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Check out this link. I've heard about 'On-Line' hunting before, but thought it was just a joke. Apparantly someone has a business in Texas that allows you to actually shoot game with the click of a mouse...

This kind of stuff needs to be banned nationwide...

May 17, 2005 at 10:01am

It's brown, legal and even has some small horns.....

This little fella walked within 15' of my stand in the marsh last season. Personally, I opted to let him grow a little more....

May 06, 2005 at 7:27am

Do any of you guys experiment with food plots in the marsh? Have you found anything that grows on a floating marsh? We've tried rye grass, which grows very slow and doesn't get real thick or tall. We've also tried winter oats, which surprisingly grows quite well.

I bought several different types of seeds and winter clover that I will experiment with next fall.

I would like to know what you guys do.....

May 02, 2005 at 7:03am
A comment titled: Shipping Containers... in response to a report titled: Hunting Camp

You can buy used shipping containers pretty cheap. $800 for a 20x8 and $1000 for a 40x8. Check classifieds in the 'Tools, Equipment and Machinery' section. The company that sells them also deliver them. A cutting torch and a welding machine will make two of them set side by side a nice sized camp in about a weekend or so. Cut out holes for windows as you need and just screw in some cheap flanged windows from Home Depot. I bought a 20 footer this past spring to use as a shed for my mowers and other lawn equipment. Water proof and rock solid..

June 13, 2005 at 7:38am
A comment titled: Soooooooweeeeeeee! in response to a report titled: more pictures

Now that's a stack of pork!!

June 13, 2005 at 7:28am
A comment titled: Good going... in response to a report titled: Good dog

I hear them coyotes yelping on my lease nearly every evening just before dark and for about an hour after. We find fawns and yearlings mauled all the time that are half eaten. We will try trapping them next fall... We just can't see them in the marsh with four foot high grass..

June 13, 2005 at 7:27am
A comment titled: I don't know how to score... in response to a report titled: Allens 04 Buck

But on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this beauty a 9.9....

June 13, 2005 at 7:18am
A comment titled: Ah... Frogs.. in response to a report titled: Fun for the kids - fun for the adults

We went out on a spur of the moment trip this past Saturday night. We were in 2 boats and took different runs through the marsh with a $10 bet on which boat would bring in the most. It was very close... My son and I caught 53 in two and a half hours. My brother and his son caught 55 in the same time frame. Water in the marsh was high and they were pretty scattered. It's been over 2 years since the last time I went frogging, but we had a blast. I'll probably make another trip in a couple of weeks..

June 13, 2005 at 7:13am
A comment titled: 11 or 12? in response to a report titled: Another reason to let them grow

Looks to have 6 points on one side and 5 on the other.

Very nice buck!!

June 13, 2005 at 6:57am
A comment titled: Hawaii, huh? in response to a report titled: Back in the saddle again.....

Go ahead Ricky.... Rub it in... By the way, what is this 'vacation' you speak of? I think I would like that concept...

June 13, 2005 at 6:55am
A comment titled: Heck.. in response to a report titled: Watchout for these!

I STILL can't tell what it is even after being told..

June 08, 2005 at 4:41pm
A comment titled: Be careful... in response to a report titled: Too Many hogs

I know of a club that brought in a dozen feral hogs to their deer property, and the things populated worse than nutria. It literally ruined an otherwise perfect white tail property.

If you put some on your lease, be darn sure to have a biologist give you a number to harvest every year and follow it, or they can get out of hand very quickly..

June 07, 2005 at 6:19pm
A comment titled: I agree with you Tax... in response to a report titled: 31 Pointer

The landowner is being a horses a$$ about this.

Especially since the guys were friends before he shot the deer...

Sad indeed..

June 07, 2005 at 6:15pm
A comment titled: Chris/Mike in response to a report titled: SHELL OIL PETITION

Some really good dialog like this is what we need to do instead of taking a 'holier than thou' approach by banning all IP's from Shell servers like chose to do. And yes.. I do work for Shell, but not in their offshore or gas a power divisions.

One point I tried to make was that there are approximately 300 open loop terminals operating around the world, yet it is not known how they impact fisheries? Is the Gulf Landing terminal uniuqe in some way that it is designed to kill more fish than the rest?

Another interesting concept to ponder are the many sea water desalination plants around the world. Over 15,000 are in operation. Combined, these plants pull in nearly 5 billions of sea water daily for reverse osmosis, converting it into fresh water for consumption. Every single drop of water that is drawn in for desalination is injected with biocides, boiled, and filtered through membranes to remove brine. Every organism drawn into a desalination plant dies, because none of the material ever returns to the sea. Are you aware that there is a desalination plant down in the Florida Keys in the tarpon spawning grounds with another one being built in the next couple of years?

The most interesting thing about the open loop LNG terminals is that the 18 degree change in temperature and the chlorine is not what kills the organisms. It is the pump, that basically treats them the same was as a blender would.

I am glad that we can agree to disagree because that is one of the things that make this country great. But I just don't see the devestating impact that is being advertised... I don't care what company it is.. I pay more attention because it is Shell, but my opinion would be the same either way.

June 06, 2005 at 4:08pm
A comment titled: Facts, and not so facts... in response to a report titled: SHELL OIL PETITION

Mike, we can all respect the fact that everyone has an opinion on this issue. The only way a person can make an informed opinion is to first obtain the correct information in which to base that opinion...

Here are a few facts:

Redfish spawn on the coast and marshes in the shallows. Any redfish lavae that makes it 35 miles offshore has no chance of survival anyway. They will be eaten as foon as they hatch... The published figure that this terminal will kill an estimated .8% of the total Louisiana annual redfish catch is grossly overstated because we're talking about larvae with a 98% mortality rate anyway. This is larvae that don't belong there...

Red Snapper spawn in the deep waters offshore, more than twice the distance from where Gulf Landing will be located. They migrate inward toward the coast after hatching. The mature and juvenile snapper will not be affected by the terminal at all. So any talk about the open loop system affecting red snapper is totally incorrect. The figure published is an estimated 1 in 5,000 red snapper will be affected by the terminal. Hell, I've seen as many as 15 undersized red snapper get popped and thrown back on a single offshore trip. Even the captain said that more than half of them die..

Another fact.. To have a closed loop system means that you need to literally add fire into the equation. Think about that for a second.. Fire + millions of pounds of LNG = the potential for catastrophic disaster. Not to mention millions of dollars in increased insurance costs, safety risk mitigation as well as the cost of the fuel to burn.

Fact - There ARE closed loop systems in the US, but none of them are located offshore. They are land-based operations. The offloading terminal may be over water, but the liquified LNG is pumped a short distance away to the land based closed loop terminal.

Fact - There are approximately 300 open loop LNG terminals operating in the world right now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there has been no documented proof that any of these terminals have been proven harmful to marine life. At least I have never read anything suggesting that they do.

Fact - Your competition has decided to take the low road in this fight by literally banning anyone trying to access their site through a Shell server. Ever notice how they always post challenges for debates and demand answers, yet no one ever refutes their propaganda? Well guess what, it's easy to claim victory if your enemy cant access the site to get in a word edge-wise.. And when someone does find a back door, the posts and comments are QUICKLY deleted by their staff.

Now for some non-facts...

Your competitor constantly claims that Shell's profit from Gulf Landing is projected to be over $1 billion annually, PLUS the savings in fuel costs by not going to closed loop. Shell does not advertise project profitibility reports outside of the company. They're obligated to report earnings, but they NEVER share proprietary information of the intended Return on Average Capital Employed. Shell has competitors too. So just how much will Shell make annually from Gulf Landing? That is unknown. I can tell you one thing, if I owned a SINGLE terminal that earned a billion bucks a year, then it would be a drop in the bucket for me to justify the added expense of fuel and insurance as well as the safety risk mitigation from going to a closed loop system.

I chose to base MY opinion on facts that I go after and research myself, not on the so-called facts that come by word of mouth from the likes of people at They claim that Shell is all about lies, power and greed, but they need to look in the mirror when they say that.

June 06, 2005 at 12:09pm
A comment titled: If you are really serious about handgun hunting... in response to a report titled: need advice

Then consider either the T/C Encore single shot or BF single shot. Both are pretty expensive (over $700 new), but either one can be chambered in either a standard sub-sonic handgun round up to .454, or centerfire rifle cartridges. I have a T/C in .308 and it is deadly accurate out to 200 yards... Plus, you can order additional barrels in any chamber for the gun for around $200 each.

If you are more interested in the standard hunting revolvers, then either the single or double action Rugers are hard to beat. Plus they are much less expensive than the T/C and BF pistols.

May 19, 2005 at 7:29am
A comment titled: I wonder if..... in response to a report titled: For Scalahan

my 7mm mag would be too much for that snail? I think a 120 gr bullet out of a .243 would be about right..

May 17, 2005 at 12:31pm
A comment titled: Noses? in response to a report titled: Is this one too small?

I have to disagree with tunicabuck just a tad... I have found that big bucks like sclalhan posts will rarely blow when they smell you. I watched this doe in Mississippi two season ago approach my stand. The wind was almost a cross wind, so she would have to walk past my stand to catch scent.. She did, and when she did she looked at my stand, blew, stomped her hoof and then took off.... 10 mintes later, a 6 point followed the same path. When he caught my scent, he looked at the stand, blew and took off... About 20 minutes after that, a 10 pointer was coming up the same path. I turned and raised my rifle waiting for a shot. He knew something was fishy.. He stood there motionless hidden behind a pile of brush for about 10 minutes, staring in the direction of my stand before he crouched down, turned abruptly and bolted out of there in an instant. No way he caught wind, but he knew something was up... They have the same noses, but you'll not hear them blow like younger deer will do...

May 11, 2005 at 4:22pm
A comment titled: Good Bowmanship.... in response to a report titled: Is he too small?

Still, a $250 fine in my club.. LOL..

May 10, 2005 at 8:55am
A comment titled: Nice stringer... in response to a report titled: Is this too many?

I can hear the cooking oil crackling with the sound of fresh fish being fried to a golden brown...

May 10, 2005 at 8:54am
A comment titled: Babies!! LOL.. in response to a report titled: Are these too little?

I can't believe you keep little bass like that!!


Keep the pics coming..

May 10, 2005 at 8:53am
A comment titled: No.. in response to a report titled: Are these too little?

Absofreakinlutely not!! LOL...

Did you get them with a bow also?... LOL..

May 10, 2005 at 8:52am
A comment titled: LOL.... in response to a report titled: Is this too many?

Now that looks like y'all passed a good time!!

May 10, 2005 at 8:51am
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