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A comment titled: Times are different now in response to a report titled: Catahoula Lake

Ask anyone that used to hunt in the 40s-50s and they'll argue all day, that if you were in their blind when they showed up, you'd get your butt thrown out. My old man used to hunt Lake Long in Bourg, a public lake, and litterally threw people in the water that refused to get out of his blind that he put blood and sweat into.

Bottom line is, times have changed. Either get a lease, or do the work knowing full-well that your stuff may get torn up and possibly stolen. Either that, or leave 400 jugs out there like most of the blinds and throw out 2 dozen deeks and pick em up each time.

It definitely sucks, but that's the way things are now-a-days.

December 10, 2007 at 3:23pm
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