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Boutte, LA

PRICED TO SELL! $800 5rd, mag fed, 12G shotgun. 2 3/4' and 3' shells (10 rd mags available) Short stroke PISTON DRIVEN system with rotating bolt head and 6 locking lugs. This is a GEN-2 model. All controls are of the AR needing to relearn muscle memory. UTAS and the guys at SHOT SHOW 2021....the XTR-12 uses a DPMS AR-10 lower. In fact, you can get a DPMS .308 upper slap it on the XTR-12 lower and it will work...mags are same size...controls work flawlessly between the two platforms. UTAS has a drop in kit available. GREAT home or travel defense weapon. With some mods I the TLES (Tactical Length Entry Stock).....took the OAL from 40.5' to 35'!! I also took 8.5oz of weight off.....this weapon is very manageable, even in close quarters! You don't have to be a big man to operate this.......I'm 6'3' and prior military.....but my wife is 5'2' and more 'Driving Miss Daisy' and she can handle it. RECOIL??? Very little of that thanks to the Witt Machine muzzle comp! I have used Witt on most of my builds over the last several years......even on .300win-mag and .338 Savage Arms.....recoil just seems to fade away. It has the following mods/upgrades: **Witt Machine muzzle comp. **V-SEVEN titanium buffer spring and detent stop **Aero-Precision handguard (the original handguard was very sharp and aggressive.....barely add a light without jabbing yourself!) **TLES stock **Magpul Flip Up Sights ** 'Chubby' hand grip w/ palm and thumb rests. ** Hera Arms foregrip This is a very nice weapon to shoot. I have put about 25 rounds through it: 5 each of : #6shot, #2shot, 00-buckshot, Federal Hydro-Shok Segmented Rifled Slugs (1oz), and some Sellier & Bellot Sabot rounds (wicked rounds). The Witt comp handled them all very nicely. The gun will chew thru just about long as you use 1250 to 1350/1400 fps. It doesn't like weak loads. And UTAS says it will do 3' magnum loads.....but I didn't have any around. This weapon retails for about $700-$1000 depending on color and available stock. Please note this is NOT the BM1 model.....that's a Gen1 style and they had some issues. Those are still being floated for around $500-$600 and you can buy most of the upgraded parts (if available) and do the work yourself. My offer at this price is simply due to the fact that I had knee surgery not long ago.....and have a growing collection of med bills not covered by my insurance........GO FIGURE! 318-730-5769 or

September 02 at 1:12pm