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WENT to grand isle Friday after a disgusting week of turkey hunting in northeast la .caught a few nice trout

April 15 at 9:19am

SPENT 5 days in tensas opening week of season with brother and friends hunting tensas and biglake . worse opening week hunted five days in different places and none of us heard a bird gobble at all . hogs have gotten out of hand in the reserve and saw only a few hens in the road, talked to warden and he said the hogs where the problem and that they had killed numerous hogs and told us to shoot them if we saw them. well I don't know about you but iam not going to shot a hog with birdshot lol. their solution was to cut the season and bag limit or go to a lottery hunt, ive hunted tensas over 30 years and in just the last few years ive seen a drastic decline in the turkey population, I think they should open a hog season in tensas and restock turkeys but that seems to never have crossed their minds . as much time and money we as sportsman spend each year you think we would have more of a season not less, EVERY year there seems to be a new license sportsman have to buy just to hunt state and federal reserves why isn't that money used to restock reserves decimated by hogs . thanks for your time disgusted turkey hunter

April 15 at 9:06am

fished first bridge on way to grand isle sunday morning, caught 9 NICE trout biggest over 3 pounds ,where kinda biting slow , caught them on 3inch tsunami bunker color,worked slow on the bottom

March 27 at 2:48pm

JUST wanted to let fishermen know if u fish on hwy one at the first bridge going into grand isle ,lock ur things up even ur icechest . I was fishing sat at that first bridge like I have many times before, a young guy came up and fished beside me he wasn't catching anything and I was catching some nice trout on artificial bait ,he said he didn't have any so I gave him one of mine. on about the 3rd cast he caught nice trout and was excited . I had SEVEN nice trout in my bucket and told him I was going to my truck to put them on ice so they wouldn't dry out , came bk started fishing again . he and I fished for a bit longer but fish had stopped biting . he packed up and without even a bye or ty for the bait walked bk to where our trucks where parkerd. I stayed on bridge fishing and he walked past my truck and started fishing, the way my truck was parked I couldn't see behind my truck , he was carrying a bucket with his one fish in it, and I didn't pay much attention to him after that then I noticed him cross the road behind my truck get in his ruck and leave even waiving as he drove by, I fished another hour or so and decided to leave ,as I was about to leave I decided to take a pic of my fish and was surprised as I opened my icechest to find my 3 biggest trout gone ,its a sad day when u cant even go have a relaxing day fishing and have to worry about someone stealing from you , so keep a watch on ur things while u fish because even ur catch isn't safe these days,

thanks for listening to me vent
grandisle bank fisherman

April 30, 2018 at 7:53am
A comment titled: Re: Texas Turkey, spring 2019 2nd Trip in response to a report titled: Texas Turkey, spring 2019 2nd Trip

hey letumgrow I never received info on texas hunting . don't know if that contact user button is working lol

April 24 at 2:29pm

exactly coondog this problem needs to be addressed very soon we as sportsman pay taxes on everything we buy in the pursuit of our chosen sport and buy licenses for those sports which seem to keep going up and new ones added . But with all these taxes and extra license we have to buy our seasons are either cut in half as in most state and federal reserves or they go to a lottery only hunt. turkey hunting is a fantastic and addictive sport and it really bothers me that more isn't being done to preserve this sport in our reserves.

April 16 at 2:25pm
A comment titled: Re: Texas Turkey, spring 2019 2nd Trip in response to a report titled: Texas Turkey, spring 2019 2nd Trip

NICE birds letumgrow, man now that's a rattler for sure, congrats on a successful two hunts, great story to go with hunts,

April 16 at 12:11pm
A comment titled: Re: Texas Turkey Hunting, spring 2019 in response to a report titled: Texas Turkey Hunting, spring 2019

ok thanks letumgrow

April 16 at 11:02am
A comment titled: Re: Texas Turkey Hunting, spring 2019 in response to a report titled: Texas Turkey Hunting, spring 2019

HEY GUYS IVE never hunted turkeys in texas ,can u give me some ideas on south texas turkey hunting ,or guides or ranches you guys hunt any info would be appreciated.

April 16 at 8:26am
A comment titled: Re: GRAND ISLE in response to a report titled: Great day on GRAND ISLE

FISHED first bridge going into grand isle ,one with the camp

April 15 at 3:46pm

THIS is true spec ,but if they needed fish that bad I would have given them all ,but as u say at least it was just fish and not expensive gear,

April 30, 2018 at 8:48am
Boutte, LA

HI Iam a responsible and ethical sportsman and hunter looking for private land owners who have land I can pay to turkey hunt on . either in Louisiana or Mississippi, ive hunted over 30 years in northeast Louisiana but recently the turkey populations where I hunt have been decimated by hogs. and those places only allow hog hunting on certain occasions, so iam asking for any private land owner that has land with huntable turkey populations and wants to make some extra cash or an extra hand with projects you may need done we can meet and discuss it , thank you for your time and god bless ps. I can be reached by text or call at 225-588-7811 leave message thanks mrobinson

June 13 at 12:10pm