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Me and Medicare Client launched his fine G3 this am at 4th St and we fished quite a few spots,starting off with Spro frog(me)and he was fly-fishing and we searched and searched,finally catching a whopping two fish,me finally hooking and boating a decent bass and he nabbed fine sac a lait on wooly booger,of all things!!!The water was fairly murky pretty much everywhere we fished and we saw a handful of fishermen today.Looks like the 3 Rivers Rd Launch outta commission,at least for the time-being and dat is a shame as that lil launch leads to plenty of nice oxbows that should hold some fat sac a lait and bass.Headed to Sherburne WMA this Fri-Sun and hope Wifey and I at least either see or hear a wild turkey and if nothing else,we may find some willing fish right in Little Alabama Bayou!!! Mandevillian

April 16 at 9:37pm

Last Cast and I have been exchanging texts regarding fishing the Delacroix/Reggio area and today we hit the Reggio area and we were not disappointed,catching well over 35 dinks to keep 10 nice specks,along with a bass and nice red,all our keepers came on soft plastics under popping corks,I used exclusively Vudu shrimp in chartreuse(worked very well in dirty water)and Last Cast used Matrix Shad and Rattle Shrimp and Gulp Shrimp and I did toss Bomber Spinner bait,hoping for reds and tossed favorite Berkely Gulp,swimming mullet,chatreuse(caught first dink on dat lure).Thanks to John C,got great deal on Quantum Smoke inshore spinning reel and mated that fine reel to St.Croix Triumph 7 ft rod(deadly combo,paired with 20# Fins Wind Tamer braid,diameter of 6#-casts a country mile-seemed like I could spool the combo with healthy cast).Saw great report on that reel combo and bozo salesman at recent Sportsman Show did the un-thinkable-he did not have St.Croix rods(they did not have representative at Show!!)and he knocked them,saying why pay for an over-priced rod.One thing I learned in well over 35 years of sales/consulting-never,never knock a competitor like this guy did.All he did was reinforce my belief in St.Croix rods!!!Had a great time,fishing a fine and un-pressured marsh and found some willing participants.Taking Southfork to Ponchatoula welder for some repairs and should have her back on water real soon and got decent speck report from John C,fishing solo!!!Hope to sight-fish some reds on NShore,possibly a day or two ahead of CCA NShore Chapter Annual Banquet on the 11th of this month!! Mandevillian

April 03 at 9:23pm

Had few Medicare Clients and the brother of a Medicare Client headed to Delly-Croix,not a one of us had more than basic neophyte knowledge of Delly-Croix's intricacies and we left NShore around 5:00 am,met client's brother in Chalmette,then headed to Sweetwater Marina,hoping to get a chance to chat with Capt Jack so we could get a decent idea(never asking for specific honey-holes-part of de fun of fishing is exploring new areas and finding one's own fish)and we were greeted with solo employee,looking over-whelmed by volume of fishermen showing up at about exact same time!!!Had Shell Beach map with us and that,plus Buddy's GPS and our I-Phones(Google Maps worked excellently down there,kinda neat surprise,at least for me).Knew of about where we wanted to fish and each of our fishing parties bought some live shrimp(big mistake,not because of size of shrimp but they were totally unneccesary)and my boat started dinking and dunking,catching a red or two here and there and about the time we decided we had headed far enough S on Twin Pipeline,I set hook on fine red,guide boat(name not being mentioned)did about face,guy coulda not knocked us off anchor,thank you very much,had he exercised the same courtesy three gents in fine Nautic Star exercised(too bad I did not get the names of the courteous gents-they witnessed the guide boat's lack of decency) and unfortunately,I lost a fine red in the process but quickly redeemed myself and my fishing buddy(cursed on last few trips)had some awesome Karma today and he nabbed a fine red of about 25 inches and another fine red and we started moving around,looking for decent spots where we saw tide lines and in one particular spot,he nabbed beauty of a red,on his very first cast in this one 4 Horse Lake area(only area I actually recognized from about 20 some odd years ago when I had a duck lease out there)and it was cool watching him set the hook and we had to get boat off anchor or he woulda had zero chance of landing the fish.I followed fish with trolling motor,netted beast and we exchanged high-fives.Each of us landed a fat bass and he ended with 3 nice reds,I boated 2 and released at least 6-8 14.5 inch reds and my fishing partner likewise released a handful of small reds.Got back to Sweetwater and chatted with handful of fishermen and no one seemed to have more than a handful of mostly reds with a few bass and one guy had maybe 6 specks!!!Headed back to Lady P probably next Th,seeking some sight-fished reds and hope for the best.Definitely gonna head back to Delly-Croix soon!!! Mandevillian PS Our fishing buddies caught 3 bass and I believe 6 reds and had some throw-back specks

March 28 at 6:59pm

Had decent window of opportunity and great company(two of my Brother Knights-Abita KC Council)and we had decent expectations and great weather(minus glorious full moon and probably high atmospheric pressure)and got us early launch and initially sought some T-Funky sac a lait,but once again,they successfully eluded us!!!We did have Plan B and that was a nice run up Bogue Falaya to Kentucky bass havens and we only managed to catch three,lost one at boat,boated two and released one and saw few fishermen out today,even though the 4th St.launch had plenty of tow vehicles when we returned around 12:35 or so.June Bug red Zoom Speed worm and charteruse crawfish crankbait did de damage and my suspicion is we were battling long odds,one being extremely fine full moon last night,coupled with perhaps high barometric pressure and not as much water movement as last Wed when two of us boated 8 nice bass and fat perch.Sac a lait should be in full swing and kinda hard to target both,but is doable with right set of conditions.Got busy work schedule next week but may have window of opportunity next Th at the earliest.Hate,hate,hate week end fishing,especially on popular waterways like Bogue Falaya and T-Funky!!! Mandevillian

March 21 at 8:01pm

Had decent window of opportunity and buddy of mine from Abita KC's wanting to try redeem ourselves from pitiful last T-Funky trip we made.Got to his house around 5:45 am,headed to 4th St launch in Covington and water,predictably,was very high but much nicer than last trip to T-Funky not that long ago.Headed S to a few potential sac a lait spots,tried jigging under slip corks,using tube jigs and Crappie Psychic trailers and Crappie Nibbles but did not get a single bite,ran into a few sac a lait fishers with slightly better results and we headed way N to some fine Bogue Falaya proven boat docks and started pecking away,catching a few bass on small spinner bait and Zoom Speed Worm,June Bug red to be exact.Did nab fine 3 lb bass to go along with 2 other largemouth bass,4 Kentucky bass(they put up quite a fight-wish some bass tourney would have Kentucky-only bass)and nice fat perch.Had fun,will definitely return,with both sac a lait and bass gear in tow and we did miss as least 5 nice bass!!!Was cool watching first Kentucky bass chase Zoom worm across submerged log and I used exact technique as sight-casting reds,acted like there was nothing coming at lure and fish hooked himself!!!Was not 100% sure what I had hooked when big bass hit,felt like slight snag on bottom til snag took off and then leaped!!!Gonna return soon and we aint worried bout no Spillway water,gonna chase fine Kentucky and largemouth bass to go along with sac a lait and big perch,yum,yum!!! Mandevillian

March 13 at 7:31pm

Wifey and I hit the Endymion parade yesterday and spent the evening at my mom's in Kenner and we came home to Mandeville today and we were pleasantly surprised to receive our official notifications that we got selected to participate in this year's Sherburne WMA Wild Turkey Lottery!!Hope we get lucky enough to even hear a gobbler as that area has been hard-hit by high water and flooding and I am fairly sure there is a proposal to reduce by one day the turkey season there,already a short season!!!At least the last time we hit Little Alabama Bayou,we caught some nice sac a lait and lakerunners and big perch!! Mandevillian

March 03 at 10:14pm

With only one day left in tree rat season,decided to tag along older son's fine Ruger lever-action .22 mag rifle and got to Honey Island Swamp,favorite trail just about daybreak and within maybe ten minutes of slow and stealthy stalking,spotted fat tree rat,trouble was he was moving a tad too quick to try scoping him with .22 mag(shoulda had trusty ole Beretta Extrema with me,my bad)and did not fire at him.Slowly and methodically stalked the woods,spotted yet another tree rat,this one again was moving quickly and not a chance at a shot.Finally spotted one a ways away on trail and quickly scoped him and fired but doggone squirrel musta moved right as I fired and he scampered away!!!Did see quite a few tree rats but these guys have been chased for quite some time and know every hole in every tree and I could hear distinctive baying of dog treeing a squirrel and this cool dog almost ran into me as he was jumping all over the woods,no doubt running squirrels into holes in trees!!!Met his owner and joked about the huge hog trap I spotted at end of long trail and recalled seeing very cool video of similar trap with game cam and remote-controlled trap door so one could bait trap,sit at home with cell phone hooked up to game cam and activate trap door once family of hogs decides to get 'free' meal of golden nuggets!!!My suspicion is LAWLF set up this fine and sturdy trap and bet they catch nice and fat family of hogs!!!Chatted with few ole-timers and two gents with nice pack of dogs were just heading in as I was heading out,joking with owner of rambunctious dog,equipped with shock collar and GPS tracker.He said that particular beast was fulla energy and he looked like a doggone rabbit,jumping up a downed tree trying to get after a treed squirrel that found a hole in tree to escape to.Emerged with nada but enjoyed stalking woods and check out this fine hog trap!!! Mandevillian

February 28 at 8:15pm

Got e-mail from John C,thanks for heads up,dat Spillway Opening may occur as early as next week,the 27th to be exact.Guess ya gotta do whatcha gotta do,only consolation is opening this early may allow decent speck fishing maybe by June,July,obviously critically dependent upon how many bays,how long opened,etc!!!Crawfishing might be best option til Lady P gets right,yet again!!!


February 21 at 8:58pm

Wifey,older son,grandson,and I hit Middendorf's yesterday for pre-Valentine's day feast and we not only enjoyed our meal,we also had fun checking out their little wildlife zoo behind the restaurant.Had some time on my hands,the weather looked like it was gonna cooperate and I hit one of my favorite Honey Island Swamp tree rat spots,armed with my older son's sniper rifle,Ruger lever-action .22 magnum and he loaded up a few ballistic tip bullets as well as hollow-points.Was really hoping to snipe a hog but guess my luck eventually had to run out,especially since today I was armed and dangerous!!!Only had one tree rat jump from tree to tree,finally stop,put him in cross-hairs and fire and heard solid thunk and thought he might get stuck in tree but he fell forward and landed upside down and DOA!!!Did quite a bit of stalking,saw another hunter and we quietly waved and each went separate ways and I made my way to end of long trail where I spotted flock of woodies just yesterday but none today.Slowly made my way back towards vehicle,ran into another hunter,this time we chatted briefly and turns out he lives in nearby Nicholson.He decided to make his way out,I hit another spot and was slowly walking a slough and doggone tree rat high-tailed it and hard to scope a running tree rat!!!Ended up with just one and did not see single hog,guess hunting pressure has them more than nocturnal and this is first time in quite a while that I did not spook one or even hear one!!Got few more days and with scoped .22 mag rifle,hogs better be on guard!!!


February 14 at 5:27pm

Had decent weather and nice window of opportunity and took Medicare Client back to Honey Island Swamp,hopefully for nice little redemption tree rat trip(yesterday was total wash-out,not unexpectedly)and only managed one decent tree rat(saw at least 6 but most were running on ground)and hate shooting tree rats on ground,mostly for safety reasons(never know if hunter may be just ahead of ya)and we did spook small family of perfect-sized hogs,probably each about 100 lbs!!!Saw fresh hog droppings and saw clear signs of rooting up acorns,grubs,worms,etc and need to redeem self on nice grilling-sized hog!!!Did see very fine flock of woodies on slough and they got wind of me wanting to take awesome pic of them and took off before I could shoot pic.With the miserably weak duck season a lot of us endured this past season,kinda hard not to want to target the numerous and fantastic-eating woodies we have routinely seen(every trip have seen minimum of 20 woodies)!!!Might take ole Southfork out tomorrow,sight-casting for reds,weather and tides depending!!!Kinda hard to not wanna head back to Honey Island,especially mid-week!!!Those woods fulla perfect eating-sized pigs and might tag along .22 magnum rifle!!


February 13 at 11:07am

Got ole Southfork back from Chuck Evans(he took her to MS to a friend of his-got her screaming)and had window of opportunity,wanted to make first-light launch but foggy conditions put a damper on dat and waited til about 7:15 am to launch and was checking out the ole 50 Johnson and got her roaring,slowed down just before a curve in bayou(thankfully)and apologized to couple in fine canoe as I did toss a decent,though manageable wake and told em I was on search for grass-bed reds and bass and whatever else ole Lady P wanted to toss my way.Greeted with very expected foggy conditions but not so bad that using common sense and good compass and slow speed could not handle(have not yet installed new Lowrance GPS/Depthfinder)and about the time the foggy conditions were improving,made my way to protected cove,tossed Yum Swim n Dingers,got one tiny bass to attack just about the time someone'Unkown' on my cell phone tried in vain to get me to answer.Never will understand logic of blocking ya identity,like I am gonna answer dat call!!!Gimme a break!!!Tossed Yum Swim n Dinger length of protected cove,made my way back to Lake and was greeted with awesome Bomber Spinner Bait conditions.Saw handful of small and large alligator gars,never a bad sign as they and reds inhale mullets and was tossing Bomber when I felt significant tug,initially thought it to be huge gator gar,looked down at huge bull red,all of 30 plus inches with head like 16 lb bowling ball and he made one real nice drag-screaming run(doubted seriously that I would get this beast in as I musta tightened drag on last spinner bait trip)and felt line go slack and line broke at the damn knot!!!At least I had em for all of about twenty seconds.Did see quite a few fine reds,had two airboat jockeys cruise by me,between my starboard side and the fine shorelines and they entered a nice trenasse,perhaps they work for the Prieto family,not exactly sure what an airboat was doing in Big Branch Marsh.Figured,quite correctly,that their boat would spook reds and somewhat predictably,spotted at least 5-7 fine reds not far from where they entered Marsh!!!Made my way to Causeway,nada after all of about 20 minutes,headed back to where I had seen airboat,water was no where near as pristine and made my way homeward!!!Gonna check out T-Funky this Sat and saw enough reds to excite me,problem gonna be low temps and cold front but bet after a few warming trends,sight-casting reds time!!!


February 07 at 3:18pm

Had nice window of opportunity,seized it,chased some Honey Island tree rats today and it certainly was spooky early this am with dense fog(hit favorite slough but waited under huge oak til daylight plus slight lifting of fog).Could hear owls hooting up a storm and mimicked a few and had pair of owls respond to my mouth-calling(getting practice for turkey season-easy to imitate hoot of owls)and joked with a buddy via text that these owls getting ready to swoop down and attack me!!Finally got chance to stalk tree rats and only had great shot at one,on tree facing down,easy shot and one round of 2.75 #4 lead and this fine rat DOA!!!Did shoot at one other tree rat but was long-range shot and not best shot to take.Spooked at least two big hogs,saw tons of woodies,think I am gonna forego regular duck season next duck season in favor of targeting plentiful and delectable woodies.Heck,with the limit being three and the amount of woodies I saw today,why waste my time chasing non-existent grey ducks and even more non-existent mallards!!Instead,think I will target teal in teal season,then hit fine spots in Honey Island once Regular Duck Season rolls around.Did run into group of hog hunters who lost pit bull to big boar and they had pretty yellow lab that had gotten gored but looked to be ok,minus serious limp.Guess I will never get it,hog hunting with dogs,seems way too dangerous,especially for the dogs that get gored on regular basis,according to Chuck Strain,the LAWLF Agent I saw on my way out.He did a courtesy check of my Hunting License and I joked with him about the time he was sent out to lend a hand to me and two buddies who had gotten stranded in a fine trenasse,draining the Big Branch Marsh and that particular day he made the comment that he did not now that trenasse existed and I jokingly advised him to keep it that way!!Also joked with him bout me turning 60 and no longer needing all dem pricey licence$ and he reminded me that for the wonderful,low price of $5,I could get all my licenses,except the Federal Duck Stamp!!!Can't wait!!!Hope Wifey and I get selected for Sherburne WMA Wild Turkey Lottery!!


February 06 at 2:28pm

Wifey texted me this adorable pic of our soon-to-be-two year ole grandson,enjoying a nice bubble bath with three decoys,no rubber duckies for this lil gent!!!His dad and I used to hunt together and he got out of regular duck hunting with me and Katrina year we destroyed Big Branch ducks,mostly mallards,greys,teal,widgeons and a few trophy mottled ducks and rarely did we shoot scaup!!Love getting youth indoctrinated into my passion of duck hunting,just hope we get back to more of a normal migratory pattern before my grandson would lose interest from 'MT'skies!!!He and other much-older youths are obviously the future of duck hunting and with the miserable past few seasons,not sure our youth would stay focused!!!


January 29 at 7:21pm

Just checking(bored outta my gourd)to see if anyone has chased any sacs on T-Funky.Just placed nice order for fine Crappie Psychic trailers and those combined with chartreuse glitter Crappie Nibbles was doing quite a job on T-Funky slabs probably beginning a tad later than this last year.Been itching to get after some slabs and hard to beat T-Funky,especially certain areas that always seem to hold em!!Hope to wrap up extremely weak duck season and possibly climb in deer stand and might hit T-Funky next Friday,sooner if I really get too bored!!


January 23 at 1:49pm

Came home from Friday Mass at St.Jane de Chantal and noticed my dogs(younger son's and ours)had destroyed nice pic of fine Causeway haul from way back in 2007,believe it or not,and pieced pic back together and remember trip like it just happened yesterday.As I recall,my depthfinder was accidentally set on beep mode for fish ID and doggone thing was sounding like a Geiger counter and I stopped alongside particular Causeway span,tossed perhaps the single most effective soft plastic lure out there(Fin-S fish,dipped tails in Chartreuse Spike-It-need to go back to that venerable and incredibly effective lure)and started hauling in fine white trout,perhaps some close to 3 lbs(pic attached)and also hauled in some luker croakers and think the whites ran off specks and remember showing pic to a buddy and he thought the fish were largemouth bass,believe it or not!!!Here's hoping for more trips like this one and gotta believe that there should be some fine fish at the Big Bridge sometime soon and on all my duck trips out in Lake,always sample water and salinity way up there!!!Sight-casting reds not too far away,especially with miserable at best,duck season!!!


December 28, 2018 at 11:37am

De Nuck and Futz Duck Bustas added Buddy to today's trip and used intelligence gleaned from yesterday's hunt to dictate where to go and paid off,though shoulda been much better hunt,had Buddy and I cashed in on gift flock of greys that shoulda been decimated,failed to drop one.Highlight of trip,besides relatively short paddle to killing blind,compliments of higher-than-typical water levels,was real gift set of two huge greenheads that had no idea we were hunkered down in extremely fine Roseau blind(saw ducks pitching down in pond with Roseau stand in perfect spot on yesterday's hunt)and saw enough to guide next few hunts,though getting to sweet spot takes some effort.Guess with the few ducks and in no way concentrated,pays to spend time paying close attention to not only where ducks emerge at first light but also where they work during shooting hours and set up accordingly.These greenheads decoyed like fools and my personal opinion is the flocked-head Highdon Magnum mallards looked way too realistic for these ducks to resist.Only wished we woulda broken down more cane to allow much greater visibility for us as greys surprised us and had we waited em out,they mighta decoyed just as nicely as the mallards did.Oh,well,not bad way to wrap up extremely frustrating and disappointing First Split.Might scout Joyce WMA for back-up and hunting partner for today used to shoot plenty of woodies in Joyce many moons ago!!!


December 02, 2018 at 5:46pm

After looking at decent radar pic early this am,de Nuck and Futz Duck Bustas decided dey needed some dat duck bustin' therapy and we each managed two ducks,he got beautiful drake mottled duck and equally impressive drake grey.I am kicking myself for not opening up on 4 mallards that were a tad high but very possible,just do not like sky-busting and these mallards were up there just a tad.I did get burned by fine drake green wing,somewhat redeemed self with hen green wing and later had missiles headed my way,in the form of pair of scaup and took three quick shots,downed one missile and had to put another shell in duck to finish it.Have Abita KC buddy joining me tomorrow and taking his fine 18 60 G3 with 90 Yammie on rear,should get us on de spot sponto,as long as fog aint too bad.Gonna hunt just tad W of where I hunted today and saw fair number of woodies,one flock had greenhead mixed in with them and he wanted no part of my spread.They wanted down in another pond and I aint about to question why just gonna go where,makes perfect sense to me!!Hope to wrap up very disappointing First Split strong,at least I will bust it to get to dem wary ducks!!!


December 01, 2018 at 2:59pm

With Ole Southfork getting new upper carb done,the Nuck and Futz duckbusters decided a paddle-in hunt to an ole stand-by was in the cards and Futz musta dealt himself a rotten hand as not much wanted to work area and Nuck was on de proverbial'X' big-time and he got his 6 while Futz struggled mightily to get two and we emerged with 8 nice greys,got a drenching-waterproof jackets and insulated waders made de trip easy and our paddle was a great aerobic work-out.Not sure where we gonna hunt Wed/Th kinda depends upon when Southfork ready to pick up and get her back in de game!!Did not see much of anything,save for some teal rockets early and smattering of greys!!Hope springs eternal and hoping greys show up as difficult to fool mottled ducks,mallards do work and woodies sometimes cooperate!Hope other hunters managed a few and love mid-week hunts,nice to not have inordinate amount of hunting pressure,though having hunters spaced strategically helps keep wary ducks from rafting up!!


November 25, 2018 at 2:35pm

Unfortunately,de ole Southfork still not up to par,even with new set of plugs and chatted with boat mechanic,Chuck Evans,and think she gonna need new upper carb,no big deal since she is such a beast when running right and we had to putt putt to our hunt location this am,had an Abita KC buddy following us and he had his grandson with him,not sure how they did.Me and a dear Medicare Client went one way,Bayoubob another and we set up on tiny island(they are killer,especially for wary ducks like black ducks and mottled ducks)and I had just told my hunting partner to get prepared for some fine and tasty mottled ducks and sure enough,we had beauty of a pair come in,two shots,one from each of us,dispatched fine and big pair of mature mottled ducks(they had absolutely no idea where we were hidden,we were that well-camo'd up with about 20 giant palmettos) and I burrowed out the marsh grass so the 2-man Chapman would sit as low as possible.Saw very few ducks today,not sure where we gonna head tomorrow and luck of all luck,got flat tire on way home and Bayoubob took me to Wal Mart first(spare rim was bent and tire not looking too good)and all they had was white painted rim,opted to head to Academy,got galvanized 4-spoke rim and now de ole Southfork got new shoe on driver side,think passenger side feeling tad neglected!!!Did see some birds working specific areas,gonna head in general direction tomorrow-Happy Turkey Day to all and me and Medicare Client have fat mottled ducks to clean and prepare!!!Attaching pic of incredible blind,gotta be stealth to fool mottled ducks!!!

P.S.Thanks,St.Nick for generous contribution towards new tire and rim!!

Mandevillian,never growing tired of relatively MT Skies!Dem ducks know where de feed is and so do I!!

November 21, 2018 at 4:02pm

Got a few reports from buddies that hunted different spots in Coastal Zone-two from the Delacroix area and one from Venice and all three were excellent reports with one lucky hunter getting their limits by 6:30(not sure if all teal or mixture)and a Venice hunter reported 2 shy of a 5-man limit and another Delacroix/Hopedale hunter getting mosty greys.I fished/scouted with a Medicare client and only managed a fine,though rat red,had four spots-two on each side,and we saw very few ducks,mostly bluewing teal and heard zero shots for the Sat Youth Hunt,not great news for the East Zone Opener next Sat!!Hope folks that had their Opener yesterday fared fine,can't wait for our Opener next Sat!!!


November 11, 2018 at 7:30am

Think Sherburne WMA was one of the WMA's where they shot hogs from helicopters not that many seasons ago.My son actually raises pigs and just this past Sunday had to slaughter big male pig that had suddenly become way too aggressive and territorial and he about charged me aboard my lil Kubota diesel tractor but guess he decided he was no match for my fairly heavy older Kubota!!Think we ended up getting close to 400 lbs of meat from this boar and he was barely 2-3 years old and not a feral hog,can't imagine running into feral hog this size and only being armed with Turkey Shot!!!Sherburne a shell of what she used to be and have been thankful to fellow who showed me a few spots to try many,many years back and Wifey and I not that optimistic about either seeing or even hearing gobbler just like the scenery and hope fishing aint too shabby!!! Mandevillian

April 17 at 11:46am
A comment titled: Re: Big Alabama in response to a report titled: Big Alabama

Going to Little Alabama Bayou this Fri-Sun as my wife and I got selected for Sherburne WMA Wild Turkey Lottery and honestly,fishing might be much better than turkey hunting as that area used to have incredible population of wild turkeys but series of floods decimated flocks and doubt LAWLF gonna re-stock em!!!Good luck and if Wifey and I find a few will advise accordingly!!Sac a lait should be fairly prevalent!! Mandevillian

April 16 at 9:30pm

Wifey and I got selected for Sherburne WMA Wild Turkey lottery hunt this week end and I seriously doubt we hear or see a single turkey and one of the biggest factors decimating the once-thriving Sherburne turkey population has been serious flooding,not sure of the years but definitely high water killed plenty of birds where they once were prevalent.We are taking sac a lait and bass gear as we hope fishing Little Alabama Bayou gonna be productive.Wish the LAWLF would re-stock the turkeys there as the habitat should support a nice population of birds.Over ten years ago I killed a banded jake on Lottery Hunt and that year there were at least 8-10 turkeys killed. Mandevillian

April 15 at 9:48pm
A comment titled: Re: Don’t need no shrimp in response to a report titled: Don’t need no shrimp

You de man,Wizard7!!Thanks for sharing pics,showed a few of the guys on NShore CCA Committee and I will be getting ole Southfork back tomorrow,kinda blessing as I have Ponchatoula Medicare Client meeting tomorrow and Jay's Specialty Welding where Southfork is being repaired is likewise in Ponchatoula!!!Can't beat dat and hope we have big crowd tonight,always seem to attract nice crowd and lucky me picked up some nice Medicare business just in time to help fund dem fishing trips and boat repair cost$.Love exploring new areas and can't wait to chat with a few fishing folks tonight!!! Mandevillian

April 11 at 4:47pm
A comment titled: Re: Don’t need no stinking shrimp in response to a report titled: Don’t need no stinking shrimp

Deerhunter1958,I was being overly 'generous' in my assessment that perhaps this 'guide' was an outta-town individual and maybe he is a local,just insensitive and rude to about drop anchor on anyone,regardless of where they are from and a local Lake P 'guide' quite a few years ago decided he about needed to wash my boat with his wake,while fishing the Causeway.I feel totally blessed to be able to fish just about whenever and love mid-week trips due to lack of fishing pressure and can't blame folks for NOT posting even generalities about their catches,locations,lure selection,etc!!! Mandevillian

April 11 at 10:52am
A comment titled: Re: Don’t need no stinking shrimp in response to a report titled: Don’t need no stinking shrimp

Wizard,Thanks for sharing and like you,I rarely if ever resort to using live shrimp and love finding my own fish.Hate it when some moron,whether guide or recreational,drops anchor on us like a 'guide' did a few weeks ago.I have subsequently discovered that there are lots of out-of-state folks participating in redfish tourneys and do not give a damn about the local fishermen,what a shame to be fishing in solitude and have one fish hooked and have fishermen just about drop anchor on us!!!Hope to be fishing your neck of de woods soon and feel blessed to have met you a few weeks back,even though we had no idea who each of us was at the time!!!Be more than glad to discuss Medicare Plans with ya(just got ya text-wonders of technology)!!!Looking forward to attending NShore CCA Banquet tomorrow evening at the Castine Center!! Mandevillian

April 10 at 8:22pm
A comment titled: Re: Sweetwater Marina in response to a report titled: Sweetwater Marina

Wizard,Great meeting ya last week and buddy of mine sent box shot of nice box of specks caught today,did not ask for particulars but feel fairly confident that he and his dad and son tossed nuttin' but soft plastics(Gulp Shrimp,Rattle Shrimp,Matrix Shad,etc)under popping corks just like he and I did last Wed.Love my soft/hard plastics and getting proficient with them not terribly hard just takes some practice and patience and confidence and think I get live bait maybe once per year at most!!!Good luck tomorrow!!! Mandevillian

April 06 at 9:17pm
A comment titled: Re: Sweetwater Marina in response to a report titled: Sweetwater Marina

Quick reply,I rarely,if ever use live shrimp and buddy and I caught well over 35 specks on soft plastics under popping cork-like a die-hard soft plastic pro told me,'Anyone can catch a fish with a fish!!!' Mandevillian

April 06 at 8:00am
A comment titled: Re: Dat\'s Some Good Specks,PawPaw 4 3 19 in response to a report titled: Dat's Some Good Specks,PawPaw 4 3 19

Welder showed me where to grind so he can do some repair work(saving me some money!!!)and Abita KC buddy taking his boat to same welder for some custom deck work on his boat.Hope to get Southfork back in time for April Full Moon(only problem is Wifey and I got selected on Sherburne WMA Wild Turkey Lottery)and full moon on 20th,I believe and we will be chasing wild turkeys,at least dat is current plan.Got St Jane de Chantal men's retreat in about 1.5 hrs and after will get to work on Southfork hull!!!De pleasures of owning an aluminum flat dat gets beat up often!!! Mandevillian

April 06 at 7:58am
A comment titled: Re: Sight Casting Reds in response to a report titled: Sight Casting Reds

Love sight-casting reds and dat looks like either Hopedale or Delacroix.With all the river water we ran into yesterday and the number of 14.5 inch reds I caught,might try sight-casting to Lady P reds basically right in my back yard on NShore,where last HydroCoast Map I looked at showed nice clean water all along NShore,basically from N end of Causeway towards Goose Point and beyond,hard to beat standing on bow of my Southfork and tossing Bomber Spinner Bait!Have heard of some decent speck catches,yep on NShore and got April Sportsman and saw Capt Kris with nice Trestles speck.I HATE combat fishing and love me some mid-week trips with few folks around and saw tons of boats yesterday in Delly!!!Keep sum dem fine reds!!! Mandevillian

March 29 at 11:50am
A comment titled: Re: Dats a Good RedFish Paw Paw 3 28 19 in response to a report titled: Dats a Good RedFish Paw Paw 3 28 19

Thewizard7,Thanks and my fishing buddy was blessed yesterday(I shoulda blessed guide for about knocking us into marsh with big azz wake)and he sent me fine azz enhanced pic I took of him with the three fine reds he took home(his portion of box shot)!!!Many,many moons ago,I fished with perhaps the best soft-plastic fisherman on dis Planet and this gent was my fishing mentor(never did beat him in any of the tourneys we fished together in)!!He knew Delly-Croix at least as good,if not better than guides and he showed me some bodacious spots where he NEVER saw another fishermen,ever,and my game plan is to learn the intricacies of Delly before too long!!!I know ya gotta give out some spots to trusted folks but I only show spots to folks fishing with me and their understanding is to guard dem spots closely and that is precisely the reason I totally abandoned another similar outdoors-related site(two morons gave exact GPS coordinates of spot I routinely mopped up on specks,reds,flounders,bass and lagniappe crabs)!!!John C and I might see ya fishing some spots real soon-bet the April Full Moon great time for some heart-rushing Top-Dog action!!!Think me and Abita KC buddies gonna sight-cast some Lady P reds next week-hard to beat as we live so dang close to the launches and awesome shoreline spots!!! Mandevillian,intent on un-locking Delly-Croix's treasures!!!

March 29 at 10:46am
A comment titled: Re: How to Make Redfish Kabobs in response to a report titled: How to Make Redfish Kabobs

Makes me wanna go nab some fine and tasty big reds!!!Gonna blame you if I go fishing instead of tending to the many 'honey-do's' I never seem to finish!!! Mandevillian

March 08 at 7:35am
A comment titled: Re: Flounder in response to a report titled: Flounder

Trout lady,Quite a few years ago,fishing for bass with Texas-rigged plastic worm,fishing the Parish Line Canal in Kenner,the very first fish I nabbed was a huge flounder,probably close to 3 lbs and as luck and fate would have it,the LAWLF folks were conducting creel surveys at the Williams Blvd boat launch and the Biologist conducting the survey advised that flounders spawn in spring,around this exact time,and they head to freshwater to spawn!!!Not saying that ya gonna catch flounders in Parish Line Canal at this time but ya never know.The doggone Spillway Opening is the wildcard and if I were to target flounders,think I would fine a spot with a sandy bottom(mm175 on Tresltes is flounder spot I have caught some big ones at)and bet some of the drains in all our marshes should hold some spawners,just a thought!! Mandevillian

March 06 at 7:03pm
A comment titled: Re: Lottery Selection-Sherburne WMA! in response to a report titled: Lottery Selection-Sherburne WMA!

Totally agree that something needs to be done about not only the lack of turkeys in Sherburne WMA but also the feral pig population.According to the regs,I should be able to blast a pig or two as WMA's allow feral hog hunts with the same weapons used for whatever season underway at same time and turkey shot should do a number on a pig,at close range.My understanding is that Sherburne WMA was one of the WMA's that had helicopter hog hunting(only LAWLF allowed to participate)and not sure how successful they were and that was at least two-three seasons back.The way I look at it is Wifey and I enjoy being out there and spotting,hearing,spooking a gobbler lagniappe.We intend to fish as well and many years ago,I was fortunate enough to bag a banded jake that weighed about 12 lbs and had a beard almost 3 inches long!!!Perhaps LAWLF can set up hog traps like the one I spotted just last week in Pearl River WMA.I attended last week's Public Opinion Meeting at Ponchatoula High and it does appear that LAWLF gonna shorten by one day the Wild Turkey Season in Sherburne but think that will occur next season.Thank God they listened to public opinion and did NOT reduce teal limits from 6-4!!Pays to voice opposition!! Mandevillian P.S. Why can't the LAWLF release some wild turkeys out there as I know they band them!!

March 04 at 9:27am

Thanks,Thewizard7!!Funny story here and lotta folks could relate to this deceased ole codger,Bill Hungerford.He was perhaps the best Causeway speck fisher on the planet and getting a chance to either pick his brain or better yet,get invited on a fishing trip was priceless!!His favorite reply when someone,plenty of someone's in fact,would ask,'Mr.Bill,where did ya catch dem fish'-would be,' In the upper lip!'Do not know Delacroix worth a darn but definitely willing to learn her intricacies and have a few folks dat know her quite well!!!Congrats on fine catch-probably gonna be tough as nails to catch many specks in Lady P with all dat river water mixed in there but perhaps denser,salty water will be localized on NShore in pockets.Reds never seem to mind a little bit of fresh water!!! Mandevillian

March 01 at 11:26am

John C,One of the more recent Spillway Openings I had a chance to attend a fishing seminar and Ashley Ferguson with LAWLF and Capt Mike Gallo were in attendance and they both advised that the denser,salty water was localized at the bottom of the Causeway(scuba divers reported a fine 'tunnel' of clear,salty water)and the trollers were still nabbing some fine specks and few reds and think they even caught a few flounders.Definitely shuts down the jigging style of fishing,unless ya locate 'pockets' of denser,salty water.Getting ready to install new Lowrance DepthFinder/GPS unit with TripleScan and be interesting to see what Side Scan at Causeway shows-bet pockets of big ole specks hugging de bottom.Looking forward to getting together with ya this Wed to pick up dat new Quantum Smoke spinning reel.


February 25 at 10:25am

Drake870,Lady P is indeed a resilient ole Lady and catching fine blue catfish in addition to some fine reds not necessarily a bad thing,algal blooms are another thing entirely and opening it early like this may mitigate the damages and introducing plenty of forage for crabs not a bad thing as well.It does hurt the speck fishing in the short-term but typically Lady P rebounds quickly!!My 0.02 for what dat is worth!!!


February 22 at 1:31pm

lanco1,Not sure if it was the second-to-last opening or last opening but I am sure in both scenarios,I was still catching fine reds fishing along the grassy shorelines,at the time tossing chartreuse Berkley Gulp and I was nabbing some fine blue cats and a few reds at the Causeway pilings.There were a few trollers nabbing some specks,presumably those hanging around in the lower,high-salinity water at the bottom.I hate using market bait as I usually only attract trash fish with that,like stingrays and hardhead catfish with a few gafftops thrown in!!!Bet there will be pockets of clear,higher salinity water along the NShore,like every Spillway Opening!!


February 22 at 6:31am

Guys,Josh and I spoke today,not to the degree that we usually do and had been doing and I went to the website,watched the videos and gotta lotta momentum going forward and gonna be hard to stop the momentum he has generated!!All in for his organization and hard to ignore what he has gotten,lotta facts,facts,more facts,not opinions but data and facts!!!Hard to ignore the back-to-back miserable seasons most of LA endured and even harder when you realize he has probably over 20 years of weather data and guess what,worst winters did not equate to best duck seasons,anyone wanna venture a guess why???Again,he and I know that you can't run from facts and he has many more items ready for release,just wait to see what transpires!!!Kinda reminds me of Fox 8 Investigative Reporter Lee Zurik exposing plenty of faults in Health Insurance-got ole United Health Care caught with plenty of blame regarding 'claw-backs' where poor consumers were getting tattooed paying way more for prescription drugs than what was warranted!!!!!Love stirring de pot!!!!!


February 18 at 6:55pm

fowlhooked,The mention is of grain OR other feed that has been distributed and no mention is made specifically of sunflowers or sunflower seeds.Too bad ole Harry Lee aint around to explain what happened to him and bunch of folks that apparently got nabbed for dove hunting a field that had been 'baited',even though they claimed no knowledge of it.To be perfectly clear,it is incumbent upon the ethical hunter to inspect those fields to make absolutely certain no seeds or grain has been dispersed,whether intentionally or not.One of the key words is 'normal agricultural operation'.Now here comes the definition of NORMAL AGRICULTURAL OPERATION(Caps from Hunting Regs).A normal agricultural planting,harvesting,post-harvest manipulation,or agricultural practice that is conducted in accordance with official recommendations of State Extension Specialists of the Cooperative Extension Service of the USDA.Read those regs carefully!!Might just need a good lawyer to interpret them!!


February 18 at 2:49pm
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