string if you have it by hanging it from a nail and tieing a 5-10lb weight from the other end. Then when you put it on your bow it is broke in already and you can set your draw and peep and nock on the string (Must be on the money) the same as your old string and will not have to move your sights and if you do it will be minor.
Always know your EXACT draw length and distance from your nock to your peep and brace height.

October 07, 2010 at 7:35am
A comment titled: quick check in response to a report titled: Is this just me??

First off it is good to see someone who won't hunt because they know that there is a problem with there equipment. Hats off to you sir for that. It is easy to tell if you have a bow issue or contact with the arrow is your problem. Take a cardboard box you should be able to find one very easy. Cut out the bottom of the box leaving about an inch all the way around then tape a piece of newspaper over the bottom of the box. It should be tight and flat. Place it on top of something in front of your target and shoot through it. You will see that if it is not a perfect bullet hole with fletch lines or a minor High Right tear (for right handed shooters only) then you have arrow clearance issues or your bow is out of tune and could have mechanical issues also.
Use a field tip the same grain as your broadhead.
stand 6-8 feet in front of the box when you shoot. Also number your arrows so you can tell if it is the same one or two arrows or if it is all of your arrows. Don't panic!!! It is not uncommon for a new bow or a new bow string and buss cables to stretch older bows can have parts and pieces move from time to time. Depending on the temp outside and how much you have been shooting a new bow it can change both draw length and tuning of the bow.
Pay close attention when you shoot through the paper and move your rest just a little at a time to correct the tear in the paper to get a bullet hole. Also make a good smooth squeeze on the trigger when shooting a bad release in a perfectly tuned bow will show up on paper.
No matter what the problem ends up being you can see it on the paper if its the bow.

Good Luck and let us know how it turns out for you.

October 07, 2010 at 7:26am
A comment titled: Weird in response to a report titled: This is weird

There are a few things that can make that sound. Start checking everything on your bow that has a screw. Tighten them all but not overtight.Arrow rest, Sight,anything attached to the bow that was not machined on the riser. After you got the problem fixed it is a good idea to mark all the screws with a marker with one line across the head of the screw. Now you can see if something moves. Also a good idea to measure the distance from the peep to the nock on the string,brace height,and exact draw length.If your string ever breaks it will be much easier to set the bow back up the same. Good Luck

September 23, 2010 at 2:53pm
A comment titled: timing in response to a report titled: Question for the bow profesionals

Brad is all over this one and that will get you straight. Just wanted to say that should you have to shorten a buss cable check your draw length after. It will change if you do so.

September 21, 2010 at 8:26am
A comment titled: NO PEEP in response to a report titled: no peep sight?

Ok here is the truth a peep sight is not needed and here is how you get it off your bow and still shoot 1 inch groups at 30 yards. I will also tell you that if you shoot a peep and do not want to change put a piece of tape on the wall one inch in size. Step back 10 feet and take your sight off your bow. Draw with your eyes closed and anchor open your eyes and if you do not see the tape in the center without moveing your head then move the peep. By the way if you anchor behind your neck your draw is too long.

Now for no peep you do the same thing but when you anchor have a friend touch the tip of your nose with whiteout where the string touches the tip of your nose. If it does not either your draw is too long or you have a bad anchor. Now there should be a white mark on your string. Serve over it with braided serving.If you dont have any braided fishing line will work. Now burn the ends of the fishing line 'Don't burn the String' Now shoot with both eyes open no peep is needed. What is needed however is the same anchor point like behind your jawbone. No more peep or high price altern. If you have trouble with this then feel free to call and I will walk you through it. 985-514-3897 I also give archery lessons. By the way after you get that completed you can now open both eyes to shoot unless your dominate eye is not the same side as your dominate hand. Anchor first make sure your serving toughes your nose tip put your pin on the target and shoot. Close range at first you will have to move your sight. Low light no longer a problem. Peep won't turn right for you no longer a problem. I can go on and on.and

September 14, 2010 at 4:27pm
A comment titled: The correct broadhead in response to a report titled: Broadheads???

Everyone thinks there's is the best is correct! I have shot archery for years and in compitition and I could spend 30 min with most hunters and shorten 90% of the hunting worlds draw length and put there pounds back the same and 60% of them would shoot better. But as for broadheads and which is the best both Thunderheads and Muzzy is at the top of the list. buy either and you will be happy provided you have the correct arrow. Ever hear some people say they love a mechanical head and others hate the same head?? The big reason for that is kenetic energy. Some combinations of arrows and head and pounds of draw have it and some don't. If your set up is not produceing atleast 62 foot pounds of kenetic energy stay away from mechanical heads or you will be sorry. Second you better put them in the bread basket or you will again be sorry. they are not for crushing bone like the front shoulder. Which by the way a bow hunter should be aiming 4 inches behind with a bow anyway. More margine for error if you give yourself the room. I could go on for hours but no one likes to hear what they are doing wrong. Good Luck this season.

September 13, 2010 at 3:57pm
A comment titled: Shapeye in response to a report titled: BIG BUCK PROBLEM

Congrats first of all for even wanting to wait to take one of the bigger deer. Your problem is one that we all have most of us just don't know it. A big buck will make most of the scrapes you find at night, Yes you will see deer make scrapes from time to time in daylight but more so at night.
The "RUT" as everyone calls it runs from Sept-Feb before you laugh hear me out guys, A deer is going the the different stages of the rut in this timeframe all that matters the most is the pre-rut Breeding time and post-rut
the weeks leading up to the Breeding time are what people flag as the rut is starting. During this time deer are scrapeing and making sign post rubs.This is a good time to get a torsel gland and another bucks scent and put in the scrape he knows does are not ready and if you use estres urine will know that it should not be there. He is letting other bucks know his territory. Imagine you came home from work and smelt Old Spice! But you wear Brute! You may miss a day of work to see who is putting old spice around the house right? Same thing with a buck he will check that scrape out more often to see who left that scent. The week before the Breeding starts Estrus urine is good and a grunt call+Primos can is deadly learn what grunts to make and when is the key not enough room to explain them all but that week and the week of breeding GRUNT GRUNT GRUUUNNT! The flip over the can. Do that twice back to back every 15min. If he can hear it he has got to come see he can't stand it. The location for all this is up to you if you know where he is coming from get as close to that spot without bumping the deer or the wind blowing your smell to him and your in a good spot. Rice Brand is great and you may get lucky on it.But you have more than one buck and you need to kill but deer consistantly not once in a blue moon.
A buck is just like a man in the way that if a doe would let him breed in August he would do it! A deer does get pumped up as his testosterone levels go up. Keep the girls around and he will stay around. Good luck hope this helps don't give up on the calls but don't use them till its time.
Check out Hannons Moon Guide. follow those times and you you will be shocked at the times it tells you to hunt from 9-2pm. 30-40percent of all Pope and Young bucks were killed in that time frame Think of the deer hunters that are still in the woods at that time and you will see your odds go way up.So sleep in a few mornings during the RUT BREEDING TIME and go later when everyone else is going back to the camp.

November 14, 2007 at 8:11am
A comment titled: Big one in response to a report titled: first big ones of the year

Noone could score this deer without a closer picture.sorry!
Good deer though

November 14, 2007 at 7:26am
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