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It's been about almost two months since I went to the lake from Theriot Boat Launch. Last time I went the entrance to the lake was almost completely blocked by a small floating island and a mass of lilies. I barely made it through into the lake. I guess there is no maintenance by the parish since it's public. Is the entrance cleared of that small floating island and lilies? I also know the grass in the lake on the west side is non-existent with not much on the east side. The lake is not what it use to be years sad. They need to dredge from the opening at Bayou Boeuf to Theriot's canal to help the water flow through. The channel that was there back in the day is nowhere to be found. So much dead vegetation on the bottom after years of spraying the lilies and they sink to the bottom. Anyone been to the lake lately? How are the canals? They were also full of lilies when I went.

October 13, 2020 at 8:34pm
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