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2 years in the makings, on my new lease and we finally got good bucks showing up. I started getting pictures of this buck in August. And nick named him Ol Stickers. I have a lot of pictures of this deer. Never saw this deer while hunting until 11-15-16 around 7:00am a small basket rack 6 point came out around 6:45am and started feeding. I noticed something in the CRP but never made it out. About 5 mins went by then there he was standing at the edge of the plot he looked left down the plot then looked right down the plot. Then walked straight out to where the 6 point was feeding and he started feeding. All I could hear was my heart beating. I looked through my scope at his body then to his head and horns. Big mistake. I got really nervous and had to put my gun down. I looked down and said lord please don't let me have a heartattache and let me make this shot. I came back look at him and put the cross hairs on him and pulled the trigger, he jumped straight up in the air and went down in the front got up and ran about 30 yards. I was shooting my CVA Elite Stalker 35 wheelen when I shot the deer. He is rough scored at 188 3/8 Non typical 15 point with 3 non scorable points. I am still going to have a true B&C official score done on him.

November 18, 2016 at 11:24pm
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