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I went fishing down in Buras today with my Dad and my cousin. We launched in the river and went through the locks. They are open all the time. The control booth is still there, but the glass is gone and it looks pretty much gutted. We fished the east side and caught one trout at the first stop, 21 trout at the second stop, 0 at the third stop and 52 trout at he fourth stop. All were caught on plastic. We ended the day at about 1:00 PM. It was great to be on the water.

May 25, 2006 at 8:59pm

This might be a question for the Mapman. Does anyone know how you figure out the distance in miles of a degree of Longitude/Latitude? For example how for is it from 25 degrees north to 26 degrees north? Or can someone tell me where I can look this up? Any information would be appreciated.

September 21, 2005 at 8:42am

Can someone tell me when and where the next hunting safety course will be held between New Orleans and Baton Rouge in the near future? Thanks in advance.

February 01, 2005 at 10:15pm

I launched at C-Way in Lafitte yesterday at 6:00 AM and fished until about 1:00 PM. Finished the day with 22 trout. The bite was a little slow. 19 were caught in the Bay Lours area. I caught all of of them on black/chartreuse plastic.

January 12, 2005 at 4:01am

Fished this morning in Buras with my 9 year old son, my Dad and brother. We launched at Joshua's a little after 7:00 AM. We caught 32 nice trout(very few throw backs), 2 black drum that were released, and 5-10 rat reds that we will try to catch next time when they grow to 16 + inches. All were caught on plastic, cast and retrieve, and within sight of the launch.

December 28, 2004 at 12:53pm
A comment titled: Check out in response to a report titled: Hurricane Dean, now a category 4 storm! This is a good site also. It has alot of information.

August 18, 2007 at 8:19pm
A comment titled: 23 Feet Long????????? in response to a report titled: Huge Gator in Alabama

There is NO WAY that this alligator is 23 feet long. You can rough estimate the length by estimating the size of the deer. I would estimate the length of the alligator at 12 - 13 feet. If it were 23 feet long, that would have to make that deer 10 - 11 deet long from the front chest to the tail...which would make that deer the size of a big horse.
The alligator is big, but I call BS on the 23 feet.

August 18, 2007 at 6:27am
A comment titled: Gutsy... in response to a report titled: 21b's in Iraq

That's an UNDERSTATEMENT. Take the fight to the enemey. Shoot first and ask questions later. Thanks for defending our freedom.

January 26, 2007 at 9:36pm
A comment titled: Question??? in response to a report titled: Lafitte Boaters Beware

Where exactly is Bayou Villeres? Is it coming from Bayou Perot going toward Lake Salvador? Or is it further north? Could someone be a little more specific. Thanks.

December 19, 2006 at 9:06am
A comment titled: My two cents in response to a report titled: fishing guides and limits

In my opinion, the size should be increased to 14" or 15" and the quantity lowered to 18 statewide. In a few years, everyone catching bigger trout. I am a member of CCA and will continue to be a member. All you guys moaning and groaning about lower the limits need to take a more long term view of things. How many times, like Capt. Shane mentioned, have you let fish go bad in the freezer, because you forgot about it. A few years ago, I had a stand alone freezer go out and lost multiple bags of fillets and not to mention a whole freezer full of food. For you guys who are bashing CCA and the ones who state that they no longer will be amember, think about what is happening to the coastal marshes and take a conservative long term approach so your kids and grandkids will have the opportunity to catch fish in the future. Remember CCA deserves a great deal of credit for the fishing being so plentiful today.

January 07, 2006 at 12:56pm
A comment titled: Matt in response to a report titled: Thanks for hunting reports

I have communicated with a few guys who are serving overseas and also know a few who have served. Wishing you and your boys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. A GIGANTIC THANK YOU for what you guys are doing. You and your boys Be Safe, Keep Your Heads Down, Kick Some !$#%@, and SHOOT FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER!!!!

December 21, 2005 at 9:01am
A comment titled: JB in response to a report titled: Little Help

As once explained to me by my Boss, a GIFT is something you give and expect nothing in return, but that is between you and the wife. In total agreement with you on the inside animal stuff and unless the Boss is HAPPY, nobody esle is HAPPY. You are in a tough spot. Best of luck to you.

And a heads up for all you guys out there, there is a difference between a GIFT and a PRESENT. If you do not know the difference, it might do you some good to found out.

November 15, 2005 at 2:35pm
A comment titled: JB you did it now.. in response to a report titled: Little Help

You need to have better negotiation skills. Just kidding. That is a tough one. I went through the same thing when I first got married. My wife wanted a dog. Everything that I said would happen, HAPPENED and then some. You will not be able to give the dog enough baths to get rid of the dog smell. I am a big believer in the concept, if God wanted animals to be inside, He would have given them the capacity to use the toilet. You might try to be creative and have someone GIVE you the guided hunt as a gift. That the "I do somoething for you, you do something for me" does not apply.

November 15, 2005 at 10:40am
A comment titled: DREDGING THE RIVER????? in response to a report titled: Coastal Restoration: Is this Backwards are What???

What happens with the material that is dredged from the river? I was told by someone involved in the dredging that the material is DUMPED in the Gulf, because it is CHEAPER to do that than to actually DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to start building land and in my opinion the quickest way to do that is with a dredge...not with Diversion Projects. You can read my previous comments about this. Earlier this year FOX8 NEWS did a story about Florida rebuilding the beaches in the Emerald Coast area by using, now pay attention.....WITH A DREDGE. It was operating arund the clock, 24 hours a day. I am going to ask the question again. When are we going to start doing the same thing???!!!

October 21, 2005 at 11:19am
A comment titled: AMAZING in response to a report titled: Holly Beach before and after Rita

I had seen the after pictures, but this is the first time I have seen the before pictures. The residents and camp owners of Grand Isle shold take note.

October 03, 2005 at 5:54pm
A comment titled: My Comment in response to a report titled: Compass gone, Blank-O next

Nagin purchased the home in Dallas, because he COULD. He used to work there and his wife has family there also. Yes he could have done a few things different in reagrds to Katrina.

Ever since he took office, he has been threatened directly or indirectly when he attempts to clean up the city in regards to corruption. He ran for mayor, because he thought he could make a difference.

It is my opinion, that Blanco held back just enough HELP in order to try and make Nagin look like a fool because he supported Jindal in the Governor's election. This to me was confirmed when former FEMA Director Brown said that they could not get along. I believe that it was Blanco that was more of the problem than Nagin. Nagin did not have anything good to say about Blanco when he appeared on Meet the Press. Then Blanco crashes Nagin's press conference at the end of the week. All she does is hold press conferences where she has to read from a script.

And now with the anticipated money that will be flowing into the state, it is all about who has the most POWER. Blanco thinks she sits up HIGHER on the organizational chart than Nagin, but only on a chart. I bet you she could not find her backside at high noon with both hands and a flashlight.

You may disagree with my opinion above, but I bet you I am not for off base.

October 01, 2005 at 10:06pm
A comment titled: DRIFTWOOD in response to a report titled: Blanco

I took subtracted $300,000 because you said that 75% of the guides income was tax deductible. When you start figuring all these figures out, you need to understand the difference between a few terms such as; gross, net, income, revenue, deductible, non-deductible, and so on.

$500/day X 365 days = $182,500. You let everyone know when you find that guide that is on the water every day of the year. But $182,500 would example purposes is a "gross number". 75% of that is $136,500. So the business has a net income of $45,500. The guide then pays 15.3% as SS/medicare, and then he pays his federal income tax and his 6% state tax.

Everyone always wants to look at the gross number, and not look at the final figure.

Why not help out the Charter Fishing Industry???? The government has thrown $7 trillion at poverty the last 40 years and look what we have to show it. I am sure they can find a liitle of that and send it to the Charter Guides and you will have a lot more to show for it.

September 27, 2005 at 8:46am
A comment titled: GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT in response to a report titled: Blanco

Driftwood you might want to take your own advice "sometimes its better to shut up and appear stupid, than to open your mouth and prove it". You are incredibly misinformed.

For starters you might want to look up the definitions of the words "Gross" and "Net". The guide that said he did 400K last year....that was probably a "Gross" number. You said that 75% of their expenses are deductible.

Gross Revenue 400,000
Less Expenses -300,000
Gross Profit 100,000

Now that is still a "Gross Number", because guides are considered self-employed. Now he has to pay 7.65% twice, because self-employed people have to pay the employer's share and the employees' share which adds up to a total of 15.3%. Now he is in at least the 25% federal tax bracket and 6% state tax. So let's see that is 15.3% + 25% + 6% = 46.3% minimum in taxes that this person will pay.

You said you work overseas and then hold a second job when you get home. I thought overseas job paid well enough where no second job is needed. Sounds like you might want to start fishing for a living and get you some of that 400K so you can get rid of that second job!!!!

The guides I know work their butt off. So the next time put a pencil to a piece of paper and do some math. Start with $500/trip X number of days you are going to fish. Remember this will be your "Gross" number before you deduct expenses and pay taxes.

September 26, 2005 at 11:36pm
A comment titled: In Response to sowtrout1 in response to a report titled: Houma to be beachfront property

You might want to do some research and get your facts straight. My comments on the Davis Pond Project are factual. Now if you want to debate when the Corp has gotten anything right, go ahead.

The fact still remains that the Davis Pond Project is a SALTWATER LINE PROJECT and not a land building project. Hence the saltwater 5 ppm line that is in the Little Lake area down in Lafitte. The 5ppm line is used to monitor the amount of freshwater input into the Barataria Basin.

If we remove the levees, where do we start.....Belle Chase or Port Sulphur or ???? Dredging is not a short term solution. It is an ONGOING SOLUTION. It took the Mississippi River THOUSANDS of years to create the land in southeast Louisiana. Quite frankly, we CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG.

Anyone can look at this website http://water to see the flowrate/capacity for the Davis pond project.

September 26, 2005 at 11:12pm
A comment titled: Davis Pond in response to a report titled: Houma to be beachfront property

Rick you bring up alot of good points. As a reminder the Davis Pond Project is a SALTWATER LINE project NOT a LAND BUILDING project. The reason it does not operate at full capacity is because if it did it would have an adverse affect on the marine life in that area. TOO MUCH freshwater would be introduced if run at full capacity.

I know this because I asked the same question awhile back, and I exchanged e-mails with someone from the Army Corp of Engineers. He answered all my questions in great detail and the answered were very informative. Now the MRGO and Caernarvon Diversion can be debating until the cows come home. The amount of money that the Corps has spent on the MRGO, you could solve the coastal erosion problem and have MILLIONS left over.

Another problem in addition to coastal erosion, is most of the land in southeast Louisiana is SINKING. What we need is to get a couple of dredges and have them start operating 24 hours a day building/re-building land all over south Louisiana. Fox 8 News did a story a couple of months ago about the rebuilding of the beaches in Florida with a dredge that was operating 24 hours a day. This is the first thing that needs to start happening concerning coastal erosion, and it needs to get starting 5 minutes ago. We do not need any more studies! WE NEED ACTION!!!!

September 26, 2005 at 2:12pm
A comment titled: Thanks in response to a report titled: Longitude and Latitude

Thanks to all who answered my question. Trout slayer that would be CO what kind of sign??? Just kidding. Thanks again for the e-mail. The trig info brings back memories of my Analysis AP Math class in High School.

September 22, 2005 at 9:41am
A comment titled: What Happened to Marshal Law? in response to a report titled: I wonder if KAnye West saw this one?

It looks like the two women in the picture have at least six pairs of shoes....How can they wear them all at one time? While in Lafayette I watched the Mayor and the Governor DECLARE Marshall Law on FOUR separate occassions on Monday, Tuesday , and Wednesday....Along with orders to shoot to kill anyone one caught looting. That ole saying...."You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy"....applies to this also. I will let you fill in the blanks. "You can take the ?????? out of the ??????, but you can't take the ?????? out of the ???????". Good Luck to the City of New Orleans when they try to get back into the convention business, after having this crap splashed all over by the national media.

September 09, 2005 at 8:11pm
A comment titled: Think again in response to a report titled: Midnight Lump

You are looking for a whole lot of trouble if you go to the Lump in a Bayboat.

February 03, 2005 at 9:23pm
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