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Recently my 2005 Suzuki DF115 stop peeing out the back. This happens all the time because I run in the shallow marsh normally. I can always get it flowing again by sticking some fishing line in the pee hole. Not this time. I have stuck fishing line 3 ft up the hole and used an air compressor. It now drips out. But still no real flow like in normal operation.

I have pumped water through the hose outlet on the side of the engine, through rabbit ears while the engine is running in the back yard and dropped the boat back in the water at full speed. It has not overheated and shows normal flow out every other hole in the lower unit as normal. Still just a trickle of water.

I do not remember having any problems when I went fishing two weeks ago. Before I noticed no water flowing out the pee hole, I had just finished changing out the main engine oil, lower unit oil and spark plugs. I do not think that has anything to do with the water issues, but I figured I would give the full story. Anyone have any ideas?

May 07, 2013 at 6:03pm
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