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Where can I go to catch some flounder and what bait to use. Been fishing for a while and haven’t caught one yet. Fishing the grand isle, Leeville and Delacroix areas with no luck. Thanks

March 05 at 11:20am

Went to unplug boat and on board charger was flashing check connections so I told my husband. He has worked on this thing for two days he has changed the batteries and fuses with no luck. But when he takes the jumper wire off between the two trolling motor batteries the red light goes off and they start charging. But when he puts jumper wire back on the red lights come back on

February 23 at 4:16pm

Can anyone give me some information on where to catch fish in the delicroix area

January 06 at 5:50pm
A comment titled: Re: Batteries in response to a report titled: Batteries

The boat is six years old we found the problem the wires coming from the charger to the batteries have a splice in them the charger is located in the back of the boat and the batteries are in the center consul there was a splice back behind the gas tank in the boat that was corroded And not making a good connection. We fixed the problem there. and all problems with anyway thanks for all the information from all of you guys it was greatly appreciated thank you again

February 24 at 12:03pm
A comment titled: Re: Batteries in response to a report titled: Batteries

We bought the boat new and it came with a 3 bank charger installed already. When we plug it in to charge the batteries it’s giving us a check connections light. But if you remove the jumper cable between the two trolling motor batteries the light goes out and the batteries start charging

February 24 at 6:46am
A comment titled: Re: Troutlady in response to a report titled: Troutlady

Thanks for the information Dr Spot. I have been down a couple times this year and we have made dry runs. We really don’t fish for anything but specs. But if we catch a few reds that’s good too. I have never fished the north side in lake Robin so that will be new territory for me and my husband
And thanks to all who have posted information on the where’s to go in the time of no trout

January 10 at 1:37pm
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