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Well after 3 weekend of not being to fish due to storms, we went out to lake Raccourci out of Leeville and found choppy north east winds and no fish. Finally decided to head back to the marsh off of bayou blue and fished bay Laurier and found fish ,end up with 50 had 45 speck 3 white trout 1 red 1 drum all fish were caught on artificial bate as thats all we fish with, fish tight line and some on corks, bate was hogie lures in pink and electric blue until next time specklesearcher good luck fishing.

September 27 at 12:46pm

It was a beautiful day to be out on the water with a light northeast wind, fished lake raccouric and end up with 50 specks and 15 white trout all cought on matrix limbo slice tightline. Specklesearcher

September 06 at 1:23pm

Beautiful day on the water today, you could not tell there would be two hurricane on it way only 2 days later. We fished Timbalaier and Barre with light north breeze, did some scouting today trying new places due to not having a good tide movement witch was only .3, didn't hammer them but ended up with 40 fish, 30 specks and 10 whites with a lot of throw back on both specks and whites, all were caught on artificial double rig tight line. Will we have to prepare for at lease one direct hit from one of two hurricane in golden meadow be safe every one. SpeckleSearcher

August 23 at 6:02pm

Went out in Timbalaier Bay, it was a little ruff turn around and with the west wind we decided to go down the East canal out of Caminda Bay and went to Fisheman Bay it was tough fishing but we but a meal together 16 speckle hope next week is a little clam. Secklesearcher

August 16 at 2:04pm

Took a few steps ,but we got our limit of 75 with a good friend fishing Lake Raccourci and Timbalaier Bay using double rigged tight line with the best bate i have scene to used out there and they only coast $0.37 each on line, pick lure by Hogie Specklesearcher

August 09 at 12:49pm

We all most made a big mistake today stopped at little lake and did not go any further because it was a bit choppy and we still did not have our 24ft skeeter witch is still out for repairs, boy do i miss it ,we were in our 21ft kenner, still we do not usually care because the21 can still take it but it's a little uncomfortable ride. But by 10am with only 12 specks in our box we notice the wind came down a little so we sucked it up a headed out to Timbalier Bay , first stop did a quick slam and stacked up the ice chest quickly and we headed back in . double rigged glow and pink lures from Hogie did the trick. speckle-searcher good luck fishing

August 02 at 11:19am

When u can not go fishing with your boat because there is a storm in the golf with 30mp winds and rain and it's Sat. u go to camp dock and night fish. 20 specks in 2 hr the girls had a blast. still next week SpeckleSearcher

July 25 at 1:16pm

7-18-20------Sat, Just not our day got a late start this morning had a dead cranking battery, finally got out to lake raccouric and it was windier then forecasted, didn't get to fish long as we wanted to got run off by rain and lighting then on the way back home we got a blow out on the trailer, LOL at this point we have had it LOL so we haul it the last 3 miles home on a flat tire, ended up with 25 specks and a lot of throw back, still next time Speckle Searcher '

July 18 at 3:06pm

We got up Sat. 7-11-20 to a wnw wind 13 to 16 ,we thought about going after red in the marsh but for some reason they want live bate and we only like to fish artificial, So with a wnw wind we new the beach would be clam and it was clear water but no fish and a lot of boats , so we headed to the marsh not the best day but we end up with19 fish 10 speck,10 whit trout,1 nice red. till next time SpecklrSearcher

July 12 at 12:14pm

Well a good friend got a boat and ask us to show him a few of our fishing spots. So we went out in his boat fishing Timbalaier bay to day 6-27-20 was a little choppy but we still made a decent box of fish with 35 specks, I 12 pond red witch we release and 60 nice white trout left the white trout biting all caught on tight line on matiy shad limbo slice lemonhead and pink. still next time Speckle Searcher

June 27 at 1:52pm

Well like I said we went out and fish Timbalaier and Lake Barre, it was were clam out there may be to clam as it was a tittle hot to. Could not get away from the small trout, still was able to put 45 in the box As always we only fish artificial most were caught on limbo slice matrix shad tight line. Still next week good luck fishing [Speckle searcher]

June 20 at 5:32pm

Well got an other boat unstill our 24 is up and running, so we can fish the big water and get to the were the fish or. To day we fished the Fourchon beach Sat 13 -20 with a North wind got our limit of speck for 10;30 on limbo slice matrix shad tite line and on pick top dog. Still next week good luck fishing Speckle Searcher

June 13 at 5:32pm

Finally a calm weekend, got our limit of 75 trout for 9:30 with a good buddy. Showing him the ropes in his new boat In big Timbalaier bay since our 24 is still down. still next time good fishing Speck Searcher

May 30 at 4:48pm

With the 24 still out and the wind down , took the alm. all the way to raccourci and lake barra to day 5-2-20- , was not to bad but the tide was low and water a bit dirty from the north wind the day before, making it hard for artificial being that all we fish with. But we still manager 36 keepers , and a ton of throw back. still next week good luck fishing. Speckle searcher

May 03 at 11:00am

Will our 24ft boat is still out with a bad cylinder at a shop. Boy do we miss it as we love to fish big water this time of the year when the trout or out there in the big lakes. So we still have to fish the inside water , but the good news there still trout to b caught inside the marsh and lakes for small boats but u have to work for them lot of moving and fishing but that is the fun of fishing. We fished catfish lake and the marsh north of the lake SAT.for 26 keepers trout , caught a lot of small ones, still better then staying home. Still next time good luck fishing Speckle Searcher.

April 26 at 10:29am

Fished Golden Meadow Sat. 4-11-20 in the crazy wind it was tough, but we did some scouting fished the marsh all around big gray duck bay , all the way to the edge of raccourci , only to find school of small trout, back tracked to the marsh on the edge of catfish lake and end up with 20 specks and 1 red there still have a few trout left inside , but you have to work and move a lot , well thank for looking still next week have a happy Easter and keep save.

April 12 at 12:40pm

Fished golden meadow Sat., still the same fish or still here , but it will not b long found shrimp and egg in them. Today was the same as last week except no top water action. Pick away at them one at a time in catfish lake,bayou blue, and surrounding area until the rain ran us off , but we still but 31 specks and 2 red in the box. Fish with dcl on the c with popping corks and some tie line.

April 05 at 7:34am

Specks r still in side,wasn't fast and furious in cat fish lake today, had to stick and move a lot, 35 specks 1 red .Fish the lake with top water early be 4 the sun got to hot and the wind pick up ,then we fish the marsh and cuts with corks ad dsl chicken of the c. Check out all the spots on that trout.

March 31 at 9:05am

Left the house as 8 this morning fished behind golden meadow . Half the fish were cought on top water despite the wind, the rest still tight line with ds lures color c and k in the canals. 19 trout 6 reds and 1 sheep head.

March 10 at 2:28am

It was a struggle and had to fish to 2:30 , but my son and I got our limit of 50 specks on dsl lures tight lined on the bottom, beating the banks of the G.m. CANALS.

March 01 at 10:11am
A comment titled: Re: fish or making there inside move in response to a report titled: fish or making there inside move

did not rember your camp looking like this

Yesterday at 12:35pm
A comment titled: Re: fish or making there inside move in response to a report titled: fish or making there inside move


Yesterday at 4:11pm

still out so i got this 21ft kenner, or we go with a friend in his boat

August 11 at 2:59am

What wrong with your boat?

August 04 at 10:02am
A comment titled: Re: camp dock fishing in response to a report titled: camp dock fishing

thank no nats birds had a hard time lol

July 26 at 2:33am
A comment titled: Re: camp dock fishing in response to a report titled: camp dock fishing

we used Hogie major minnow glow chartreuse tail

July 26 at 2:30am
A comment titled: Re: camp dock fishing in response to a report titled: camp dock fishing

beach was to rough the last few days

July 26 at 2:22am

Thewizard7 did not see a banana but had some at time had better luck Lol we left the spare tire home will not happen again Lol. Mandevillian Gest any day on the water is a good one the only thing about porpoises the run your fish away, goo luck to u 2 on your next trip, Thewizard7---Mandevillian

July 19 at 10:05am

Oil your reels look like a good weekend coming up with light winds.

June 18 at 9:10am

Thank I will make my report every week end. I will go try lake timbalaier and lake barra this week end. still then good luck fishing.

June 18 at 9:03am
A comment titled: Re: big timbalaier bay speck in response to a report titled: big timbalaier bay speck

bones 1000 I would bring u out with use on a trip and show u the how we catch fish in the big lakes get back with us don \'t know were u live but I an I golden meadow if u can come by we can talk and get to know each other.

June 07 at 8:46am

Or they going to have any thing on speck limit and size in this meeting?

June 02 at 10:09am

I my self would love to see a it at 12'' as I like trout at my table not looking for trophy fish all doe it's is nice to catch the big ones. But 12'' to 20 '' is ok with me that way we will bring fish home .

February 26 at 9:33am


February 16 at 10:13am


February 16 at 10:11am

When reds were over fish they but a 5 a day limit on then, there we r years down the line still 5 y did they not make a come back? Will the trout end up the same way? I fish a lot and I think we should just lower the limit not the size, if they up the size to 15 a lot of release fish will not live not every one will handle them right, even we the ones that know how some time they r hook to bad .

February 09 at 11:07am

Bcause of what u just said ,I would say 12-15 if day say no then 12-10 at lease we will come home with fish.

February 07 at 9:27am

If we can't beet them , witch we will not then let try to b like them water in the feed -feed in the water.

January 10 at 2:31am
A comment titled: Re: A golden meadow duck hunt in response to a report titled: A golden meadow duck hunt

He had a good time.

January 04 at 5:02pm
A comment titled: Re: To Mr. Kinny and Mr. Larry in response to a report titled: To Mr. Kinny and Mr. Larry

That just it we pay a big fine when up north is doing the same thing FEED IN THE WATER OR WATER IN THE FEED . Does any one think we can stop it. I don't think so, may b we should fight to b equal that not a crime we just want to b able to get some duck like them belive me if we don't look at this and get help then all we will here every year saying the same bull un still we r all to old. All I here is talk and no action.

December 30, 2019 at 10:03am
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