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If your looking to fish Cocodrie or Dularge tomorrow I just had a cancellation. Weather is going to be great. Trout or reds I got you covered. Give me a call Capt Casey (985) 714-3987

May 24 at 1:28pm

Yesterday I had Frenchie from Swamp People join me along with Turtleman and Turtlegal. Turtleman and Turtlegal said they’ve never caught a speckled trout or a Bull Red before so that was the mission. We set off to go after the specks first. Found bait everywhere but the bite was really slow. They stuck with it landing some solid trout. After we iced down 31 trout we set off to go after the bulls. First stop, Boom but of course that big one got away. Second stop we hooked into 3 more Bulls landing 2 of them. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! All fish caught on #HWFLuresGetEmShads under Dominator corks. Everyone had a blast. Stay tuned for the videos. Call me for your next trip (985) 714-3987 #Pugliassportinggoods #Bigdawgcoolers #FilletzallBlades #Jusgrabitglove #Powerpole

May 22 at 5:28pm

Yesterday Kevin and Shane joined me for a good ole trout beatbown. Beautiful trout fell victim to live shrimp Carolina rigged paired with tandem rigs #HighwaterFishingLures #Getemshads purple charm. We hit platforms and barrier rocks surrounding islands. Stick and move after thoroughly working the whole area casting 360 deg looking for Eddy’s, bait and current lines and this will be your end result! Trout or reds is on 🔥 down here. Call for your day! (985) 714-3987 #Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Filletzall #Powerpole #SpeckledTrout #LouisianaTrout

May 22 at 12:05am

PAST FEW TRIPS REPORT: (Same techniques used on all trips) Today was a awesome day on the pond down in Dularge. My buddy Roy Robinson called me up around 10am and said let’s go get em Capt. That’s exactly what we did. We drifted banks hitting point, bends and cuts/knockouts in the marsh using #GetEmShad under a HWFLures popping cork tipped wit smell goods(scrimps). Even pulled in a few lagniappe fishy’s. Great catching up with ole friends over limits. Fishing had been excellent. We had another great afternoon down here in Dularge. Father and son caught plenty of fish today using Vermillion Brown #Getemshads tipped with shrimp under dominator corks by High Water Fishing Lures LLC drifting shorelines! Non-Stop laughing and cutting up between everyone makes for a wonderful day. Yesterday Nick Pellerin and crew came down from New Iberia to fish with me. With bad weather approaching we were forced to duck out in a nearby camp for a few hours to wait out the storm. They still managed to put a decent box together despite the long weather delay. Great group of guys to fish with. Thank you for the business and look forward to our next trip! Trout or Reds, We Got you Covered!!! *CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR NEXT TRIP* (985) 714-3987 #Highwaterfishinglures #Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Powerpole #Filletzall

May 07 at 9:51am

This Arkansas crew got em today! 1 Stop Shop for Mark, Kevin and Austin getting their limits on ice by 9:30am using #Getemshad tipped with shrimp under a cork. It was their first time ever to catch a Redfish. They even caught a alligator and a alligator gar fish to get the full Bayou experience!🤣 Thanks Capt Travis Miller for setting up the trip! Trout and reds have been on fire! Call now to book your trip Captain Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987 #Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #HighwaterFishingLures #Filletzall #Powerpole #LouisianaCharterBoat #Saltwater #Redfish

April 28 at 4:43pm

Matt, John and Gene came down to Dularge this morning for a good ole Bull Redfish Beatbown. We drifted a bank that was protected with signs of bait and some decent water clarity and found the big reds holding off 20-30yrds from shoreline. Despite the 25mph winds these guys boated 15 studs, 2 black drum and one lost Speck. What a fun day it was for these guys. Spring summer Fishing is about to be in full swing Trout bite has been getting better too so If you are looking to get after some reds or trout give me a call Capt Casey Lombard(985) 714-3987 All fish caught on #GetEmShad (Fin twister) under HWFLures dominator cork. Thanks to Captain Marty LaCoste for setting up the trip. #Precisionfishingcharters #Filletzall #Pugliassportinggoods #Jusgrabitglove #Powerpole #HighwaterfishingLures

March 12 at 11:38pm

Mr John joined me today from South Dakota. We left out of Moran’s Marina in Fourchon in search of trout. After boxing a handful of trout we went after some big dawgs. We found them stacked up reeling in one after another. All fish caught on #GetEmShad Fintwister under #HWFLures popping cork. Great fun day on the water. Give me a call to get your fishing fix Capt Casey Lombard(985) 714-3987 #Powerpole #PugliasSportingGoods #JusGrabitglove #Filletzall #LouisianaCharterFishing #Saltwaterfishing #PrecisionFishingCharters #Fourchon

March 05 at 12:16pm

Stanley Helmin came down from Minnesota to fish with Wanda Stewart and myself Friday down in Dularge. After several moves finding dirty water at each spot, I suggested that we go catch Sheepshead. After boxing 4 they really wanted reds so that?s what we set off to do. Next spot we located cleaner water and a decent bite using VermillionBrown GetEmShad under HWFLurespoppingcork.

Ended day with 10 reds, 4 sheeps, 4 Bass and 1 marsh speck. Made us work for em but at the end of the day it?s about having a great experience and getting to enjoy their fresh catch prepared by Tradewinds Restaurant In Cocodrie. Can?t beat that!

Give me a call to set up your next trip.

Captain Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987

#Jusgrabitglove #Powerpole #PugliasSportinggoods #Filletzall

January 14 at 7:01pm

The specks have been very cooperative as of late. Morning and evening trips have been successful #Limits. #GetEmShads tight-lined has been the ticket. Don’t miss out on the legendary winter time Dularge bite. Capt Casey Lombard 📞(985) 714-3987📞
#Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Filletzall #Highwaterfishinglures #Powerpole

December 10, 2018 at 10:36am

Trout were inhaling the Get’Em Shad this morning. Both tightlined and 2ft under a #HWFLurespoppingcork were both effective. Color of choice seemed to be the Fin Twister #Getemshad although Capt Labat who joined me this morning did catch some on Vermillion Cocktail. Great times! Fishing is on 🔥Call
Capt Casey Lombard📞(985) 714-3987📞

December 10, 2018 at 10:33am

I was one of three boats fishing with this San Diego, California crew. All 3 days Jerry, Mark and Brad had the cooler overflowing with limits of redfish. They also caught all these species over their trip: Sheepshead(tons😂), Speckled trout(very few), Bass, flounder, Black drum and 1 freshwater catfish. Great crew and LOTS of fun. Thank you Captain Lloyd Landry for setting all this up. If you want in on this incredible bite give me a call and let’s get em!
Captain Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987
#HighwaterFishingLures and #GetEmShads responsible for the carnage. #Filletzall blades made cleaning a breeze. #Powerpole kept us on da spot. #Jusgrabitglove protected my hands🙏. #Pugliassportinggoods sells all these fine products.

November 26, 2018 at 7:36am

Doug, Karen, Kayla and Pauline came down from Missouri and got to experience a South LA redfish massacre Dularge style! All 25 fish caught on #Highwaterfishinglures and #GetEmShads! Captain Casey Lombard to book your trip 🎣📞(985) 714-3987📞🎣
#Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Powerpole #Vudushrimp

November 24, 2018 at 9:39am

Very low water due to the high northern winds made it tough getting around today but the guys from Farm Bureau Insurance put a hurting on the reds. Thanks Capt Lloyd Landry for setting up the trip.
Captain Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987
#Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Powerpole #Highwaterfishinglures

November 10, 2018 at 7:31pm

I have openings for this Saturday and Sunday if you are interested in 🎣fishing🎣 . Trout are showing up more and more and the redfish bite remains to be on 🔥 down in Dularge! Going to be a fantastic weekend to be out on the water. Don’t miss out and give me a call
Captain Casey Lombard
📞(985) 714-3987

October 25, 2018 at 10:54am

3 other boats and I helped out Capt Lloyd Landry today. My 2 guys Bucket List: 1st redfish ever✅, 1st trout✅, 1st flounder✅ and 1st sheepshead ever✅!! After catching close to a limit of trout they caught probably 30 reds (lots of throwbacks), making for fantastic action the entire time. Vudu shrimp under 4horsemen corks again! What a great fun day we had! Big thanks to Capt Lloyd Landry for the trip. #Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Powerpole #Egretbaits
Capt Casey Lombard
(985) 714-3987 to book your next trip

October 25, 2018 at 10:49am

It was Steve and Leslie’s turn to battle the windy rainy conditions Tuesday down in Dularge. We got a late start (9:30am) waiting on thunderstorms to pass but we managed to box a few. Ratio of keeper reds to throwbacks was 6:20. Lots of undersized reds but they caught plenty of them. Check out the Black Drum that Steve landed weighing in at 27.9lbs. And one of the prettiest Sheepshead I’ve ever seen landed by Leslie. All fish caught on vudu shrimp tipped wit 🍤 under a 4horsemen cork. Thanks for a great time and a big thanks to Capt Lloyd Landry with Outcast Fishing Charters for the trip.
Capt Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987
#Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Powerpole #Egretbaits

October 10, 2018 at 3:23pm

I had the pleasure to fish with Jay and Kathy Monday. Windy windy again but they stuck with it and put 13 reds, 2 trout and 1 sheep in the cooler with the help of Dat #4horsemencorks and #vudushrimp. Great time fishing with these two. Thank you Capt Lloyd Landry for the trip!
Capt Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987
#Pugliassportinggoods #Jusgrabitglove #Powerpole #Egretbaits

October 10, 2018 at 3:13pm

High winds out of Cocodrie Sunday but that didn’t stop John, Thomas and Troy from Star Services from putting 20 reds on ice with trout and drums mixed in. Great trip!!! Big thanks to Bryce Michel/Capt Chris Venable for the trip. All fish caught on vudu shrimp under 4Horsemen corks.
Capt Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987
#Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Egretbaits #Powerpole

October 10, 2018 at 3:10pm

I took some of Capt Lloyd Landry’s guys from Iowa fishing yesterday. We caught reds almost the entire time. Lots of 14”-15” throwbacks. Ended up with a nice mess using #vudushrimp tipped with some smell goods under cork working points and banks. These guys were a lot of fun to fish with. Thanks Capt Lloyd Landry with OutcastFishingCharters for the trip! Give me a call if you are interested in some great trout/red action right now continuing throughout the winter time down in Dularge. Capt Casey(985) 714-3987 #Jusgrabitglove #Egretbaits #Pugliassportinggoods #Powerpole

September 30, 2018 at 11:49am

I had the pleasure to fish with some of Mr. Elliot’s friends yesterday and today. 3 in my boat and 3 in his boat following me. Both boats had action the entire time with messes of fish (reds, trout, flounder, sheepshead) hitting the coolers accompanied with lots of laughs and joking around. We called it quits at 11am this morning as they had a flight to catch (no pictures). Everyone had a great time! Thank you Mr. Elliot for the business. Thank you for setting up the trips Capt Lloyd Landry with Outcast Fishing Charters. All fish caught on #doyouvudu shrimp and 4 Horseman corks. Give me a call to set up your next trip! (985) 714-3987. #Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Egretbaits #Powerpole

September 20, 2018 at 6:11pm
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