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Boutte, LA

This is NOT a cull. I'm getting away from keeping a bulldog for awhile and wanna make sure he goes to the right hands. He's been on several hogs in the woods and the pen. Very well started, I'm always hesitant to use the word finished. He'll be 2 in July. The good: -Has caught on the ear every single time -Has all his teeth in good shape -If he can hear the bay, he'll go to it and catchVERY strong -He's ALL BULLDOG -Been cut down pretty bad by a 180lb boar and never made a sound or acted bothered by it, never let go and pulled that hog down by himself -He's been on fire since birth -Very serious little dog but he is very people friendly The bad: -He's dog aggressive and will grab one every now and then unless there's a hog in front of him, then he's all about the hog. I just keep a short lead on him. -He's on the small side, 42lbs last I weighed him -Doesn't have a release word, I don't teach that. I'd rather just break em off the ear. Some people like being able to give a command. -Hasn't been around kids younger than my 12 year old, but he's not going to a pet home anyway. Hog hunters only. Price is non negotiable, he doesn't have to leave here.

April 22 at 4:30pm