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Now that duck season is over can I hunt the south farm with my bow and if so what parts of the farm can I hunt on I have read the rules and looked at the map just kind of confusing any help would be appreciated thanks.

January 31, 2017 at 6:32pm

I am making a deer hunting trip in early January to the Mississippi Delta in Laflore County, It will be a hunt with Mississippi Delta Ducks/Deer was wondering if anyone has ever hunted deer with them and what to expect I know they are located about 12 miles from Will Primos old place thanks ....

November 06, 2016 at 6:46pm
A comment titled: Re: Sherburn South Farm Deer Hunting in response to a report titled: Sherburn South Farm Deer Hunting

I brought my son on one of the deer lottery hunts a couple years back, are we allowed to hunt around those areas also and how far can you go on a 4-wheeler or is their signs to let you know.

February 01, 2017 at 5:50pm

How did the hunt fair at Buckhorn, me and my son are headed up on the 16th for his hunt just wanted to see how y'all did thanks.

December 07, 2016 at 6:13am

Shoot me a email of the dates you going, I'll be headed up their for the youth hunt in December, I'll be coming from Henderson,

October 11, 2016 at 8:33am
A comment titled: Youth gun in response to a report titled: Looking for youth rifle

I bought my son the remington 770 youth model.243 in stainless with the 3x9 bushnell combo, my boy was 7 at the time and small for his age he is 9 now and loves his gun, he had no problems what so ever with the recoil from the first shot I would highly recommend the 770 and only paid 438.00$ after every thing was said and done it is a tack driver....

October 17, 2011 at 9:09pm
A comment titled: Alligator hunting in henderson in response to a report titled: Alligators in Henderson

Yes you can alligator hunt in henderson but only south of I-10, everything north of I-10 is corps property and is off limits, St.Martin land issues tags to a few people but due to the low price of hides we half to turn our tags back in. The last time we were able to hunt was after hurricane Gustov and as far as big gators we pulled a 13'1''out that season the population is starting to get really bad hopefully this year we will be able to hunt if not people will need to be extra cautious while swimming or skieing in the lake...

April 03, 2011 at 10:57pm
A comment titled: Larose in response to a report titled: basin hunting

Thanks for the info can you give me a number or a e-mail address to get in touch with someone when april comes around.


December 28, 2009 at 4:27pm
A comment titled: Larose in response to a report titled: basin hunting

i have a place in the butte and was wondering what club you were in i use to hunt on the river but now i bring my 7 year old with me and i would like to get in a club around the camp like shady pines can you give me some info thanks.

December 27, 2009 at 6:38pm
A comment titled: Where at? in response to a report titled: cypress lodge

havent heard of the place would like to check it out whats the address?

November 28, 2009 at 8:09pm
Boutte, LA

2005 GMC Sierra 1500 for sale, truck runs great, cold ac, hot heat everything works as it should, use it to go to my hunting lease 8 miles away. V6 manual roll down windows nice sound system, could use a new head liner. No holes or tears in the seat. 6500.00 OBO call or text 337-342-8one2one thanks

February 10 at 1:08pm
Boutte, LA

Bowtec BTX-32 HHA Optimzer Lite, QAD Drop Away Rest, Octane Stablizer with arrows and rage 2 blade heads. Strings were put on this year. Bow is loaded and ready to hunt, bought a cross bow only reason for selling. Call or text 337-342-8one2one.

January 11 at 4:36pm
Boutte, LA

EZ-GO Golf cart for sale radio speakers, rear view mirror, rear passenger seat, 2016 batteries with charger and separate battery for radio system, front bumper. Call or text 337-342-8one2one. Thanks

January 06 at 6:26pm
Boutte, LA

28” outlaws #2’s 2500 winch back rack selling for my father in law all he did was hunt with it. Text or call 337-342-8one2one.

January 06 at 6:18pm