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Fished from about 630 until dark. Caught 6 and kept 5. All on Pop_R Ole Bass color. I'm ready for Fall.

June 15 at 10:01pm

Tried yesterday evening in my usual area I fish for the top water bite with the Pop-R. Managed 1 bass. Decided to try the Teche in Franklin this morning. Tried my normal spot that usually produces a few with Pop-R, Senko, and Spinner Bait, and Stanley Ribbit. Nothing. Then tried by the Golf Course stretch that is usually a good area. Nothing. Most of the grass that grows along the edges is gone. The water was clear and was moving. Guess that's why it's called fishing. Back home before 8AM.

June 02 at 9:51am

Got off a bit early from work and made an evening Trip. The water dropped a little. Took my mom along. Managed 5 on Watermelon Senko and 8 including about 3 i missed on Rebel Pop-R. Tried the Whopper Plopper in Loon and wasn't getting any hits. Put on the Magnum Pop-R and they started hitting it.

May 31 at 10:22pm

Made an afternoon trip and fished until dark. Managed 7 that I kept and probably 3 toss backs. 1 on white spinnerbait, 2 on Rebel Pop-R, and rest including the toss backs on Watermelon Magic Senko 1/8 oz weight. Tried a couple of sloughs but nothing. Most of the bass today were caught on points where canal and main bayou intersected. Had one point that held about 5 but most were small. The other points had 1 here and there. The 2 on Pop R was caught fishing the side of a canal.

May 25 at 10:00pm

Made a morning trip. Managed 7 total. 4 at one of my favorite sloughs, one at another slough, and 2 off of that point across from #9. Probably caught @ 5 total there but some were toss backs. Also missed a good one. All in weightless Texas rigged watermelon red glitter Senko.

May 18 at 4:21pm

Made a trip after lunch til about 5PM. Managed 10 I kept. Luckily I found them stacked pretty good at 1 slough and caught about 6 or so. The other were caught on points for the most part and another at a slough. Canal that has been pretty good this year had nothing. The water was crystal clear in it so i think the rain probably had it a bit jacked up. Most on weightless senko Texas rigged and one on weighted Senko Texas rigged.

May 12 at 8:29pm

Fishing the morning and evening. Pretty much all caught on Senko watermelon red. Maybe a couple bass on Spinnerbait. 4 bass and that big catfish(17 pound 4 oz) this morning and 1 perch. 6 bass and 9 perch this afternoon with my mom. So i set the hook on that catfish this morning when he hit the weightless Texas rigged Senko. After a good battle managed to net it. Very surprised when i set the hook and that beast took off. Good times.

April 27 at 9:01pm

Got off work a few hours early. Fished 3 different Canals to catch 7 Bass and 9 Perch(goggle eye). White bladed spinner bait with white skirt and Junebug and watermelon red flake Senko's rigged wacky and Texas. Missed a couple bass and just one toss back. Fried perch tomorrow :)

April 24 at 9:07pm

Got off a couple hours early so made an evening bass trip. Brought my mom along. Started fishing usual canal and was getting nothing. Seen a mullet on top the water. Touched with rod tip and no reaction. Suspect low oxygen due to tide being pretty far down. Water out the swaps hosed things up. It was clear though. After 20 mins of nothing made the 10 minute ride to next spot. Success. Manged 16 Sun Fish and 12 bass. Tossed back @ 5 more smaller ones. None of the bass had much size but fun anyway and that's what counts. Missed one that felt pretty good. Spinnerbait caught 2 and rest on wacky Senko. Perch love it too. 1st time my mom using one and she managed a bass and a few perch too. Good times.

April 17 at 8:48pm

A very windy morning. No other boats out today. Kept 8 bass and a few sunfish. Most on Texas rigged Green Pumpkin Senko and Humdinger. The gnats were terrible. The water had finally dropped some. A couple of the canals had that bad marsh smell. I think I'll sleep in tomorrow. Me and the parents had fried bass for lunch.

April 13 at 1:56pm

Left work early to squeeze in a pre-front trip. Brought mom along. 11 bass that we kept and 3 sunfish. Surprisingly most were caught on Green Pumpkin Senko and not the spinnerbait. Managed a few on the Humdinger. Biggest was caught on SB. Most bass on the Senko was caught Texas rigged with 1/8 oz tungsten. Color chart attached if anyone interested when to use what color worms. It's a nice quick reference. I typically carry just 4 colors. Watermelon/red....Green Pumpkin/blue....Junebug....and a version of black though rarely use and usually throw Junebug. I typically never fish muddy water. If the weather holds, going in the morning.

April 12 at 9:40pm

Managed 3 keepers and a few toss backs and a few perch that were attacking the Wacky Senko. Only fished @ 3 hours. Seen a few boats running around.

April 07 at 5:22pm

Managed 9 that I would have kept. 5 nice Sun Fish. 1 nice bass that was hooked and got off that felt good. 5 or so toss back bass. While fishing I noticed in an area on the side of a boat launch 5 nice sized looking fish. I thought they were small gar until A small bass hit the humdinger. Upon closer inspection they were all bass. Tried to get them to bite but no joy. Fished the rest of the day in that area and returned several times to try and get them to bite. Finally one hit the humdinger. It was about 2.5 lbs. Then I got another to bite using the Texas rigged Crawfatty. It was about 2lbs. Water was high. Wind was crazy, but the fish were hungry. 1st pic is 8 bass and a few perch. 2nd pic is one that i caught after releasing the 8. Right after that 9th fish I hooked up with another on the Humdinger and had it for about 10 feet but got off. Huge swell. 2 lbs i suspect. Good times. Thinking about going in the AM but not sure on this weather holding off.

April 06 at 10:20pm

Managed 5 keepers. Had to work for them. Senko's and SpinnerBait. Stayed with the Junebug Senko. Weighted and Wacky. Also managed a catfish that bit the Wacky. Tossed back @ 5 very small ones. Back at the launch at 1045AM. I'm ready for fall. :-) All released to fight another day.

March 30 at 7:05pm

Decided to take a few hours off work and go fishing. 4 I kept and 2 perch. Tossed back @ 4 very small ones. Big bass was 2 lb 9 ozs. Hoping will be a bit better in the morning. 2 wacky 1 SB 1 Power worm.

March 29 at 9:08pm

Decide to make an afternoon trip instead of the morning today. Caught most of the bass and Goggle eye on Wacky rigged Senko in Watermelon Red. 3 bass were caught on Humdinger Chartreause/white spinner bait as well as the sac-a-lait. Water temp @ 65. Finally this warming trend had them biting good again.

March 24 at 8:38pm

1st time using a power worm in Teq. sunrise color in years. Tried a baby brush hog and then a craw fatty. Then tried the worm. Caught 4 bass on it and missed another at the boat. Manged 2 more bass with the 1/4 oz humdinger and also missed what felt like a very nice one by that merdle branch. Figured they'd have a bass by it eventually. Water temp 63 and water over the bank. Clear water everywhere. May be sticking with the power worms for a bit this year.

March 17 at 8:52pm

Managed 3 bass on Gold willow Humdinger with white/chart skirt. Cousin got 4 sac's and I got 2. We missed a couple more. Water was clear but darn high.

March 16 at 10:11pm

Managed 8 that I kept and tossed back 3 smaller ones. Bite was tough. Spinnerbait and Senko (Green Pumpkin Blue fleck) Water Temp @ 65. Was expecting it to be a bit better with the weather coming today.

March 03 at 2:47pm

Took a while to get the limit. Found a slough that were stacked up pretty good. Managed 6 from it and the 4 others at various other locations. 2/3 on Senkos and others on Spinner Bait. Seen a few boats out today.

March 02 at 3:21pm

True. Though I suspect it's still better than the Black Iron skillet :-)

April 07 at 10:14am

Very nice. Seldom I catch any of size.

March 03 at 2:41pm
A comment titled: Re: Deer Kill in response to a report titled: Deer Kill

I've seen kills similar to that on 'The Walking Dead' series. I suspect Zombies.

February 25 at 4:27pm

Hey Tony. Morgan City area.

February 17 at 6:08pm

Good to hear. Best time of the year for fishing is here.

October 21, 2018 at 8:17pm

I also keep a log of my trips. The posts here are for a photo record of that journal entry.
Love me some bass fishing. There are times I go that the bite is slow. This evening will probably be one of those days as it will be ESE but it is a pretty good outgoing tide. I plan on leaving work at 2PM. The area I fish is South Louisiana :)
The key to success is to fish outgoing tide. Fairly clear water, overcast skies a huge plus. Windy is good. Fog is the bomb. Overcast, fog, and wind...well that right there is a blessing from Thor.

October 19, 2018 at 10:02am
A comment titled: Re: Morning bass fishing fun in response to a report titled: 9/16/2018_Morning bass fishing fun


September 19, 2018 at 9:11pm
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