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Enforced Idle/No-Wake Zones within the area covered by this map: A. Bayou Corne - on both sides of the bridge to the end of the camps. B. Pierre Part Bay - Within 500 ft. of the center of the Pierre Part Bay Bridge in either direction. No wake zone will be in effect beyond the 500 ft. when the water level reaches 3.5 ft. above mean sea level. In addition, no recreational towing allowed in the Bay at all times. C. Bayou Drive Elevation Bridge - No wake at all times from the bridge to the Bay. No wake within 500 ft. of the center of the bridge North East to the Bayou. D. Belle River - Within 1,000 ft. of the center of the Belle River (LA Hwy 70) Bridge in each direction at all times. E. Grand Bayou - 1,000 ft. from each side of the bridge. F. Bayou Gannevail - in vicinty of camps. G. Bayou Pierre Part along East Drive - the entire length of East Drive. H. Bayou Tranquille - the entire distance of the bayou from beginning to en

June 01, 2017 at 1:56pm
Boutte, LA

ISO - I NEED DRIVE TO ACCESS AT MY HOUSEBOAT. I need a houseboat spot in 'Belle River, Pierre Part, or Morgan City' area for my 44'x22' houseboat. I need a permanent slip with direct drive to access. I lost my old lease at Adam's Estates on Belle River to real estate development and need a locally to where my Camp Houseboat is now located on Belle River and would prefer on shore electricity and water. I am now in a great spot. A friend let me use a place on his hunting lease until he prepares another permanent spot. It is temporarily docked not far from another good, 45+ year, friend's house on Belle River that has fished the swamp by my boat for 50 years, but I really need a permanent slip with direct drive to access. All but one offer had no drive to access and other offers, were '' me. Please, serious offers only? ALL OFFERS WANTED A.S.A.P.? Contact me at Thanks!

June 19, 2017 at 11:51am