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Garmin Montana 610 , I just bought one for dual purpose , on the 14 ft flat boat for some fresh water adventures and mostly on my ATV , loaded in a Topo 100K SD card and it works great ------ so I have two questions , my unit says use 25K for best results and Garmins's card is 100K , how does that work , I think they are refereeing to least 25K and 100K is better ???? --------------- and something called Base Camp , people have told me it is a program on your desk top which will manage tracks and way points , much like Map Source which I already have for an older Garmin and computer , I don't know if map Source could be interfaced with a newer Mac and a Montana , I would like the new Base Camp up and running and have it downloaded already but when I try to open it on the Mac the version is off of my operating system --------- are there other programs that would do the same as Base Camp where I wouldn't have to change operating systems versions

April 16, 2016 at 8:08am

Captain Paul , I was given a Hummingbird Matrix 97-Fishing System , plugged it in and it powers up but doesn't seem to catch a position , got the owners manual on line and it really doesn't go into connecting it up as far as the bus bar on the back , in fact the bus bar isn't labeled what each socket is far , there are 4 spots , I figured out 2 of the 4 power and transducer, one may be weather overlay and the other a interphase , from what I have seen on the net this unit may need to have a separate GPS hooked to it for it to work ? Do you know anything about this unit

April 10, 2016 at 6:13pm

Looking for a side arm for no other reason than killing poisonous snakes , yesterday we killed 7 cotton mouths with sticks and a machette , and a 4 ft moccasin against a 18 inch machette is not my idea of a fair fight , it is so dry that when ever you find a water hole you find snakes -------- some brand of .22 Mag revolver that will shot rat shot loads is what I am thinking , also like the Judge .410/45 but they are pricey and shells are a bummer to carry --------- what's a good >22mag revolver without breaking the bank and the best brand of rat shot

October 12, 2015 at 6:40am

My friend has a registered female Redbone Bloodhound , his dog is a hunter and will find them , he's looking for someone with a male with papers for stud services , 504/-427/-1201

March 12, 2015 at 5:06am

I bought this 1974 Honda XL250 Motorsport pictured below and I am doing a restoration on it , I always want a Honda Fat Cat which was made in like 86-87 and this bike found me , I don't know anything about the big wheel conversion kit that is on it , it wasn't homemade , the old guy I got it from doesn't remember who the kit came from , says his son bought the bike brand new in 1974 and the kit was put on a couple of years after that , I have search the net for info and can't find another one like it or any mention of it ------------Anyone ever see one like this ?????

February 20, 2015 at 5:00pm

I have a lot of coyotes around the house , there are no animals that live on the ground any more , when I first moved over here I always seeing rabbits , possums , coons , armadillos, etc , etc and now there is nothing , a dead zone and now the coyotes are running the streets at night and from watching them on surveillance cameras they are hunting my Pomeranian , they come in the yard and track her movements thru the yard , I live in a rural area where it is ok to shot and have been picking them off , one a week , a see them 3 and 4 in a pack so they are thick and getting brave , so I was talking with a friend and he says that he heard someone pays a bounty for coyote ???? -------- Then my buddy tells me a rumor about an Asian group that he heard buys Raccoon penis for $350 a pound , I'd bet that ain't legal , says it take 12-14 coons to make a pound depending how well they are hung , wonder what they do with them , maybe grind them up and put them in a smoothie --------what is the world coming to ?

August 29, 2014 at 6:50am

My buddy is about to buy a Epic boat from Blue Dot , it's either the 23 or 25 ft with a 300 on the back with a list of extras for $54,000 , he asked me what I thought and I have no experience with Epic , I asked around and have heard they have problems with the transom cracking up , Bent's says they dropped the line for that very problem so it must have happened a lot ---------any feed back on Epic would be appreachiated !!!!

June 22, 2014 at 4:53am

.... I traded with a friend for some ATV parts and wound up with a GoDevil frame , old but good condition , took some measurements and couldn't find any motor that would fit the mounting pattern , called GoDevil with the mod and s/n and they told me it was a Yanmar diesel model which was old and rare , says I can use a Honda or such gas motor with a little fab work ---- has anyone ever had or ridden in a diesel powered Go Devil ------------think of filling the rack with styro-foam and I won't need a snorkel ----------- wonder if you tied a string to the spark plug wire and your belt loop would suffice for a engine shut down lanyard as it appears they didn't use one back then LOL

May 09, 2014 at 6:02pm

Found this print , the Doral pack is 4 inches , the track about 5 1/4 , not the best pic as it had just rained heavy , what's it look like ?

January 17, 2014 at 5:29pm

I am very disappointed in A+E's decision on Duck Dynasty ------ maybe A+E can come up with a new series called ' What happens at the camp , stays at the camp ' , I am pretty sure Hollywood has a long list of actors licking at the chops for the staring role

December 19, 2013 at 4:41am

Check out this guy who has master the art of the sling shot ------

October 27, 2013 at 7:48am

We ride 4 wheelers a lot on the trails around my house and monitor the tracks of whats going on , all summer we never seen but a few coyote tracks , the last two weeks the deer tracks start appearing in good numbers and assorted sizes , then there goes the neighborhood , coyotes gone wild , no doubt they follow the deer ---------- I missed a golden opportunity to take one or more out , I have cameras on the house facing the woods and Predator Alerts around the property and have learned that the coyotes don't like them flashing red lights , the lights don't work on bobcats ,dogs , coons or anything else I know of , I have never seen coyotes in my yard seen I put up the flashing led lights which I got because I had chickens till recently and the coyotes , bobcats and owls where in my yard like the drive thru at Mickey D's lunch time , last Thursday I was up around 3:00 watching TV and on the cam screen a coyote comes out the trail head and stop and checks things out , I seen it before and knew what he was going to do , follow the wood line on side the house , so I grab a 410 with buckshot ( I live rural and can shot where I am at ) , go out the back door and set up on the patio for a 80 ft shot , half way shoulder the gun , that was mistake 1 , he comes into view from behind the pump shed and when I raised the gun to aim he sensed it and jumped into the woods , I shined the light into the woods then went in and made a pot of coffee , sitting there I think about reviewing the tape and seeing the hunt unfold , watched the action and almost turn off the recorder but left it running while I watched TV and 2 minutes after the first one came out 3 more followed the same track with noses to the ground , if I would have stayed in place another two minutes I would have got a chance at 3 together , mistake 2 , cie la vie , so over the weekend I show a friend and he says you should look at the recording for the week and see if they were there other nights , so when I looked at the tape , didn't see coyotes but I did find a doe and a fawn walked the same track the night before , so I figure the first coyote was scouting out the track of the fawn and doe and the rest of the pack was following him , over the weekend we got a lot of rain which washed the slate clean and I have not seen a track since , but suspect the same senerio , deer tracks then coyote tracks then no tracks

October 08, 2013 at 6:09am

I been thinking it over if I should post what the wife and I saw because I know the majority responce already ------ but we saw what we saw , so here's the story for those that believe in 'what don't exist' ---- last Saturday night the wife and I went to a late dinner , heading down 190 in the Lacombe /BigBranch area there is a pipeline which crosses the road , a very large 'BLACK' cat ran across the front of the truck very close , we both seen it, it was the wife's second time seeing it , and what she discribed to me of her first sighting is exactly what I saw , it came out the edge of the woods on side the pipeline , it crossed the grass between the woods and the shoulder, both shoulders and both lanes in three and a half strides , it cleared about a lane and 1/4 in one leap , the tail was as long as the cat , I'd say 4ft , total length of the cat and tail 8 ft , wider than my full size Dodge truck , I'd say 100 lbs easy ,I shot a 42 lb Bobcat last year and comparing it to what I seen I think it could be 150 lbs , I thought of going back Sunday morning and look for tracks but it has been so dry --------- so take it for what you want , we are not the only people in Lacombe that claim to have seen it , as I have heard the same story a dozen times in the last couple of years

August 08, 2013 at 4:32am

Just when you thought you seen it all ! Launching squirrels you tube video =

November 24, 2012 at 6:41am

I been working on shutting down this chicken fillet late night drive thru going on in the pictures , just when I thought I had it under controll , the second wave comes in , the coyote gang was working it last week and this guy wasn't around , put up some red led flashing preditor deterorate lights and the coyotes moved on immediately , I hope because of the lights and not just them making rounds like they do , but this cat seems to be not affraid of the lights as he is sitting right in the beam ---------- suggests appreachiated

November 12, 2012 at 7:46am

Keeping in mine with the dramatic changes of weather going on in the last few years , it is good to be prepared for it ------ not just your equipment but also yourself -----I was putting together a list of things to put in and do to my truck and boat for winter diasters like getting wet or breaking down and wonder if any of you'll have some things that might get over looked

October 28, 2012 at 7:13am

Life Vest Question : I just finished putting together a tiller motored boat and have to get some life vest to wear while running and double as the ones needed on the boat ---------------------- what is a good brand and style vest that is comfortable and doesn't movement of your body ? ----------- I have looked at a few and can't make up my mine , I have seen some nice ones on Kayakas ------------------ where is the premo Kayak shop ?

October 10, 2012 at 6:35pm

guess there is no end to how far some will go ---------95 caliper , 50 lbs , $40 per bullet , 2,400 bullet and 240 grains of powder-------check out the video ------

September 29, 2012 at 6:10am

Have you seen this Glock Commercial ----------

July 19, 2012 at 5:54am

I need a guy that can weld aluminum on the North Shore / Slidell area and has a truck that can go to the site , which is on land not the water , what needs to be done is two perch mounts for an wing net a frame need to be fabricated and welded to the boat and about a dozen shankle tie down tabs welded to the frames and boat Don 504 494 3225

February 23, 2012 at 5:04am
A comment titled: Re: Manatee Sightings in response to a report titled: Manatee Sightings

So would the beginning of the ' process to protect them ' involve creating idle only zones in the areas of sightings , I hate to say it , but , it is better to not report any sightings

October 31, 2018 at 4:30am
A comment titled: Re: Skimmer frames in response to a report titled: Skimmer frames

Maybe list up some more info for a better responce . What kind of winch set up are you running ? ----- maybe 5 winches , 2 for the frames , 2 for the bullets and 1 double cat head for the tails , or maybe 3 , 2 for the frames , and a double cat head that pulls your tails and bullets ? , or maybe you plan on doing the bullets by hand ?

If you want to do hard frames , I have a set of alum 12x8 frames with webbing like new , a tail boom , double cat head , arwning , a- frame , bottom trawl , alum picking box , scooping rack , all fits a 23 x 8 Tim's

May 30, 2018 at 6:52am
A comment titled: Re: Fig trees Bayou Cook in response to a report titled: Fig trees Bayou Cook

fig trees

February 18, 2017 at 3:59am
A comment titled: Re: Fig trees Bayou Cook in response to a report titled: Fig trees Bayou Cook

I actually know who planted those fig and persimmon trees , my Great Grandfather , right around 1900 , the clippings were brought from Yugoslavia , my Grandfather and all of his 12 brothers and sisters were born at the camp that ( as far as I know ) is still there , the trees and camp have survived many hurricanes , I have heard of quite a few people taking clippings from them , when my Grandfather passed back in 1976 his obituary said born in Bayou Cook , La

February 13, 2017 at 6:54am
A comment titled: Re: New Forum in response to a report titled: New Forum

Anyone keeping score of likes and dislikes --------- a previous posted summed it up well , it sucks ! -------- but it is still the best thing going as RnR sucks more

June 23, 2016 at 6:05am
A comment titled: Re: Rod Repair Needed in NOLA in response to a report titled: Rod Repair Needed in NOLA

I spent a lot of money at Professional , and I sold Mr Frank a vintage homemade mahogany rod wrapping machine , two good choices -------- wonder what ever happen to the old man in Arabi use to be next to the old Lipintos restaurant and the Bird Cage Lounge he was good and cheap

June 15, 2016 at 7:00pm
A comment titled: Re: Hummingbird Matrix 97-Fishing System in response to a report titled: Hummingbird Matrix 97-Fishing System

Thank you Captain Paul , so it is not a stand alone unit !

April 13, 2016 at 5:33am
A comment titled: Re: Crabbing forum? in response to a report titled: Crabbing forum?

try out -------

March 25, 2016 at 3:53am
A comment titled: Re: NOLA Bank Fishing checking in response to a report titled: NOLA Bank Fishing checking

Wow !!! , you are lucky ---- get a Power Ball ticket !!!

March 24, 2016 at 5:23am
A comment titled: Re: Louisiana Bachman Squirrel in response to a report titled: Louisiana Bachman Squirrel

....fine looking squirrel , I think I would mount that one ....

February 27, 2016 at 6:14am

.... the biggest worry is to not become bait .........

February 12, 2016 at 4:33am
A comment titled: Re: Aluminum Gas Tank in response to a report titled: Aluminum Gas Tank

Why not use the people who built the boat , they use to be called Custom Flat , I think they call themselves B+B Welding now days , same people , they are in Toca , La 504-682-3567

February 10, 2016 at 4:09am
A comment titled: Re: Bamboo Fishing Poles in response to a report titled: Bamboo Fishing Poles

they make some really fine cane poles out of synthetic materials now days , I have a few different versions of them , some are two or three pieces and slide into one another , some have mini reels on them like the Buck's Graphite Jig Pole -------

February 06, 2016 at 7:47am
A comment titled: Re: Bamboo Fishing Poles in response to a report titled: Bamboo Fishing Poles

Close my eyes and I can still see the drum of Calcutta bambo poles that use to sit in front of Flynn's on Chef Highway ------havest your own, I see bambo all over the place , ny neighbor just got a bunch that was dug up right close to the north end of the causeway bridge , he is making a outside Tiki bar from them , he had quite a few thatwould have made a good pole , there is a place in Folsom the raises and sell bambo ------------ when I was a kid , I finished with my Grandfather , he used one to fish specks from a boat , my Dad and I use to fish for sheephead off the sea wall of Lake Shore drive in New Orleans

February 05, 2016 at 5:31am
A comment titled: Re: What made this track? in response to a report titled: What made this track?

looks like a juvenile , in-breed , 6 toed loope garue , you must be north of I-12 to find something like that

January 23, 2016 at 3:50am
A comment titled: Re: Stolen in response to a report titled: Stolen

I know I wouldn't call it 'stolen' if it was found on the road after it fell out the back of a truck because someone was absent minded enough to not close the tail gate , that could have cause a major accident and killed someone . At this point I doubt you could confirm that who ever found it was a 'low life' as how are they suppose to know who it belongs to , maybe they are trying to get it back to the right full owner and have no clue who's it is ----------maybe someone did run in to it and they are looking for the rightful owner to pay for the damages to their vehicle , maybe you don't want to find it !!!!

January 18, 2016 at 3:22am

I remember one time at Bayou la Crowe in the winter time , there was a guy next to us and he stopped fishing and was just watching us put 2 at a time every cast in the boat for a while , we talked with them and they was out of everything and had nothing to throw at them , he said they was enjoying just watching us put the hurt on them , I threw him 2 double rig beetles and both boats nailed them till you couldn't see the cork any more ------ I always gave the shrimp I had left over to the boat in the area when I had enough fishing

----My Grandfather was a Yugoslavian oyster fisherman with 12 other brothers and sisters that were all born on the bayou at the camp that was originally built around 1900 and still stands today but no longer owned by my family , when he died in 1976 his obituary said born in Bayou Cook , La. , he started to take me fishing when I was 5 , left out of Empire in his 20 ft flat bottom , v-bowed wooden skiff , 33 hp that started by cranking a knob on top the motor , I think it was called the Evinrude Aqua Lung , took and hour to get to Quarantine Bay , Anderson point which was his favorite spot , there was no ice on the boat for fish or food as he was mostly a winter fisherman and didn't like the summer because of ice as mentioned in another post , for lunch he went to Central Food Store in the quarters and got salted anchovies and sardines salted down in wooden crates and washed them off and soaked them in good olive oil , and got different cheeses , olives , crackers , muffalotta bread , gallon of water and a bottle of Brandy or Muscatel and cookies , live shrimp was never a problem , he knew all the fisherman and usually would pull up to a boat and no money was exchanged , a sack of oysters or fish exchanged at a later date , sometimes drug the 16 ft net and do a 20 lb ball in 10 minutes in little honey holes , the shrimp went in one wet well and the fish went into the other , took about an hour to get to the spot , very loud , rough sometimes and slow ride , he wore the farmer John bottom of the rain suit , used a 16-20 ft long Calcutta cane pole from Tommy Flynn's and file off the barb on the hook , had a cork on the line and a lot of times he would pull the cork all the way to the tip and free line , he would pull the trout in like tuna and let them hit him in the chest while straddling the wet well and they would go right in 99% of the time , he was fishing for money , we would pack both wet wells to the brim , when the live shrimp were gone , the shrimp well started getting filled , then it was shad rigs , one white and one yellow , for white trout and croakers he would cut strips of white tee shirt and dip the hooks in a bucket of chum , rode into Empire and sold all the fish but one ice chest full , and he would give them to all the neighbors and we would eat a few , nothing like today , I can only imagine how it was like for my Grandfather as he use to always say that it isn’t like it use to be , he died when I was 18 and now 40 years later I am saying it ———Ironically I never fished with my other grandfather till I was about 25 and I started taking him , he was a good catcher but not a boatsman by no means , he was a lot of fun to fish with and had great lunches and good talk , what I would give for some audio recordings of some fishing trips

December 13, 2015 at 3:06pm

Old School you didn't have the technology they have today , not having it made you a better fisherman as you actually had to think , it was not the rat race that it is now , more respect was given and received for the most part , you ran your own show and wasn't a follower , the best part was you could drink beer on the boat all day long and on the ride home in the truck as DWI wasn't like it is today , and the limit was not enforced , I was hard core meat machine and I learned to get more pleasure out of the quest for fish then the fish ,the catch is like a by-product of a good trip , it?s about planning your trip , executing it and being successful at it , navigating and knowing where you are at and being able to see like if there was no water and you were looking at every channel , ledge , reef , knowing what combination of conditions will trigger the bite at what spots , what time and using what technique and the most important part , being there when it happens

Ever hear that song --- Video killed the radio star ---- well I think the Internet killed the fisherman , note I didn't say killed fishing and as that also might be true , it is a different discussion , but the internet killed the art of being a fisherman , today a lot of people are not really fisherman for say and more a catcher , they read where to go , what to use , what time to be there , a follower , one trick pony , no back up plan , and lost if the GPS goes down

December 13, 2015 at 8:00am

Secret , After your PS I realized who CopCop was , we know each other well but not really , one morning at the break on dawn in the late 70' maybe early 80's , I was on the fish at Battle Dore #58 , left like 4 in the morning to be first there , I see a boat coming across the Black Bay from a long ways off and heading right for me , there is not another boat in sight as far as you could see on a clear day , he pulls up so close I could go over his boat 40 ft with a cast and he cuts off my cast , so we have word , he tells me ' he has been fishing here for 20 years ' , I tell him ' I was here first today and you should at least stay out of my casting range ' , so he starts catching fish and rubbing it in on me as my bite stopped , so I start throwing over his line with my treble hook under a cork , which was right where I was casting before he pulled up , and hooking his line and pulling the fish off , tangling him all up or breaking the line , started a very heated , hostile verbal war , he finally gets feed up and picks up the anchor and did 2 circles around me at slow speed causing the biggest wake he could , well needless to say the favor did not go unrepaid , it went on for a couple of years between me and him , every time I was running by and I seen him without another boat next to him , I don't care how far out my way it was I would go do circles around him and screw up his spot , then next trip he would be running across the bay and see my boat which was easy to spot as was his , he would swing a turn and come right at me and do circles , I can hear my ex-brother-in-law saying ' there's 20 year man , lets go wake him up ' , I remember taking my hand and flapping it across my mouth and doing the Indian War Dance , wooooooooo! , it was a lot of laughs , I remember once I seen him coming so we picked up the anchor and moved off the reef and let it drift , let him wake me and move back onto the spot , I have to say I never even came close to having a more lasting feud with anyone in my life , as I am a pretty easy going person !!!! I wonder if anyone of you'll old timers here might remember being on the boat with him and got waved by a Sport Laffitte

December 12, 2015 at 6:30am

I really miss the old days , I am 57 and started fishing when I was 5 , then by myself and captain of my own boat at 13 , I never had a drivers license but had a boat , I use to get relatives and friends to pull it , fishing is nothing like it was when I was younger , back then you fished boxes not limits , if 2 people didn't catch 300 fish in a day then it was not a good trip , ------ something else we did do a lot of , and is kinda like the opposite of marking a fish and following the school , was chum to bring them in and keep them there , would either keep the by catch from the shrimp trawl while catching our own live bait or cast net pogies or mud minnows , and had a hand grinder , would grind the fish , crabs , small shrimp , would put some into a screen tube like a minnow trap and let it over the side the boat and shake it up and throw a hand full over every now and then , I use to freeze the stuff in plastic containers and bring it out on trips , it really helped to bring them in and keep them around ------------------ another old school thing I did was had the tail of a trawl sewn to a crab net ring , we would catch so many fish that you would just throw the fish into the ring and they would stay live till you were ready to leave that spot and then ice them down , they stood alot fresher and you used less ice , it was hard to get into the boat if you let it fill up , had a hammer head shark about 8 ft attack the bag full of specks while sitting on Battle Dore Reef in 3 ft of water once , that was pretty exciting , remember getting soaking wet , ripped the bag up pretty good and almost lost a load

December 08, 2015 at 2:25pm
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