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Haven't been fishing that much lately due to lack of funds so when I do go it needs to be a frugal as possible. My regular fishing partner and I headed down Paris rd to try the bayou and Lake B. when I noticed how high the water was I figured the locks were closed. A real pain in the butt so we kept going over the bridge to South Shore Bait and Marina just before the Chef Pass bridge so the locks wouldn't be a problem. Launching there also give's me access to more areas with out running that far saving some gas. Went through B. Thomas in to the lake the thought was find some diving birds. Well with the high winds that wasn't happening kept going heading to Bayou B. Tried right outside the bayou in the lake but the winds and waves were to much for my back and not even a nibble anyway. Moved in to the bayou to hit some of my favorite spots again not even a nibble at any of them made the short run back to the ICW through the marsh. Then started hitting the drains after a couple of stops and not even a nibble started thinking I should have gotten some of those beautiful live shrimp at the launch. But then finally got a nibble then a bite and started going through some throwbacks to get some keepers to go in to the box. This started around 10:30 and it took a while but around 1:30 not giving up in the area decided I should probably take a count. Good thing because I counted 48 when Ralph lifted another 13' to make it 49. I started fishing again and we both pulled in a couple 13' trout I told Ralph we weren't going to make that one our last fish of the day. After another 10 or 15 minutes and throwing back some more good keeper's and throwback's decided to just finish off our limit with the next keeper. So we could head in my back was hurting anyway as luck would have it my next cast brought in a nice 15' trout that made our limit. All fish caught on plastic about 18' under a cork H&H Fire and Ice and Salt Water Assassin Chartreuse color. Don't know if it mattered that much but that is what we used. Another great trip with my friend Ralph and we caught a few fish.

Tally was 50 keeper trout 12 1/4 to 18' and everything in between.

Good luck to all on your next trip! Be sure to try out South Shore Bait and Marina even if you just need some live bait before going somewhere else he has the liveliest shrimp I've seen trying to jump out of the tank to get in your boat. Haha really he always has some live bait whether you launch there or not. Not like some launches down the road I think most of you know what one I am talking about.
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November 09, 2014 at 8:36am

Happy Easter to everyone have a great day fishing or not.

April 20, 2014 at 8:26am

Another great day of fishing Saturday
with my regular fishing partner Ralph
and my life partner Pat my wife. We got
an early start leaving the launch about
lunch time headed own the pencil. Made
a stop in Feiney and hooked a big Red
Pat brought it in but we released way
to big over 27'. Ralph caught a nice
keeper trout but that was it moved
around and we were fishing under a cork
and on the bottom. Hooked a nice big
trout only to break the line before we
could get the net under her. We fished
all the regular inside spots only
boating a few trout which was our
target species. But the incidental
catches were fun as well boating
several reds and bass go figure. Pat
had fun fighting the reds and bass but
she was mad she didn't catch a trout
all evening. Even with the high winds
it was still a great day to be out on
the water with Pat and Ralph. All fish
caught on Matrix lures under a cork or
tightlined on the bottom.

Final tally

4 reds 3 kept 1 released to big

7 trout 14 to 19'

5 bass 3 kept 2 released

several missed opportunity's broke
lines and just lost.

Fished a slack tide and then incoming
probably should have made an earlier
trip but launched late thinking the fog
was going to be an issue but it
apparently wasn't.

Good luck to all on your next trip!

Sunday, March 18, 2012 @ 10:00:38 AM

March 18, 2012 at 10:07am

Went Sunday early about 12pm Ralph and
I talked to Capt. Tommy at Sweet Water
and headed out. Picked up some more
Matrix lures Creole just for luck first
stop in the twin nothing. Water seemed
to be moving to fast or the fish just
weren't there. Moved to the shallows of
the bay with the high water temps
figured they would be there. We threw
and we threw I ended up putting 2 in
the boat Ralph 0 headed to Round lake
again I caught 2 threw back one Ralph 0
except for a pack of Captain wafers.
Next we decided to try Oak river
nothing for either of us then Pointe
fienney again nothing. Tried Skippy
again I caught 2 Ralph nothing but some
more crackers and a Dr Thunder. Told
Ralph we were going to take the long
way in and headed back to John. I ended
up hooking and loosing a nice 23 inch
trout next to the boat waiting for a
net. Then I caught another one but not
as big Ralph nothing but we did have a
ball the weather was perfect cool and
blowing water dirty everywhere. Every
time I would catch a couple Ralph said
what color first it was Creole then I
switched to Lemonhead then to the
purple Ralph kept switching baits while
I just swapped poles. We had a great
time laughing and joking at Ralph's
misfortune but it was ll in fun.

Final Tally

7 trout 13 to 18'

3 sticks

2 oysters

1 great time by us both.

All fish caught on Matrix lures 3
different colors under a cork so I
guess that didn't matter.

Good luck to all on your next trip!


March 05, 2012 at 3:16pm

My friend Ralph needed to take his boat out for a run Sunday. Him and Wyatt had worked on it all day Saturday and made a trial run in the back levee canal from Bayou Beiv. to Violet with no problems. So Ralph spent the morning cleaning out the compartments and the boat. We headed down to Sweet Water launched the first time about 12:00 but couldn't get the motor to start not good. Capt. Jack came to the rescue again after we ran the battery down. We picked the boat up and started charging the battery and trying to figure out why it wouldn't start. I pulled a plug no fire we checked all the connections and fuses we could find but nothing. Capt. Jack came around and asked if we wanted to take his boat can you believe it while he was there I pulled another plug to check for fire told Ralph to hit the key and the motor started. I put the 2 plugs back in and tried it again started right up. So we launched again almost 1 headed straight for the twin where we left them last week we tried for a while in the high winds on bottom and a few cast under a cork. My son Kevin was with us he caught one and lost one that was it. I decided to give Lake John a try and started to drizzle not rain just a constant drizzle. Well our Captain Ralph had his frog toggs he put on Kevin and myself were on our own oh well. Made a drift and Kevin picked up another one and I picked up 3 kept making short drift picking up 3 to 4 a drift I know I caught probably 13 or 14. While Capt. Ralph and Kevin struggled missing and loosing fish but they were there I thought they had boated more than they did. I finally had enough of the drizzle getting my back side soaked and told the crew we were heading in nobody disagreed. All fish caught on clear w/red flakes Matrix lures on the bottom or under a cork.

Final Tally

19 nice specks 13 to 15'

2 sticks

2 wet butts

Another good time and we didn't break down yea!! That had to be the best part. I told some friends at the launch I thought we had 25 or 30 but I was wrong I thought Ralph and Kevin were helping but apparently not much they admitted at the house when we cleaned them.

Still another good time on the water with Ralph and my son Kevin it was just my turn I guess.

Good luck to all on your next trip!!

I know I keep saying this but Sweet Water will do almost anything to make sure you have a good fishing experience. Great People all of them.

Thanks Capt Jack for the help and the offer.

February 27, 2012 at 8:16am

Late trip Mardi Gras out of Sweet Water
launched about 11am my son Kevin and I.
We talked with Ronnie at the launch and
told me the regular spots were bringing
in fish. So we headed down the pencil
to begin our circle who said there
ain't no place to pee on Mardi Gras day
they weren't fishing. Anyway made a few
stops only to bring one red about 23'
no trout to be found. Moved around from
spot to spot trying to find something
we were going down Oak river when I
slowed down for another boat which
happened to be Capt Tommy. He told me
the trout were real slow in Skippy
which is where I was heading next. He
asked if I tried the twin or John yet
which I told him no but it was on my
list of spots to try. Since they were
heading to john I didn't want to follow
them so I tried Bakers and Big oyster
again nothing. started own the twin to
4 horse again nothing turned in the
twin and saw a lot of boats when I
idled by them they were catching trout.
So I moved past everyone and found a
spot for me and Kevin by our selves and
started catching trout on the bottom
tight lining the Matrix shad clear with
the red flakes. Seemed like they didn't
want much else we were able to put 25
in the boat then they shut down with
the tide. Moved over to John and saw
Capt Tommy I tried to stay clear of
them but still fish the same area. I
didn't want to get in the way of a
working Capt. we managed another 10
trout about 4pm we called it a good day
and headed in. Great day on the water
with my son Kevin all fish caught on
the matrix either tightlined or under a
cork in the shallow bay.

Final Tally

35 nice trout 13 to 15'

1 red we kept 23'

3 sticks

2 oysters

1 great time since my last trip I got
skunked only hooking and loosing one
red and freezing my fingers.

I guess people are getting tired of
hearing about the great staff of
workers and people at Sweet Water but
it is the truth if you haven't tried them
just do it. You won't be disappointed I
promise. Special thanks to Capt. Tommy
for the heads up and saving me a little

Good luck to all on your next trip!

February 23, 2012 at 2:55pm

Saturday fishing out of Sweet Water had
a chance to talk with Pee Wee at the
launch before heading out. He suggested
that we get some shrimp to help the
kids I had get on some fish. Good Idea
I said so grabbed a bag and we were off
headed down the pencil made a few stops
in Fieney, Skippy, Bakers, and Oak
river. Water was dirty of course in all
those areas with the 90mph winds. But
we didn't give up I noticed that the
kids were getting cold and
disinterested with every stop. I was
loosing the feeling in my hands as well
headed down the twin to 4 horse
thinking I could get on the lee shore
and find some reds. Pulled up and I
made about 3 cast with my purple matrix
under a cork and wham it was on. I
hooked about a 27 or 28' red I called
one of the kids over to pass the rod
off to him. As soon as I handed it over
to him the line popped. No problem I
thought told them to keep casting their
had to be more. I began to retie
another lure on the one that broke but
couldn't my fingers quit working.
Grabbed another pole I had brought 6
for the 4 of us made a couple more cast
then the bail closed while casting
another pole down. Tried again to retie
another lure on but couldn't. I could
see the kids were just cold and the
fish just weren't there to warm them
up. I wish I would have swapped #'s
with Pee but didn't think of it at the
time. With the whole crew freezing and
my hands out of commission decided to
call it a day early and headed back in
around 10:30. Promised the crew we
would do this again on another day with
a little better condition's.

This was my first skunked trip in over
a year no fish brought in to the boat.

Great to see and meet Pee Wee again at
the launch read your report good deal
wish we would have swapped numbers just
so the kids could have reeled a couple

Still a good day on the water didn't
get stuck or break down or anybody hurt
with hooks. Just my ego a little was
the only casualty of the day.

Good luck to all on your next trip!

February 13, 2012 at 8:41am

Father and Daughter trip Dawn and I
Launched out of Sweet water about 7
Saturday morning. Bought all the
color's Matrix to try them out. Headed
down the pencil to Feinney to make our
first drift. As we pulled up to start
our drift saw Holy Mackerel chatted a
little bit and got on same channel on
our VHS. I was looking for a little
help if we didn't find our bite. First
drift I missed two then got one in the
boat turned around and Dawn had one
coming great. I had Dawn on the purple
matrix and I was throwing the clear
w/red flakes. We were both getting hits
and missed opportunity so we stayed
with those all day. First drift turned
out to the best drift of the day
boating 8 nice trout w/Dawn catching
the biggest a 20' trout. Called John on
the radio to let him know he ended up
trying the same drift but didn't catch
much or anything. We tried it again and
only put one more in the boat. John
said they were moving down the pencil
and that's my normal route as we ended
up doing the same. Next drift in Skippy
we caught one more Trout and one Bass I
threw back that was it. Moved to oak
river tried the drift in there but not
very good at that style yet still
working on it. I probably need to see
if I can coax one of the expert's like
Oneofthepack to go with me and get a
little schooling. Next stop was Bakers
first drift Dawn caught a nice red 22'
and I caught another Bass thrown back.
Dawn did a great job getting the red to
the boat and I netted it for her. Next
stop was Big Oyster nothing there moved
again to Oak river and the twin I
hooked a big Red 29' no tags but still
released to big. Back to Fienney to try
our drift again picked up a couple more
but that was it. My back started acting
up so I tried one more area before
calling it quit's in Lake Batoula
without results. Weather was great the
tide was falling hard all day not that
many fish but still a great day on the
water with my daughter. Fisherperson of
the day has to go to my daughter she
caught the biggest trout and the only
keeper red. All fish caught on the
Matrix lures under a cork we tried on
the bottom without success.

Final Tally

12 nice trout 13 to 20' Dawn caught the
biggest one.

2 Reds one kept Dawn one released me.

2 Bass released me.

Thanks out to John for trying to help
with reports of areas he tried.

Another great trip out of Sweet Water
thanks for the help launching and
picking up. I had a great time fishing
with my daughter Dawn.

Good luck to all on your next trip!

February 05, 2012 at 10:32am

I launched out of Sweet Water Saturday
my birthday about 8am. I asked where
the fish were biting and as usual the
guy's at the launch told me the places
to try. Which turned out to be the same
places I have been going and not doing
so well. So I asked Capt Jack for a
special Birthday spot he told me that
he heard the water in Lake Robin was a
lot cleaner then on the south side of
Tere Bouef. So off we went to Lake
Robin water was beautiful I could see
the bottom in a lot of places. Problem
was I didn't see any fish I tried a lot
of spots that usually produce in that
area. I finally gave up around 12:30
without a bite and headed back across
to the south tried out at the old
wildlife camp 1 red that broke Ralph's
line that was it. Moved back in to Bay
Lafouche again only one red we lost
near the boat. Headed back to Oak river
near Lake Skippy tried there and in
Pointe Feinney caught a couple trout
but that was it a couple here and a
couple there. About 2:00 I gave up I
needed to get home for some cake and
ice cream yea at least I can eat cake.
No matter we still had a great birthday
fishing with my Best friend Ralph and
my son Kevin.

Final Tally

10 nice trout 13 to 18'

3 throwback trout

2 reds still swimming and laughing at
us. We probably would have tagged and
released anyway they were to big.

At least I caught 5 or the 10 and the
throwbacks. After running about 69
miles to catch fish 10 miles from the

Oh yea I finally started to get the
hang of the Oak river troll on my own
just needed more time.

Good luck to all on your next trip!!

January 31, 2012 at 9:11am

First trip of the year at least we
didn't get skunked. Launched out of
Bayou Beinvenue made our way to the ICW
hit a few spots past the new dam. We
did try the hot water canal but only
lost lures snagging the bottom. Went
down to the shell bank and my son
Jessie started putting a couple in the
boat. Which was unexpected Jessie
doesn't go that often first under a
cork then tight lining the bottom. We
told him he was the man today pretty
cold on the ride but once you stopped
not that bad. Tried in the bayou and
even in the lake a couple her and there
that was it. We had a friend and his
young son with us 10 years old lost a
couple trying to hand the pole off to
him. But he did gt to reel 2 of them
in. I lost a red trying to pass it off
but still a fun day with my son's Kevin
Jessie and their friend Sal and his
son. I know 9 trout and 1 flounder is
not that much but still enough to start
the new year with my kids.

Good trip!

Final tally

9 trout

1 flounder

1 lost red on side the boat. Oh well

Hope everyone has a great year fishing
and catching this Happy New Year to

January 03, 2012 at 3:26pm

Fishing out of Sweet Water Saturday
12/31/11. My son Kevin Ralph and I went
for a trip down the pencil looking for
a few trout. Launched about 7:30 in the
heavy fog if not for the GPS we would
not have been able to go anywhere.
Slowly made our way down the pencil to
Pointe Feiney picked a spot close to
shore not wanting to get run over. With
the heavy fog a lot of people were just
trying to get to one spot to fish. It
was very slow all day for us 2 on this
drift them 5 then 3 they were not
stacked up anywhere we could find. Made
a couple moves off the pencil but only
to find the same thing. Struggled to
get our trout but not skunked but no
limits either. Good trip with my son
and Ralph and we had a few to clean
when we got home.

Final tally

Clicker said 39 but counted 40

40 nice trout 13 to 19'

1 bass released

People were courteous with the fog good
deal no accidents I heard of even
better. Last trip of the year not bad!

January 03, 2012 at 3:22pm

Merry Christmas to everyone short story
of kindness. There are still good
people out and about. Ralph and I were
headed to Delacroix to go fishing
Saturday late about noon. Stopped at
twice the ice near my house and picked
ice for the trip. Turned on to Judge
Perez and went about 3 blocks when
someone started honking his horn at me
I figured something was wrong with the
trailer. When I rolled down my window
the Guy told me that my radio fell off
the the boat I thanked him and pulled
over to look. Just then another man
pulled over and handed me my hand held
VHS radio that fell on the Hwy he
rescued it before it was run over.
Thanked him very much and looked on the
back of the boat and there is my hand
held GPS about to fall on the HWY next.
My thanks go out to both Gentlemen they
save me several hundred bucks for both.
They were both still fine even the
radio that hit the hwy still working.
We went on to go fishing in Delacroix
with out anything else falling off only
to catch 7 nice trout before heading in
to the dock. With all the bad in the
world it's great to see some Good
Samaritan's still out there. Just
wanted to share a good story not great
on the fish but doesn't matter I'll get
them next time.

Good luck to all on your next trip!!

I say Merry Christmas everyone!!

December 19, 2011 at 10:48am

Hard trip Saturday launched out of
Bayou B. had Ralph and 2 retired
Fireman friends. We started out fishing
the ledge in the ICW but only caught
one trout in about 1/2 hour. Made a
move to the air Products slip and
struggled in their as well I picked up
one more nice trout16' then nothing.
Made a couple more moves around the
wall and the self there ended up back
in the slip. Where the crew managed a
couple more keeper trout croakers and a
few throwback trout. But even that was
a struggle for us old foggies I guess,
my hands would not work in the cold. I
love fishing this time of year because
my plastic usually works great but not
Saturday. Oh well report the good
trip's with the not so good.

Final tally

5 keeper trout

4 throwback trout

4 throwback croakers

Tough day for me had trouble even
putting plastic on the hook.

December 12, 2011 at 8:21am

Fishing out of Sweet Water Ralph and I
launched about 8am headed out down the
pencil. 1st stop only boated one but
18' nice but then nothing made our
regular drift opposite side of everyone
else. I don't like crowds moved on to
the next spot again nothing got a call
from a friend telling me they were
catching a few in 4 horse. Hard headed
me stayed in the same area but made a
move to the opposite side and started
boating a few 13 to 14' trout had about
7 more to add to the count. When I got
another call from my friend telling me
they just caught 38 in one drift
needless to say I couldn't start the
boat fast enough. Got over to the 4
Horse area and Ralph and I began to add
to our count we managed to catch the
rest of our 2 man limit but had to work
for them. Thanks to my friend Ellis for
the call we got our limit again and
headed for the dock. Didn't even try
for reds with my one arm disabled
didn't want any. Good trip got to see a
couple friends and out on the water and
our limit of Trout what could be

Final Tally

50 keeper trout

10 to 12 throwback trout

And a good time as usual all fish were
caught on plastic 2' under a cork.

Good luck to all on your next trip!!

December 05, 2011 at 8:08am

Fished Thanksgiving day and the
following Saturday out of Sweet Water
in Delacroix. The Thursday trip was my
son and I since I am still without full
use of my left arm he smoked me. Or at
least that's my excuse we only caught
27 nice specs but only measured 3 or 4
of them. Kevin caught 20 out of the 27
but we had a good time joking about the
trip. Saturday I had a coworker Andy
with Kevin and myself talked with Capt
Jack before venturing out. The advice I
got was probably good but we don't use
bait and was probably the reason his
tip didn't pan out. But I switched
direction and headed back to the area,s
along the pencil canal. Good move saw
the Holy Mackerel boat near where I
started and took it as a good sign which
it was. We managed to put 57 nice
keeper trout and one 16 1/2' red to make
for another great trip. Andy told us at
the house it was the most fish he had
ever caught that made it even better.
All fish were caught on plastic under a
cork 18' to 2' green gulp and green
S.W.A. curly tail while I used some
S.W.A. opening night. The gulp baits
did catch a few more fish but I caught
my share and the only red.

Final tally for Saturday

57 nice keeper trout

8 or 9 throwback trout

1 16' red

As Oneofthepack would say weather was
perfect mild winds till around 9am then
got a little windy 10 to 15 with the
occasional gust.

Don't forget got to go to know!

Good luck to all on your next trip!!

November 28, 2011 at 12:37pm

Sweet day out of Sweet Water launched
about 7 am after talking w/Capt Jack to
find out which direction to try. We
headed out trying to find our way
through the fog slow going but better
safe than sorry. Tried to go down the
pencil canal but found ourselves
heading in to Lake Batoula. Even with a
GPS we followed the wrong track with my
son driving I only have one usable hand
right now but no matter. We tried there
without any success headed for the
pencil making stops at all the usual
spots. Finally I was able to boat the
first fish a 15' trout alright but this
was short lived we managed a few more
then nothing but all nice size trout.
Made a couple more moves slowly in the
fog spot to spot picking a couple
here and there. Before we knew it was
1pm we had enough fish in boat and
Ralph needed to get in not 3 limit's
but we did have over 2 and that's
always enough to clean. As Oneofthepack
would say weather perfect slight breeze
and foggy I could see about 40 or 50'
so it was slow going till later in the
day of course. Great day on the water
with Ralph and my son Kevin took me
fishing in my boat.

All fish caught on plastic any color as
long as it was green under a cork about
1 1/2'

Final tally at the house

52 nice trout most 14 to 18'

1 black drum hit my plastic go figure

Good luck to all on your next trip!

November 21, 2011 at 10:43am

Took my nephew from Atlanta Saturday I
heard they were catching trout around
the Bayou Beivenue area. We started off
in the ICW fishing some of the drains
only 1 keeper to show. Didn't want to
get in the middle of the boats in the
hot water canal. Moved to the bayou
near the lake picked a couple more and
a red Josh caught good deal. I wasn't
fishing this trip due to a cast on my
left arm but still wanted to see my
nephew Josh and My son Kevin get in to
some. Tried as we did all over couldn't
fish the lake due to the wind ended up
in Air products slip picked up one more
that was it. Headed in with 6 trout and
one red. I never use bait but saw
another nephew Steven working for bait
so why not stopped by and he gave us
about 100 nice big shrimp. They used a
couple but the plastic worked just as
well only caught one on the live. Still
a good day on the water with family and
they kept the skunk out of the boat.
Should have gone down the road always
the case should'a could'a but didn't.
Oh well like I said still a good trip
Josh had a ball reeling in the 25' red
and I had fun watching.

Final tally
6 trout 13 to 18' the biggest

1 red 22'

all but one trout caught on plastic
opening night with green tail.

November 14, 2011 at 9:00am

Fished out of BSM again this Saturday
tried the area I fished last week. But
when I neared the area I realized
everyone knows where 6 gals of gas will
bring you. Picked up a couple good
trout but couldn't set up like I wanted
another boat already there. Since I
don't like crowds my son and I moved on
made a couple stops on the way out to
the various lakes. How's that for being
vage ha we struggled all day picking up
a couple here and there with our
plastic. Watched one boat doing well in
a spot I like to fish using live shrimp
go figure. We moved around the various
islands fishing inside drains to the
lake till about 1:30 when we gave in.
Kevin and I managed to box 28
keeper trout and 2 reds all on plastic
as usual not as big as they were last
week but good eating fish. Always fun
fishing with my son Kevin my other son
Jessie didn't wake up to come and Ralph
had other activity's on his plate this
weekend. Still a great day on the water
just Kevin and I burned about 16
gallons of gas running all over looking
for the trout. May go towards Delacroix
next week if Kevin and Ralph take me I
will be recovering from surgery to my
elbow and won't be able to fish. But
still want to go even if it's just to
watch and show them which way to go.

Final Tally

28 keeper trout 12 1/2 to 15'

2 reds 22'

Good luck to all on your next trip!

November 07, 2011 at 8:20am

Great day fishing with my son Kevin out
of BSM didn't go far fishing with
plastic. I love this time of year we
were able to catch our limit of nice
specks and get home to watch the
Saint's game. Oh well at least the
fishing was good even with the 15 to 20
Mph wind we were still able find clean
moving water. The trout were there.
Caught all the fish in 2 spots with out
burning 6 gallons of gas. Lovin it.
Kevin was throwing a Green Salt water
assassin I was throwing a opening night
2' under a cork.

50 nice trout13 to 18'

10 throwback trout the bite was slow
but steady we just had to stay at it.
We didn't even try for any reds trying
to get home for the game. Good luck to all on your next trip!

October 30, 2011 at 7:21pm

Launched out of BSM Saturday morning
around 7 am. Headed to the mounds since
the water was so high and the wind was
blowing pretty hard 15+. Ended up
stopping in Malo to pick off a couple
throwbacks and one keeper under some
birds then they stopped. Moved to the
back of malo only to find choppy dirty
water no fish. Ran through the marsh
out to near the lake then in the lake
with nothing to show. moved back inside
to the MRGO. Found clean moving water
and ended up picking through some trout
only to keep another 14 and 3 white
trout. We did see a few reds and
brought 3 of them to the net the others
swam away to live another day. Fun cool
trip Kevin my son Ralph my regular
partner and his granddaughter Maya.

Final tally

15 keeper trout

3 white trout

3 reds

A great time was had by all!

Good luck to all on your next trip!

October 02, 2011 at 4:45pm

Agreed all the spot's mentioned are good for a quick sandwich on they way or like suggested wait to go to Rocky and Carlo's on the way back you wont regret it !

April 09, 2016 at 10:17am
A comment titled: Re: Match the Hatch in response to a report titled: Match the Hatch

Exactly and thanks for the tip always want to see what is hot right now and taking kid's is always the best trip's you can take, love watching them reeling in a fish especially for the first time !

April 05, 2016 at 9:23am
A comment titled: Re: SWEETWATER MARINA in response to a report titled: SWEETWATER MARINA

You are so right about the people down at Sweet Water I have made several trip's with just me and my first mate Shadeaux my black Lab. They back me down in the water and park my truck and then do the same when I come in great people!

I have been to many launches around south La. but have yet to been to any as helpful as they are !
Glad you had a good trip !

March 29, 2016 at 8:26am

Delacroix and Hopedale are great areas to sight fish on the right day's of course you might also want to try the I.C.W. launch from Southshore Bait and Marina and head down/up the I.C.W. toward Chalmette and fish the marsh between there and Lake Borgne with a shallow draft boat the Bass and Red's are all over there.

Good luck on your adventure's fishing in these areas !

March 23, 2016 at 6:17am
A comment titled: Re: Help with trout guide in response to a report titled: Help with trout guide

Capt. Jack or Capt. Kim both are excellent Trout guide's in Delacroix and it's definitely the best place to find Trout .

Capt. Jack has accommodation's and a personal friend But Capt. Kim would also be a good choice as well he always has good report's !

March 23, 2016 at 6:08am
A comment titled: Re: Question in response to a report titled: Question

Sometimes you can go directly to the manufacturer and get a little better pricing. I know what you mean I been wanting to get a large spool of Power Pro to fill a few of my reel's but the cost is out of this world ?

Hope you find what your looking for and good fishing!

March 23, 2016 at 6:01am
A comment titled: Re: Deploying soon, fishing on Tuesday? in response to a report titled: Deploying soon, fishing on Tuesday?

John C is right if you haven't left to go fishing yet Delacroix is the place if your reading this and would like some help running around Delacroix call me 504 228 6363 we can go in my boat.

March 15, 2016 at 7:19am
A comment titled: Re: Storm Water in response to a report titled: Storm Water

I think Delacroix today would be a long shot I wanted to go there today but if I even go today it will be in the ICW launching out of Southshore Bait and Marina.

February 26, 2016 at 6:54am
A comment titled: Re: Lafitte or Delacroix? in response to a report titled: Lafitte or Delacroix?

I hope you do well but with the weather that has just gone through it may be a struggle the shallow water of Delacroix turn's in to chocolate water after the strong west wind's we just had over the past few day's. It will also be very low for a while I was planning on going today but after the recent weather I am not going to Delacroix but instead may go fish the ICW and MRGO areas. I'm sure I can find some clean water off the ICW that may hold some fish.

Good luck to you on your trip !

February 26, 2016 at 6:17am
A comment titled: Re: Fish cleaning old school! in response to a report titled: Fish cleaning old school!

I have been fishing lures only for over 15 years now but one of my friends that went with me wanted live shrimp. He used about 4 live shrimp before he switched to the lemonhead from Matrix with a 1/4 oz jig head 2' under a cork did the trick and yes I found some clean water close to the launch. I think he kept the rest of his shrimp to eat with his fish. Hahaha

February 24, 2016 at 7:16am
A comment titled: Re: Fish cleaning old school! in response to a report titled: Fish cleaning old school!

I went yesterday but no Red's just 47 Trout but nice ones !

February 22, 2016 at 9:42am
A comment titled: Re: Fish cleaning old school! in response to a report titled: Fish cleaning old school!

Good video Adolph I switched from the electric knife and using my filet/skinning knife . My partner Ralph and I do it a little differently but I like your method a little better and will give it a try today hopefully we catch at least one to do that. I will try to send you a report on how we make out.

Thanks for instructive video !

February 21, 2016 at 5:10am
A comment titled: Re: Lafitte or Delacroix? in response to a report titled: Lafitte or Delacroix?

Delacroix will give you more choices and a little easier to learn if you can understand the map's. Launch at Sweetwater and Capt. Jack will mark your map on where you could try.

February 18, 2016 at 11:27am
A comment titled: Re: Dirty Water Trout in response to a report titled: Dirty Water Trout

Good report thanks I kept looking out the door all day wishing someone would give me a call but never happened the overcast skies looked like it would have been a good day. I am glad you had success nice catch!

February 16, 2016 at 6:48am
A comment titled: Re: New DockSide TV \'After the Spillway\' in response to a report titled: New DockSide TV 'After the Spillway'

I liked the video thanks but I see a new Matrix color I don't have yet. Does my Nephew Steven @ Southshore Bait and Marina have them there for sale? I know a few dead end's around there I could try out with the new color today if I can find someone to go with me .

I use a lot of the matrix lures and I catch fish with them I find they hold up a lot better than some of the other's the action of the lure and the color combination's really work. Thanks for the video's and tip's !

February 11, 2016 at 7:52am
A comment titled: Re: Regular guys catching fish in response to a report titled: Regular guys catching fish

Nice catch guy's it's always fun when you limit out and even better when you get pictures to rub it in to your friend's. Hahaha Hope you have many more trip's like this one !

February 11, 2016 at 7:21am
A comment titled: Re: Fishing Sickness in response to a report titled: Fishing Sickness

Wow so that's what is wrong or is right with me ?

February 07, 2016 at 6:30am

Enjoyed the message thank you for sharing !

God bless you all !

February 07, 2016 at 6:29am
A comment titled: Re: Shrimping with skimmers in response to a report titled: Shrimping with skimmers

As hard as it might be they need to stop selling to the dock's!

This is not the time to set a boat up for shrimping better to go to a launch/marina and find the guy's already going and buy direct from them they need the money.

After the first time shrimping is just hard work !

August 28, 2015 at 8:40am
A comment titled: Re: Shrimping with skimmers in response to a report titled: Shrimping with skimmers

The people that shrimp for a living are really having a hard time right now but the only way to bring the prices up is for them to just stay home or sell the shrimp themselves. I had to stop shrimping after Katrina took my boat I had a decision to make fix the boat or my house. I chose to fix my house and never had the time or money to fix the boat . Ended up giving it to my brother who really didn't need it he had a nice boat already and still does. But luckily he has a regular job and the shrimping was his retirement plan. I think he is rethinking that plan and certainly won't go catch shrimp just to sell them to the dock for the ridiculously low prices they are paying.

The shrimpers need to ban together and stop selling to the docks for a week and see how fast the prices go up. Unfortunately I don't see that happening.

August 27, 2015 at 6:36am
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