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Here are a few big boar hogs we took on a recent trip to Texas checking on our property.

August 24 at 3:50pm

This buck has been around my place for over 4 years now. He is summering then leaves around early October never to be seen again till the following year. He is 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 years old and nothing more the a big cow horn spike! I sure hate that he is out there breeding Does! Hope you enjoy the pics

August 24 at 3:34pm

Made a turkey hunt last week to Caldwell county Texas which is near San Antonio. I normally make this trip for the opener, which is April 1st, but work had me bowed up and had to push this trip back to this past weekend. Turkeys were not very active and never heard a gobbler on the roost. Riding around we would see a few gobblers out roaming around but they were not very interested in responding to calls. I believe it was just to late in the season and the turkey rut was pretty much over with. I did strike up a few gobblers during midafternoon but had no luck in getting them to come in. I setup one afternoon with my decoys (Hen and Strutting Gobbler) in an area I had seen several gobblers and called in 2 Jakes and 3 nice long beards together. They came in silent, and I was able to take a nice Rio Gobbler at 40 yards. He had a 10” beard and 7/8” spurs. Hogs were everywhere and I kept my .243 rifle in the truck while riding around on the ranch. I took two nice boars and one big sow which made for some fun stalking up on them. It was the slowest turkey hunt I have ever been on in Texas but can only figure it was just too late in the season. Next year I plan on going earlier if work allows. I hope all the turkey hunters had some success and had fun just being out in the woods. It is time to start getting ready for my summer food plots and salt licks back in Louisiana.

April 26 at 11:42am

Turkey season so far has been fun, I have worked several gobblers and called in several hens over the first week of the season. On Sunday 4/11 I was able to close the deal on a nice gobbler. At daybreak I waited for the birds to wake up and start singing. I did not hear a gobbler, so I eased down to a creek that has a nice flat with an old logging road crossing it. Earlier in the week I had heard a gobbler in that bottom and there was plenty of turkey sign in that area. I setup where I had good cover and a good view of the bottom. I made several soft yelps and after about 15 minutes I had a gobbler sound off on one of my calls. I quickly let out a cackle and he gobbled again. He was not far, maybe 150 or so yards. I yelped at him again and he gobbled and was getting closer. I made a few more soft yelps, and he would gobble and get closer. He was fired up! I decided to shut the calling down and just sit tight. Within a few minutes he showed up walking down an old logging road about 100 yards from me. When he got to the flat just before the creek he went into a full strut and would gobble, what a sight to see! He would go back and forth on that logging road strutting and gobbling. He was just wanting the hen to come out to him. A crow flew by and let out a call and he gobbled. I decided not to call and play hard to get. I could see him pretty good and after about 15 minutes and 15-20 gobbles later I believe he got feed up with the hen not coming to him, so he came out of his strut and started walking straight at me. I let him get to 20 yards and put the BOOM on him with my 12ga 3 ½” #6 turkey load. What an adrenaline rush! My Tom had a 9 ½” beard and 1” spurs. After getting back to camp we went and ran our catfish lines and pulled several nice catfish off our lines. The season has been fun with turkey hunting, catfishing, and camp life. It just does not get any better than that! Good luck out there turkey hunting, be safe and patient with the turkeys.

April 15 at 7:33am

Only 5 weeks away and getting ready for what I hope to be a very good turkey season. The winter storm last week destroyed a lot of my woods. The ice storm dropped trees down all over the place and we are spending time just clearing roads and making sure everything is ok. I hope the wildlife came through it ok and all these down trees will help with some habitat improvements nature made!

February 27 at 9:10am

Here are some interesting trail-cam pictures (from July through October) of a buck I have on my place that has injured his left front leg earlier this year which has caused deformity in his antler development. Back in August it really looked bad and I figured he would die from infection. But as you can see it seems to be healing good and I expect him to make a full recovery. I have read where and injury affects the opposite side of the antler development. I have two other bucks with similar leg injuries which I am trying to figure out what might be the cause. Any input is welcomed.

October 20, 2020 at 11:11am

I planted my summer food plots back in early May with Cow Peas and Soy Beans. It didn’t take long and the deer started hitting the plots hard. These summer plots are great ways to keep track of the Does and when they drop their fawns along with the bucks and how they are developing their head gear. I was surprised to get this odd looking buck on camera and figure he damaged his left anther before growth started. Also noticed a higher level of ticks on the deer this year compared to previous years, I assume due to the mild winter. Hope you enjoy the pics.

June 18, 2020 at 9:36am

February and March are great times of the year to do wildlife Habitat improvements on your hunting land. Most hunting seasons are over, and the weather is still cold or cool, hardly any bugs or snakes out moving around, and you can really see what your habitat looks like at its lowest point of the year. Every year on my place we try and make 2-4 spots each the size of a football field where we hinge cut unwanted trees or areas where the trees are too thick to produce quality timber. This gives us a two-fold return, one we get some great wildlife habitat and second, it’s giving us TSI (Timber Stand Improvement) which equals a better timber stand for future logging operations. In this case we are really wanting to take areas that have lost the natural vegetation growth due to heavy tree canopy and open the forest floor for better food and cover for the deer herd and turkey flock. In five years of doing this we have documented the deer and turkeys have flourished. The neat part is it takes very little money and most landowners will agree to this effort if you present a solid plan to them. This is only one of the tools we have implemented on the property but goes a long way to improve the hunting and wildlife living in and around the property. The key is to make our property more appealing to deer and turkeys so they will stay longer then on the neighboring property’s. The pictures on this report show what the area looked like before we started and then after we completed the TSI. We had two chainsaws going with one person cutting and one person pushing and spent approximately one hour to complete an area the size of a football field, leaving only the best quality trees standing. It was a great time to bring the kids and teach them the importance of quality habitat and what it takes to keep a good healthy deer herd. I will post more pics of this area as spring and summer growth occurs. I also plan to put out a few trail cameras to capture wildlife use in this area.

March 12, 2020 at 12:32pm

The last day of the primitive season I was fortune enough to take a nice buck with my .35 Remington CVA Hunter. I decided to drop the gut pile in front of one of my trail cameras. Within a few days there was nothing left but cleaned dirt. Buzzards started first followed by foxes, coyotes, and then the hogs rooted up the blood-stained grass down to dirt.

March 02, 2020 at 12:16pm

I’ve been spending the last few weeks in the woods getting ready for Turkey season and checking on the deer herd. Bucks have started dropping their antlers the last few weeks. I am also hitting the racoon population hard to try and help the turkeys nesting within the next month or so. Racoons are horrible on the turkey nest. I wish every club and turkey hunter would get involved with trying to reduce the numbers of predators. I have seen and read that most southern states have seen a drastic decline in turkey populations over the last few years. I believe and have also read the main culprit is predators. I’m using the DP coon traps. They work great, very easy to set and use. I use marshmallows for bait as a racoon can not resist a big marshmallow. I hope you enjoy the trail-cam pics. The month of March will be spent doing habitat improvements by hinge cutting and hack and squirt to unwanted tress and along the edges of my food plots. I will post pictures later on how that project is going.

March 02, 2020 at 11:55am

This past Saturday afternoon my good friend took this nice 10 point from my place near Sicily Island. We had numerous trail-cam pics of him and had him patterned pretty good during bow season but just could never close the deal. Gun season changed that and he was able to put this nice buck down with one shot at 100 yards. If you have been following my post we put a lot into major habitat improvements every year and also are very strict on NOT taking young bucks. With those two combinations we are seeing some great returns and a good age class of bucks coming up.

November 25, 2019 at 1:25pm

Just returned from my annual deer hunting trip to Nebraska, this year made 26 years I have been chasing deer in that state and have enjoyed every season. The weather was unusually warm but that didn't slow down the deer action much. There were five of us hunting this year and we all had our two buck tags and lots of Doe tags. We were hunting both public and private land in the Pine Ridge unit. It was neat to see Mule Deer, Whitetails, Antelope, and Elk all on the same trip. It was just a great DIY type hunt with great success and a lot of fun in wide open country.

November 25, 2019 at 1:07pm

While running through several thousand trail-cam pics I noticed something strange, while taking a closer look I saw that I had a big rattle snake under one of my feeders. I had over 20 pics of him just laying there while the Doe was feeding around. It finally decided to move on.

September 09, 2019 at 11:50am

I want to share this info as I just love monitoring my property along with the deer herd. Over the last 5 years I have put together that the majority of the Does on my property give birth around the 4th of July. If you backup 200 days that puts the peak of the rut around Mid-December in my area (Catahoula Parish). This big Doe is still carrying on August 8th and by the looks of it will give birth any day. Backing up 200 days puts her getting bred around January 21st on the 2nd rut. If you look at the “Louisiana Estimated Deer Breeding Periods” That the LDWLF puts out is dead on the mark for peak rut in my area. Collecting data every year and bouncing it off of the LDWF data they have can help tremendously when planning vacation time for hunting the rut.

September 06, 2019 at 7:34am

As summer draws to an end and I keep watching the bucks grow their head gear it’s getting very exciting. My mineral licks and trail cameras have been a valuable tool for me to get an idea of the quality of deer I have running around on my place. With 5 years of intense habitat improvement projects and letting the young bucks walk I am seeing some very good results. My next major project is to try and eliminate the coyotes as much as I can. They are taking a toll on my deer herd as my fawn count is way down again for several years in a row. Hope you enjoy the pictures

September 05, 2019 at 12:54pm

Here are a few neat trail-cam pics of a Doe in Hot weather and you can see the blood veins on the back of her ears on a sunny hot day, then the next picture it’s has been raining and the temp is 10 degrees cooler. The ears are a cooling mechanism to help with body temperature. The last pic is just a neat pic of the 3 Does and a small buck in the back ground. Hope you enjoy.

August 07, 2019 at 11:06am

Checked my trail cameras on my mineral licks this past weekend and see the bucks are putting on their head gear and the Does are about to bust with fawns.

July 01, 2019 at 10:38am

This was my second trip of the 2019 Texas spring turkey season. This trip I would be down in Zavala county chasing big Rio Gobblers in that south Texas brush country. I had two tags left to fill and I would be hunting a huge ranch which had a solid turkey population. I have hunted this ranch for the last 8 years and know the area pretty good. I left Port Allen around 4:00am on Thursday for the 11 hour drive. Picking up my close friend near San Antonio we arrived at the ranch just in time to unpack and ride around the ranch to see if we could stir up any gobblers and put one or two to bed. I was able to fire up a few gobblers and setup on them only to have young birds come in. I also bumped into a huge rattle snake while trying to close the gap on a gobbler. Talk about an adrenaline rush! He rattled when I got within a few feet of him as I wasn?t paying attention to the ground. A quick shot of turkey load put an end to that threat! As dark approached I could hear what sounded like several gobblers along a creek about � mile away so I eased closer down a road that ran along the creek towards them. As I got closer I could make out several gobblers strutting in the road about 400 yards from me. I just sat back and watched them until they made their way towards the creek and flew up on the roost between the road and the creek. So I was set for the morning! I had what appeared to be several big gobblers roosted and I also heard a few more close by. Friday morning I went back to the area the gobblers were roosted in. It was about an hour before daybreak as I wanted to ease in as close as possible down the road where I had last seen them before they went to roost. I set out my hen decoy and eased back into some bushes where I could watch down the road. The view was tight as I could only see down the road and I knew I could have birds come in from behind me but this was the best setup I had. As the song birds started their morning off so did the Gobblers! I let out a few soft tree yelps and the woods exploded with gobblers. I couldn?t believe what I was hearing. It sounded like 8 or 10 gobblers along the creek stretching for about 150 yards are so. Every time one would gobble the others would answer. I would let out yelps and the creek bottom would explode with gobbling. This was a once in a lifetime event to hear something like this. After good light and about a thousand gobbles later I heard the closest turkeys fly down. They were close and less than 100 yards from me. Down the road about 80 yards I watched 3 long beards appear in the road and start strutting and gobbling. 3 Jakes showed up and was between the hen decoy and the 3 strutting gobblers. They were freaked out and didn?t know what to do and just stood there. About that time something caught my eye to my left and two big long beards stepped out in the road right next to the decoy. They circled the decoy and immediately knew something wasn?t right. I put the bead on one of them and BOOM, hit him with 12 gauge 3 �? Winchester #6 XR Turkey load at 30 yards. He rolled and before I could get another shot at the other one he had run out of site. My Gobbler had a 10 �? beard with 1 3/8? spurs. Friday afternoon I setup in the same general area and called in several young gobblers and Jakes. So right before dark I moved locations farther down the creek about a mile and roosted several more gobblers for in the morning. Saturday morning I setup in a nice clearing that ran along the creek. As daybreak came so did the gobbling. There were two gobblers within 200 yards of my location. I made a few soft tree yelps and had both of them fired up and gobbling. I heard the closest one fly down and I made a cackle which put him in high gear heading towards me. I saw him walking fast down a cow trail towards my location out at 100 yards. I threw out a few yelps and got him all fired up. He was gobbling and strutting. The other gobbler was closing in but I couldn't see him yet. The first gobbler approached to within 70 yards and hung up and the 2nd gobbler went silent. The gobbler I was looking at had me pegged and was just strutting around in circles. After about 10 minutes we he turned around facing away from me in full strut I made a soft yelp, he came out of strut and came in to 35 steps. He went back into full strut and I got ready and clucked at him. He came out of strut and stretched he neck out looking for me. BOOM, I let him have a solid load of #6 Winchester XR turkey load. I smoked him and he did a flip. He had a 10 �? beard with 1 1/8? spurs. What an awesome Texas turkey season I had this year. Two great trip in two different areas that produced 4 great Rio Gobblers with tons of awesome memories. Back to my place this coming weekend in Catahoula parish for the last weekend and hope the weather finally cooperates. Take care be safe and hope you turkey hunters are enjoying some of the great outdoors this spring.

April 16, 2019 at 11:55am

I just completed my first of two spring turkey hunting trips to Texas this past weekend just east of San Antonio in Guadalupe County which is a 4 gobbler tag county. I arrived in the afternoon on Thursday and the weather was perfect. 70 degrees, sunny and very light breeze. I headed out to a creek bottom I’ve hunted before that runs along a cow pasture. I setup where I could see both the creek bottom and flat along with a view of the cow pasture. I also decided not to use my decoys as not knowing how many turkeys were in the area and cows get very curious of decoys. Once settled in I made a few soft yelps and got an immediate reply from a gobbler some 200 yards away. I got a little aggressive with my calling and got him fired up and gobbling at every call I threw at him. Shortly I caught some movement along the creek and watched as 4 hens were walking fast in my direction. They had me pegged and was walking straight at me. I knew the gobbler would be following so I got ready with my shotgun pointed in the same direction as the hens came from. All 4 hens walked up to within 5 yards of me and stopped. They were looking around but making no calls. After a few seconds they moved around behind me and started walking off. That’s when I saw the big gobbler coming up the same trail as the hens did. He was a Hoss with a big rope for a beard! As he came in one of the hens which was behind me made an alarm call and froze the gobbler in his tracks. But it was too late as he was standing 40 yards in a nice opening. BOOM, I let him have a load of 12 gauge 3 ½” number 6 Winchester XR Turkey load! What and adrenaline rush! I was only there for less than 30 minutes and had my first gobbler of the trip down. He had an 11 ½” beard with 1 ¼” spurs. I still had plenty of daylight left so I moved to another location and roosted 4 or 5 gobblers for the next morning. Friday morning as daylight came I was deciding which gobbler to go after as the woods were alive with gobblers gobbling on the roost. I settled for the closest one and worked him for several hours playing cat and mouse with him. He had several hens with him and I caught several good looks at him as I would try to out flank him. I had no luck breaking him away from his hens so I decided to try him in the afternoon. Friday afternoon I setup in a nice flat with scrub oaks that was adjacent to a creek bed. I put out both my gobbler and hen decoy in a nice opening about 20 yards from my location. I started making soft yelps and as the afternoon went buy I started getting a little more aggressive with my calling. About an hour before sunset I got a response from what I thought was two gobblers. I threw out a few more calls and had them locked in on me gobbling at ever call I would make. It was so cool as it was one of those picture perfect hunts. Every time I would make a call they would gobble and get closer. I got my shotgun ready and pointed in the direction I last heard them gobble which was only about 75 yards away. I made a soft yelp and there they were only 20 yards gobbling. To have double gobblers that close to you gobbling is awesome! I put the bead on the biggest one and BOOM. He rolled and the other took off before I could get a shot on him. This was another good gobbler with 8 ¾” beard and 1 1/8” spurs. A cold front came in Saturday and the wind really picked up and the temps fell. I did work several more gobblers but they were locked up with hens and had no interest to come see a lonely hen in the bushes calling to them. I found a few awesome antler sheds from this past seasons bucks that survived which is always a neat find. I plan to head back to Texas in a few weeks and try to fill my remaining turkey tags on some of those big Rio Gobblers. Louisiana Season opens this coming weekend at my place near Sicily Island which I hope to connect with a big Eastern bird. I hope you enjoyed the story and good luck if you are trying your luck at any gobblers this season.

April 02, 2019 at 12:18pm

This past weekend while checking my trail-cameras and looking for antler sheds I ran across a mature Doe that had been recently killed and half consumed. It was covered up with leaves and small limbs and the guts had been removed and covered completely up about 10 yards away. Known predators in the area are coyotes, bobcats, and bears. I’ve never seen coyotes cover their kill and not sure about bears, but bobcats yes. I thought this would be a good thread to start and see what opinions might come up and what has other people seen. I setup two trail-cameras to see if I can catch some action but I left a lot of human scent while examining the remains. My best guess is there is a highway about 400 yards from kill site and maybe the deer was hit by a passing vehicle and then taken down by a predator. No drag marks from kill location which indicates it was killed there.
Also found one very nice new buck hooking and have several bucks on camera starting to drop their antlers.

February 25, 2019 at 4:07pm

Mandevillian, thanks for the report. I do hope Sherburne makes a come back. I was awesome turkey hunting in there years ago.

April 26 at 7:12am
A comment titled: Re: 2021 Turkey season - Success in response to a report titled: 2021 Turkey season - Success

Mandevillian, Good luck and let us know how you do, I can remember how awesome Sherburne WMA was for turkey hunting some 20 years ago. I sure hope it comes back one of these years to the level it once was. Not sure what happened to my post, it vanished and I had to re-submit it again. Take care and be safe

April 16 at 4:42pm
A comment titled: Re: 2021 Turkey season in response to a report titled: 2021 Turkey season

A few neat snow pics from the recent snow and ice storm in north central Louisiana

March 02 at 12:12pm
A comment titled: Re: 2021 Turkey season in response to a report titled: 2021 Turkey season

Beauxnarreaux, Yes, bears never go away! They are some very destructive creatures to say the least. Caught one sleeping in my rice bran trough during the recent ice storm. I’ll post that pic shortly.

March 02 at 12:10pm
A comment titled: Re: Turkey Hunt best WMA in response to a report titled: Turkey Hunt best WMA

Bayoubow, Clear Creek WMA has a good turkey population and I have had a lot of fun on that place. It does get hunted hard but you can find gobblers all over that area. We have camped out and enjoyed our hunting there in past years. Walk the logging roads looking for sign and listening. Good luck!

March 01 at 4:25pm
A comment titled: Re: Hunting season summary in response to a report titled: Hunting season summary

beauxnarreaux, enjoyed your video with my coffee this morning! Great job

February 19 at 7:49am
A comment titled: Re: Interesting Looking Buck in response to a report titled: Interesting Looking Buck

beauxnarreaux, He had a compound fracture to his right rear leg about 4 inches from the hoof. It had completely healed up and has a twist to it. If you look close you can see it in the group picture.

December 08, 2020 at 12:24pm
A comment titled: Re: Interesting Looking Buck in response to a report titled: Interesting Looking Buck

This Saturday afternoon 'Nut Sack' was taken. He started roaming from his home range and we started getting him on camera all over the place. The pre-rut done him in.

December 07, 2020 at 4:32pm
A comment titled: Re: Daughters best deer to date in response to a report titled: Daughters best deer to date

So cool, a big congrats to her!

December 07, 2020 at 4:26pm
A comment titled: Re: Hardwood Bottoms Buck in response to a report titled: Hardwood Bottoms Buck

Nice solid buck, Congrats

November 24, 2020 at 9:24am
A comment titled: Re: Big buck down in winnfield in response to a report titled: Big buck down in winnfield

Fine buck, Congrats

November 24, 2020 at 9:23am
A comment titled: Re: Healthy triplets in response to a report titled: Healthy triplets

You got that right!

September 28, 2020 at 12:57pm
A comment titled: Re: Healthy triplets in response to a report titled: Healthy triplets

LSUfan71, That is awesome! With the population explosion of predators in my area mainly coyotes and bobcats it is now a rarity to see twin fawns. I read an article from the Pennsylvania Game and Fish about Bears having an impact on fawn survival, we have plenty of those too! I wish the bears would eat the coyote pups and the coyotes would eat the bobcat kittens, then the bears would be trapped by the LWF and relocated to Mexico, problem solved! Lol Good luck this season and hope you get a big Muy Grande

September 28, 2020 at 11:35am
A comment titled: Re: Interesting Looking Buck in response to a report titled: Interesting Looking Buck

Update on a buck we call \'Nut Sack\' with 2 more months of growth.

August 18, 2020 at 11:18am
A comment titled: Re: Ya` Gotta Love Twins in response to a report titled: Ya` Gotta Love Twins

Huckleberry, Looking good, love to see twin fawns!

August 04, 2020 at 4:56pm

beauxnarreaux, Gum trees was my main objective along with some willow, Elm, and Poplar. I did have several areas where I had a heavy stand of ash and thinned those out some for better growth. I noticed the deer really hit the ash re-growth pretty heavy. I also took out any tree that was damaged/crooked or had a hollow in it. Its so cool to watch and see these areas flourish with wildlife only a few months after hinge cutting and area. We took what I call 'Dead Zones' for wildlife and made them and oases for wildlife with very little money spent.

June 22, 2020 at 3:35pm

This past Saturday afternoon I walked back into the area we had hinge cut back in early March and tried to take pictures from the same general spot from where I took the pictures back in March. As you can see almost 4 months later the growth is awesome! Plenty of cover now for deer and the browsing from the deer was quite evident all over the area. The particular spot is about the size of a football field and offers some great cover and food supply. This is a very cheap and rewarding way to improve your hunting grounds and keep wildlife in the area. It took us only about an hour with two chainsaws running to get this done.

June 21, 2020 at 5:22pm
A comment titled: Re: Spring squirrel this weekend in response to a report titled: Spring squirrel this weekend

Yes, I hope to make a trip or two while working around my place. Love a good cooked down squirrel stew!

April 29, 2020 at 10:49am
A comment titled: Re: Clear Creek WMA Turkey Hunt in response to a report titled: Clear Creek WMA Turkey Hunt

Haven’t hunted Clear Creek in 3 seasons. They had a good turkey population in there and I would recommend getting a good map of the area and spend some time pre-scouting. Ride the roads and you will see turkeys most anytime of the day. Check areas that have good stands of timber along the creeks as this is where you will find most turkeys will roost. Walk the non-travel roads and pipelines. I have always found good turkey sign in there. Just be prepared to have several backup plans when you have several hunters in the same area. I’ve found some very good bugging and dusting areas along the newest clear cuts. These birds get hunted hard and become call weary quick. I’ve had better luck mid to late afternoon in known roosting areas just setting up and making soft calls. Good Luck

March 02, 2020 at 11:25am

Lafitte has a nice fishing pier next to the fire house just before you get to the end of the road. I have seen some nice catfish, reds, and drum come from that pier. It also has lights for night fishing.

February 24, 2020 at 11:46am
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