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I was fishing one of the larger islands in Cocodrie early friday morning hoping to catch a few good trout at one of my 'go-to' spots. I stayed there for about an hour catching a 12'-11' trout every now and then (mainly because of an ignorant and rude boater pulling up to my boat with the motor running and throwing the anchor into the water right over the reef numerous times.) Anyhow, that spot didn't work out as I had hoped it would. (Just for a small educational spotlight), Throwing the anchor into the water like you just won the Superbowl doesn't attract fish, nor does it land you any kind of respect from other boaters... Anyways, we wound up finding a very nice and evident reef to fish on that yielded some pretty nice trout and redfish yielding any range from 16'(average)-21'. Wound up catching about 100 'skank trout' as my brother likes to call them (hard-heads),2 reds, and about 50 trout overall. Can't wait to hit the water again this coming weekend. be courteous, know your boundaries. No Superbowl anchor throws.

June 13, 2016 at 7:26am

The little brother, and myself, headed down to good ol Cocodrie Louisiana to give the trout something to chew on and boy did we ever! We wound up catching over each a limit and losing a few in the process also yielding some catches that were rendered too small. We played catch and release with a few trout, reds and sheephead but overall wound up with a damn good mess of fish! We probably had over 40 trout in the boat from 8:30 until 9:00 when the bite slowed down we moved out to one of the other fish filled islands and started catching again but not nearly producing what the first place did. Little bro hooked onto something we think was a Bull red being that his first trout caught was almost eaten by a monstrous BUll red!! needless to say it popped his line but he wasn't too upset.. he keeps about 30 of his favorite lures on-hand and he's caught plenty of big fish.

Over all we had a pretty awesome trip and can't wait to go back! There is nothing quite like spending time with family members especially when you're out doing something you've done together since you were kids..








August 31, 2015 at 3:22pm

I mostly fish out of cocodrie but I'm willing to make a deviation if anyone knows of any rigs closer to shore 10-12 miles out preferably 'protected' runs with land kind of close by that could produce some trout, mackerel, or snapper?... Not really familiar with the required structure or depths/findings for snapper or mackerel to be present.. times of year, launching spots and approximate locations would be a big help! I have heard of some people going out to rigs in shallow-er waters that don't rewuire an offshore vessel and getting on some mackerel sheep head and some type of snapper.. All answers are appreciated.

August 18, 2015 at 2:44pm

Shore lines on small islands and rock piles seem to be key in searching for trout. I always look atleast a day ahead of time for the key structure. I mainly search for (shells on points of islands and rock gettys). This time of year has alot of weather changes throughout the day and high speed winds as well. Neither of those are very good for a fisherman. I, for one, do not like to fish in a hurricane of winds combined with big waves crashing against the boat. It really makes it hard for one to maintain control of the boat in the desired fishing areas. I like to pull up to a new place very quietly by cutting off the motor atleast 100'-150' before my destination. After that, I troll into the area within about 30-50' of where I'm targeting to fish. I try not to let an anchor out as it tends to scare away the trout. I have been in situations where I was loading in the trout, ease an anchor into the water and the bite quickly goes awayso I try my best not to use an anchor and high winds really mess that up for me. I cast my line where the baitfish seem to be upsetting the surface of the water or where I see the oil slick from the trout or game fish burping up those baitfish oils that they engorge themselves on in the early portions of the day. I estimate where the trout or gamefish seem to be by predicting the wind direction and speed to where the oil slick pops up...ussually I cast about 10-20' behind the slick upwind to start catching them.

I recently got on the trout on a pretty dormant fishing day and found a new place that the trout were hitting hard. I was catching them on a self made 40# stainless black rubber coated leader about 2½' long with a ¼oz. bullet weight about 6' above the hook. Both ends had a swivel/ quicklure change head on it one attached to the cork and the other end holding a #3 kahle hook from eagle claw. (BLack nickel finish) I find the fish tend to see the black nickel hooks a little less.. My good friend, and I, wound up catching about 40 trout each and about the same amount of redfish. The redfish at the gulf's shore line seemed to be all between the sizes of 12-14' long and some of the trout were pretty small as well but, we did wind up pulling some pretty nice trout from that area so, we fished it for the main portion of the day. We attempted fishing on the bottom with a leader but we kept coming up with hard head catfish and stingrays. The stingrays were relentless! we probably caught 5 stingrays all day which is a completely uncommon occurence for me.. Most of the fish were caught using a unique popping cork approach though... I like to change up my methods from time to time and this time changing it up is what caught the most fish... I would pull in about 3-6 more fish per catch of my co-angler. I would tell him like my brother and I tend to do while fishing together, pop your cork like this really fast 3 times and the last pull should be long and slow splashing water on the surface emulating a shrimp getting away from the target zone.. sure enough we both started attracting more and more fish which produced better sized trout and more of them. The bite was on and off all day and with the weird tide, we didn't wind up doing too bad. Pictured are some of the fish we decided to keep... we tend to keep what we can eat that night or fry for a good sized meal.. other than that we had a blast! Can't wait to do it again!


August 17, 2015 at 9:44am

Can anyone identify this fish for me? I caught it this morning and have no clue what it is...

August 15, 2015 at 7:55pm

We started out the day with confidence in catching having picked up 60+ live shrimp and 25-30 live croakers but, the wind and tide got the best of us.

All in all we wound up picking up 10 trout and 1 very nice redfish. The bite was really slow and the water only had about 1-2' visibility in the best places we had found.. Hopefully the next coming weekends will yield better results in my go-to places.

I did find a few more new spots we are hoping to hit the next time we make a run out of cocodrie. And hopefully, the good lord permitting, we get to load up the ice chest in our very near future endeavors. I hope to bring my 4 year old on the next trip so I'm hoping the wind dies down and the sun moves further away from the earth soon to ease the heat of the scolding water boiling hot sun! Good luck to you all and FISH ON!!

August 10, 2015 at 9:01am

I started out the day of the flat tide friday with the mindset of 'probably not catching too many fish today'. The tide was very still and it was going out rather than coming in like a typical day would reflect in Cocodrie. I figure the best time to scout for spots is when the bite is really slow. If you're catching when the fish aren't really biting, when they do turn on really good, you will have your hands full! The bite was really slow starting out the day but, the water clarity and salinity was on point. I decided to head out toward the gulf first thing in the morning to see if I could round up a good school of nice sized trout. I met up with only one boat which is typical being that the wind was harsh and the waves were a pretty nice size,so I decided to head back inland. When I arrived the water started moving more rapidly around the rock areas that I normally would try so I decided to test my luck. First cast produced a pretty nice speck so I stayed there to pick up about 3 or 4 more keepers and catching about 25-30 within the 10-1/2' to 11-1/2' range which motivated me to make a move to some new spots I've had my eye on for a while now but never tried. I headed out toward the gulf again but this time more westward and within a chain of about 6-8 more islands surrounding the one I had my eye on. I specifically targetted one island besause of its peculiar shape being it had a small half moon around a bend that seperated two masses of land which ussually means that there will be a strong force of moving water between the two masses of land but more importantly, a spherical land heading that held a small pool of clear water that could potentially hold larger ambush predators, and a perfect rock/shell mound leading up to the half moon bend with a slow drop in depth that could potentially hold speckled trout. Low and behold the fish bite was steady and not all that slow for an off day and produced some pretty nice sized trout which theoretically means that I may have found a pretty nice, and reliable spot. I casted mostly swim baits double rigged and bouncing off of the bottom since the bottom was shell and oyster beds. I did hook one really nice trout in the tail somehow, and managed to pull it into the boat (which was weird). After catching quite a few keepers I decided to test out different methods of catching the larger specs. I rigged a live shrimp on a #2 Gomakatsu live bait hook, carolina rigged about 2' off of the sinker and hooked onto something big about 5 seconds after it hit the water. The fish took my line from one direction to the next changing depth and slightly surfacing but not enough to let me see what species it was. The hook broke free somehow and the fish got off. If I had to guess, it was probably a speckled trout being that their mouths are so frail but, who knows. Overall I had a good fishing trip and found some pretty nice new places to fish. You can bet I will be back and will post the pictures of a good day at the new fishing locations. BEWARE of the seagulls when casting though, I wound up hooking into one's wing. Luckily, the bird wasn't hurt and I was able to get the hook out of his wing without doing any damage to the flying rat, or myself, but, they do like to fly within casting range and love to chase the bait as it hits the water. I do recommend not touching any part of their beak being that they are razor sharp to cut into fish and crustaceans.


July 27, 2015 at 3:13pm

so Dad, The little brother, and myself started out pretty slow fishing inshore friday morning. The water was nasty it literally looked like chocolate milk. We decided to run around inshore for about the first 3 hours to see if we could locate some good water around the rocks. Usually the rocks or shell bottom in the shallow low lying areas act like a filter and clean up the water but, not in this case the water was coming in from the south and it was nasty. After playing around and getting tired of not catching anything we decided to head toward the gulf to seek out some clearer water with a better amount of salinity. We arrived there for about 9:30 and picked up about 10 catching doubles on double rigged swim baits within the first 10 mins then the bite turned off leaving us catching a few more stragglers and rogue trout until the tide flipped. All in all it was a good day and a lesson learned. We caught everything on swim baits as the bait shops back in cocodrie were all out of live shrimp. And we were out of there for about 1:30 pm leaving the afternoon bite to the anglers with a little more energy!

July 06, 2015 at 7:05am

Anyone having any luck fishing lake boudreaux for speckled trout right now? I went to lake boudreaux about 2 months ago and stacked an ice chest full but Didn't know if the bite was still on in there or not..

July 01, 2015 at 4:17pm

I started out the day using live shrimp and caught about 12 trout. I found that my live well bubbler had quit working and as a result about 20 of my live shrimp died. I switched from live bait #2 Gomakatsu hooks to #3 Eagle claw kahle hooks to hook the dead shrimp a little better. The after effect was good but, the shrimp were weak and didnt stay on the hook very good.. Some trout were getting smart enought to eat the shrimp around the hook and others would just tear the shrimp right off. I ended up catching about 4 more trout using the dead shrimp but, I needed something to target them a little better... After I ran out of shrimp completely, I pulled out my Lew's baitcast and started pitching a Pearl white Fat albert U-tale grub on a strike king charteuse jig head. Bouncing it off the bottom and swimming it for about 5'-10' at a time. This proved to be a very effective bait. I pulled up two redfish and the rest of the trout within 30 minutes and headed in to the launch.

#gomakatsuhooks #Lewsbaitcast #pfluegerspinningreels #strikeking #zoombaits

July 01, 2015 at 12:04pm

Fishing: a man's way to connect with nature, spend money, drink beer, and give his wife an excuse to think about him.

A box load of trout is better than a live well full of live shrimp!

It seems as though this time of year call's for live bait to target those pretty speckled trout we all long for. Here's a few ways you can find, catch, and seek them out according to conditions of the elements and nature's signs.

I first like to check the weather before heading out to one of my favorite Louisiana fishing areas. Checking the weather prior to leaving the residence is a key point in knowing wether to head out to one of the many 'fish packed' islands south of Cocodrie/dularge or to stay inland and work those areas until you find the fish, or ideal conditions you are seeking to locate the fish. Different species of fish target various signs of structure, water clarity, and flow of water over rock or shell/oyster bed bottoms. Below is a short story of a successful day. Key points in the story reflect good and bad decisions to hopefully aid in finding the next fishing trip to be a success.

Being the 'hard-head' that I am, I started out the day set on heading out to one of the many known islands. On the way out of Cocodrie, the water was a bit rough and murky so I wound up going to the first island I consider to be 'trout insurance'. Low and behold the lake was too rough with the south west wind to find any fish within the area so I headed back inland to one of my other locations I like to call 'the four points'. The water was still kind of dirty but, it also had that green/clear 1'-2' visibility rule I like to play by. I grabbed my 6' pole with my ussual spincast reel spun with 20# line and a H&H popper cork. Under the cork was about a 2.5' self tied 20# leader with the 'live bait' #2 hook and a 3/8oz. split shot about 6' above the hook for that 'live shrimp trout action' and within seconds..BAM!! the cork started going under faster than lightning, cast after cast! After about 30 minutes of being there the bite slowed down a little and the boat traffic started to pick up ALOT. So I moved to one of the other four points right north west about 300' of the first one. I slowly and queitly started to lower my anchor about 50' from my destination to make sure the trout didn't get spooked as the tide current was pushing me right to it. Once I got there I stationed my boat perepedicular to the bank and the rock pile to find there was the ussual 3-4 mph current running over a shallow rock/oyster bed that holds trout, reds, and BIG flounder. I casted once again with my same setup and pulled out a few more really nice trout. With 9:30am approaching fast, the weather started to get ugly and the wind picked up significantly. So I headed in to the marina to head home where I would cash in my beautiful golden brown Fried trout dinner.

There is nothing like a good successful fishing day out on the beautiful waters of Cocodrie,LA. to reap the benefits of being a

Good luck, and God Bless!

Safety tips to new anglers of the Cocodrie/dularge area:

♦Know your boat's limitations

♦Know the depth of the area and the tide's effect on it.

♦Avoid 'hard-head' catfish barbs at all costs!

♦Never bait a tight line(Rod tip Bent with hook in hand)

♦Never dive in after stuck cast nets, baits,etc..

♦Bring plenty of bug spray for nats and plenty sunscreen.

♦Let someone know your plans of travel prior to going out in the boat alone.

♦Always wear life vests.

Most of all always have fun, Be safe, and enjoy one of god's many beautiful gifts to nature.


June 24, 2015 at 11:15am
A comment titled: Re: dularge, cocodrie fishing in response to a report titled: dularge, cocodrie fishing

Hit me up next time you go I can drop some pins for you.. Or meet you out there. Email me and I'll shoot you my number

June 13, 2016 at 4:31pm

In my experience, the self leveling feature depends on the weight transfer/ speed (water pressure) exerted to the tab and the conditions of the water. if your speed is high then the tabs will most likely be fully retracted with minimal 'play' so depending on what type of side load you're dealing with will determine whether the tabs will make a difference or not in side loading.. To answer your question the boat does seem to level off a lot better even with less-than even weight distribution.
Think water pressure = lift/drag. More pressure=more drag as weight applied could cause further deployment/retraction to apply the tab's useful feature of applying more pressure(lift/drag) to one side to counteract the transfer.. So, in theory, it should work being that the tab is in the neutral zone of the boat's natural water flow and distribution area.. its only purpose is to fill a void, and create lift on the back of the boat where lift is currently not present. Where one tab deploys, the other retracts or remains constant and creates the transom, or hull's, 'illusion' as if one side never lost pressure as demonstrated in a turn.

June 13, 2016 at 4:16pm
A comment titled: Re: Fishing In Chauvin - Help in response to a report titled: Fishing In Chauvin - Help

there are lots of spots that produce good fish in chauvin/cocodrie area.. What size boat are you planning to go in?(if you're looking to leave land.) and how far are you looking to travel by water with the kids?

June 13, 2016 at 4:01pm

I put smart tabs on my boat recently and it worked wonders... aside from the weight and hp you're dealing with, I have a 50 hp fs with a 1650 cc boat.. so the difference in situations is significant... but overall I found smart tabs helped tremendously.. little to no bow rise, no porposing and gets on plane much quicker.. weight transfer will be your biggest determining factor though to center your axis in the correct place... I don't believe it will hurt to put smart tabs on your boat to correct the situation @ 1/4 of the cost of your average electric trim tabs.. the last thing you want are more wires and controls to deal with while driving... in my opinion...

June 13, 2016 at 3:01pm
A comment titled: Re: dularge, cocodrie fishing in response to a report titled: dularge, cocodrie fishing

I fished there two weeks ago and pulled in nothing smaller than 18'.. the bite was slow but the ones we did catch were really nice.. I did find that the bait had to have alot of flash to it... I switched jig heads to a Norton lure co. chartreuse with a gold willow under it.. they seemed to like that with a slow rolling twitched retrieval.

June 13, 2016 at 2:51pm
A comment titled: Re: dularge, cocodrie fishing in response to a report titled: dularge, cocodrie fishing

The absolute best advice I can give anyone is find Emerald green water with about 2-3' of visibility.... stop the motor about 150' from any structure or targeted fishing area.. be as quiet as possible and scan the area for baitfish popping on the surface or shrimp... I personally look for shell bottom and surface action near almost any island surrounded by atleast 2-3 miles of water.. sometimes less.. If you can see a structure protruding the water surface and waves crashing over it.. you can usually point out trout there at the back side catching lethargic bait fish or weary shrimp from being in the strong currents and smashing against rocks... mostly I search for those key things to be successful in cocodrie... if you're hitting lake Boudreaux, that's a totally different game... start at the small inland islands upwind as possible and let the current or wind take your boat freely.. cast in all directions until you catch one... anchor out there temporarily until the bite stops then repeat...hope this helps

June 13, 2016 at 12:53pm
A comment titled: Re: Are they good to eat? in response to a report titled: Are they good to eat?

Yes! first you have to soak it in warm water for about 30 mins. after the pre-soak you will need a really good bbq pit preferably with a smoking tray/bowl...
After you get the pit nice and hot place the fish slabs on a cedar plank, season with old bay and tony's seafood seasoning to perfection, or atleast until you feel its ready to smell/sight, place that sucker in the pit for about 20 mins.. give or take, and check on it.. once the white flegm looking stuff emerges from the bottom of the fish slab, throw fish in trash and eat cedar plank!

June 13, 2016 at 12:46pm

Awesome! some days are better than others but, you can bet the little ones in the boat will make things alot more enjoyable!! It looks as if you guys had a good time.. glad to hear!

August 25, 2015 at 2:52pm

Post pics if you have any. I'd like to see what they had out there this passed weekend

August 25, 2015 at 1:25pm

No problem there are plenty of fish out there!

August 20, 2015 at 8:45pm

I've dropped some pins for you. These spots should put you on some nice fish depending on the conditions. Live shrimp under a popping cork about 2-1/2' should do the trick. I've caught reds, flounder, and trout about a week ago at these spots. Good luck!

August 20, 2015 at 3:39pm

I have a 16' boat with 24' sides.. think that will cut it to make it to a rig right out of the pass in fourchon? Obviously not on a windy or high pressure day.. but would that be a boat of sufficient size to fish there?

August 19, 2015 at 1:57pm

Are there any rigs inshore (8-10 mi.) from the landing in cocodrie that you know of that could hold some mackerel or bluefish? looking to dig into a different species other than specks, reds, etc...

August 19, 2015 at 11:18am

Thank you sir, I've been fishing for years and this is the first that I've caught of this species.. any tips on how to catch mackeral??

August 17, 2015 at 7:22am
A comment titled: Re: Bass in Bayou Black in response to a report titled: Bass in Bayou Black

I fished out of Bayou Black at Bob's marina plenty... That area is tricky. there are a couple of important factors I keep in mind when fishing there though. I always look for atleast 2' of visibility and grass has to be present.. I also fish mostly soft plastics in shallow ponds in the early mornings near lilly pads and floating islands, and deeper narrow canal banks and points with a deep dive crank bait or 1/4oz. humdinger toward lunch time.. I ussually start making my way out of the shallow ponds at about 9am.. hope this helps some...

August 13, 2015 at 12:09pm
A comment titled: Re: Water clarity in response to a report titled: Water clarity

keep in mind that conditions change by the hour but, I went bow fishing about 2 or 3 weeks ago in point au cheine and the pond behind the camps at the end of the road was like glass.. hope that helps... I dont really know the name of the bayou or pond there..

August 13, 2015 at 11:59am

Thank you sir. Love me some fishing! I will most likely head down to bayou black this weekend to hit some bass down at bob's bayou black marina there's always some good fishing down there..

July 28, 2015 at 6:32am
A comment titled: Re: Lake boudreaux speckled trout in response to a report titled: Lake boudreaux speckled trout

were they caught more in the deeper water areas? I've been told they ussually concentrate on lower lying areas this time of year

July 02, 2015 at 10:18am
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