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I shot this Big 10pt at My hunting lease in Alabama on 1-1-2016 New years Day.. My wife hunted with me for the first time so in the afternoon around 3;pm I took her to one of the smallest plots with a 4 X 6 box stand that stood about four foot off the ground and sits right on the edge of the plot so she could see the deer up close. I prepared her on what to do just in case something came out just because the deer are fairly close and they can see your every move.. We were sitting for about 30 min when three big does walked out.. Wind was swirling around and the box is on 4 ft legs so after they ate for a while they must have winded us then blew and ran off.. Then 30 min later a 4pt walked out in the right corner of the food plot so I picked up my binoculars so she could watch it.. Then I hear her breathing hard. I am like what’s wrong.. She could barely speak..She said a Big Buck.. a Big Buck!! I am like where? She said in the woods right behind the 4 pt. I threw the gun up and he was picking his head up and I shot him.. Dropped him like a rock! Didn’t have enough time to hand her the gun.. He was just clipping the corner of the food plot heading to the creek.. It was a pretty cool hunt! Memories made for sure!

January 06, 2016 at 3:06pm
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