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Just curious question, for those of you that hunt with dogs in the marsh how well do they perform in the mud and what kind of dogs do you use? Recently hunted in Venice for the first time and quickly found out how hard it was to retrieve birds that still had a little kick left in them. I was looking into a Chesapeake Bay Retriever just because of the strength and determination.

January 29 at 9:05pm
A comment titled: Re: Plaquemines Parish public land permit in response to a report titled: Plaquemines Parish public land permit

I have to agree, nobody knows whats going on with the permit. I talked to three different people about the permit when we went for teal season and everybody had different stories. They need to be more prepared instead of deciding last second to force a permit down our throats. There has not been any new information released in months. Go ahead and put it off for a year, hear hunters opinions when they arrive this year. I think the permit is a good idea, but there are many flaws that hunters should have a voice on, the prices, maps should be involved in the purchase and the ways to purchase the permit need to be easier. When we head that way we usually do not arrive till close to midnight. Thats going to prevent us from hunting day 1 while we have to deal with a permit. Many questions that show this was not very carefully thought out.

October 24 at 4:03pm
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