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Saturday: Opening Morning 2 boats, Boat 1, 2 hunters, 9 Ducks 8 Teal 1 Ring Neck, Boat 2 ( Me) set up 200 yards from coot and grass beds and watched a fair amount of Teal hit the coot raft, 1 Teal Sunday: 2 Boats, Boat 1: 3 Hunters 4 Ducks 4 coot, 3 Teal 1 Spoon, Boat 2: 2 Hunters, Moved 200 Yds 6 Ducks, 4 Teal 2 Spoon Bill. One Group a Grays worked calling but wouldn't commit, worked 2 Whistlers got 2 passes out of them, not a lot of bands of ducks seen. Definitely wasn't great but we shot a few ducks, all in all a great weekend in the Southeast Louisiana marshes

November 10 at 3:26pm

Gave it a shot, ran down Friday and looked around the lease late afternoon, no teal or any ducks seen, Hit the lease 30 min early opening morning set up ready to go, saw 1 pair about 200 yards in front of the decoy spread and that was it, some sporadic shooting in the area, the no surprise is the Teal have not migrated into Southeast Louisiana yet. First shot looking west early morning love that time of day, next shot looking east with storms ready to dump rain and rain it did, still a great day in Southeast Louisiana marshes witnessing all the scenes mother nature had to display, it was definitely a light show to the south once the thunderstorm moved across the marshes.

September 15 at 6:31am

Cleaned up and inspected the mud boat, I try to keep everything in good shape, after checking everything out, greasing, charging batteries, cleaning etc. had the 37 EFI running at idle, engine just SD no apparent reason, Troubleshooting reveled the HP Fuel pump had failed, Terrebonne Marine had the pump in stock, Life Long friend made the Houma run and picked it up, back in action to cut routs into the lease, religious about clean fresh fuel and fuel stabilizer and running every so often to keep the injection system active, only other issue was the trailer plug one of the light pins broke off, It would have been a long day stuck in the Lilies had the per checks not found this.

August 31 at 6:26am

2 boat run, made the run to the lease cut in thru the Water Hyacinth, 2 routs open, couple of gators down on the lines, vegetation looks good, saw a couple of 10 to 12' gators cruising the ponds, no teal seen but we left late morning and with the amount of noise and cutting in we made didn't expect to see any. Couple of boats with gators when we got back to the dock buyer loading up as we left.

August 31 at 5:55am

Made the run Friday, Hopedale Marina New yellow line for double pull up to launch, Owner getting folks to pull up to yellow line and double park till you can launch, worked pretty well, this might be new or it's new to me. Sound was runnable at about 25 to 29 MPH tabs down a bit, reasonable ride a bit bumpy at times, hit a couple of spots pulled 32 nice trout with about 10 to 12 undersized returned to the Sound for another day, started 06:30 and they shut down at 08:00 like a switch was turned on, all on live shrimp, hit a couple of more platforms and no takers, made the run to Breton Island, 4 or 5 boats there 5 or 6 folks wade fishing didn't see a fish caught but we were late getting there. Back at the Launch 1 PM.

May 25 at 12:12pm

2017 Count: 278, 2018 Count: 318 2018/19 Count: 160 just about a 50% reduction in harvest #'s vegetation in the area was good, water levels did pose access issues but that's coastal hunting been that way for the last 52 seasons I've hunted it. No large migration #'s seen this season, large rafts of coot were no shows, Teal season was a bust but was sure glad the Teal that made it down hung for most of the big season, while this season was a 50% reduction in numbers harvested still great hunts with good friends, birds in the freezer and great SE Louisiana sunrises in the marsh, ya just can't beat it. Time to finish off the deer season and get ready for fishing. We'll be at it again next season to see what mother nature sends our way.

January 21 at 11:40am

Solo Hunt, Lot of folks at the launch this morning, routes to the lease good , heard a reasonable amount of shooting in the area, water levels good, shot 6 teal by 08:00 ( Thank God For Teal!) 5 Blue Wing 1 Green Wing, I'll count my blessings for the 6, not a lot of ducks seen during the hunt or the ride out, water rapidly draining out with the SW and West wind which was blowing at lease 15 to 18, no big ducks seen, very few coot seen. Still a great day to be in a Southeast La marsh.

December 15, 2018 at 11:47am

Friday Report 23rd: Boat 1, 2 Hunters, 9 Teal downed, 1 Cripple and 2 lost 6 picked up water levels high. Boat 2: 2 Hunters, 1 Teal, 2 Buffelhead, 1 Fulvous Whistler
Monday Report 26th: Boat 1, 2 Hunters 11 Teal, 1 Gray knocked down 10 picked up, Boat 2, 2 Hunters, 9 Teal, 1 Ring neck. NW wind kicking water levels dropping thru out the hunt, I believe the Sunday/Monday Front moved a few birds to the area
Couple of hunts in between by Life Long Friend produced similar results,2 Grays, 1 Female Red Head, 5 Teal

At 08:30 everything stops moving, hopefully we get a few more fronts to move fresh birds in, all in all good hunts with great friends

November 27, 2018 at 7:00am

Friday made the trip to check routs into the lease, routs in good, no ducks seen that afternoon
Saturday Morning Our boat 2 hunters, 2 man limit of teal with 2 ring neck mixed in, Boat 2 3 hunters, 12 teal which the local otter helped him self to 5 of the teal
Sunday Our Boat 3 Hunters 12 ducks mix of Teal and 1 Gray, Otter helps him self to another 5 ducks LOL Boat 2 2.5 Hunters One young man first hunt 7 Teal and 1 Gray
Not the best opener ever but still a great hunt and sunrise, Fair amount of shooting in the area, Next front should push more ducks down ( We Hope), One report from Venice area early limits produced

November 12, 2018 at 7:07am

We'll count our blessings for the 2017/2018 season, 4 hunts with only 1 to 2 birds harvested, 14 days of super low water made our area inaccessible during the end of the second split, rest of the season was good, harvest numbers for last year were 278, this year's increase in harvest numbers was due to Dos Gris migration all over SE LA. Teal were steady during the regular season which wasn't the case for the Teal season they were a no show for September, what wasn't see this year large rafts of Coot and Grays in open water in our area, no Black Ducks seen this year, No Mallards harvested this year, All in all a good season with good friends and we had a good time, loads of SE LA marsh sunrises that ya can't beat. Time to fish
2017/2018 Season- Total 318
253 Teal
41 Dos Gris ( We Held back on Harvesting These Birds)
3 Red Heads
1 Ring Neck
6 Spoonbill
5 Canvasback
6 Grays
2 Pintail
1 Widgeon

January 24, 2018 at 5:45am
A comment titled: Re: Updated Aerial Duck Survey 11/22/2019 in response to a report titled: Updated Aerial Duck Survey 11/22/2019

Delta, Thanks for the update, been smoke pole hunting this week in Alabama ( 1 Doe), gave the ducks a break this week but reports I've been getting I believe are representative of what the survey shows no major migration yet, I'll hit the lease Wednesday

November 24 at 10:14am
A comment titled: Re: Opening Weekend Duck Report in response to a report titled: Opening Weekend Duck Report

Delta, As ya stated perfect conditions and how about them Tigers on Bama home turf with the win, go Coach O!!!! On our end like you said perfect conditions water level is holding, grass beds in all ponds, no issues with routs in, even seeing coot around the lease early this year. I'm optimistic with this early artic blast headed down making a push but for us it's a double edge sword when the NW wind the starts howling the water level says see ya! But as soon as it's runnable again we'll be back at it. Just hope winter keeps making it's appearance thru out the season to keep the migration moving our way.

November 11 at 7:17am
A comment titled: Re: Delacoix Opening Morning Results in response to a report titled: Delacoix Opening Morning Results

Scott your right on never enough hunts with your father, a group of us made sure my dad made as many hunts and fishing trips as possible till he physically couldn't go any longer and the good Lord called him home that year. Hope this front does make a big push of birds.

November 11 at 6:49am
A comment titled: Re: Opening Weekend 2019/2020 in response to a report titled: Opening Weekend 2019/2020

We'll count out blessings for what we were able to harvest definitely no complaints, Water level is holding, grass beds in all ponds, no issues with routs in and shot a few ducks, this artic front on Monday Night / Tuesday hopefully pushes more ducks into all area's. We'll just need to give the water levels a couple of days to recover from the front.

November 11 at 6:41am
A comment titled: Re: MR.LARRY, duck count in response to a report titled: MR.LARRY, duck count

Well we'll see in the morning headed out now to get a first hand look at the duck # in the morning

November 08 at 5:59pm
A comment titled: Re: Let\'s hear the duck reports! in response to a report titled: Let's hear the duck reports!

Getting a few reports of ducks showing up in Empire ( Mix of Big Ducks and Teal) Houma /Bayou Black area with Teal and Coot showing up, haven't made it down to Delacroix yet to see what's hit the lease.

November 02 at 5:29am
A comment titled: Re: Not Looking Good For Ducks in response to a report titled: Let's hear the duck reports!

Water been high for a while and the winds Saturday definitely moved what ever was in the marsh out, Rode the lease last year day before the season opener and didn't see a bird, went opening morning and shot teal go figure was ready for a blue bird day, hopefully the next fronts move some birds down, hunted Alabama last Monday thru Friday covered up with does, no shooter bucks, left'em walkin

October 28 at 3:47pm
A comment titled: Re: Scammers on the Sportsman Classifieds in response to a report titled: Scammers on the Sportsman Classifieds

Thanks for the heads up sad but fact some folks working every angle

October 21 at 6:34am
A comment titled: Re: Spud Poles in response to a report titled: Spud Poles

They look exactly like the poles that came with the Gator Tail I bought

September 29 at 8:26am
A comment titled: Re: Teal Opener No Suprises in response to a report titled: Teal Opener No Suprises

Looks like Delta Duckman didn't knock'em dead but dropped a few out the sky which in my book is a good report considering the #'s in the Southeast right now and putting the effort of morning plus evening hunts to knock some down and Venice never surprises me hopefully no one is lost to the river this year as in past years it gets pretty risky running a mud boat down there even in good weather much less during bad weather. 6 more Duck/Dog eaters gone to the processer, also looks like all the lines have been picked up in the area I hunt so they must be tagged out, We need a bunch more of Villians Blue Wing Rockets to head on down, just might have to wait till Nov to get a good influx of birds.

September 16 at 7:59am
A comment titled: Re: Teal Opener No Suprises in response to a report titled: Teal Opener No Suprises

Best Report I've heard of so far in the Southeast, hoping Proud Pop shot a few birds, Mardi Gras Pass Point La Hache area usually holds a few birds when everyone else is slow. I'll make a mid week run to see if things have changed, believe the Southwest is doing better with the Teal or at least that's what I'm hearing.

September 15 at 2:36pm
A comment titled: Re: First Teal Sighting of the Year in response to a report titled: First Teal Sighting of the Year

Proud Pop, Thanks fished a bit yesterday made the run to Oak River, SL, Lost Lake, Lake Lery and saw about the same, no real concertation but enough to get my interest up and the heat is on in Southeast Louisiana Marshes it is hot, also noticed some folks pulling gator lines up not as many as in the beginning of the season hopefully there has been a dent knocked in the population

September 10 at 8:24am
A comment titled: Re: First Teal Sighting of the Year in response to a report titled: First Teal Sighting of the Year

Proud Pop seeing any teal while running the lines? I've talked to a few fishing buddies that report seeing a few bands floating around on the Oak River side

September 08 at 9:43am
A comment titled: Re: Boss Drive Boss Hoss75 in response to a report titled: Boss Drive Boss Hoss75

First Video clip shows 41 MPH run, second clip shows one playing in the mud. I'm with you and would like first hand knowledge of how the tiller motor handles.

August 31 at 5:59am
A comment titled: Re: Boss Drive Boss Hoss75 in response to a report titled: Boss Drive Boss Hoss75

Proud Pop don't know of anyone but here are some video clips on the 75 tiller model they look bad to the bone

August 31 at 5:43am

I shoot Improved Cylinder with 2\'s, 3\'s, and 4\'s in a Browning Gold 3.5\' the gun does well with this set up, best advise is to play with your gun and pattern it so you know just what it\'s doing at your desired yardage, as far as ammo I look for Max Drams Powder and Max Shot Weight. Hope it helps

June 28 at 7:38am

I'll back this one up he's done trolling motor work for me and on the Northshore, he's straight up but like KT stated he's busy call first, only other I'd back up is Troy and Crew at Tim's Marine

June 24 at 9:55am
A comment titled: Re: Windy Reds in Shell Beach in response to a report titled: Windy Reds in Shell Beach

Bad news on the motor, Time to see Tim's, We fished Wed. beat around the sound managed 10 specks lost a few at the boat, couple of reds. Made the run to Freemason 1 fish loads of bait and birds working no takers not sure what they were feeding on, Good luck with the motor hope it works out quick

June 14 at 9:45am
A comment titled: Re: Dodging Alligators To Find Redfish in response to a report titled: Dodging Alligators To Find Redfish

Last year peach jerkin in the upper Caernarvon area was exciting to say the least with Gators of all sizes wanting the float, did notice a reduction after the season but I'm sure they will be back in full force, In one run down the Delacroix Canal bottom of the Big Marr for 30 seconds of counting there was 15 Gators counted on one side of the bank, there were just as many on the other side for the ride. I've never seen the population that high of a full mix in size. Like Proud Pop says I would not hunt with a dog in the teal season have seen way too many big gators in this explosion of population. Not real sure what needs to be done to stabilize the pricing of wild caught gators Vs Farm raised to keep the population in check but something has to give. Also I-10 NO East more and more dead gators starting to be seen on the road what I went down to do a bit of work at my place in Delcroix. 116 Days till Teal not that I'm counting LOL

May 20 at 8:38am
A comment titled: Re: gps in response to a report titled: gps

Got it, just install the second monitor and run the and power and NEMA 2000 Data cable between the 2 and the bow unit will see what the dash unit sees, HDS units are good units, the only units that mirror image via Bluetooth are the Elite TI2, which are good units just a step below the HDS Live Units, look on the Lowrance site it has a bunch of helpful videos or call them, if it were me, I'd call and explain exactly what you want and they'll help

May 10 at 6:24pm
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