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Big 7! Hunt Ill never forget! I work shift work and was on evenings (3-11) been hunting this deer for weeks now. Any chance I had to be on the stand I was there. Well I worked my last evening rolled into bed after midnight. I set my alarm 6:00 I hit the alarm and fell back to sleep well I woke up at 6:45. In a hurry I threw on my clothes and grabbed my gun! And off to the stand I went. Go in the stand it was 65 degrees on 12-5-15 and real foggy. Had a opossum in the corn. I set back in the chair and was looking at rut report to see if anybody had seen any deer. I look up and see two does in the lane.. that I see every hunt.. well a few short seconds later.. the big 7 stepped out facing straight at me.. so I get my gun up and my heart is racing like never before. So I get him in my scope and Im shaking so I cant get a steady aim on him so he looks away for a second so I can get my other hand on the gun. So now Im ready he standing there not moving and wont turn. So I tell my self Ill give him 30 seconds to turn if not Im gonna shoot him in the neck. Well I start to count down Click..BOOM.. I couldnt wait. Drop the biggest deer Ive ever killed... I was so pumped I ran from the stand to the deer..after I made sure he wasnt moving.. I called my buddy who doesnt live far to come help load him still pumped up I run all the way back home to get my fourwheeler.. yes I said all the way back home..300 yards from my house, I dropped the biggest buck Ive ever killed behind my house. Scored 140 1/4

January 11, 2016 at 5:59pm
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