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Hunted yesterday and the season long trend continued with a lack of greys and teal in our area. The dosgris saved our season and although we can only shoot three per man they are always fun to shoot. Everyone in the club shot three dosgris yesterday with a few redheads in the mix.

As many have posted and I believe all the planets lined up for us to have a bad year. Less ducks in surveys, lots of rain up the line and El Nino in full effect. We also had a late high tide event before the big duck season that wiped out vegetation in our ponds. Despite the conditions we still hunted hard trying different things throughout the season but you have to have ducks to shoot them.

It was not our year but we always have fun with the group of guys we have in the club and cutting up with the other camps on our road. The ducks are a bonus but we do work hard to get them. We will be at it again next year doing what we like to do.

January 20 at 5:51pm

January 2019 Survey

January 17 at 6:40pm

Date Hunted 12/29/2018:

Morning Hunt - Conditions could not have been much worse. We had very high tides for the hunt, threw out decoys with 40' strings and some floated away so had to round them up during the hunt. White caps in the pond had the decoys doing some bobbing and weaving. On the good side the ducks were on the move with the conditions, most I have seen in a while but could not get them close for shots. Ended up with 3 green winged teal and 5 coots.

Forgot to report about the afternoon hunt - Set up off of the regular lease and one good flight of whistling tree ducks came in. Shot two of them on the first pass and they came back and got another. My buddy's gun stopped working at the wrong time so it could have been better. Tree ducks are not real smart so if you get a chance to shoot them hit the duck call again they often come back.

Date Supposed to Hunt 12/30/2018:

Fog rolled in before 9:00 pm Saturday night and did not let up until 10:00 am this morning. No hunt today.

This weekend was tough, did not think it could get much worse but it did. Not ideal circumstances but we hunt on and happy to be able to be in the game.

December 30, 2018 at 7:55pm

Date Hunted 12/16/2018:

Had enough of the Dosgris on Saturday and we made a move from one duck lease to another about 10 miles apart. Conditions were ideal for a duck hunt. NW wind about 8 mph, water height just right with overcast skies. Had quite a few teal buzzing the area doing sneak attacks on us and we manged to get some of them. Also had some coots come our way and put it on them too.

Me and rooster were top guns at the camp with 7 blue winged teal - 2 green winged teal - 1 dosgris - 13 coot. Thus the crown in the picture for top guns.

December 16, 2018 at 8:26pm

Date Hunted 12/1/2018

I have been reporting for several weeks how slow our duck season has been and I know I am not the Lone Ranger. Despite the slow action most of us in the duck club keep going out in the marsh duck hunting as often as we can with the hopes things will turn around and we might have a hunt that gets the blood going.

I have been duck hunting 42 years. Saturday the duck Gods smiled on me and my buddy Rooster as we tagged team shooting a Mottled duck with a transmitter on its back and a band on the leg. For sure a first-time event for us.

We were sitting there rather bored about 8:30 we see a pair of Mottled ducks pass a good distance to the left side. Hit the duck call which is usually a waste of time they both come towards us one in range on Roosters side he shoots at it and rocks its world but it is still going. It is on my side now he tells me to get it so he doesn't shoot over me and I finished it. We cranked up the boat to go get it and we were shocked at what we saw. Cha Ching!!!

There is a phone number to call on the band and a phone number to call on the transmitter, I will do all of that Monday.

Oddly enough earlier in the hunt Rooster shot a Barrows Golden Eye hen. Zeke shoots a beautiful drake Canvasback that is going on his wall. We ended up with 7 ducks for the day and the and the other blind limited out with a mixed bag.

Date Hunted 12/2/2018:

My blind shot 0 ducks for the day in the same spot as yesterday and another blind shot 3 green winged teal, but after yesterday who cares?

December 02, 2018 at 5:56pm

Date Hunted Friday 11/23/2018:

Tide was on the high side with decent winds and overcast skies, ok conditions for a duck hunt. Me and my buddy set up in our blind with 45 ish decoys and 2 spinners ready for hopeful action. We shot 3 dosgris and 1 motled duck for the day.

Date Hunted Saturday 11/24/2018:

Annoyed with the results the day before we made a move from our normal lease to another piece of property we have permission to hunt. It is probably 7 miles from our lease. A mini cool front passed the night before, NW winds about 10 mph and overcast, real nice day for a duck hunt. My sons friend came to meet us, three of hunted together. 3 dozen decoys and 2 spinners. We shot 10 teal and 1 motled duck.

Date Hunted Sunday 11/25/2018:

Overcast skies and wind shifted to NE about 10 MPH water the highest it was all weekend. Decided to go back to the regular lease so we could spread out to see if anything would change. One man in one blind and two in the other. Total for the day 6 dosgris - 1 motled - 1 grey duck.

Overall this was the worst Thanksgiving weekend hunting I have had in 35 years of memory. It is bad as far as the numbers of ducks in the sky, ducks taken and quality. As stated before we are having second split results in the first split where we normally do very well. I suppose many things have aligned this year with rain up the line, agriculture fields wet, loss of vegetation on our lease with the with the tropical depression and less ducks in the DU and Reynolds surveys. Not good!!

One more weekend to go and we will be at it again, I am not expecting results to change.

Picture from Saturday

November 25, 2018 at 9:33pm

The second weekend seemed like the middle of the second split as far as the way the ducks are acting. The ducks are already kind of scared of the blind. We had several groups come take a look at the decoy spread only to stay far enough away where we did not get good shots. We do hunt the big water ponds (that is what my lease has) and there is always a chance that could happen. A contributor to what happened over the weekend was zero wind blue bird days both Saturday and Sunday, nothing other than the two spinners was moving. Tide was on the low side both days which usually helps.

I have hunted the same area for many years with similar set ups but this year is off to a different start. We usually do very well in the first split. Very few grey ducks was forecast and is a reality. We are shooting Dosgris earlier than normal, they are fun to shoot but I would prefer other ducks. My blind with two guys shot 8 ducks Saturday and 7 ducks Sunday.

We will keep hunting ducks either way because there is no such thing as a bad day in the marsh, just some better than others. Looking forward to the Thanksgiving day 3 day weekend hunting action for better or worse.

Picture from Saturday.

November 19, 2018 at 4:19pm

Date Hunted 11/10/2018:

The cold front passed through Friday afternoon and the winds never let up the entire weekend. Tide was a little on the high side most of the weekend. The hyacinth in our area are making things difficult, the ponds and where we can hunt change day to day depending on wind direction. Very annoying.

Opening day after putting out decoys we pulled up in he blind and my hunting buddy tells me he forgot his gun at the camp. So taking turns we hunted with one gun and shot 11 ducks for the day. 3 greys - 1 motled - 1 drake canvasback - 4 teal - 2 dosgris.

Date hunted 11/11/2018:

Had two guns in the blind today and shot a limit. 2 motled - 7 teal - 3 dosgris.

Overall not seeing a lot of ducks in the sky as forecast particularly a lack of grey ducks we normally see in the first split.

November 11, 2018 at 6:59pm

Date Hunted 11/4/2018:

Very nice morning for a duck hunt. This was our 3rd annual youth duck hunt. We set up in the same place as we did for teal season because we had not seen any grey ducks in the area. Decoy spread was the same coots, teal and a few greys with 2 spinners. Expecting teal we were very surprised to get the greys to work us as the video shows and Dane put the hurt on them with some very good shooting.

Overall not a lot of ducks in the area so you have to make it count when you get the shots as Dane did.

November 04, 2018 at 9:22pm

We took a boat ride yesterday to the duck lease to see if there was any damage to the marsh and or loss of vegetation in the ponds with the recent high tide event. Everything looks good. While riding around we saw multiple groups of 30 or so blue winged teal get up out of the marsh. Quite a few bunches of under 5. There was a substantial increase in teal compared to the teal season which is good for the upcoming duck season.

Did not see any grey ducks yet, hopefully they will be arriving soon.

October 15, 2018 at 9:54am

Date Hunted 9/29/2018:

Finally had a little breeze in the morning to help make it a little more comfortable hunt. Put out the same decoy spread and mojos as the first two weekends. The action was slow as we shot 4 teal early and then only shot 2 more as the morning went on. Oddly enough we saw quite a few big flocks that were kind of high and wanted no part of the spread or duck call. I have to amend my earlier report; if the flock of teal is above 15 it is hard to get them to turn. Under that there is good chance to get them to come in. 6 teal for the day.

Date hunted 9/30/2018:

Smaller flocks of teal today 3's and 4's made it easier to turn them. We shot 10 today finally getting to double digits.

Overall other than the hot weather it was an average teal season for us. A video of the action I could get on camera will be coming during the week.

September 30, 2018 at 9:21pm

Date hunted 9/22/2018:

Saturday was a repeat of the conditions the prior weekend. Hot, no wind and loads of mosquitoes working on us for the first 45 minutes of the hunt as we sit waiting for teal to show up. As I stated last week you really have to want it pretty bad. We had 1 dozen G&H poule d'eaus decoys out with 4 teal mixed in and a mojo in the middle on the right side. Fifteen teal decoys on the left with a mojo similar to the set up last week if you saw my video. We shot 6 teal for the day.

Date hunted 9/23/2018:

Same exact set up as the day before as I left out the decoys out overnight. Lot more action for us today we shot 9 teal with some bad shooting by both of us. We saw more flocks of teal today and they worked well listening to the duck call. Should have limited out but not to be. Most of the teal wanted to be with the poule d'eaus decoys not the teal, so get some for your spread.

A couple things have me scratching me head. The Sunday hunts have been a lot better than Saturday hunts which is the opposite of the big duck season. Next is we have two other boats out on the lease guys in the club hunting not more than 1,000 yards from us and one boat shot 1 duck yesterday the other nothing and today nothing by either boat. Teal being what they are zig and zag all over the marsh prairie and the spot I have is shooting the ducks. Strange how it works sometimes.

September 23, 2018 at 6:18pm

Video of opening weekend of teal season 2018. We had average action this weekend with some tough conditions, clear mornings and very little wind and very warm. You had to really want it to do it this weekend. Some of the action we did not get on video but we did get some video along with a good time with friends in the marsh.

September 16, 2018 at 10:13pm

We took a boat ride today in Plaquemines parish east bank and we saw 6 teal. One bunch was all we saw. The teal were mixed in with some tree ducks.

September 09, 2018 at 9:13pm

This past weekend a friend and I took a boat ride and we passed through Marques Canal on our way to Chef Pass. As we idled navigating the canal there were many people on the bank fishing enjoying the Labor day weekend. There were people of all races and sex there with some kids all doing what they like to do. It was very good to see. Before we passed everyone a Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries truck pulled up and a officer got out and started asking to see their fishing licenses.

My first thought was how disappointing it is the law requires a license to fish in a circumstance as above. Why should there be a deter-ant for people to fish off the bank? It seems we should do all we can to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors, at least fishing anyway. We have the abundant fishing resources in our state and valid residents should have the opportunity to enjoy it.

I am all for enforcement of size and limits of fish taken. And, I suppose the same argument could be made other types of hunting where licenses are required but it seems to me bank fisherman should get a free pass on required licenses.

September 04, 2018 at 8:07pm
A comment titled: Re: What happened to the ducks in response to a report titled: What happened to the ducks

There are many forums for duck hunting in other states. I like to check them out to see what is going on in other areas. I found a very interesting recent post on a Arkansas forum. It is a link to the Hot Cropping article on Louisiana Sportsman. In the thread some of the farmers and hunters acknowledge the flooding of agriculture fields and how the practice is much more common these days. If you have some time check it out. It even has a link to the waterfowl federation video within the thread.

Click on the link below:

February 10 at 10:52pm


That was a very good analysis of what you are seeing in your area. I can report similar occurrences happened in my area.

As stated in a previous post many naturally occurring events gave us the hunting results we had. There is not much we can do that will make drastic changes in the results, rather we will have to rely on mother nature and the ducks.

You mention salinity effecting vegetation in the ponds you hunt. Prior to the big duck season the high tide event we had wiped out our vegetation and with that went the teal we usually have. The divers liked what we had put puddle ducks were gone for the most part. Guys that hunt 7 miles from me were not affected by the event, their vegetation survived and they shot teal after teal with a grey or two mixed in. Habitat does make a huge difference.

When duck hunting in coastal zone tidal marsh areas all we can do is hope for good conditions. Even when things are poor we still shoot some ducks unlike others who don’t fire their guns at times. I don’t think duck hunters up the line will have much pity for us, but we need to do all we can to make sure everyone up the line is playing by the same rules.

February 01 at 11:52am
A comment titled: Re: Lack of ducks in response to a report titled: Lack of ducks

There is one other piece to the puzzle, aerial surveys up the line telling us there are less ducks than years before. Less ducks and the map above are indicative of the results we are getting, it is that simple.

January 11 at 11:36am
A comment titled: Re: Buffleheads in response to a report titled: Buffleheads

We have been seeing buffleheads in decent numbers this year, they don't seem to decoy very well they have a flight path and stick to it usually low to the water.

December 30, 2018 at 5:11pm
A comment titled: Re: Hoping a Slow Season Gets Better in response to a report titled: Hoping a Slow Season Gets Better

We hunted both Saturday and today. On Saturday three of us shot 8 total 4 teal and 4 dosgris. Three of us hunted today and it was bad, 1 dosgris for the day. One good thing about the weekend is the redfish we caught yesterday.

At least we have a chance to do something else unlike the guys who hunt fields etc. when they get skunked they just go home.

A guy I know went up to Arkansas with five other guys this weekend. They drove six hours each way, paid the money and shot 2 ducks. Very few people are busting them up.

Will stay at it until the season closes, for better or worse.

December 23, 2018 at 9:13pm
A comment titled: Re: 2nd Split Opener in response to a report titled: 2nd Split Opener

Two of us shot 6 dosgris, one red head hen and one mottled duck. Slow duck hunting continues

December 15, 2018 at 7:43pm
A comment titled: Re: Pre 2nd split aerial in response to a report titled: Pre 2nd split aerial

Here is the 2nd aerial survey for 2018 posted today.

December 14, 2018 at 2:11pm
A comment titled: Re: Monster 13 point Tensas buck in response to a report titled: Monster 13 point Tensas buck

Congratulations on your buck. Good to see all of the hard work paid off with a little bit of luck. That is why most of us are in the hunting game.

December 11, 2018 at 10:19pm
A comment titled: Re: 2nd Chance in Tensas in response to a report titled: 2nd Chance in Tensas

Congratulations. Good story and a real nice deer.

November 27, 2018 at 9:49pm
A comment titled: Re: East zone opener in response to a report titled: East zone opener

I use #4's - 1 1/4 ounce loads 3 inch length. I use to use #2's but went to #4's a few years ago and like them better.

November 16, 2018 at 4:02pm
A comment titled: Re: Coben/Benton youth hunt 2018 in response to a report titled: Coben/Benton youth hunt 2018

Liked the video. Always nice to see youngsters having fun duck hunting.

November 08, 2018 at 6:43pm
A comment titled: Re: 2nd Weekend Teal Season Report in response to a report titled: 2nd Weekend Teal Season Report

Gadwall - A couple of years ago I got a good deal on the Mojo dove spinners and they worked great. Trust me, the teal don't know the difference.

Last year I made my homemade mojos that don't have a decoy on it, just 2 spinning wings and the teal almost land on it. I don't know why the flutter works but it does. Put 2 or 3 out in the spread for the teal.

September 28, 2018 at 1:44pm
A comment titled: Re: 2nd Weekend Teal Season Report in response to a report titled: 2nd Weekend Teal Season Report

The weekend prior to teal season and two other occasions during the teal season I went through the duck lease to see if there were any teal there. All three times I did not see a teal. It is my opinion that just because you don't see any does not indicate you wont shoot any. The teal we have been shooting are cruising around the marsh prairie and if you use the mojos and can do the teal call they will come most of the time. Right now teal love the mojos. If you see my videos I call a lot, three quick hits like a teal does while my buddy hits the whistle.

I suggest using at least two mojos and don't face then the same way. If you look at the side of a mojo you see very little. Strait on you see the flutter from a long distance the ducks see that brings them in. By turning one of them you cover more possible angles ducks could see the flutter.

If you never see them then calling obviously will not help, but if you do see them give the above a try for better results.

Good luck!

September 27, 2018 at 10:08pm
A comment titled: Re: A New Duck Season Officially Begins in response to a report titled: A New Duck Season Officially Begins

I was happy with the results from the weekend shooting 6 and 11 out of my boat. I will be out there this weekend despite the mosquitoes and the heat.

September 19, 2018 at 10:20pm
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