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May 31, 2018 at 7:45pm

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Joshua Goins. I am the founder of Flyway Federation of Louisiana. I started this journey with a simple post on this website. It was titled 'where are the ducks'.
It has been a journey full of ups and downs. I still have yet to take a dime from one person for this battle. I am however almost ready to accept memberships and donations. I have a petition being written up by a law firm and when it is ready, I will being needing everyone in this state to sign it. This inst just about hunters and ducks anymore. This is about rights and tax payers.
The whole economy in our state is being effected by the decisions of a select few to benefit a select few. The Canadian Government has joined forces with me and gave me access to the leading biologist in Canada Ryan Zimmerling and his team. Together we decided to utilize Audubon Christmas mid winter counts, to show migration manipulation. I will attach the graphs in this post in the comments section. The graphs will make your jaw drop. We used 1986 as the start year and 2017 end. The summary is written above the graphs by Ryan Zimmerling Phd.
Thank you to everyone that has been apart of this from the get go. I welcome anymore help that is willing to join this movement effort. We are making a difference and we will better our state for future generations to come.

May 30, 2018 at 8:06am

First off i hope everyone had a good last weekend hunt. I wanted to let all of you know, i just spoke with Larry Reynolds on the phone for a good long while. The first thirty minutes, i am pretty sure we spoke in french alot!!!! lol . Man is always going to disagree that's life. Its the over coming your Disagreement and finding a solution to the problem is what can make things better. Not saying that me and Larry still dont disagree on certain issues, but there is a huge agreement that every hunter on my post and that me and Larry are 100% on board with. We have to fix Louisiana's Habitat. The State cannot do it and does not have the resources to tackle the task alone. I also spoke with the president of once was the Louisiana Waterfowl alliance and sadly the group had shut down just a few weeks ago. We need a voice for all Louisiana duck hunters, one that can disagree and stand up for the hunters and work through problems along with the state. Not saying the state doesnt listen to Boudreaux and Thibedeaux from down the street but, They will have listen to an organization that represents thousands of Louisiana Duck hunters. I am going to get our organization non profit started. I do not want it to turn out like the alliance that had to shut down because they did not have members or resources backing them. This is going to be a whole state effort. I told Mr Larry we are going to start this and asked if he is willing to stand with us and help us with getting the states habitat restored,he replied 100%. I am willing to give it a shot and work along side the state and give them assistance in whatever we need for habitats to be restored. That is going to be the main goal of this organization. It will be real hunters rebuilding there own habitats. I researched more into The critical wintering grounds funding that the states to the north have been utilizing. We have to get more people involved in doing that here in our state. The funding is there for the taking we just have to get land owners to apply for it. We have to make changes to raise money and get funding to rebuild or wma's and refuges. After we get the habitats in Louisiana on the right path or have a good idea for the future then we can move on other issues and everyone will get a chance to give there opinions and they will be respected . It will then be voted on and everyone will vote, not just a board or or leadership. EVERY MEMBER IN THE ORGANIZATION !!!!!!!! WILL VOTE!!!!!!!!! The state was starting sometthing like this years ago and even funded it but, never really took off. With that being said we have to hit the ground running when we start and try to show the state we do care and who knows what the outcome will be but anything is better than where we are now. I need to know if all of you are willing to commit to this ? and to commit to making Louisiana great again? If you are , then tell everybody you know about this post and just a simple yes will do on a comment!!!!!!!!!!!????????. The more that respond will assure me that myself and the people already committed to this are not wasting there time by moving forward with this. Please give me your responses quickly. Thank you all. if you have anything you want to add to this please email me with your thoughts so we dont tie this post up with anything other than Louisiana hunters responding to the commitment.
My email
My contact
Just respect the times this is my personal cell and i do work and have meetings during the day and a family in the evenings. If i do not respond right away, do not think i do not care. I promise i will respond as quickly as possible.

January 23, 2018 at 4:41pm

I have been privileged to hunt ducks all my life in Louisiana. I had a uncle that took me when i was 9 to his lease in cameron and from then on it has been a addiction. I now have 30 years of experience duck hunting. I have chased them all over the state, been on good and bad hunts. I have noticed over the past 15 years the lack of migration to our sportsmans paradise getting less every year. I now am able to have a lease of my own that borders the sabine refuge on the no hunt side. Have i killed ducks on it ? Yes i have, it is a magnet for the ducks that migrate, no pressure, no traffic, and i take care of my property. People say we need a food source well with all the flooding this year my marsh is plentiful with a food source.Still no ducks, so i go to hunt with different friends in different areas of the state. Still no ducks. how is it that there is always an excuse that there is no ducks. oh its cause you need a food source and surface drives are hurting you, ok well i went and hunted in rice fields that you walk in, on one of the oldest standing rice farms in louisiana that normally holds hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese. did we kill? yes a couple but no ducks. Then we are told we need it to get cold, Well we have had 3 of the biggest cold weather storms and still no migration, But our duck population is higher than it ever has been before. I support both Delta and DU, I do this in hopes that the money will go to what it should. The simple facts are the migration has been altered and louisiana has been basically moved north. Private land owners getting funding to build habitats with food sources that cannot be accessed or with limited hunting rights. Farmers up north see they can make more money off of there farms if they levee and flood there crops. heating the water where there is a food source, near a waterway that does not freeze. all of this plays a factor. Simple fact is when you create a habitat that has a food source, water, and no pressure why would you migrate. in the history of mankind different areas were known for different things. You didnt go to montana to go blue marlin fishing. you didnt go to canada to kill alligators. You hunted or fished what the good lord blessed you with. When you have organizations dumping millions of dollars into privately owned refuges and creating habitats like the lord blessed louisiana with but further up in the migration route what do you honestly think is going to happen. I have held back and didnt speak my mind but after all of the post i read on here and some of the crazies reasons for the lack of ducks. I have seen these refuges first hand and talked with property managers on how DU does there conservation grants. If you think for one second that little brain inside a ducks head doesnt work, then something might be wrong with yours. Go to any wma, refuge, lake, or privately owned land that has water, food that has a area not able to be hunted and i promise you will see that imaginary line where they start and you have to stop. then think about all of the habitats that have been created up and down the flyway, and it answers everyones questions on WHERE ARE THE DUCKS! My opinion is the money should have been spent on breeding grounds, protecting them before the start of the migration and any money spent in the migration flyway its self, should have been spent on State or Govt owned properties that would could be hunted and had a little pressure put on them. we couldnt help it that god blessed us with the known duck habitat that we have had, but just maybe we can make a stand and stop them from continuing to create habitats in the migration path that slows them down. The season in those states isnt very much ahead of ours, and we cant hunt past certain dates due to them pairing up. that was the whole point with set migration movement and the dates that were set to be able to hunt. So for all you people that are new to duck hunting there it is all wrapped up, and until the sky turns black with ducks dont post you are seeing peak numbers. Believe me you will know when the migration hits peak numbers in louisiana and why we have duck hunted this long and why we keep our hopes up to see it again so we can pass it on to the next generation.

January 03, 2018 at 11:36am

The 1998 Migratory bird treaty reform had 3 amendments and apparently we were never informed about the changes. It put USDA and CES in charge, to decide if you were baited or not and made it legal for a conservation area to bait. It was put on a 5 year program, along with the farm bill. If the resource to another state was being effected or the agents in the field were being effected the law would have to be evaluated or changed.

June 02, 2018 at 8:09am
A comment titled: Re: UPDATE TO ALL WATERFOWL HUNTERS in response to a report titled: UPDATE TO ALL WATERFOWL HUNTERS

I guess you think that all I’m am pushing is ice eaters. That is actually at the bottom of the list. Baiting, flooding no flood plan areas, standing crops, and manipulation of laws to allow it. High capacity gallon per minute pumps bought and paid for would be more down my alley. Yes there are power plants that have open water, they still have to have a food source. You end the baiting then you just eliminated one of the 4 things waterfowl lives for. Fly, feed, breed, and swim.

May 31, 2018 at 7:43pm
A comment titled: Re: UPDATE TO ALL WATERFOWL HUNTERS in response to a report titled: UPDATE TO ALL WATERFOWL HUNTERS

Another issue at hand, why has the focus not been on helping all Migratory birds and just selecting certain type. Is it because it’s the most beneficial one for them? It doesn’t seem like the goal is helping all Migratory birds like the business plan in the beginning stated

May 30, 2018 at 8:24am
A comment titled: Re: UPDATE TO ALL WATERFOWL HUNTERS in response to a report titled: UPDATE TO ALL WATERFOWL HUNTERS

This is the population graph that the Canadians sent me for Canada. It is very clear showing there was never a drastic drop in the population. It also clearly shows the drastic increase in waterfowl populations in the wintering grounds. If the population is that high. Why are we not seeing it? The estimated wintering count on a certain organization’s page shows Louisiana should winter close to 11 million birds, when using the population counts and historic migration wintering areas. This is an eye opener.

May 30, 2018 at 8:21am

Check this out

March 05, 2018 at 9:20pm

Yep and they are all over the internet now. You all that have been following, know how much searching all of us did at one point.
You all know it would have been posted.
I knew they could block media content from other countries, but to block in your own country by region.
Why would that be done. Why hasn’t one media station contacted me or the FFL?
Has the page that we are writing on as we read and type this, overlooked this.
Pretty hard to over look “my opinion on ducks”
I think someone had said at one point it was the largest post and most comments ever put on the sportsman.
To my knowledge they allow us to speak on here, but who is stopping them from picking up the story?
From what I can tell we are talking about a sport that this state was named after and this site utilized that name as the title.
These two post are full of good ideas and comments by Louisiana sportsman. Why would they not contact me ?
My number is in the post a dozen times. My email, my Flyway Federation email, and it would be a great story.
Heck if I’m wrong and they can interview me and prove me wrong then I would be content with killing scaulp and not the hundreds of thousands of greys and mallards I have filmed as of 2 weeks after season to this point!
My guess is chubby cheeks and his band of currupt misfits has the microphones, keyboards, and cellphones unplugged and blocked.
It seems I have learned to much by the threatening emails, all electronic devices hacked and stolen emails that a example will be made.
Not one Louisiana rep, has the sack of groceries to stand up and fight with me by blasting this all over the media. Knowing that this could make them the most popular reporter in the USA and hey if I’m wrong then I’m a quak !!!!
Meat up what this world has come to. Report the real dang knees to the people, don’t nobody want to hear about the local fart contest they are having at the civic center tomorrow!!!!!
Respect your state, sport, traditions, heritage, but most of all respect the migration! This is only hurting the birds!

March 02, 2018 at 3:20pm

Recruiting video

March 01, 2018 at 5:09pm

And this

March 01, 2018 at 5:08pm

Check this out boys

March 01, 2018 at 5:07pm

You all have got to watch this entire thing . There are hundreds of YouTube videos now available that I nor the guys on facebook has ever seen

March 01, 2018 at 4:37pm
A comment titled: Re: How 'bout The Good Ole Days in response to a report titled: How 'bout The Good Ole Days

That was awesome words. That is what its all about.

February 19, 2018 at 8:21am
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

Whats up fellas I am sorry i havent got on here. I am going to start trying to talk to mandaville as much as i can the web site is ready just doing finishing touches if you want to access that i will allow you all to do that. I am totally not into the face book thing either but it has so much attention i had to step on and be able to let them know issues.

I have videos pics word definitions to the treaty. I havent been on FB in 6 yrs. There is a way you can get on there totally private just like you are on here. Dont put a pic. and make your profile 100% private i will actually be the only person that can see you till you get on the facebook for the flyway. when you are in then as long as you are not commenting no one sees you the numbers just come up and the admins which is me and jeremy see you.

It hasnt been on long and it is raising numbers daily and more find out. We can win this i Did what a man told me too and dug deeper. The one thing the men who wrote the treaty knew that was written that would never change......... just like law.
The Dictionary The definitio n of the last sentence no mater what Makes hunting Agricultural crop flooding 100% illegal unless it is rice then it has to be a normal harvest to hunt it. you can however hunt unharvested rice but the law states it is up to the officers judgement.

please email me it is so hard to do this FB and build this website . if you want to getr on it just know it could be in and out. I would be more than happy to send you videos pics docs whatever you want.

February 15, 2018 at 8:20pm
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

The law states............
Natural vegetation is any non-agricultural, native, or naturalized plant species that grows at a site in response to planting or from existing seeds or other propagules.
Natural vegetation does not include planted millet because of its use as both an agricultural crop and a species of natural vegetation for moist soil management.
However, planted millet that grows on its own in subsequent years is considered natural vegetation.
If you restore and manage wetlands as habitat for waterfowl and other migratory birds, you can manipulate the natural vegetation in these areas and make them
available for hunting.
Natural vegetation does not include plants grown as agricultural crops. Under no circumstances can you hunt waterfowl over manipulated crops prior to a normal harvest.
Nor can you hunt waterfowl over manipulated wildlife food plots or manipulated plantings for soil stabilization.

#1 problem if you really think about it a managed area where you restor or manage wetlands . That is specifically talking about some type of conservation area. CRP WRP . so if you cant plant agricultural crops on them. Why would you ever want a bill passed to build conservation areas on farm lands.
Farmers grow agricultural crops dont they????
Well even tho its the farmers land he doesnt manage the conservation area. its under gov contract. he plants ag crops all around the border until contrct is up then he plants it in the middle of it cause he just had all this built for him why would he get rid of it.

#2 prior to a normal harvest..............
Look up the definition of a normal harvest of rice . it includes from start to finish and explains flooding it in the steps to a normal harvest.
Then look up definition of any other ag crops., It does not say anywhere or one step that would remotely say flood it!!!!!
#3 best of all this somes it up..........
if you do plant a ag crops other than rice and you flood it ......... You just manipulated it as soon as you put on it, Then it is a manipulatrd crops and if it is a manipulated ag crops you have just created a wildlife food plot with the sole purpose of kiling migratory birds and that is the law! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because it was wrote in1918 I could only guess they saw somthing that triggered this and said we have to put this in the treaty. they also knew no one was dumb enough to not harvest their crop and then go a step further. flood it and ruin the crop! how can i read between the lines of the men in history, that wrote the rules for our sport and understand what they were discribing, that the law means but it never once has our managers to stand up for this

February 12, 2018 at 4:11pm
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

The Wma's and refuges in the south did plant crops in areas and harvested them but the workers farming were not trying to be farmers so it was beneficial to the wma and the birds and hunters. We no longer have money for those projects due to budget cuts and yet we pay a pile of money in.

February 12, 2018 at 3:34pm
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

he is right but i did stumble onto what he was speaking of with seeing what was killed over what. There has been many thesis and studies done mostly by Colleges in the southern states and if any of you would like them email me and i will be happy to send them.
If you would rather look them up just type in hot crops vs manipulated natural vegetation studies of waterfowl. they have studied them since the 1900's. it breaks down and shows that over the years it has be come a gradual problem but now in the last on the percentage of ducks that are being tested and has eaten hot crops such as agricultural. is insane!

February 12, 2018 at 3:31pm
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

For some reason it will not let my video post. I haved tried with my ipad phone computer. it will not let it post!

Go to youtube
Search ..
Wake up Louisiana duck hunters Short stopping is real!!!!! 2-11-2018 mallard footage it is insane!!!!!!

remember that is only 2 min and a small portion of land . I have an hour of footage on two cameras and we drove around this property and they were every where and on his brotheres next to his. i also have footage from different places just like the video i posted a week ago for some reason they will not post our let you guys see it. it post fine every where else

February 12, 2018 at 3:13pm
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

My only comment I have on habitat is a very smart man not only in general but with ducks too! He actually taught me this sport and instilled in me a passion to love and respect it.
He said and I have said there is no doubt are arguing that we have lost habitat, BUT !!!!!......... , we still have habitat and the only habitat I can confirm that is flourishing is my area.
The habitat now is taken care of my more by the lease managers and property owners because they do realize that it is critical not to loose anymore
Our wma's and refuges how ever have had the rug pulled out from underneath them due to budget issues and do not have the funds to work on them.

Funding keeps being dumped into crp wrp critical wintering grounds. All in the name of farming!
I never knew so many farmers liked harvesting ducks so much!
The regulations to the evaluations of applicants for these crp wrp projects is very laxed if you are in the right area.
I could go buy land and apply for it and get approved very easily and when asked if I am going to farm it.
I would simply say yes I'm gonna be a corn farmer.
Get approved with no intention of ever farming that land for anything other than ducks with the flood unharvested agricultural crops
The treaty was wrote in a time when a farmer would have never planted a crop and not harvested it for the sole purpose of killing ducks.
Then you throw 14,000 gal per min pumps in and remember the whole point to this farm bill,..... to help the farmer. So the conservation area is built with enough pumps and flow to control the conservation area and the farmers land.
The truth is it has been abused and we see the effects ! It's wrong!
If you read any history from the early 1900's on the theories from the men who wrote it . U would know very easily, they could have cared less if you killed a duck or not
They were more concerned with the birds and the natural migration and the ecosystem.
It is our right as Tax paying Americans to have a chance to see and to hunt these migrating birds.
No man should be able to manipulate or take advantage of the birds or the treaty.
No man or state is better than the other period. The seasons need to be evaluated and that is for both central and Mississippi.
They should be scheduled accordingly. It might take us some time to get the dates right but we need to try. And no hot crops period. I have see 3 different studies on this subject. The birds I'll stay and freeze to get to hot crop. Before going south into warmer temps to natural vegetation. But the test showed if you gave them natural versus natural they would go to the warmer climate ever time!!!!

February 12, 2018 at 2:14pm
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

Sorry guys first video I posted was good but here is footage from yesterday and he gave me permission incase y'all asked . It is in mamou Oakdale kinder area.
He has hunted his whole life and so has previous generations on this land he said for years he saw the decline. This and about 6 or 7 years ago that just quit coming period. He didn't know what was wrong . But the second season they weren't here, he just happens to be out there after season and see them arrive. He said 2weeks after our season closes mark it on your calendar. They start showing up just like they did when he was younger.
This man contacted a few people but no one seemed very interested and some probably thought he might have been lieing but guess what fellas it's true . There were so many I was filming with my phone in one hand go pro in the other. This is not the only ducks I have documented and there is tons of people reporting birds.
Not a lot of people even notice or look for them especially when the show up at Mardi Gras lol.
I saw this same thing in Klondike and thornwell last year on 1st weekend in march and it just got the fire going hotter for me.
I was told they are returning birds and I told the man no way that many birds can through Louisiana and didn't get seen. Also there ain't no way that they are heading back north on there way back on the first weekend of march. Best of all I said this group had tons of mallards, and I don't think they go to South America. But I am not considered to be a biologist! I was however called a liar and told I should have it on video!!!!!
Here ya go fellas! Yesterday's 2 min clip of an hour of filming on 2 cams till every battery I had died and Ss cards full! This 2 min is on one small portion of his land and he has way more with way more ducks and so does his brothers properly in his border if u don't believe the swarms are mallards just text me and I can send you some very in your face close ups quaking up a storm!!!

February 12, 2018 at 1:42pm
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

Here you go I have a lot more footage I am learning how to do this video stuff and min are very long I constantly recorded 3 battery's and 3 hrs of footage to look through. I learned my lesson on that. This is foot done by a guy wanting to join hopefully we are able to go out Tom and I use my camera. He used a old hand. Held and the footage is great but it gets the msg across . He said it has been the same trend. Others have seen
Show up after season but it is large numbers of mallards. This man said that this birds have be non existent on this land and 4 days after the north closed you can set your calendar. And it's year after year. I myself have seen large concentrations of all deferent species. With large groups of mallards included and I have had others that were nice enough to call are email with counts all saying the same thing at the same time with a 100 miles apart with multiple concentrations. I am not a biologist , I am a cecerned duckhunter. I rely on what people that trust in that line of work

February 10, 2018 at 9:49pm
A comment titled: Re: My Opinion on no ducks in response to a report titled: My Opinion on no ducks

that is for CJNcall I can explain just a little to you.

February 08, 2018 at 10:17am
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