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Gotta give credit where credit is due.Older son got nice fairly inexpensive Centerpoint crossbow,was not able to get it assembled and sighted in,took his crossbow to American Hunter where Josh got her assembled and sighted in and my woes were that the first Sat of bow season had two does chowing on golden nuggets I strategically placed in food plot,texted Wifey and unfortunately shot just a tad low on the bigger of the two does,did hear thunk like I made decent shot and waited about an hour before exiting nice and very tall tree stand Wifey and I built about 20 years ago and saw zero blood,flesh,not a thing on arrow but when I got home,took Rage tip off and clearly spotted deer hair on blades,guess I gave doe a belly-shave!!Decided to let Josh shoot bow at their indoor range and bow was shooting a tad to the right and not that low but Josh did suggest that I practice,practice,practice,something I really need to do.Today was another story,got to stand well ahead of legal shooting,sat tight with damn near gale-force winds and got down aroung 10:15,loaded field tip in crossbow fired and doggone string came loose,thought it was toast and Ronnie took maybe three minutes to fix bow.Worst part,besides seeing small puddle of trans fluid under ole Kubota,was after Wifey and grandson and I were just taking off from gate I use,spotted three does!!!Bet they winded me and may have smelled corn as I loaded up feeder with 8- lbs of corn just after climbing down from stand!!!Great news in that one of my buddies from St.Jane de Chantal may be joining our club,just lost his hunting spot,and he is more than willing to lend me a hand in getting Kubota home,should we need to detach rear chunk and install new basket after first trying to tighten bolts holding chunk in place!!With the busy Medicare Enrollment schedule Wifey and I have,gotta be strategic with stand time and have now seen deer on two of four hunts,though today's three does might NOT count!!! Mandevillian

October 16 at 2:19pm

Wifey and I making our annual Ozarks trip and left Mandeville Tues afternoon,made a pit stop at MS College School of Law to drop off beloved chocolate lab with younger son and we made our way to Ozarks,arriving early Wed am and first stop was a Wal Mart in Harrison,AR.Funny story here,was wearing NO Saints tee-shirt and young fellow commented on my shirt and thanked him,telling him they stunk up Panthers stadium and we laughed it off(did not realize at the time he is a LA native-graduate of LSU Shreveport School of Medicine).Got a few fishing supplies and again ran into young fellow and we exchanged stories-he is Radiologist practicing up in Arkansas and told him bout my 27-year Pharma career.Bet he went to Med School with a few of de docs I used to call on.Fast-forward to today,Wifey and I took extremely fun and productive guided trip,guide was awesome(Rodney Anderson-coming back next Sept/Oct and want Rodney as our guide)he works for Donald Cranor's Guide Service(870)430-5484.From the get-go,I could tell it was gonna be incredible trip,guide had plenty of White River crawfish(dey calls em crawdads up here)and he was using nice chunk of tail meat to entice aggressive rainbows and we limited on fine rainbows,Wifey caught two fine brown trout but they have to be 24 inches to keep and bet we caught over 40 rainbows,keeping our ten and had an absolute blast!!Cranor has fine lodge and bunch of Top-Notch guides and Wifey promised Rodney dat when we return,we not only wanna get his as our Guide,she gonna treat him to her incredible duck and andouille sausage gumbo and as fate would have it,Rodney told us bout fine barbeque joint,KT's Smokehouse and Wifey and I had great lunch there and even picked up package of smoked andouille sausage,can't get no better than dat!!Gonna hit White River few more times before leaving and we already know of some great bank-fisning spots and on today's trip,found yet another great bank-fishing spot.Having incredible time up here,weather fantastic,probably in low 40's at night!!! Mandevillian

September 23 at 8:01pm

Needed brake tag on Jeep and knew Causeway Dave would be open til round 5 and had few errands to run ahead of impending Tropical Storm,so we opted to visit Causeway Dave(knew AJ Fishes was off de water this week).Chatted with Dave and turns out he had supplies of fine custom lure he and AJ been spanking big specks with and he offered me a bag of 20 for $12,not a bad deal,particularly since lotta popular soft plastics been coming outta China and according to Dave,some of the colors kinda fouled-up PLUS been viewing plenty of AJ Fishes You Tubes where he has been HAMMERING fine specks,using what I jokingly call 'Speck Spankers' and Dave suggested the color he offered me,I would call it Motor Oil,like the soft plastic worms dat we used to toss at Parish Line Canal chunky bass.Take a look,Causeway Dave said he gotta lotta dem lures!!! Mandevillian

August 26 at 6:09pm

Did not have baby-sitter for grandson(what better baby-sitter than Paw Paw taking fishing trip with grandson???)and had decent window of opportunity plus decent wind and tidal conditions,so we hit Lake P with beloved chocolate lab,Molly,in tow and started chunking Johnson Silver Minnow,Chartreuse and pounded what had been very productive shorelines but NOT today,so we hit nice protected cove,switched over to Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,of course,Chartreuse and nabbed fine lil red dat grandson admired before we released him to grow up and present another angler a chance at admiring his four spots/side!!Hit Causeway and had bunch of lady-fish,some brute-sized and finally nabbed keeper red and decided to head to spot about 4 miles N and got rewarded with fine and fat blue catfish,field-guestimated weight at 4 lbs,once home put fine catfish on digital scale and weighed shade over 4 lbs!!!Probably need to start heading tad E,possibly Lake Borgne,but I typically try to hit certain areas of Lady P this time of year to also scout for teal rockets!!Did not see any waterfowl other than huge flock of black-bellied tree ducks!!!Jr was worn out,almost falling asleep in boat on way back!!Might see what next week holds and scope out areas tad E of where I have been typically fishing!! Mandevillian

August 25 at 6:42pm

Because we found very few reds on last Monday's Lake P trip,de Nuck and Futz Duo decided a change of venue was in order,and we were hoping to spot some dem teal rockets yesterday and all we saw were a few big flocks of black-bellied tree ducks!!Did get to check out some promising redfish areas a tad E of where we had been fishing and we did explore the Carr Drive Main Canal and at least the water there was fairly clean and we found remnants of aquatic grass in some areas.Lake P was fairly disturbed,not at all a surprise,given the fairly strong W winds we encountered and not sure why the shift to NW direction took so doggone long!!Tried tossing along shorelines,I kept Silver Minnow Chartreuse Flash on and Nuck started off with Matrix Shad,think Lemon Head and he switched over to Johnson Sprite,lost probable nice red dat snapped his line,I nabbed a keeper red of about 16.5 inches,caught another about 15.99 in and then nabbed small male speck that inhaled Silver Minnow and Nuck caught small bass on our way back to launch.Lake needs to clear up a tad and maybe get influx of salty water and perhaps by mid-teal season,specks might start hitting fish boxes!!!Hope this report goes through as try #1 bombed out!!! Mandevillian

August 24 at 12:35pm

Had reasonably high hopes for the trip that me,grandson and his maternal Great GrandPaw had planned for today and we hit Rigolets Marina fairly early after meeting GreatGrandPaw at Mandeville Winn Dixie.Launched his fine Nautic Star and hit a few grassy shorelines with him tossing spinnerbait,me chunking Johnson Silver Minnow in Chartreuse Flash(ordered a few more from Bass Pro after searching a few likely spots for gold spoons and silver spoons).Great Grand Paw nabbed marsh bass and we quickly released him and I got big ole goose egg for my efforts.We did find some fine and clear water quite a bit East of where we initially started and was hoping we would spot some teal and only ducks we spotted were the ever-present black-bellied whistling ducks!!Grandson had a blast(he taking much-needed nap,I may not be too far behind)!!Hope to get the trio together soon and once cooler weather arrives,spots we hit should harbor some fat specks and reds.We did chat with LAWLF biologist(same one I met about two months ago)and he said he has seen about the same misery as we had with other anglers.maybe one boat recently had a few specks and reds.Not sure what to think as we hit areas that shoulda had some fish!!! Mandevillian

August 18 at 2:27pm

With the nice showing of fine and fat reds this past Friday,de Nuck and Futz Duo hit some dem exact shorelines today and also made a side trip to the Causeway trying to find some willing reds.Got us an early start and started chunking lures along shorelines,noticed lot less mullet activity compared to last Friday and Th and did scare up big ole shark dat nailed a mullet,looked like he cut it in half and with nice polarized glasses,saw de beast track down Johnson Silver Minnow with chartreuse color and thankfully,he veered off at last minute or I woulda been tangling with shark of almost 5 ft in length!!We stayed the course along shorelines,had great in-coming tide and even ventured way deep into marsh,all to no avail and we did spook a few reds,spooked plenty of sharks and I did have a few fish nab spoon but NOT get hooked,possibly fairly large alligator gar.Looked to W and Causeway was a-calling us and we made our way out there,tossed Berkley Gulps and think Nuck was tossing Lemonhead Matrix Shad and bout the only lure enticing anything to strike was ole boring Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet in chartreuse.Nabbed a bunch of pesky ladyfish and finally boxed keeper red,right about 16.5 in and not too long after boxed decent croaker,stuck both on ice and waiting til grandson gets home so I can clean those two.Hope to get back out later this week,possibly Wed.My personal belief is that the sharks I have been seeing have displaced the reds and these sharks nothing to play with with largest over 5 ft long and have seen a few 3-4 ft in length,plenty big enough to slice a red in half and I did notice some serious battle scars on side of head of 32 in brute of a red I fought this past Friday,bet a shark may have nabbed him as I was battling this red!!! Mandevillian

August 16 at 4:11pm

Not sure what is going on with site but I had detailed report from today,here goes trial#2!!Probably not gonna be able to attach pics but here goes narrative!!After grandson and I fished fine shorelines just yesterday,made de executive decision to hit same area and started tossing fine Silver Minnow Johnson spoon(thanks,Wiz) and did not take too long to nab red #1,only issue was that he was very slightly undersized and quickly dispatched him and spotted mullets getting nabbed and tossed right where I saw mullets getting smashed and took all of about 3 cranks of reel before 32 inch beast gobbled spoon,probably knocked paint off of spoon and thankfully I had trolling motor engaged and beast quickly stripped off close to 70 yards of 15 lb mono!Was fun letting him tug me along and think we both tired bout de same time,dropped him into net and he really did not fit into net!!Noticed some serious battle scars on same side of his head that spoon was lodged into and snapped pic and revived beast,took only seconds for him to quickly swim off for another angler to have fun with!!Stayed de course and tossed and tossed spoon did finally drop 22 inch fat red into box and stealthily trolled along shorelines,saw tons of mullets and pogies and finally got chance to sight-cast to beast(28 in) that was oriented East-to-West and tossed spoon perpendicular to him,made a few cranks of reel and was awesome watching beast nail spoon,again most likely knocking paint off of lure!!Spotted what was most likely two fine sheepshead gnawing on barnacles on submerged piling and they spooked as I tossed spoon right next to em!!Chatted with gent in fine bay skiff with tower on it and he was fly-casting,told me he had boated 4 bull reds and a Jack Crevalle and told him bout 32 in beast I released.Fished a tad more,tossing spoon along shorelines and kept thinking with the slight winds,I needed to make a quick run to Causeway and first spot was a dud,other than watching acrobatic ladyfish smash Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse!!Hit one more spot tad N of first Causeway stop and boated five reds with two keepers and they were bright pumpkins,unlike the shoreline reds and they smashed the Berkley Gulp.Noticed a storm slowly headed my way,texted Wifey and made my way back to launch and was glad I missed bulk of rain,did get a few drops but only after getting ole SouthFork on trailer.Ole Boat Dave,mechanic I got referred to,got ole SouthFork screaming and she shifts flawlessly and idles very fine,better than when I first got her way back in 2003/2004!!Hope to get back out next week and lotta fun sight-casting and spot-casting to fine and fat reds!! Mandevillian

August 13 at 5:31pm

Grandson itching to go fishing with Paw Paw after we had a fun crabbing trip this past Sunday and did locate lost set of boat keys(new ignition switch arrived today)and he and I got to one of my favorite redfish spots just about 8 am and possibly had one dem jinxes in that within maybe 3 casts I nabbed fine and fat red that did everything in his power to free himself but ole Jr did fine job of netting fat fish and then we casted,casted,casted and spooked some fine but very LARGE reds,saw a bunch of stingrays and saw at least 3 or 4 sharks(kinda hard to tell if we saw same shark twice but for certain know that we spotted two as one was about 3 ft long other close to 5 ft long)and we caught first fish on Shaker(Lunker City lure)and because de Wiz been terrorizing St.Bernard reds with gold spoons and wake baits,told Jr we would swap over to chartreuse Johnson spoon.Did chat with two gents and watched them hook then miss fine red,probably close to 30 inches,think they boated at least five reds.Jr and I tried our best to NOT spook fish but the Lake water is gorgeous right now,not too sure of salinity but clarity excellent and we saw one school of reds that had at least five members,spooked a bunch all up and down fine shorelines devoid of any grass-think I am gonna make return trip tomorrow!!He plans to donate filets to his mom and bet she and he enjoy some good eating!!Might start tomorrow's trip with chartreuse spoon and much earlier arrival time.Just installed new ignition switch and made doggone sure to attach one wire at a time,took maybe five minutes to get er done!!! Mandevillian

August 12 at 2:54pm

Grandson chomping on de bit to go with Paw Paw,mostly on a crabbing trip and today worked out for us.Did not get out well ahead of de heat but did get some quality time with a budding hunter/fisherman and he and I had a blast,think we had three big crabs mixed in amongst bunch of gumbo-sized crabs and he will never forget how mad his Paw Paw got at pesky gator trying to swim away with one of our nets!!We hit one of my favorite crabbing spots,set out dozen nets and we were headed down a trenasse to check some nets when I spotted a net getting hauled away by pesky gator and I quickly turned around SouthFork and went right on top of gator and he let our net go!!While we were deep in marsh checking nets,we spotted a familiar boat,that of Capt Andy Jones of Wicked Charters and he and I exchanged pleasantries and one of his clients,from Branson,MO was kind enough to donate blue catfish and funny story as our beloved chocolate lab,Molly,decided to climb aboard their boat!!We only got one bite,caught zro fish but thanks to Capt Andy,we came home with decent blue catfish!!!Boat doing fine,got her running better than ever and with new shifting cables and re-done lower unit,she is raring to go for Teal Season!!! Mandevillian

August 08 at 5:44pm

CCAguns and I tagged up today on his fine Kenner Vision and we started tossing lures at reds along shorelines in Lake Borgne,he was tossing Tsunamai Gold Spoon,I was tossing Tsunamai glow shrimp(needed to toss dat rusted hook on Tsumanai)under popping cork and it did not take him too long to nab two fine reds and I had monster red smash cork,missed Tsunamai and I missed hook-set on probably a keeper red so I swapped out dat nasty-hook Tsunamai and tied on Pink and Chartreuse Tsunamai and did add to our collection of reds with two and CCAguns nabbed fine 22.5 inch red,think he had Gulp under popping cork!We stuck it out a while then hit two nice wellheads and had just gotten boat tied to rig,think I made all of three casts,thought I had snag but dat snag got angry when I set hook(Shaker 3.75 in Jungle Jazz-might be best croaker imitation soft plastic out there)and I was about spooled when CCAguns did get boat un-hitched from wellhead and heard horrible sound of 17 lb Suffix Advance Fluro getting snapped-sounded like .22 caliber being fired!!!Lucky for me,CCAguns had plenty of line aboard and I re-spooled reel and we hit another well-head,could sense dat heat and lack of tide gonna get de best of us and he did nab fairly big gafftop dat I kept for crab bait and a nasty attitude hardhead dat we tossed back for another fisher to have fun with.Older son grilling dem reds right now,gonna chow on some grilled reds and hope we get back out again soon!Thanks,CCAguns.Always a pleasure fishing with ya!! Mandevillian

July 27 at 8:42pm

Had great time fishing the 29th annual Jesuit Alumni Rodeo,initially set for Friday and Saturday before Father's Day in June but got rescheduled for June 16,17 th and me,CCAguns,his son,Tiger,my two sons and grandson fished together yesterday for our salt water portion and younger son,CCAguns,and Tiger fished the freshwater portion up in CCAguns' fine Liberty Trace private lake near Liberty,MS and younger son managed to nab a fine bass this past Friday and we debated extending our stay til Sat afternoon,but I promised older son and grandson that we would get the crew together yesterday to try our luck in Chef area,trouble was the water was nasty pretty much everywhere we tried and all we could muster,besides a few crabs perfectly suited for soaking for bull reds and black drum,was a stinking hardhead catfish that grandson caught on cut croaker.Had great time and enjoyed the camraderie and chatted with 5-speck stringer winner,Doc Weiss,and Gary Discon and a few of the regulars.One lucky fellow won a trip for three to join Gary Discon on a fishing trip to be decided at a later date.Enjoyed listening to Capt CT Williams and also met a few potential fishing podnas!!Our strategy for freshwater paid dividends but we need to fine-tune salt water strategy and might slightly alter our salt water strategy to include two boats and seeking different species the second day.Think we got excellent chances at perennial freshwater winners!!Thanks again,CCAguns and hope Tiger had fun as well,know my sons and grandson enjoyed themselves yesterday!!! Mandevillian

July 18 at 5:12pm

CCAguns and I had yet another game plan for a scout/possible catch(lagniappe)trip today and we launched at small launch on Chef Hwy(great access to area of Lake Borgne we have been wanting to scout/fish).Got decent start and he was chunking chatreuse Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet under popping cork and I stuck with tight-lining Lunker City Shakers(3.75 in)in Jungle Jazz(was great color last week)and he quickly put two fine reds in box,one 22,the other 23 inches,both destined for reds on half-shell!!I did switch over to popping cork with small jighead and Berkley Gulp with zero takers.Once it appeared threat of rain was bout over we moseyed on to small platforms and we ended boxing 9 decent specks,he had 6 and I finally added 3 to avoid a personal 'skunk'.My fish came on either Limetreuse Shaker or Jungle Jazz Shaker and I did nab two lunker gafftops!!!CCAguns added small croaker and we now have not only very nice launch to use but also have decent strategy for future Lake Borgne trips.Bet the specks gang up at certain platforms and assorted other nice areas and we picking off a few each trip,intend to pick off more and more each trip!!He used Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse and dat was once my go-to bait,might wanna migrate BACK to it after today's trip!!!Happy Fourth and like a deceased doc friend used to say,'Don't have a fifth on the fourth!' and knowing this character,he had more than a fifth on the Fourth!!! Mandevillian Mandevillian Mandevillian

July 01 at 5:21pm

A shade over a year ago,while sac a lait jigging,I managed to nab my personal best bass,a T-Funky chunk a shade over 5 lbs and I took the beast to Sonny Miller in Crossroads,MS to have mounted and just last week got a call from Sonny dat my mount was ready for pick-up or delivery,as the case turned out!!Lucky me,turns out Sonny's grandson was supposed to be bowling at the bowling alley on Brownswitch Road and I also needed to settle up with our deer club president on remainder of my dues for Little Creek Hunt Club and deer club president lives very close to bowling alley.Accomplished two tasks-got fine mount and settled up with deer club president AND took older son,grandson,Wifey to small beach outside Silver Slipper Casino and lucky me,actually won a whopping $1.50 playing video poker!!!Wifey and I had a blast watching older son and grandson sunning and wading and shell-collecting and we could not resist urge to try our luck at de Slipper.Think Sonny gonna donate fish mounting services for upcoming CCA Nshore Banquet,set for July 22nd @the Castine Center!!!Take a look(pic does zero justice to Sonny's artwork)!!He has done three bass for me,all are fine mounts,think next mount gonna be whenever I nab trophy-worthy speck!! Mandevillian

June 28 at 10:09am

CCAguns,his son,and I had game plan today and that was to hit some of the same areas CCAguns and I hit last week and we also wanted to somewhat extend the range we took last week.Had plenty of fine bait shrimp,compliments of Mandeville Seafood,and each of us had good supply of soft plastics to possibly toss at whatever fish might be hanging around the structures in Lake Borgne.Started our trip dodging a serious rain-maker and thankfully it split apart and allowed us to fish some structures in Lake Borgne area.We tossed fresh bait shrimp,hoping to nab some fine croakers,both to eat and to use the smaller guys for live bait.We bounced around at some Lake Borgne structures and finally hit pay-dirt at nice well head where CCAguns nabbed fine but slightly under-sized speck on what I think was ole-school Deadly Dudley sweetened with small bit of fresh market shrimp and his son had gafftop catfish about to hoist aboard and under dat pesky cat was fine shark,bout 3 ft long,and it was indeed a cool sight!!CCAguns and I did manage to catch a handful of specks on soft plastics,he was tossing Deadly Dudley and I switched over from Blue Ice Lunker City Shaker to Jungle Jazz Shaker(looks identical to live shrimp in color)and missed one pulling out drag,never surfaced and felt significant and we ended with two decent keeper specks and bunch of croakers,some plenty big enough to filet and eat,rest gonna end up as cut bait for our next few trips.Water in W Lake Borgne seemed much more fish-friendly vs other spots we hit!!Funny thing is we dodged a short-lived rainstorm,once it settled down the specks started nabbing soft plastics til the doggone sun came out!!!CCAguns' son,Tiger,caught fat crab dat gonna end up nice cut bait for reds and black drum!!I did nab small puppy drum and quickly released him.We got back to Rigolets Marina,got CCAguns' fine Kenner Vision loaded up and we chatted with three gents we figured were fisherman looking for some fishing intel,turns out they work for LAWLF and we told them about Tiger's gafftop dat almost got devoured by fine shark,most likely small bullshark!The gents we chatted with were absolute gems and they told us bull sharks pup this time of year and the location where we saw this bull shark tipped them off!!Hope to get back out next week!! Mandevillian

June 24 at 7:24pm

CCAguns and I were finally able to get together(somewhat fortunate that Jesuit Alumni Rodeo postponed til 7 -17)and all we intended to accomplish was a 'shake-down' of his recently-serviced fine Kenner Bay Boat(serviced by Jeremy's Marine in Mandeville)and possibly scout some Rigolets fishing spots and we arrived at the Rigolets Marina,only to spot no less that about 8 LAWLF Agents,hand full of St.Tammany Sheriff's Deputies and quite a contingent of St.Tammany Firefighters!!!Turns out unfortunate boater actually lost motor,looked like it got totally sheared off jack plate and we understand this gent hit underwater obstruction and it caused his motor to become completely removed from transom!!!Hope they clearly id what exactly occurred.We chatted with solo fisher taking off bout same time as us and all we intended to accomplish today,besides shake-down of boat,was to possibly nab a few croakers,using fresh shrimp we got at Mandeville Winn Dixie.We started chunking at little platforms and mostly bout the only thing biting was freshwater catfish(2)and bunch of hardheads(way too numerous)and fortunately I did catch decent keeper red,bout 17 inches and did release fine but under-sized puppy drum(13.5 inches)and we fed quite a few croakers,caught a bunch and tossed live croaker out,CCAguns noticed line on dat rig starting to make a slow roll and he grabbed rod,fought what was most likely fairly big alligator gar(never got beast close enough before he took off with croaker!!).He did catch at least 3 very nice crabs and now we got cut bait for next trip!!!All in all,we accomplished exactly what we intended and hope to get back out,possibly next week.Water was filthy everywhere we fished and we picked a spot where a few bayous joined up,fishing a deep hole.Hope and pray that we do not get too much rain this coming week end and hope no one has any damage!!Thanks,CCAguns,thoroughly enjoyed our trip and did get replacement rod tip for dat fine Carbonlite rod I love using,mated to high-speed Lew's baitcaster(destroys reds)!!!Hope we can reconvene next week!!! Mandevillian P.S. older son and grandson cleaned the red and a few croakers,til I called and thanked him for cleaning red and he cut up crabs and rest of our croakers!!Wifey and I were at Academy getting a few supplies!!

June 17 at 8:42pm

After watching latest AJ Fishes You-Tube(gotta get off my butt and make some fine azz soft plastics dat CAN'T be found locally)shoulda known ole Lady P gonna be a muddy,nasty mess and did have back-up plan,Bonfouca with plenty of grass to hold some feisty bass!!Started my trip with leisurely ride to Trestles via Bayou Liberty Marina(someone needs to fix dem monster potholes,pronto).Got to dem Trassels and it was a muddy mess,no self-respecting fish should be hanging around in dat muddy water and thankfully nabbed nice flounder within about ten minutes of tossing Shaker(Lunker 3.75 Limetreuse(lights em up)!!Knew when to fold em and hit fine Bonfouca,catching four bass,boating three of em and dat at least gave me a few for dinner!!!Lake needs time to get right and unfortunately,lotta thick grass beds got wiped out by all de Tropica Storms we got bombarded with,hard to believe dat season round de corner.Got NShore CCA Chapter Banquet Planning meeting tonight at 5:15 pm at Don's in Covington and this past Tues made bunch of contacts,some eager to participate and will follow up with all contacts!!!Gonna check with folks @Affordable Boat Repair,they stationed at nice location at Bayou Liberty Marina!! Mandevillian

May 27 at 12:54pm

Wifey,grandson,and I had slight window of opportunity this am,suspected Lady P water gonna be somewhat dingy and we expected slight in-coming tide but found raring out-going tide instead,not a big deal since we wanted to soak some crab nets,possibly toss some dem fine and effective Shakers at whatever might be lurking around!!!Just dipped bunch of fine crab nets I fixed up,using fine nylon netting and net dip I got from Gus' and we toted about 17 nets total,stopped at Rouse's last night and had our ice as well so today's trip was intended to be about 3-3.5 hr crab trip tossed in was gonna be seek and catch mission for what might be hanging around!!!Ended our trip with 19 decent crabs,think we crabbed maybe 3 hrs and chatted with one group of fishermen,think dey had one bass and I was tossing fine azz Shaker,felt toothy critter nail lure and way-laid nice 1.75 lb doormat and he choked down dat fine and effective lure so badly dat it took some surgery to extract lure.Guess I was simply lucky to catch anything,though texted de Wiz and bet Lady P water,at least where we fished,gonna be back to gin-clear and pristine by end of week.Fortuately for me,ran into gent who owns his own business and was planning on networking with him for upcoming CCA NShore Banquet,set for 7-22-21 @the Castine Center and he graciuosly donating $50 gift basket for de cause and might make Th evening's Banquet Planning meeting at Don's in Covington.Got lotta ground to cover prior to Th's meeting and hope to secure plenty of folks,eager for return to somewhat normalcy!!!Can't wait to chase fish possibly later in the week!!! Mandevillian

May 24 at 4:05pm

Since older son has altered his work schedule and the winds and tide were in our favor,decided to take he and grandson on short crabbing trip.Last trip Wifey and I made to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary,we fought strong SE and SSE winds but today we had slight NE winds,making our run to favorite spot an easy one!!Ran into three fishermen,two in one boat,one solo,and the solo fisherman reported boating 4 reds and a few bass and the first boat with two fishermen aboard said they released a 16 inch red.Politely went around the two gents and started setting out crab nets,thought I had enough fish carcasses for 26 nets(lost a net last crabbing trip)and think I miscounted,believe we had enough bait for about 20 nets at most.Soaked nets for about 2.5 hrs max,ended up catching 36 crabs and on our way back saw what appeared to be floating object,perhaps a bottle and lo and behold,was our crab net from last trip,lucky us!!Pool noodle we use for float was about water-logged and once I got home and Wifey boiled up our catch,set about the fun chore of dipping 14 new nets that I just strung up,compliments of fine netting I recently purchased from Gus' Netting.Crabs were small-medium with a few bursting at the seams with fat and a few 'kites but we had a blast and did try tossing soft plastics in areas that should have plenty reds,trouble is thick grass got scorched from all the Tropical Storms and Hurricanes sent our way last Tropical Season!!!Oh well,at least we came home with enough for nice feast!!! Mandevillian

May 14 at 5:48pm

Wifey and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary with a fun and productive crabbing trip to one of our favorite areas!!Had great time,winds were not the most cooperative,causing us to seriously take our sweet time getting to where we intended to soak some crab nets and possibly toss a few fine Shakers at whatever might be hanging around.Ended up catching 41 small to medium but very fat crabs and saw a few fine waterfowl in the process!Last year,crabbing exact same spot,we nabbed almost twice the number of crabs and Wifey did her typical exemplary job boiling these crabs and tossed in some home-grown red potatoes,yummy!!!Got Mother's Day crawfish boil set for this Sunday and might even take older son and Grandson on crawfish trip this Ffriday,though think better use of our time this Friday might be return to Trestles,given the predicted wind conditions this Friday!!Always fun spending quality time in outdoors with family and think ole Lady P bout to bless plenty of us with fine specks,reds,flounders and bass,in certain areas!!!Got home in time to tackle fun job of repacking trailer bearings.Gent who owns Pearson Trailer in Kenner strongly suggested annual repacking of trailer bearings and I did detect slight amount of water on right side bearings and more on left side so timely maintenance NO DOUBT just saved me plenty headaches and my trailer an ole one but plenty serviceable.I have the Bearing Buddies and think issue I am having is that left side of axle has very slight bit of corrosion and ultimate fix would be axle replacement!I did clean up corrosion on both sides and will make sure to repack bearings next April/May. Mandevillian

May 04 at 8:54pm
A comment titled: Re: Shell Beach results - 10/7/2021 in response to a report titled: Shell Beach results - 10/7/2021

Very nice haul,indeed,had ya a heavy chest of fish!!Love fishing outta either yak or Chapman pirogue and de Wiz getting me way too enthused bout chasing reds,sight-casting.I am on NShore and used to routinely pull some fine reds outta what was formerly lush grassbeds all along shorelines but last year's barrage of storms plus Ida this year did a number on those fine grassbeds!!Right now vicariously fishing through folks like you and de Wiz,intend to change dat pronto!!Thanks for awesome report and pics!! Mandevillian

October 12 at 11:28am
A comment titled: Re: Good times chasing reds in response to a report titled: Good times chasing reds

Wiz,Ya killin' me with dem fine pics of nice reds,gotta find me some time but this time of year extremely difficult to break away from getting in front of prospective or existing Medicare and Individual clients!!!Typically,I keep Wed and Th free but busy tomorrow with our monthly Abita KC food box deliveries and wonder of wonders,was doing some networking with nice group of folks,enjoying awesome weather at the Covington Trailhead and ran into lady who works at the Covington Food Bank and each of us introduced ourselves and this lady recognized me!!Save a few dem reds for us on de NShore dat may make our way S.Dane got my boat mechanic to fix Power Trim on his flat and got water separator installed and just got text from him dat he was able to crank up his boat,battery died and he needs to get new one! Mandevillian

October 12 at 10:28am
A comment titled: Re: Fun times with reds in response to a report titled: Fun times with reds

Nice red,Wiz!!Wifey and I are at the Ponchatoula Wal Mart starting day #2 of what is always crazy-busy Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and already have met a bunch of folks eager to check out what they have or wanting to just get reaffirmation that what they have is working for them!!Hope to break free to scope out the shorelines on NShore to see what dey might be harboring!!Gotta get back after that food plot I sent ya pics of and my redneck stand delivery wagon did de trick getting stand platform out to bout where we gonna set it up!!Have not seen any more deer after spotting two and slightly under-shooting one two Saturday's ago,my bad totally!!!Keep chasing dem fine and tasty reds!! Mandevillian

October 12 at 10:21am
A comment titled: Re: Squirrel hunting in response to a report titled: Squirrel hunting

Older son and grandson already got few dem tree rats I have been climbing into fine tall hard-to-climb into tree stand hoping few non -wary deer decides they wanna eat some golden nuggets. Hoping for slight cool snap to get deer moving and Wifey and I gotta budget time judiciously as we gonna be slammed busy come next Mon-Dec 7th!Love me some fine and fat tree rats hard to beat Wifey’s squirrel stew and she already promised our Cotter,AR fishing guide some of her delicious duck and andouille sausage gumbo for our next Ozarks annual get-away! Mandevillian

October 06 at 9:17am

Guess I need to also brag bout Ole Crooked Creek access near Yellville as that fine Lil Blue Ribbon Stream holds some fine smallies and few decent largemouth bass. Wifey and I winding down yet another more than incredible Ozarks vacation and we met gent with fine Boone Dock travel trailer and he gladly showed us how fine this lil beast is laid out perhaps one of the finest small travel trailers we have seen(Dey mighty proud dem trailers)hope to check out dealership in Conway on way home. Every single person we have met been absolute gems and the fellow with the Boone Dock travel trailer told us about fine White River Water Park up near Bull Shoals Lake. Might start next Ozarks adventure up that way. Mandevillian

September 28 at 8:24pm

Wanted to add few pics of some fine but slightly under-sized smallies I nabbed at Crooked Creek public access just yesterday.Wifey and I have CE Zoom conference worth 2 hours of CE credit and as fate and luck would have it,got few clients to enroll,one couple today and solo on Th after we get back to reality!!Weather up here more that extraordinary and we heard the White River may be slightly higher but no worries as I packed insulated waders,ready to jump in dat fine White River and hopefully nab some fat rainbows on either their favorite red worms or Rebel Crawfish crankbaits.The Rage Craws tad too big unless I might target huge browntrout!! Mandevillian

September 28 at 8:18am

Thanks,guys,and yep,GB3,worth every minute Wifey and I are spending up here.Always meet the most fantastic folks and today no exception and Wifey and I had awesome time floating the Buffalo and we did not catch much,other than fine rock bass and on our way to Yellville,we stopped at Sonic for nice shake and stopped by at Crooked Creek to try for smallmouths,met couple from Bossier City and now they live in iconic fine former Bed n Breakfast and the hubby was walking across bridge,spotted some fine smallies and I got a wet butt BUT did nab four fine but under-sized smallies,lost a big one,lost largemouth and watched smaller largemouth inhale Rage Craw(not sure how he slipped hook)!!!Having a grand time and fellow we met from Bossier is a contractor busy as a bee building dreams for folks moving to Ozarks!!! Mandevillian,hoping to be Ozarkian!!

September 27 at 7:31pm

Wiz,No did not tag along fly rod but did chat with young fellow who is LA native and the guy that is the Radiologist up here and he showed me pic of HUGE red he caught back home on 8 weight fly rod(same weight as mine). Found us great spot for bank fishing and headed to Branson to hit Bass Pro outlet store plus Tanger Outlets and enjoying every second of this trip. Hope Nick chased some teal either Wed or Th. Might wanna hook up with our Guide for some Arkansas deer hunting. Their bow season starts on the 25th and bet Arkansas has more deer than people. Blue Shamu,Yep water indeed incredibly clear and well before Ida hit I found water bout dat clear on NShore and dat was where I sight casted to some hefty reds. Mandevillian

September 24 at 6:01am
A comment titled: Re: Squirrel hunting in response to a report titled: Squirrel hunting

Blue Shamu,Yep time for tree rat population control bout here????Wifey and I went to moving sale up here in Ozarks and lady was selling all sorts of ammunition but nothing I could use. Know few guys hunting squirrels with .17 and I have used both .22 and .22 mag just hard early part of season with all dem leaves giving tree rats advantage. Mandevillian

September 24 at 5:36am

Bow shot tells it all!!

September 23 at 8:50pm

Wanted to attach pics,ya know what dey say bout a pic or two!! Mndevillian

September 23 at 8:39pm
A comment titled: Re: Squirrel hunting in response to a report titled: Squirrel hunting

Wifey and I headed to Ozarks this week and into next week and can’t wait for both a guided White River trout trip as well as opening of Tree Rat season. Not sure how few favorite tree rat spots fared with Ida’s destructive winds,figure numerous mast trees may have been toppled over. Nice bunch of tree rats there and hope local woods fared well not typical to shoot fox squirrels where I hunt but Folsom got plenty and Bogue Chitto may have some fox squirrels ! Mandevillian

September 20 at 8:18am
A comment titled: Re: Good time fishing for reds in response to a report titled: Good time fishing for reds

Nice red ya got there,Wiz!Wifey and I leave for Ozarks this coming Tuesday got guided White River trip set for Th hope to nab trophy brown trout and we always nab plenty of rainbow trout and gonna float the Buffalo River probably Mon week after this coming Mon. Great place to get away from Ida-related clean up. Mandevillian

September 19 at 5:30pm
A comment titled: Re: Teal Season Opener in response to a report titled: Teal Season Opener

GB3 Thanks for sharing pics of more than incredible Opening Day of teal season up in Arkansas. Mandevillian

September 16 at 6:20am
A comment titled: Re: Hurricane Ida Reports in response to a report titled: Hurricane Ida Reports

Blue Shamu,Hope the teal ya spotted stick around texted GB3 to check on how his home in Abita fared and they had zero damage but still have no power. He did say that he and his wife up at Quack Shack enjoying comforts of AC and he is starting to see some teal. Have not seen any on NShore in few weeks taking break from hauling plenty Ida debris to huge burn pile once burn ban lifted. Hope springs eternal and de Nuck and Futz Duo,possibly to include older son hope to intercept few dem blue winged rockets. Got 21 fine palmetto branches to fashion nice blind out of and hoping for slightly cooler temps. Mandevillian

September 07 at 3:56pm
A comment titled: Re: Hurricane Ida Reports in response to a report titled: Hurricane Ida Reports

Took ride to local hardware store Dey closed!Since I was close to Mandeville Harbor took ride down Lakeshore Drive lotta sand everywhere lotta debris looks like most homes on Lakefront fared ok think few may have been hit with trees hope none flooded. Now gotta go to Lowe’s for few supplies. Mandevillian

September 05 at 9:59am
A comment titled: Re: Hurricane Ida Reports in response to a report titled: Hurricane Ida Reports

Blue Shamu,Luckily had tree fall almost perfectly between house and small shed. Shed roof got hole about 3 inches in diameter side wall of house has two small holes all three already fixed. Had huge ole rotten pine fall across electric fence but missed poles and actually did us favor as it cleared out path for us to drop another ole dead pine. We lost bunch of trees nothing like what we lost via Katrina and for gas we were heading N via back roads to get up to McComb,MS where we got few chains for our chainsaw and gas for vehicle. Back hone in Mandeville got power restored this past Th and believe it or not the gas lines at Covington gas station were not terribly bad thanks to employees directing traffic. Did have two young guys on four wheelers up in McComb jump in front of us and initially I was mad but quickly realized neither of their four wheelers would take much gas(they pre paid 15 bucks)think total they used $14.25 so they donated .75 to me and pump ran dry just as I filled up Jeep!Know lotta folks had major destruction hope and pray repairs not too extensive. Mandevillian

September 05 at 9:05am

Headed homeward via I 55 and think gonna have smooth sailing til MS/LA state line at which point will take whichever back roads passable. See lotta Pike Energy trucks staging up to head to LA. Hope and pray power gets restored as promptly as possible. Gotta give kudos to MS College School of Law as they allowed up to completely fill nice ice chest and stopping in Hazelhurst for few supplies. Stay safe everyone and thank the Lord for minimal damages and those with major damages hang in there. We do not call our beloved State Sportsman’s Paradise for nothing. Mandevillian

August 31 at 10:14am

Hope all fared ok with this devastating storm luckily we emerged with minimal damage and sent a few texts to fellow fishing buddies. Hope to be able to get out relatively soon and distinctly remember post-Katrina finding plenty fine fish in nearby Lake P. We most assuredly dodged huge billet know that few neighbors had trees toppled over onto their roofs and sorry to hear about that. Older son stayed nearby and we got in touch with him and he was able to lend a hand using our serious work-horse of a chain saw, Husqvarna Rancher 450 with 20 in blade to chop plenty storm debris. Hoping to head home tomorrow am be glad to lend hand to neighbors and need to get Kubota tractor to drag big debris out. Mandevillian

August 30 at 4:58pm

Looks like not only did we dodge huge bullet on NShore but also luckily dodged one up in Jackson,MS!Got word from older son and sister in law and brother in law dat both homes escaped trees hitting em and God musta been protecting our home as ten inch tree managed to drop between home and small shed but did take out power line. Staying one more day in Jackson on second floor of very sturdy building still have power and slight winds kinda like we suspected and hope all fared out ok. Mandevillian

August 30 at 10:37am
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