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With everything that has taken place this year what actually happened to me is no suprise,I had an encounter with a nice 8 pt. which is my first mountable buck ever during bow season. As luck would have it I took a shot,hit the buck but not a fatal wound we tracked and never found the animal,fast forward 3 weeks I'm working offshore and I get a call from my cousin he's looking at my bow buck@ 150 yrds. I come in and make my first rifle hunt of the year and who steps out @ 173 yrds. Mr Bow Buck,put the old 30-06 to work and got a beautiful mount that tipped the scale 200 lbs even. If you hunt you can only imagine my excitment at this point high fiveing eachother etc. We go home Sunday night and return the following Thursday and pull camera cards and see an absolute Tank, Friday morning rolls around with heavey fog I sit for the morning hunt and as things evolve I see a deer down through the fog. Look to see what it is I see it's a doe but a Big Bodied deer is on her heels. I ready myself and he stays facing the stand for what seemed an eternity not letting her get more then 10-15 yrds from him he's locked up with her and he is waiting to breed her. He feeds with her and she starts to slowly move off the road and when he makes that half step turn,I massaged the trigger on my Remington 30-06 Again dropping him where he stood. he is not wide but he is heavey and his body was something to be seen I personaly have never seen a 250 lb. deer on the hoof in the woods this thing will make a beautifl mount. Two very nice bucks in two weeks from the same stand the Hunting God's have been very good to Captain Joe this year for sure

December 26, 2020 at 4:20pm

Had the Vanderfords down for a few days for their first ever Saltwater fishing trip and they were not disappointed. Plan was to catch the falling tide that evening and feed them some Campos Shrimp for dinner. we started not far at all from the dock using Mother Nature to drift with the winds that evening, the oldest of the two sons was on first and from there we had their 3 limits within about two hours. All fish were caught on Campos Live shrimp under some Red Tail Lures popping corks with Florida Fishing Osprey 4000 series reels doing the work from our Yamaha powered Blue Wave The fishing is getting just as hot as the temperatures so give us a call to book your trip Capt. Joe Gaudin 985-212-2124

June 17, 2020 at 9:29pm

Had Mr. Majoue and his two son's out for a quick trip to the Fish Market we pointed the Yamaha powered Blue Wave towards the sound and the boys had a blast. The Trout bite was short and fast and as is typical with that trout they shut down like a light switch getting shut off the one thing we did notice was a lot of life out there the Porpoises were abundant as was the pogies a few trout spot some up so we switched to Magneto Matrix and they were smoking them. Give us a call to get in on an early bite Captain Joe's Angling Adventures 985-212-2124

June 27, 2019 at 6:31am

Had Ted and his son Bodie in from North Carolina for the weekend and this was Bodie's first inshore saltwater fishing trip. Saturday started slow worked the falling tide on South side of the dam and things turned out good for him, he caught his first Sheepshead(he limes the fight) his first ever Speckled Trout and his first ever Black Drum. Saturday ended with 6Trout 3reds,4heads and a couple drum. Su da the weather was right for a run to the rocks and the water was absolutely beautiful, threw some live Campos Shrimp 20' or so under a Versemax cork and it was on for him he got a taste of a nice Trout bite we ended the day with 31 Chalmette beauties 2 grill size Reds,2 more drum and we kept 2 nice heads. Bodie said the reddish wore him out but he's ready for another round... Capt Joe's Angling Adventures 985-212-2124

April 28, 2019 at 11:34pm

Had some guys in town for the Saints/Eagles game last weekend and they had never caught any Saltwater fish and wanted to hook a red so we went to the beach and had some Campos Shrimp under a cork and it was on... Had Mr. David out today and the Trout bite was on at the dam.. White Matrix Shad bouncing it off the bottom and we had 2 limits in just under an hour and a half... Just about every cast was a keeper trout.
. Captain Joe Gaudin
. 985-212-2124

November 24, 2018 at 7:46pm

We all started somewhere one day fishing and for most of us it was in our younger days well I got a call from Mr. Kevin Burgess about bringing his wife fishing for the very first time and he told me he's been working on her casting ability. Well I think the weather report was right on today with a nice lil breeze from the North East to start the day and a good falling tide we took out of Campos Marina with a well full of Shrimp and on the way out the lady made a request to catch a Redfish, now remember she has been casting in the back yard never in water and she wants to start off in search of the great Pumpkin and she's looking at me as she makes this request talk about performance anxiety. So we made a few stops as they didn't have but a few hours to play today and as luck would have it Nothing so I headed out to the great Pumpkin patch toward the East heading for the open waters of Christmas Camp Bay and the islands out around Skiff Lake, well I stopped and started working the banks and pockets around Treasure Bay where the marsh drains back into Bayou La Loutre heading out Bayou La Loutre. I had her cast into a pocket where the water was still she was actually off the mark and made her first cast farther up then I expected but to mine and her husbands disbelief her cork disappeared and we both were telling her to reel in slack and set the hook.. well she did and not one but three beautiful Shell Beach Bull Reds... Great job Mrs. Claudia for her first time out she had a ball

September 16, 2018 at 4:41pm

Finally made it home and had the chance to fish for a couple days with a couple guys from Florida onTuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday found us bounching around the sound starting at the Trash Pile rig where we coaxed a nice Bull into inhaling a Magnito Matrix Shad undera cork while Kevin and Pat worked on a few Trout with some live Campos shrimp. Storms showed up and we had to move but the guys were ready to have some lunch so we headed back to the dock,Wedges found us having to stay inside with the stiff lil breeze that only got worse as the sun got higher so we went into the marsh and threw some Spinner baits and the guys had a blast playing in the Biloxi Marsh Pumpkin patch. They left for home back in central Fla. while we didn't 'Fill the box' they do have some bags of filets,some pictures and fond memories of a South Louisiana fishing trip.

September 13, 2018 at 12:15am

Had Mr.Aaron Duncan down from North Texas visiting with his family on Thursday and he had one day to fish,he never caught a Speckled Trout before as he pretty much fishes from docks,peris etcup there. Well he had a blast and was able to enjoy one of South Louisiana's sought after fish...And had a very young but super fishermen onboard yesterday and his pawpaw and me decided to leave the dock for 0500. First stop was the Trash Pile rig and to my surprise, no boats at 0550 so we started to work around and found the spot. He hooked two small Sharks as well. Fish played out so we made a move heading in the direction of the Islands and stopped at the compressor and fished the inbound side and he was swinnging 18+'trout by himself... I don't know who had more fun him or his pawpaw and myself. We have Tuesday and Wednesday of next week open so give us a call to go get you some. Captain Joe's Angling Adventures 985-212-2124

July 28, 2018 at 8:46am

Got a call Sunday morning about 11:00 about afishing trip on Monday, I told the gentelmen that Monday wasn't looking good as far as wind from Sub Tropical storm Alberto. He was in town for 2 days for a wedding and wanted to go as long as I thought it would be safe to catch a Redfish, well we definitely won't be going out to open water so I told him I'd call him back in 5 minutes and I accepted his request to put him on a nice redfish,went to try and get him some well he failed to tell me only had 4 hours to try and get it done and showed up 35 minutes late after doing Bourbon Street. He's in town from Michigan for a wedding and leaving Tuesday so off we go with some Live Bait cause Everything eats live bait right so we hit the Dam got a couple nice Trout nothing to scream about and managed 1 small Redfish. Decided to make a run out to the lower end of Flat Lake and work on some flats in the area I dropped the trolling motor and he was having trouble casting To the grass so I threw to a point flipped the baio and handed him the rod and a he's picking up the slack his cork starts to move to the left....Get ready it disappearedand I told him to set the hook,he was strapped in for hisfirst ridewith a nice Bull Red... Fishing with 7' Ethois Inshore Medeium action Castingrods and 400 series Maham reels with 30# braid. This fish fellfor a Matrix Shad Avocado color plastic Mr. Mike Kempton worked up a sweat whenI got the net out for his fish. This was a CPR fish for sure he tipped the Bogga at 27# and measured 43.5' needless to say Mr. Mike was pleased when we got him revived and swimming off hewas ready to head home.

May 29, 2018 at 7:55am

Figured I'd try some night time fishing and it turned out to be everything I expected. All fish we're caught on Matrix Shad Tiger Bait on the bottom with a super Slow reterve. Feel the bottom and the rod would load up like a wet dish rag on the end. Multiple trout over 3 lbs. 37 total between the two of us. Give us a call to book your trip for some May fishing fun.985-212-2124

May 14, 2018 at 1:02am

Had the Libenson's down from the Big Apple to visit us in the Big Easy and Sam wanted to catch a Redfish so we went on the hunt. Started out the morning just outside the Biloxi Marsh working the rocks and his wife Amanda was the first to hook up and I don't know who had more fun her are Sam they were so excited when we got her red on the boat it was something to see trust me... Sam was next and the fish just didn't want to take his bait I had him cast to a break in the rocks and he was on they had a blast his wife was recording a Facebook video with his dad on the other end. They were using Ethos model rods with a 4000 series reel and all their fish were caught on a Matrix Shad Tiger Bait 20'under a cork... Give us a call 985-212-2124

April 04, 2018 at 6:52am

After a late start went out and fished Friday and Saturday knowing the winds were going to be High we went anyway, had Luke and his granddad in from Illinois for his first salt water trip and he had a blast when them trout hit his lure and was able to put a few Trout in the boat with winds ripping 20+ on a Lemon Head Matrix Shad under a popping cork in Lake Amade. Had Mike Back on the boat Friday and we fished Lena Lagoon with top waters and managed to put a nice Redfish and some solid 2lb trout in the ice chest. The top water bite was short but the fish were very aggressive on a Hot Pink She Dog and a Bone Top Dog, not a box full but the ones we found were solid.

March 28, 2018 at 6:30am

Woke up this morning and decided to make one last run before Wednesday, 1st stop in Lake Borne out of Shell Beachby the old Fort and it didn't take long to start putting fish in the boat. Fished along the rocks with Avocado Cocahoes under a popping cork about 2' and once they got on it, it was on. I was by myself so to get one limit took only about 35-40 minutes and the best part is the fishing should only get better throughout the month of November. I'll be gone for a month so I won't get to enjoy the Hot Trout bite but I know there will be plenty fish left when I get home.

October 30, 2017 at 5:53pm

Woke up this morning and decided to go make a short trip to check out a new body of water that I been running past for the past 5 months. With the Trout starting to transition to the inside slowly I figured today would be a good day to checkout a different place inside Stump Lagoon out of Shell Beach area and as I was entering the cut looking at the banks for the very first time I had a feeling it would pay off with the right wind, and tide situation and my expectation was spot on. I was alone and we don't need to keep a lot of fish so I was just fishing and had a great time, left the house for 0630 and was back home for 1200 and I have an hour ride each way from Slidell. Took home 2 nice Redfish and 9 Trout before the wind started blowing Hard from the East/North East. Caught every fish on Motor Oil Beatles about 20' under a Boat Monkey Popping Cork. Capt. Joe 985-212-2124

October 20, 2017 at 8:12pm

Steady East winds equal High Water for the Shell Beach area but I took a ride anyway as cabin fever has set in big time. Made a run out towards Christmas Camp Bay and started working my way back in I hate ad 25 Shrimp from Campos and a bag full of Motor Oil Split tail Beatles and managed to land this one Red Fish while I got broke off 4 other times and found 5 Trout I have enough fish so everything was set free for someone else to enjoy. Fished cuts and the lee side of the points and had an absolute blast. Hopefully we can get a couple back to back fronts and bring some fish inside again.

October 16, 2017 at 1:50am

Went out yesterday and really wasn't expecting to do much with the High Water and High Pressure which is giving us some beautiful weather and keeping another area of disturbance at bay. We left Campos Marina @0515 and headed out to Comfort Island and work our way back in, we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise and a very nice feeling to the air it actually was cool like 75° maybe? We got out to the island just slightly after daylight along with 3 other boats and no one was putting any fish in the boat we all worked around the entire Island and nothing worth putting the Power Pole down for so we headed to Bay Eloi to work the rigs. Just like around the corner no one was sitting very long and the same for us so we sent some of Robbie Campos Shrimp out on the Front Line to go to work and the second lil platform we stopped at Dawn Marie made a cast just outside some pilings and it was on she hooked up with a 25lb. Black Drum that took her for a lil ride. She finally won the battle and landed him for a photo and we released him to fight another day. After that nothing and we hit some rigs. Finally decided to head in and work some holes and found a few Trout and one nice Redfish for the grill. We went and di manage to catch some fish but you had to work for the fish you did catch.
Captain Joe Gaudin

September 03, 2017 at 9:44am

Had Mr. Justin Dosher in from Portland Oregon visiting the Big Easy and he wanted to catch some Redfish. We made a run out to Christmas Camp Bay up towards White Log looking for an early Trout bite, got out there with 5 other boats and no one was doing much of anything. We used Live Shrimp under a cork, fished the bottom worked plastics and everyone was on small School Trout so we decided to come back in and work the Oyster Reefs and it paid big dividends for Justin. Drifting over the reefs I had him with Live Campos Shrimp under a Cork about 20' and it was on he hooked up on his personal best a 41' 23.5lb Christmas Camp Brute. After that we made a run over to Lake Eloi and him and I both got on a couple nice reds around the structure. All fish were caught on Live Campos Shrimp under a popping and sliding cork.

Give us a call to book your trip

August 23, 2017 at 10:29pm

Woke up a little late and decided to go throw some plastics and see what would bite so we went for a ride. Went to Shell Beach and headed for The Oyster Reefs in Christmas Camp Bay I had only been there once before and went out to the islands over there and hooked up on some nice Redfish. Today was all about working just plastics and as we all know the odds are stacked against you with just plastics, still we threw and floated and threw some more. Got over a reef and a school of 11/12' Trout and had a blast catching them. Managed to pull a few 14-16 and even 1 20' girl off the reef as well as a nice 21'Redfish that just couldn't pass up them artificial baits. We used Motor Oil Color Split tail Beatles and Burly Gulp Shrimp 3' Grey 16-20' under a popping cork. The Trout would more times then not follow your bait for a minute and just slam it when you let it sit for just a second or so. Got an open boat Friday August 18... give us a call 985-212-2124

August 17, 2017 at 6:41am

Started out the night of the 7th like a kid going fishing for their first time with my adrenaline flowing so fast I don't think I really slept just kind of rested. We started out with an awesome sunrise and made our way from Campo's Marina down to the Spoil Canal at 0530 and with everything you been hearing about fish being caught we just had that feeling it was gong be a good day. Well the plan was to hit the rigs in Bay Eloi and work our way back in we did so only to pick off a straggler Trout here and there we fished under sliding cork, with a popping cork and lost some rigging on the snags. Decided to move to Anastasia Bay and drift over the Oyster reefs and found a few hungry Trout but they were all small and we would have been lucky to stretch some of them to make 11'. Made another move to another reef and threw out a Live Shrimp about 16-18'under a Boat Monkey Float and I don't think the bail was flipped on the reel and they had a solid Speckled Trout on, now it's race against time as the sky is about to break open like a Pinata at a backyard birthday party. We threw until I felt it was time to make a run for it and we managed to put 55Trout in the boat with a few White Trout mixed in.

July 09, 2017 at 7:45am

We took off from Campo's Marina at just about 0630 heading out to Anastasia Lake, an hour to late I learned. This time of year when the temps heat up seemingly with the hour hand on the clock I've figured out you need to be Running the Spoil Chanel at first good light to be out there on an early bite none the less we went and started to drift over the Oyster Reefs and found a few Trout with shrimp. Seems as fast as we found them, we lost them so we start another drift only to find a massive school of Dunks.... every fish was 11 1/2 ' just big enough to eat your 35 cent shrimp so we switched to plastics and had a blast. It was fast and fun and we managed to pull 20 keepers.

July 05, 2017 at 10:15pm
A comment titled: Re: Flynn's Bait & Tackle shop in response to a report titled: Flynn's Bait & Tackle shop

We used to walk there as kids from Village De L'est when my cousins lived out there in the 70's. Fly fished in the big lake that was there. Good times for sure

March 11, 2021 at 9:20am
A comment titled: Re: 2020 Pre Rut was HOT in response to a report titled: 2020 Pre Rut was HOT

Tensas Parish got a small 312 acre tract we been fooling around on since the late 70's. It floods every year with the river rising so deer get pushed out,some return some don't but they manage to take a few nice deer every year when you can hunt it.

December 27, 2020 at 1:26pm
A comment titled: Re: 2020 Pre Rut was HOT in response to a report titled: 2020 Pre Rut was HOT

Absolutely done talked to Mary Anne and told her I got 3 doe tags left go get a

December 27, 2020 at 1:24pm
A comment titled: Re: Big buck down in winnfield in response to a report titled: Big buck down in winnfield

Very nice Buck,congrats.

December 26, 2020 at 4:01pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. license in response to a report titled: Capt. license

I know this post is old but just to clear up something on the Insurance part. You do not need it to sit and test,however before the state will issue you the State Charter license from the Dept. Of Wild Life and Fisheries you will have to show proof of a minimum of $300,000 in Liability insurance. You can have a Masters Unlimited and without the insurance your not going to be able to take people on Charter Fishing trips.

May 21, 2020 at 2:35pm
A comment titled: Re: EDGE for Lowrance Hook 7 in response to a report titled: EDGE for Lowrance Hook 7

Don't know exactly how big the file is your wanting to download, but I have the LA One Premium card and a Brand new Hook 7 and the processor is not big enough in the unit to run the card like you want your system to run. Sent it back to Navico they sent me another Brand New one with all the updates I just was at Standard Mapping yesterday to run the chip.. The units are out dated and don't have enough power to run the chip properly once again I'm not sure the size of the download your looking for but just a lil FYI for you. Good Luck
. Capt. Joe

June 06, 2018 at 4:48am
A comment titled: Re: Gentlemen's Request: Eloi/MRGO in response to a report titled: Gentlemen's Request: Eloi/MRGO

Went out yesterday started at the rocks and seen a lot of boats some catching some not, we only managed one keeper trout and a few small croaker we made a move to the Trash pile rig in Eloi and the girlfriend was fishing live bait while I threw a split Avocado beetle under a cork. We both caught a nice batch of trout I had to leave fish biting. So to answer your question there are trout there just hit and miss as far as I could see but you know what they say' If ya don't go, ya don't know.

May 26, 2018 at 6:35pm

I forgot from Grand Pass your going to want to head to Lake Calebasse from there you can head out through Cat Pass to Lake Fortuna or head to Drum Bay and get into Terre aux Boeufs

February 19, 2018 at 5:34pm

Hey doc,
I went the other day from Shell Beach and went across. Lake Robin to Grand Pass. From there I ran to Drum Bay and if you look on a chart the lil canal from Drum Bay will dump into Bayou Terre Aux Boeuf. There are a number of small islands and oyster beds all out there on the way so stop and hit some of them along the way. Good luck

February 19, 2018 at 5:29pm
A comment titled: Re: Any reports on trout bite? in response to a report titled: Any reports on trout bite?

Went yesterday started out in Lake Amade with a Avocado Beatle under a cork about 18-20' found some specks nothing to beat the drums about but they are coming around. They were like ice cubes and I seen a water temp of 59° so things should be heating up in the coming days. I'm going out Monday and hope to have a more informative post..

February 10, 2018 at 5:29pm
A comment titled: Re: Delicroix or hopedale this sunday in response to a report titled: Delicroix or hopedale this sunday

I would launch and head to the Rock Dam with some shrimp and rigged for the bottom. Little to no current there against the rocks unless your fishing a Super Moon with crazy tide levels and the fish should be stacked up in the deeper water, that's where I would start if I were home let us know how you do.

January 04, 2018 at 12:21pm
A comment titled: Re: After the storm with High Water in response to a report titled: After the storm with High Water


September 09, 2017 at 2:08pm
A comment titled: Re: After the storm with High Water in response to a report titled: After the storm with High Water

I burned half a tank running about 33-35 mph

September 03, 2017 at 2:55pm
A comment titled: Re: Spur Of The Moment Trip in response to a report titled: Spur Of The Moment Trip

Sorry for the late response but I'll be down there this weekend got a trip planned for Saturday with son in law and Sunday will be beating the Shells again. Give us a call if you like

August 17, 2017 at 9:29pm

Went today to see to my boat and the water was definitely up a good 3' over the dock and we had tons of clean up, that being said I'm gonna make an evening trip Saturday and another on Sunday. As far as Yaking your looking at 5-10 but plan on 12- good luck

June 23, 2017 at 8:51pm

Picked up a pair of H2o Xpress Maxim MX 400 from Academy,their brand of reel and paired it up with a H2o Xpress Ethos inshore Medium action #ETISHD70MS 7' rod. The combo with 20#Fins Wintammer Braid will set yu back about $150.00 for the price I don't think you can beat it this lil rig has 35 lbs. of drag on it and will handle just about anytjing your gonna incunter inshore. I have the 300 and have landed Bull Reds in excess of 40'with it and those fish that day is what convinced me to go get the 400 and lace it with the braid. The rods are really light weight and your arm won't get fatigued even after a day of hard fishing. Just my 2cents.

May 13, 2017 at 7:47pm
A comment titled: Re: Tragic death of a great man. in response to a report titled: Tragic death of a great man.

So sorrynto hear this I just talked to him yesterday about 1030 A.M. about a project he was working on... My condolences to the family

May 06, 2017 at 6:31pm

Quatro Bayou but remember therebis a 4 hour difference from there to Port Sulphur area

May 06, 2017 at 6:17pm
A comment titled: Re: Boat purchase in response to a report titled: Boat purchase

My step son has a Robalo 206 Camon he got it brand new and that's an awesome boat great ride and has a lot of features a big spacious 20' boat

March 29, 2017 at 1:49am
A comment titled: Re: A good time with friends in response to a report titled: A good time with friends

Had a dall with you guy's and look forward to the next trip

March 19, 2017 at 10:09am
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