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Recently, the English Branch Hunting Club produced a St. Tammany Parish record setting typical-whitetail deer harvest. Tim Boriskie the managing partner and president of the deer management program located near Abita Springs delivered the good news. Boriskie stated that on October 13, 2007 at approximately 6:30 p.m., one of the club members Mr. Chris Bourgeois, 43, Prairieville, La, recorded a harvest of a 11 point whitetail buck. The whitetail buck weighed 165 lbs, measured 16 7/8 inches inside spread with massive base measurements exceeding 5 inches in circumference. Bourgeois harvested the deer with a bow from approximately 40 yards.

In the following days, Bourgeois had the deer scored by certified wildlife biologist, Chris Davis, with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries in Baton Rouge. The typical green score recorded was 148 3/8. Bourgeois’s buck lost 14 4/8 upon deductions and received an unofficial final score of 133 7/8. The 14 point buck was officially scored as an 11 point buck due to antler point lengths being 1/8 inch less than the 1 inch minimum antler requirement on 3 of the 14 antlers. If after the required drying period the unofficial score of 133 7/8 holds true, Chris Bourgeois will go into a tie with Richard Russell of Point Coupee as having the 90th highest scored "typical" whitetail buck harvested in the State of Louisiana and will establish a new St. Tammany Parish record score for typical-archery with an 11 point buck scoring 133 7/8. Record data was taken from the Louisiana Big Game Recognition Program, 2004-2006 publication and the Louisiana Big Game Records, November 2005 listing. Official certification pending.

Congratulations to Chris Bourgeois and the English Branch Hunting Club.

October 17, 2007 at 12:26pm

Finding a safe deer hunting club in Southeast Louisiana that offers quality game with a family environment is a challenge to say the least. Most local deer hunters will tell you that hunting clubs like this are a rare find. Chris Bourgeois of Prairieville found such a club in Abita Springs at the English Branch Hunting Club. Chris joined the English Branch following Hurricane Katrina. He found a club with members of good character whose primary concern was to promote quality deer management while supporting youth education and a family environment.

Chris spent 2006 scouting and learning the land, browse and game. "I experienced my first bow harvest of deer at the English Branch" says Bourgeois. While spending as much time as possible learning how to hunt the terrain and game in St. Tammany Parish, Bourgeois says that "you have to spend as much or more time scouting than actually hunting in order to identify how, when and where to hunt."

Bourgeois tells of many long days scouting, tracking deer sign, looking for natural browse, cover, bedding areas, watering holes, etc..., in order to determine where he should position himself to intercept deer movement. Chris says that "deer are really smart and habitual and the only way to identify when and where to hunt is to spend the time necessary to locate the signs deer leave."

In 2007, the endless hours of scouting and hard work paid dividends for the Prairieville, Louisiana native. Bourgeois spent opening week of the 2007 bow hunting season hunting long, hard hours in the warm weather. "It was fairly cool in the mornings until about 8 a.m. then warmed quickly," says Bourgeois. Chris observed many deer during the first week but didn't have any bow shots within range. Week 2 started with a cool weather front and supported more favorable temperatures for bow hunting in Louisiana. By Saturday, October 13th, Bourgeois was confident that his scouting would payoff.

At 6:30 p.m. on October 13th, Bourgeois had patiently endured the busy work of squirrels playing, feeding and communicating with the raccoons who wandered about his honey hole. "I was watching the wildlife in the area when I heard some heavy stepping to my left," said Bourgeois. Chris says that "I saw a deer to my left through some thick vegetation." The deer appeared to be a huge doe at first because he kept his head down and all Bourgeois could see was a big bodied deer. "The sun was going down quickly and then I caught a glimpse a horns on this deer," stated Bourgeois. "I had previously observed a spike buck in this area and thought that this could be him and had no intention of harvesting a young buck." Bourgeois says that "all of a sudden the deer lifted his head and my heart nearly stopped."

At a range of 35 to 40 yards stood a huge racked buck. Bourgeois stated that "I had to regain my composure because I wasn't expecting to see Big Daddy." The buck was 14 points (hang a ring on each) and about 200 lbs. Bourgeois said "I had deer-cam pictures of a big buck with massive horns taken after dark but thought he was too smart to move before sunset." Chris was in for a splendid surprise when the buck offered him a rare shot through a pie sized opening within the thick vegetation surrounding the big buck. Bourgeois shot the 14 point buck through the vitals and had to track the deer for a mere 50 yards from his stand before locating him. "I was so pumped and excited that I couldn't hardly speak," says Bourgeois.

The 14 point buck weighed 165 lbs with 16 7/8" inside spread and 4 3/4" massive horns. Managing partner and club president Tim Boriskie stated, "This is one of the finest bow harvests that our club has ever taken." Boriskie assumed management responsibilities of the English Branch in 2004 but has hunted with the club since 2002 and tells of many deer harvest but that "never has a hunter harvested a buck of this quality with a bow!" Tim says that "Chris Bourgeois is a perfect example that when you spend the time scouting and hunting you'll reap the benefits of your hard work."

English Branch Hunting Club is a private, family oriented hunting club located in near Abita Springs, St. Tammany Parish, LA

October 14, 2007 at 10:23pm

It's a St. Tammany Parish record because no one (ever) has previously recorded a score which qualified. You can go to:

and review the same state record information that I have and see it for yourself.

October 17, 2007 at 1:25pm

If in doubt you should call Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries in Baton Rouge and ask to speak to Chris Davis. Chris is a wildlife biologist and the top rated "certified scorer" representing the State of Louisiana. Now, if you don't beleive the man who know's exactly what he is talking about in Chris Davis, then I would ascertain that nothing I say will convince you otherwise.

October 17, 2007 at 1:23pm
A comment titled: Hat lights in response to a report titled: 14 Point Buck harvested in St. Tammany Parish

I thought they were bogus at first. My buddy had them on his hat and I saw how well they worked and am convinced they are worth whatever the cost. Hands-free and moves where your head moves. Works great while walking to your stand holding your bow, gun or supplies in hand. I highly recommend them for hunting unless you need vision beyond 15 yds.

October 15, 2007 at 8:18am

Take a real close look at the bucks brow tines... you'll see 5 additional points (ringer's). The picture is deceiving and doesn't truly do justice to the quality of the deer, considering the location and comparison to other deer in the area. What's more exceptional is that this buck was harvested with a bow from 35-40 yds thru thick vegetation. Any hunter would truly be satisfied with results similar to these. I wished it were me!

October 15, 2007 at 7:09am
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