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I was lucky enough to take this nice 8 point on Nov. 29th. I had been Christmas shopping most of the day. Feeling sick to my stomach each time I swiped my debit card. Around 2 or 2:30 I decided I'd had enough. It had been misting rain on and off all day. I didn't I would go sit on my stand. So I got in from Monroe around 3:15 and ran in and threw on my frogg toggs and headed for the woods. Around 4:45 I had two orphan nubbin bucks come in that I saw almost ever trip. They left around 5. About 5:15 I saw a deer walking in to eat rice bran and corn. I immediately knew it was a buck from the size. After looking at him through my binoculars for about 2 seconds I knew he was a shooter. I grabbed my BAR chambered in 30-06 and squeezed off and it took his front shoulders out from under him. He ran about 10 yards and piled up. I had no idea the true size of the deer until I walked up to him. After examining him I realized that he was the buck that I had hunted for two years. He was 17' wide and 15 1/2' tall and ended up scoring 141 3/8. I can't explain the feelings that I experienced after taking this deer. Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2015 at 8:21pm
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