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I took this buck Nov 1st right as it was getting too dark to see in the bottom I was hunting in. This deer stepped out in front of me at about 120 yards, but crossed the small lane in front of me before I could get my rifle up. This buck was one that we had not had on camera as he has probably never left the bottoms. This particular eve he was traveling with 3 other smaller bucks that were feeding in front of me. The buck kept sticking his head out from behind a bush, but never walked back out to give a clear shot. After about 30-40 min I didn't see him anymore. Right before dark I heard a limb break behind me where I was sitting in a ground blind against an old fence row that ran through this bottom. I turned around to see and noticed a big body go behind a tree. As I turned I could barely see his horns, but I knew it was him and he had tried to circle around me. i literally tore off half of the snaps that were holding that window closed and shoved my 7 Mag out the window. He was moving fast so I had to whistle to stop him and when I laid the hammer down he stood up and fell backwards never to move again.

November 15, 2020 at 5:36pm
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