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Every year me and some friends book opening week of turkey season at a 4000 acre hunting lodge. There is always 5-6 of us. This year a couple of my friends can not make it. I have 2 spots open for reputable hunters that want to kill some Rio Grande Turkeys. This is our third year, and every year we kill our allotment. We have two hunt options: 3.5 days, food lodging and two turkeys for $850.00 7 days of hunting, food, lodging, four birds $1,300.00 Most lodges charge over $1000 for one bird and $450 for every other bird after that. We leave Baton Rouge on Friday, March 30th..... Start hunting the next day. This year the place is covered in long beards. Last year I called in a flock of super jakes and quit counting at 42. Food and hospitality is best ever. If you can turkey hunt, you can fill your turkey allotment. We always get two birds each in the first two days, unless we get selective, then it takes three days. check out the lodge at Contact me at 225-445-6217, first two that signs up goes. Some of us will hunt 3.5 days, others 7 days. Texas lisc is $125.00 and allows four birds. I do not make any money on this. I negotiate good rates based on numbers that goes every year. Just had some friends have a run of bad luck this year. Be nice to make new friends and share memories and hunts.

March 19, 2012 at 9:51pm

Although the new hog huntng rgulations that have been passed is a step in the right direction, they are stumbling steps at best.

As I have hunted hogs most of my life, and been an astute observer of their breeding, we are going to be in real trouble soon in this state.

Hogs propogate in Texas where there is less water and cover. Now to the point they are coming into residential areas.

Louisiana has varied habitat that support large quantites of hogs, lots of bedding areas, and plenty of water.

If the population is not attacked in full force, hogs will dominate everywhere.

Even the state of Mississippi realizes they have hog problem now, and they took actions to allow you to hunt them at night with any firearm that is legal to own.

Louisiana made a big mistake limitng hunters to .22 calibre rifles as you have to make an ear shot to effectively kill them. Shoot a boar anywhere else with a .22 and you will just make him mad, scare him off, and he will more than likely recover.

A shotgun with buckshot will work, but may mean losing a large animal as hogs do not generally bleed much unless you get an exit would on the lower part of the body. Fat will clog up a buckshot entrance wound.

Does this mean they limited night hunting to these weapons to help stop people from shooting deer at night while hog hunting?

If that is the case, then how many deer have been head shot at night with a .22?

The hog problem evokes a need to open season on them with everything we can throw at them.

Deer habitat and turkey eggs will only suffer as the hog problem increases.

Just my opinion........

September 17, 2010 at 5:42pm
A comment titled: Millineum Lockon in response to a report titled: Lock on

Yes I can, I have 5 of them and it is the only lockon I hunt out of now.

Very comfortable, super quiet, very safe.

Buy extra chain recievers and ladder sticks and set them up, move the stand to whichever setup you want to hunt easily.

Large foot platform.

The ones I have set up in permanent locations, I put a 1 inch ratchet strap about half way to make them a little more stable getting in and out of. However, they are good as they are.

Best lockon you can buy on the market.

September 17, 2010 at 5:13pm
A comment titled: .44 mag in response to a report titled: ruger 44 mag

My favorite rifle is my 30.06 BAR.


I have a Marlin .44 mag lever action that has killed 100's of hogs, I have personnally killed 59 deer with it, and have family members that have killed another 8-10 with it.

Have made kills to 150 yards.

Long shots will not get an exit wound, but they will die just the same.

Have shot through 1 inch diameter limbs and still killed the deer standing 20 past it.

Secret to shooting one?

Burn a few hundred rounds through it at the range. Learm the elevation drop and also windage on moving targets.

I use see through scope mounts as a lot of times I want to use the iron sights in thick stuff.

September 08, 2010 at 5:10pm
A comment titled: Trophy Ridge in response to a report titled: What type of sight do you use?

Love their inline vertical sight plane

September 03, 2010 at 3:24pm
A comment titled: 30.06 great all round calibre in response to a report titled: hunting rifle 30-06

Great thing about a 30.06 is you can find ammo almost anywhere in the world, and with a well placed shot, take down almost any animal in the world.

I have two of them, remington 760 pump and a Belgium made BAR. BAR is my mmost favorite.

As for asking which brand and model to buy? That is like asking a pot head which type of weed he prefers. 20 different folks will give 15 different answers.

What you need, and what you buy, are generally two different things.

Remington 700 is a great rifle, no question about it.

If you do not mind 'PLain Jane' but love accuracy, look at the Savage rifle.

Want to spend some money but have a rifle that is accurate, good looking, dependable and does not drop in value that much? Save up some extra coins and but a Ruger M-77.

Best thing you can do is go to a reputable gun shop and see how the different brands and models 'FIT' you.

Worst thing to do is buy a model and make everyone (including myself) says is great, then it just does come up to aim correctly, or fit you.

as for the caliber, can not go wrong with the .06

August 29, 2010 at 8:32pm
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