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It was December 2nd at 4 am I climbed into my truck and noticed a note on my console. It was from my wife wishing me good luck on killing 'That Big Buck' so we could put it in our new house we were about to start building. I folded the note up and put it in my pocket and began my drive to our property. I arrived there around 4:45 and meet my dad that brought my scent away spray that I had left in his UTV the day before. He handed it to me out the window and wished me luck and once I had sprayed down and let my eyes adjust, I checked the wind it was cold and perfect. I started my 800 yard journey. I had been hunting this buck really hard for the previous two weeks and knew he had started chasing does, but mostly moving at night and he was bedding pretty close to my lock on, so I had been very careful with my approach to my stand. I had been playing the wind, walking without a light, and often hunting daylight to dark, to keep from bumping him out of my area. With the rut kicking off and with the new construction on our house about to take place less than 100 yards from my lock on, time was working against me. I knew I had to get him on the ground soon or he could potentially chase a hot doe to the adjacent property or the construction would push him out of my area as well. I started my walk to my stand checking the wind several times and spraying down once more with scent away. I finally made it into to my lock on, 40 feet up in a white oak tree over looking a hard wood bottom on the edge of a beaver pond. The wind was perfect it was a full hour before daylight, I had managed to slip in there as stealthy and as invisible as I possibly could. It was 9:15 and a neighboring hunter text me saying he was getting down for the day and he hadn't seen anything. I text back saying the same here but I was gonna wait til 9:45. I heard him leave out and I stood up to stretch my legs and warm up a little. My wife text me and asked me if I was having any luck. I remembered the note and right then I put it in my mind today was the day and I was gonna set until I got it done. I text her back saying no luck yet and I set back down. No sooner had I sent the text and set back down I saw him emerge from the edge of the beaver pond. I thought I was seeing things it took a minute to register and he started slipping through the hard wood bottom. I immediately grabbed my rifle as soon as he got behind some brush. He made his way through the bottom to within 100 yards but hadn't presented a shot to me yet. He stopped behind a big red oak tree checking the wind and scanning the area. I raised my rifle as soon as he dropped his head and started walking. I held it there for what seemed like an eternity waiting for him to clear a group of ever green trees. He finally took that final step that I needed to get a clear shot. I leveled my cross hairs on his front shoulder at a mere 78 yards and let my Browning Shorttrac .300 Wsm do its job. He kicked and went crashing up the hill behind him out of my sight. I immediately thanked the Good Lord for what he had just blessed me with and climbed down. I walked down to where he was standing but found no blood. My stomach dropped. I decided to walk the direction I saw him run and thought that I heard him crash I walked a short 40 yards and there he was. The buck I had been dreaming and hunting so hard was mine. The reason for no blood where he was standing was in all the excitement I didn't see him come up the bottom a ways. He then stumbled back down the hill where he finally crashed into a small creek that feeds into the beaver pond. There was an awesome blood trail I just had been looking in the wrong spot due to the excitement and partial disbelief. I looked to the heavens and thanked the Good Lord once again and immediately called my wife. She couldn't believe it and I thanked her for the luck she had brought me. I then called my dad, the real reason I had just killed this buck of a lifetime. He had taught me every thing I had used to kill this deer and everything I know about hunting. As soon as he answered the phone he asked 'Did you kill him?' I said he's mine dad. He said 'I'm on my way'. I could hear the excitement in his voice. He swears he heard me shoot, it must be that father son bond because he lives a good 3 miles from where my property is. He made it there so fast I didn't have time to process what had just happened or even put my hands on the deer. He come flying down the hill on his UTV and stopped and asked 'where's he at'. As soon as he saw the deer he gave me the biggest congratulatory hug, followed by the celebratory photos and the loading of the biggest buck I have ever killed. We made our way to my house pad, a mere 150 yards away and meet my neighboring hunter. He too was excited for me and wanted to get his hands on him as well. We made our way out to my truck where I then presented my good luck note and told my dad look at the note that sealed this bucks fate. After all my hard work, that note, the many years of teaching from my dad, and persistence he was finally mine. I went and had him scored at TP outdoors in West Monroe,LA and he measured out to 146 5/8, definitely the biggest buck of my life and just in time we finished our dirt work the next day and are starting forming this week of December 7th.

December 10, 2015 at 11:40pm
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