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Summary: - Fishing How | Surf - Location | Elmers Island (west) - Tide | pretty good - Water | dirty - Wind | W 5 mph and partly cloudy - Bait | Topwater, twitch bait, and double rig - Results | 4 keeper specks Details: Made a run out to Elmers this morning with high hopes of getting into some speckled trout action. The last few weekend attempts were filled with very high winds, equally dirty water, and very little tide movement so this weekend was a welcomed change we were very optimistic about. We arrived on the beach right at sunrise and to our surprise the water was pretty dirty and there was ZERO bait activity. With optimism still in our minds we commenced to fishing. Started with some top water baits with no success. Moved then to our twitch bait (suspended bait??) with again no success. Finally tried the old double rig sparkle beatle with again no success. There were boats stacked up on both sides of us and a few surf fishers (fishers?) within 100 yds from us. Over the course of an hour we didn?t see anyone land a fish and decided to move. The boats and the surf fishers also left the scene I?m sure hoping for success someplace else. We hit a few ?holes? on our way back and managed to land 4 but certainly was expecting a different overall result. Hope everyone had a good and safe day out there and I?m already planning my next trip.

June 12, 2021 at 9:10pm

Summary: - Fishing How | Kayak - Location | Larose, LA, Bason’s Marina (7:00-9:00) - Tide | minimal - Wind | 10-15 mph and rainy... - Bait | Vodoo under cork (16” deep) - Results | 7 keeper specs, ~ 6 throw back specs Details: I pulled this trip together somewhat last minute and learned a good lesson; best to be prepared and have a good plan AHEAD of time. Although I was very happy with finally getting into some speckled trout, things could have gotten pretty ugly given the wind/rain that I was not prepared for in a closed (sit in) kayak without a rain coat. Plan was to launch out of Bason’s Marina and paddle out to a point I heard was producing some specs. When I woke up, I realized that a few thunderstorm bands were developing and was predicted to coincide with my launch time but was also predicted to pass quickly. Unfortunately, the prediction didn’t quite hold up and it rained throughout much of my paddle. I almost didn’t go out but at my arrival to the launch I wasn’t about to turn around and go back home. What I didn’t pay enough attention to was the wasn’t blowing terribly (for a kayaker) initially but as I got to my furthest point out, it really came up. At that point I started to get into some fish and my better judgement didn’t take over. The wind kept building, the rain was coming down, I had no rain coat, and I finally decided to head in and/or to find shelter on any barrier I could to protect me from the East wind. With the rain, I was struggling to see a “protected” path back to the launch on my phone and was starting to get a little nervous as the chop was producing a few waves starting to break over my gunwale. In the end, I managed to weave my way back safely and was very happy to get back to the launch without any real drama. HOWEVER, it was a good lesson for me that last minute plans should be evaluated carefully. Hope y’all had a good and safe weekend on the water.

November 08, 2020 at 8:22pm

Summary: - Fishing How | Kayak - Location | Isle de Jean Charles (6:30-11) - Tide | minimal - Wind | Not bad...can?t remember exactly -Bait | Primarily soft plastic with a little voodo shrimp under cork mixed in. Threw a black spoon at the very end. - Results | 3 keeper reds (including my first kayak slot red), ~ 5 throw back specs, 1 keeper spec, a few puppy drum, and only ONE hardhead. Details: After a bit of a hiatus, my cousin and I made our way down to PAC to fish out of the Isle de Jean Charles Marina off of Island Road. This was an area we got some familiarity with last summer and with the word that specs were moving in early, we felt good about our chances to get into some action. Although the tide was forecasted to be minimal, we thought we had a decent chance in catching the falling tide first thing in the morning with us focusing on little bayous/cuts emptying out into larger ponds or lakes, etc. The challenge with the kayak (amongst other challenges) is range and we didn?t get to scout the area via google maps as much as I would have liked. In any case we devised a plan and headed south out of the marina to the ?four corners? (is what I call it anyway). From there we started fishing with little bait activity for the first hour or so of fishing. That changed some for the next few hours where I got into a mix of lots of bait moving, shrimp jumping, and fish clearly on the hunt. Most of my hits were just bumps and I could seem to connect although there was clearly fish in area. I landed a few small specs and a few puppy drum and concluded that I should move on. I managed to pick up a few reds along my continued southern track until it was time to start heading back. Wrapped up with hitting one honey hole I?ve had red success at on my way in and landed a nice 17? red. Overall it was a good day and great to be on the water again. Disappointed we didn?t find any specs but I will continue the hunt (and the learning). Hope everyone had a fun and safe long weekend.

September 08, 2020 at 2:40pm

Summary: - Fishing How | Surf - Location | Elmers (5:30-7:30), then Grand Isle rockes (8:30-11) - Tide | minimal - Wind | WNW 11mph - Bait | primarily twitch bait with some plastic single action (saltwater assassin, chicken on a chain) - Results | 5 keeper specs, ~ 20 throw back specs, some lady fish, a Jack Crevalle, and ~ 8 catfish, ~ 2 dozen crabs Details: My cousin, a buddy, and I made a run to Grand Isle yesterday to try and get into some speckled trout surf action. Although we knew the tide wasn?t going to be a favorable one AND it would be on the ?warm? side, we were hell bent on giving it a try. We started with a stop on Elmers Island and headed right (west) as the sun was beginning to come up. There were some pockets of small bait fish moving but it seemed to be filled with preying catfish and no speckled trout. We were throwing a twitch bait (or suspended bait...I guess is the proper term??) and we foul hooked a catfish what seemed like every 5 casts or so in that particular spot. Not happy with that result of course, we kept moving down the beach until maybe 7:30am and after only one keeper (spec), we made a decision to move to Grand Isle in hopes we could fish at some structure (aka the rocks). Our next stop was towards the end of the island near the fire station. I suppose it was approaching 8:30am (or just after) by the time we got in the water. As we were walking over the levee we could immediately see a different scene with boats at damn near every set of rocks, dolphins (or porpoises?? We will come back to that in a second), and bait moving around. Again relying on our twitch bait, we started casting and pretty quickly hooked up on some specs....not keepers, but fish none-the-less. We were at the ?phase? in our fishing trip mindset that a throw back was better than nothing. In the ended up with five keepers, a bunch of throw backs (maybe a couple dozen?), a monster black drum, some lady fish (one of which resulted in getting a treble in the finger pretty good...that wasn?t fun extracting that bad boy), and our buddy grabbed about 2 dozen crabs with his drop nets. I?m the end, we learned some stuff, questioned other fishing theories, told some BS stories, and started planning Our next trip. We hope to be back next weekend when there is a much more favorable tide and hopefully good wind conditions. Hope everyone had a fun and safe day in the water.

July 12, 2020 at 9:19am

My cousin and I fished out of Bason’s Marina this morning. We were on the water for about 6am and we’re hoping to get into some redfish at day break because we knew the tide wasn’t going to be too significant. It was a slow start although the sunrise (as always) was gorgeous. We were both primarily throwing spoons (gold and black) and mixing in a matrix shad and a cockahoe with a spinner. In the end we each bagged three redfish and missed a couple. All in all a good morning; we shut it down at 10am and headed back to the ramp. We want to hit Cocodrie next trip so I will be asking some questions on that under a different thread. Hope all was safe for y’all this weekend!

June 28, 2020 at 7:32pm

A sincere happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there or those father-like mentors. I have a few Uncles who were just as much an influence and guiding force that deserve some “Father’s Day” love. In any case, I just wanted to summarize our Grand Isle weekend. Although not epic (in terms of fish caught), it was really really great to be with my son and my cousin (coo-zahn) trying together to get some fish in the ice chest. Day #1 - Elmers Island Surf (afternoon) We started our weekend by stopping on Elmers Island and heading “right”. We had some buddies who reported some good fishing inside the sandbar. My understanding is that the specs stack up between the sandbar and the beach this time of year and finding a location in the beach where there was a bar just off this beach wasn’t too easy. We WALKED....a good while until we found it. We worked a twitch bait best we could and landed only a few. With the sun setting and the beach closing we had to wrap it up and head back. Because the tide was low, we decided to come back in the morning even though our feet told us otherwise from the long trek. Day #2 - Elmers Island Surf (morning) With high hopes we hit the beach after sunrise. However, after the long trek, we didn’t get to our spot until around 6:30 am. We started throwing our twitch bait and landed a few but we’re pretty disappointed that we couldn’t really find them. So....after a few hours we decide to start walking back. We managed to find another spot in the way back that produced maybe 10 keepers. We were excited about that but damn we walked a long ways... Day #2 - Grand Isle Kayak Launch (early afternoon) After a well deserved nap, we decided to try our luck on the bayside of the island with launching out of the kayak launch. The time was 5pm and the tide was LOW and not much movement in the water. We paddled through the marsh hoping to land some redfish and then hit the rocks on the way back looking for specs. However, we got ZERO hits. After the taxing morning and the lack of afteroon buries we decided to hang it up. So we headed to Jo-Bobs for a well deserved burger and beverage. Over the burger, I decided I was going to try to get in the surf ONE MORE TIME just across from the motel and see if I could get into ANYTHING as the dusk set in. NOTHING... Day #3 - old hwy 1 North of Fourchon With the weekend quickly closing down on us, we got up early and headed to old highway 1 just north of the old fourchon/grand isle intersection. We launched off the side of the road where there was moving water and started paddling. We had spoons (for reds) and voodu under cork for specs. Although there was a lot of movement and bait moving we had zero hits from the spoon. We did find a few spots that produced a few specs but most were very small. Around 9:30...we were ready to throw the towel in from the weekend effort. In the end we came home with only 16 specs but certainly had a good time. The GI Kayak launch was a disappointment (for the second time unfortunately) and I’m not sure I will walk such a LONG distance again on Elmers. We learned some things and definitely told some stories so all in all...a success. There you have it! Happy fathers Day to y’all!

June 21, 2020 at 7:41pm

Thinking of hitting the GI bridge Friday or Saturday night to mix it up over our weekend trip to the island. I’ve never fished the bridge before and wondering what folks typically fish with. Under cork? Off the bottom? Also, what does one do after you hook a decent sized fish?? It looks like there is a pretty big height off the water to the bridge. Any and all suggestions please.

June 16, 2020 at 9:38pm

Heading out in the morning to launch out of the GI kayak launch. Planning to explore the rock jetties just north of the launch and then the marsh/island just North of it. This will be my first time fishing this area. I was thinking of launching out of sand dollar and heading to Isle Grand Terre but crossing Baratatia Pass makes me a little nervous. The times I have seen the pass, it looks very very choppy and lots of high speed boat traffic. In any case, I have my kayak loaded up, baits retied, and excited about at least a pretty sunrise. Will follow up post trip to let you all know the HAUL I bring home. ;). One can wish...

June 13, 2020 at 10:41pm

Alrighty folks...I got ourselves booked on GI for a Fathers Day weekend trip with my son and cousin. Got us a single room motel that we will pile into and hopefully get into some fishing action. I’ll be spending the next week or so looking at maps and planning our assault (not really...there is a running joke about our fish-less Father’s Day weekend trips). Anyway; would greatly appreciate any insight on locations, bait, etc, for fishing out of our kayaks and/or surf fishing. Thanks in advance!

June 09, 2020 at 8:39pm

I am picking up a 2017 Chevrolet Equinox next week that DOES NOT have any factory installed roof runners, which is a bummer. I researched some “naked” roof rack options and found some on (Rhino-Rack) but lawd they are expensive (~$500). Does anyone have some more budget friendly options that are out there? Appreciate it.

June 06, 2020 at 8:11pm

Hello folks. I’m looking for some tips for getting on the trail of some speckled trout (from my kayak). Father’s Day will be soon upon us and my son and I usually get a chance to get away for some fishing; however, this year I would like to change our tradition and ACTUALLY CATCH SOME FISH. For this, I have managed to get ahold of another kayak for my son BUT now need some fishing tips. So...speckled trout...where art thou. Thank you folks.

May 31, 2020 at 8:14pm

I usually fish out of IDJC (island south of PAC) but am looking to scope out a new area and I have the Leeville area in mind. There is a kayak launch down there and it looks to have a lot of broken marsh options. I expect to get into some reds, but also hoping to get into some SPECs so my question is which way should I head coming out of the launch. Should I: (a) go directly west towards Little Lake and hit all of the cuts along the way (b) head almost directly south following teh expressway (c) head East then North along the edge of Lake Jesse Also, any tips on bait, etc. is welcomed Thank ya'll.

May 29, 2020 at 10:50am
A comment titled: Re: Pointe Au Chien alligators in response to a report titled: Pointe Au Chien alligators

We may be heading there tomorrow so I will be happy to report any sightings.

August 07, 2020 at 12:40pm
A comment titled: Re: Elmers/Grand Isle Surf Fishing in response to a report titled: Elmers/Grand Isle Surf Fishing

Awesome tip! Will pick some of those up this week. When you say you fished this area a lot, do you mean Elmers or Grand Isle (or both). We are debating whether we hit Elmers first or Grand Isle first next weekend.

July 12, 2020 at 11:14am

Good stuff! I’ve never fished out of the area. Where did you launch out of? Thanks and nice the sad music in the end. ;)

July 02, 2020 at 6:50am

Just checking in to post a follow-up to my morning jaunt in the north side of GI. First, the launch itself is great and very easy to get to and get immediately to fishing. I was running a little late and didn’t hit the water until 6:30-ish. So the sun was up and there was SO MUCH bait/fish moving and active. I was like..”oh shit...I’m about to haul em in”. I initially stuck with my plan and went straight to the rock jetties with the intention of working the rocks west until I could bounce north into the island/marsh. FIRST cast into the closest rocks...BAM....SPEC on...however didn’t land it. Second cast...small spec landed. Third through 20-ish cast...nothing. At this point I had worked the rocks and was ready to paddle north to the island. LOTS of boat traffic had me hustling across the open water. Managed to get to the island/marsh but I took a mental note of the difficulty getting across in my kayak. Just before my crossing I ran into another kayaker who said they “tore them up” the day before but was puzzled why they weren’t running this morning. After paddling for the next few hours and rotating between voodu under cork, black sooon, and top water bait (oh and a matrix shad retrieval), I got only a few hits and a few small specs and one large hardhead. At this point the wind really started to build and I was pondering my return back across the open water. I decided it was best to cut my trip short and head back before it got too difficult to cross back to the rocks. Needless to return trip was a little dicey with a serious chop combined with some serious boat traffic. There were a couple of moments that I thought things were about to get serious with water over by bow. Note; my native 12 is not a “sit on top”. After getting back to safer waters, I was able to explore some of the marsh just west of the launch and think there should be some good redfish opportunity in the future. Well...there you have it; my unedited recap. Hope everyone had a good and safe day in the water.

June 14, 2020 at 3:28pm

Okay...just and update. I’m going on my first trip with the new ride. I just rolled with the standard roof pads approach for now. Long term however, I see me really scratching the roof and point-loading the roof. When I dog this down in the morning, I hope to not permanently dent the roof.

June 13, 2020 at 8:08pm
A comment titled: Re: Back To Back Cocodrie Speck Limit in response to a report titled: Back To Back Cocodrie Speck Limit

Sweet! I was looking for Cocodrie related posts and came across this. I think you are my neighbor! I'm on Verret Street and recognize your house (I think) and remember seeing someone cleaning a PILE of specs on the carport. Ha...anyway...good stuff.

June 08, 2020 at 2:38pm

Thanks Mandevillian. I have a Native Ultimate 12. I have a set of universal kayak straps/pads but have found that the hull shape doesn’t fit well with the universal pads and therefore slides off some. That combined with tightening the straps down has the kayak “dogged down” to the point the hull is damn near touching the roof. I wasn’t so concerned about it when I was throwing my kayak on my very old minivan, but now a new vehicle has me a little concerned. Getting the hull off of the roof was the initial goal of the bars but now knowing the cost of such a solution, I’m thinking of seeking oversized pads (or maybe another set would do the trick). I’ll check out the products/references you sent. Certainly appreciate it.

June 07, 2020 at 10:43am
A comment titled: Re: Speckled Trout...where art thou... in response to a report titled: Speckled Trout...where art thou...

I've never made my way to Hopedale but heard of some great fishing that way. Forgive my ignorance, but what is 10-15 PPT? Also, what would be a good spot to drop in the kayak in that area? I'll start researching, but wanted to ask as well. Thanks again.

June 04, 2020 at 4:58pm
A comment titled: Re: Speckled Trout...where art thou... in response to a report titled: Speckled Trout...where art thou...

Sorry about that. I live in Houma so a couple hour drive isn't out of the question. There is a kayak launch at the end of Grand Isle, which gets me easy access to the bay side of the island.

June 01, 2020 at 9:54am
A comment titled: Re: Fishing out of Leeville in response to a report titled: Fishing out of Leeville

Thanks for the tip. I thought I replied to this but didn’t see it...anyways. I was able to get into some reds but not really for specs. It’s a great area though and plan to get back as soon as I can.

May 31, 2020 at 8:08pm
A comment titled: Re: Fishing out of Leeville in response to a report titled: Fishing out of Leeville

Well...I didn’t hear from anyone so I am just going to wing-it. Nothing new as I am not a very seasoned kayak fisherman. However, for those that are interested, I elected to head east then north and work the marsh cuts, canals, and rock jetty on the edge of Lake Jesse. Something like the attached. I have a few different lines rigged up ranging from gold spoon, black spoon, spinner, cork w/ matrix, and a double matrix shad rig so I at least have some options. Will file a post-fishing report. See y’all later...

May 29, 2020 at 11:00pm
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