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A little birdie is telling everyone that orange grove is the next canal off limits to blue collar fishermen. These are the same fishermen that pay taxes to support coastal restoration, the same fishermen that elect officials that refuse to support the majority and protect access to public natural resources, the same fishermen that drive the south Louisiana plant, oil and gas economy with their hard work and endless dedication, the same fishermen that have have children that will not be afforded the right to do something as simple as a catch a fish or travel on tidal water. This actually impacts more than just fishermen! I could go on, but what our state and Governor Edwards is allowing to happen is a disgrace and is not allowed in any other state. I urge all sportsmen and blue collar workers to think about that when it is time to cast a ballot. Few things impact Louisiana sportsmen as voters more directly than this issue. If some are so willing to ignore a majority on a major issue like this that is so important do you think they really support a majority on any other major decision? One concerned camp owner here that would never consider closing a canal off, on the contrary I would actually prefer to see a family catching a few fish in front of my camp and making memories - memories that some will never have a chance to make.

January 23, 2019 at 7:29pm
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