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Kinda suspected this was gonna happen and today Wifey and I were headed back home from a ride to Slidell and while she was driving past the entrance to the formerly free public launch,I noticed a sign that looked like it was indicating a fee had been levied to use what was formerly a free launch and best thing is charge is per person(???)Not sure how this transpired but can MOST definitely tell folks dat I will NOT be using this rudimentary launch ANY MORE,even after I turn 62,when the fee drops to what it should be,ZERO.It is NOT the price that has me irked just the principle that NOW folks have to pay an access fee when Cane Bayou should be a public waterway and the Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge is just to the East of Cane Bayou and there is NO charge to enter Big Branch for bird watching,hunting,etc.Not sure how this transpired but again will NEVER use this launch and it gets ridiculously crowded vs the free and public launches one can EASILY access.Thanks to whoever caused this me$$.Tried to attach pic but was having issues and all one has to do is to drive to the Cane Bayou launch and see for themselves what has happened,terrible thing to charge for such a dirt launch with what-portolet for amenities.Guess if there was a real bathroom with running water,etc one could POSSIBLY fathom paying an access fee but gimme a break,$3 per person and folks 62 and up free-I make 62 soon enough and WON'T use dat launch EVER again!!Guess we can thank Billy Nungesser for this foolishness,trust me,has his name all OVER it!!Hope other folks likewise boycott this launch and if not,so be it!! Mandevillian

7 hours ago

GB3 texted me saying we would have a tad later start to our crabbing/possible bass fishing trip down Bayou Lacombe today and I could NOT resist the urge to get there a tad before him,toss some soft plastics at whatever and dat is what I did right before he arrived.Got to Main St around 8:05 and started tossing Monkey Milk soft plastic minnow threaded onto fine lil Roadrunner jig head and did not take too long for two feisty bass to inhale dat offering and once GB3 arrived,we headed S a tad past mouth of Bayou Lacombe,checked his traps and ended up with probably 18 nice crabs,re-baited traps and I joked with him,stating dat it would be comical to attach laminated sticker to his traps with de following,'I know ya checking my traps,do both of us a favor and kindly re-bait em for both of us!'We did try for bass but heat and bright sun no doubt sent de bass deep and neither of us had much time and got back to Main St around 11:00.Thanks for donation of some fine crabs,GB3,gladly take ya up on offer for future crabbing trips and I should have at least 4 traps ya can use!!Hope to get ole powertrim unit on SouthFork rebuilt,parts and spanner wrench arrived today!! Mandevillian

Yesterday at 5:58pm

CCAguns and I decided yesterday to hit some of my favorite T-Funky spots today(was actually toying with idea of chasing reds and bass in duck ponds in Lake Catherine area)and we launched fairly early as we knew bad weather most likely was gonna hit us around 11:30(timed it perfectly)and first spot,fish magnet,only produced fat sac a lait(I rarely target them this time of year but know of a few deeper spots likely to hold a few)and we each missed a few fish and CCAguns released smallish bass and we started our excursion,never finding water anywhere near what we like to toss for fish in.Each of us missed huge fish and I am still flabbergasted over how I missed huge bass that made a wake as he gobbled up Spro frog without getting hooked!!!Showed CCAguns a few choice spots(woulda been hard to blind-fold him as he took his boat)!!Ended the trip early as we could sense nasty weather about to hit us and each of us dropped two fish on ice,thanks,CCAguns for fish donation!!GB3 and I might hit Bayou Lacombe tomorrow,hope we get chance to check his crab traps and possibly toss some spinnerbaits at reds in grassbeds!!!There is absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind,based upon recent trips,that nice reds anywhere up to about 27 inches are awaiting a fine spinnerbait tossed their way!!!T-Funky needs a day or two to settle out and fine sac a lait are still out and about and first fish I hooked today was fine sac a lait and fish prior to him slipped hook and was even nicer slab!!!They do not usually go too far from their spawning grounds,basically just retreat to deeper water,NO LIVE BAIT needed for em!! Mandevillian

July 06 at 3:06pm

CCAguns and I did a short lil Bayou Lacombe bass trip today ahead of my 10:30 am hair cut appointment and we launched fairly early,though we might wanna launch tad earlier next time!We both started tossing frogs,I tossed fine Spro frog and he tossed Ribbit frog(love de way dem legs wobble)and neither of us managed any hook-ups,though I did have more than likely big ole perch smack frog,just dey aint big enough nor quite ornery enough to smash frog and get hooked.He swapped over to what I think he called Yellow Magic,pretty much a carbon-copy of PopR and we both tossed popping bugs and ALL I got rewarded with was a STINKING(emphasize stinking-he really smelled bad)alligator gar that I initially thought was big ole bucketmouth!!!CCAguns put on bass-catching clinic,ended up boating 4 with feisty goggle-eye and missed HUGE bass and I ended up losing decent bass that SOMEHOW managed to get ensnared in my doggone trolling motor,not sure what transpired other than MY bad!!We had a good time,told him next freshwater trip gonna be T-Funky,where my personal best 5 plus lb bass came from,tired of water that AINT moving and bass dat do not totally cooperate and lotta folks say T-Funky hard to fish but I tend to disagree!!!Got few choice spots dat typically give up some 3-5 lb bass,gonna blind-fold CCAguns and show him some dem choice spots,possibly next week,winds,weather,water quality permitting.Hope all have a Safe and Happy Fourth and don't have a fifth on de fourth!! Mandevillian

July 03 at 9:55pm

Not sure why I seem to be unable to attach pics and definitely subscribe to adage dat pic tells 1000 words!!Launched de Southfork bright and early this am,searching for bass and possibly reds and only managed one of each,fat bass probably close to a lb,inhaled H20 Express Mullet Wake Bait and missed a handful of fish,most likely bigger bream and did manage 23 inch fat red,wish I could attach pic but no big deal.Water in Lady P pretty putrid,probably extremely fortunate to nab any reds today and this one musta knocked Jann's Netcraft Spinnerbait for a loop as I tossed dat baby into thick school of mullets and felt distinct thump,set hook and when I boated red saw hook imbedded in side of its head,lucky it did NOT break free but think combo of 17lb Suffix Advance Fluro and high-speed Lew's baitcaster made relatively short work of this chunky red that looks to have belly full of mullets!!Hoping to hit Hopedale tomorrow with CCAguns,getting ready to take hibernation nap then get in tough with him and clean bass and red.Grandson loves watching me clean em!! Mandevillian

June 30 at 3:41pm

Getting aggravated at site-been attempting to attach pics(useless right now)and instead of wasting time attempting,in vain,to attach pics will give narrative,instead!!Getting close to Teal Season and knowing what I know about how crazy busy my Consultant Schedule typically gets just prior to Teal Season,I decided to get a jump on some of the work needed on one of my fleet of three Chapman pirogues.Got one from 1981,probably one of their very first and she has gone through two sets on gunwales,now on third set and newer one,2002 era,needed upgrade as her original cypress gunwales getting weaker by the day and not worth risking damaging perfectly fine Chapman by NOT replacing gunwales and got neat set of thick vinyl gunwales from Steve Geraci,owner and resident of Slidell-makes it easy for those of us not wanting to make the haul to Chalmette.Newest Chapman is about year old got her at last season's Delta Waterfowl Banquet,NShore Chapter and she has the nice and thick vinyl gunwales,bullet-proof,in my estimation.Got newer Chapman ready for installation of vinyl gunwales and also got her sanded and painted interior and exterior with duck boat green,Crescent Color,Mandeville store has great oil-based paint that is extremely durable!Can't wait to scout for teal an turns out decent amount of teal seem to hang around not that far from some sight-casting redfish spots!!Wish I could attach pics but does NOT seem to be allowing me,even went to Google Chrome as my browser,to NO avail!! Mandevillian

June 30 at 3:29pm

Had decent window of opportunity and wanted to see what kinda water conditions we might be facing in Lady P tomorrow/Sat.Had Medicare Client(Abita KC member)and his grandson and we launched his fine G3 fairly early this am at Main Street and made our typical bee-line for mouth of Bayou Lacombe where we were greeted with not totally un-expected stained water conditions.Knowing what we now know(trolling motor not functional-due to faulty breaker that Todd at Dixie Trolling Motors quickly,after the trip,fixed and water not being anywhere near redfish-friendly,we woulda opted for what turned out to be decent bassing conditions.Once we hit Lady P and had trolling motor issues(my buddy MIGHT be willing to part with First-Generation I-Pilot 84 lb trust 24 v trolling motor and would prefer hand-controlled unit,similar to mine),we made de executive decision to fish Bayou Lacombe,using big motor to maneuver(not best idea but doable).Probably best decision I made for us was to toss crankbaits,I used Academy H2O Express wakebait and my buddy and his grandson tossed similar crankbaits.First fish to hit ice was feisty and fairly decent-sized perch that absolutely crushed wakebait and not long later,I nabbed smallish bass dat also hit ice and highlight of de day was bass that nailed wakebait that I initially thought was small gar,turned out to be nice 2 lb bass and little later,I nabbed nasty ole choupique dat not only bent one of my treble hooks but also shook free in net and managed to ensnare both sets of treble hooks,took me forever to extract lure from brand-new net.My buddy's grandson did nab fine perch that SOMEHOW managed to slip two sets of treble hooks!!!Not sure where I will fish tomorrow with both my sons and grandson but we just may target bass tomorrow,especially since Bayou Lacombe most likely gonna be very nice vs nasty ole Lake P.Had fun with Medicare Client and his grandson and just got back from picking up set of fine and sturdy vinyl gunwales for one of my Chapman pirogue fleet(have three fine Chapmans getting ready for upcoming Teal Season,can't wait)and showed my buddy fine tree line that not only holds decent amount of mallards but MAY have some deer roaming the oaks out there!!Hope we nab some rodeo-quality fish tomorrow and from what I saw today,a return trip close to where the bigger bass came from most likely decent idea and might hit SShore Sat,looking for possibly bigger bass and MAYBE some reds!!! Mandevillian

June 25 at 6:58pm

Took advantage of nice in-coming tide plus favorable wind conditions and took our two sons and grandson on what we hoped to be productive crab/redfish trip just ahead of Father's Day and I could not have gotten a better pre-Father's Day present.We launched not quite as early as I typically do,had 17 crab nets ready for action and a few rods with various lure presentations,one Tsunamai under Versamax Bolt cork,one with Jann's Netcraft Spinnerbait(killer on grassbed reds),one with incredibly effective Lunker City Shaker,last ole trusty tank of a Curado with Top Dog.Started our trip soaking crab nets and headed to grass beds in between and older son was tossing Pimp Daddy Shaker with orange tail and saw him set hook of fine and fat red that I guesstimated to be over 21 inches,he was a shade under 24,and dat was it as far as fishing went and we ended up with 50 decent crabs,all caught using thick turkey necks!!Had nice pre-Father's Day and crabs ready for us to bust up!!!Happy Father's Day to all dads!!!Mine smiling down on me from Heaven and think he had a hand in today's productive trip!!!Hope we nab some fine fish next Fri/Sat for Jesuit Alumni Rodeo. Mandevillian

June 20 at 4:04pm

After yesterday's trip with older son,had solo trip planned for today and was hoping to redeem self after losing two huge flounders.Launched at Bayou Liberty Marina a tad earlier than yesterday and saw plenty of bait activity at first spot,NADA for my efforts and made my way to the Trestles where there was quite a few folks,saw none catching and did see same Charter guy that I saw yesterday and he asked about how my fishing was going,gave him de thumbs down and I fished quite a bit of dem Trestles,made my way over to I-10 Twin Span after boating 16 in flounder and guess best news,besides chatting with bunch of folks putting a hurting on sheepshead,was spotting two big schools of Jack Crevalles,one school had lone wolf separate from de pack and charge at Lunker City Shaker,good thing I kicked Lew's High Speed reel into high gear as I wanted NO part of dat big ole Jack.Made my way back to awesome grassbeds in about perfect depth of water and spooked bunch of sheepshead and was actually watching one scurry away when big 24 inch red inhaled Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait and he was quite fat and put up great battle and boated him,no too long after nabbed 16.5 inch multi-spotted red and made my way home and grandson waited for Paw Paw to clean quarry-he loves watching me and fat red had huge pogey in bloated belly-wonder what he thought spinnerbait was???Taking sons and grandson on crabbing trip tomorrow and hope to get after more fish.For some reason,I-Phone has yet to send pic of today's catch!!!Bottom line,flounder and bigger red were very nice,16.5 in red a skinny specimen!! Mandevillian P.S. Flounder inhaled Lunker City Shaker in Pimp Daddy color with orange tail.Saw tons of sheepshead at Trestles.Bet some dead/live shrimp or tiny DOA would DESTROY em!!

June 19 at 6:10pm

After two or three non-productive Lady P trips,closer to the Lacombe side,older son and I decided we needed a change of venue and sought fish a tad E of my typical redfish trips of late.Got a decent,though not quite early enough,start this am and found plenty,plenty mullets getting crashed at first spot and older son tossed Top Dog,had decent speck smack lure but SOMEHOW escape two sets of ultra-sharp treble hooks and I tossed Tsunamai glow shrimp,under Versamax Bolt,had nice red ripping drag but somehow likewise spit hook,finally nabbed 18 inch fat red dat we boxed,then we made de executive decision to hit S side of Trestles with NADA but older son did have few strikes,we then hit I-10 Twin Spans and I lost beautiful flounder,my bad as I did NOT keep enough pressure on him(bad omen) and we came back to W side of Trestles,exchanged pleasantries with gent solo fishing and I lost yet another doormat(both inhaled Lunker City Shakers)and sight-casted to HUGE sheepshead that charged at Shaker,saw older son and bolted like he knew something amiss(doggone spooky sheepshead)!!!Best part is I just got text from Medicare Client who was headed home with solo limit of reds,from spot so close to home it aint funny!!!Good news is now I know reds are back to dey ole stompin' grounds and even better news is trolling motor transducer mated to older Lowrance Elite 4X works superbly and NO crosstalk between it and Hook 2-5,console-mounted.Gonna be nice having portable unit up front(extremely accurate)and console unit with GPS,etc!!!Probably coulda stuck it out at first spot but Wifey and I have teleconference this afternoon and older son wanted to head to Trestles,why not,and flounders MIGHT be STACKED up out there!!!Lunker City Shakers was getting dey attention and hurts to miss flounders dat size!!!Oh well,like I keep saying,Lady P ONLY gonna get MUCH better and buddy of mine nabbing a solo limit so close to home never a bad thing!!! Mandevillian

June 18 at 11:42am

GB3 and I had what we hoped to be great sight-casting redfish trip today,launching outta Main St.Shoulda sensed dat something amiss as when GB3 launched his fine flat,the weight damn-near pulled me into Bayou Lacombe and he ran bilge pump quite a ways down Bayou Lacombe,figuring rain water from Christobal plus little rain we got recently MAY have been culprit.Made our way to fine sets of grassbeds,Wifey luckily located fine older Curado Super-Free Bantam mated to Falcon rod and was tossing fine Top Dog while GB3 was working Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait I made and gave him and I looked down in rear of GB3's boat and doggone tackle boxes were a-floating,much to his dismay as well as mine!!!GB3 quickly assessed situation,told me to reach down under motor and feel to make sure plug was in and guess he musta accidentally put boat plug into hole for aerator.He cranked up bilge pump while cruising back to Main St and got me to back up his GMC(doggone newer trucks do NOT require key but utilize push-botton)and I had to hurry the back-down procedure,got de boat safely onto trailer and we saw de issue-plug was NOT in right location-easy fix and I suggested we re-launch and seek some red(emption)!!Headed back to about exact spot where we damn-near swamped his boat and we found fine grassbeds,saw fat stingray and not a fish,other than most likely fat gar dat swiped at my spinnerbait.Damn biting flies making a meal outta both of us,headed back to Main St,but NOT before noticing fine heavy-duty crawfish-style aluminum boat with NO ONE aboard but we spotted fella waving us down and we retrieved his boat that somehow slipped off the landing on Lake Rd!!!Fella was sure appreciative and GB3 and I had good laugh!!!Not sure if I am de jinx or he is but seems like I catch a few on SOLO trips and little to NADA on trips with other folks,go figure!!!Got few teleconferences to tend to,one tomorrow am,one Th afternoon,and might sneak in trip or two,wanna check out trolling motor transducer installation and portable depthfinder installation!!!Have older Lowrance Elite 4X and put her in fine Plano gun box and added 12 v rechargeable battery.Pretty neat installation!!Gotta thank gent who goes by Johnny Reb on another site-met up with him about 3 months ago fishing T-Funky and he showed me his neat trolling motor transducer set-up!! Mandevillian

June 16 at 1:00pm

CCAguns and I took nice and leisurely ride yesterday and he showed me his fine Liberty,MS deer ranch with well-stocked 10 acre lake.Our goal was to retrieve a few ladder stands that he plans to relocate to the club I belong to in St.Tammany,Little Creek Hunting Club(Frank Muller,President 985 290 3016).We got a few stands from the extremely fine woods he manages up there and he gave me nice stand that I just need to get ladder made for and I have an awesome welder/boat fabricator,etc and we fished yesterday evening and today,catching 11 nice bass yesterday(thanks to me,lost at least 8,maybe 10)and 12 today and he released fine bass and I came home with bunch of fine fliets,thanks,CCAguns!!Took pic from gorgeous ranch house and his private lake is 10 acres and he wants to expand it soon,can't wait to head back up there.He and I meeting Frank Muller,Little Creek Hunt Club President,this Monday and Frank showed him very nice spot that is open,think we have about 5 spots open and I fully intend to take CCAguns up on offer to hunt his fine deer ranch next deer season!!Told CCAguns ole Lady P will be getting more than prime for sight-casting reds in next few weeks,possibly even may sneak in trip early next week.My schedule getting full with teleconferences next week but do have some time Tues and possibly Fri to chase Lady P reds,we might hit Hopedale earlier in week!!Gotta hand it to ya,CCAguns,mighty-fine ranch and lake!! Mandevillian

June 13 at 8:14pm

Me and Medicare Client(Abita KC Member) had decent window of opportunity and took advantage(at least he did)!Launched fairly early at Main St,made our way to mouth of Bayou Lacombe and headed to grass beds,first spot was a dud due to NNW winds(supposed to be NE or NNE)and we quickly changed locations,he tossed gold spoon and I tossed same Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait that HAD been working so well(attracted lotta attention from alligator gars!!).My fishing partner nabbed fine 16 inch pumpkin and released another just about 1/2 inch shy of de mark and we fished plenty of grass beds,spotted a few huge stingrays and only saw one HUGE red headed N while we were near Goose Pt,fishing S,of course, and I did place spinnerbait close enough for huge red but guess he wanted NO part of it!!Found plenty of stretches of pristine water,plenty stretches of stained water,and pretty much all in between.At least we found water that was moving and salinity,according to taste-test,was pretty good.Probably off de water for a few days,might head back early next week and spotting stingrays never a bad thing!!Hope to redeem self soon!! Mandevillian

June 11 at 1:47pm

CCAguns definitely lit a fire under me,had recently had purchased fine Lee production melting pot(makes extremely SHORT work of fashioning jigheads) and had decent window of opportunity and wanted to make some Manic Mullet jigheads(incredible anchor system)and had decent supply of thick-wire Mustad hooks,so I made bunch of round-head jigheads and really liked what the Do-It Manic Mullet molds are capable of producing(not currently selling any,personal use,mostly).Got to it this am,working outside with PLENTY ventilation and shortly gonna rune electric line to fine azz shed Wifey and I painstakingly built about 5 years ago(has nice bench that spans ENTIRE back wall,perfect for rod-building,etc).I took advantage of decent but humid weather and got after it,making probably 30 jigheads,mostly round but wanted to fashion bunch of Manic Mullet jigheads,next step gonna be custom open-pour swimbaits dat I have already received nothing short of RAVE reviews of from folks using em.How cool would it be to use custom jigheads dat ya made yaself,attach INCREDIBLY effective custom,unique swimbait,and toss dem babies with custom rod dat ya fashioned yep,yaself!!Hard to beat,kinda like I keep referring to,home-brewed beer,home-grown tomatoes,Swimbaits dat are ABOVE AVERAGE and yep,home-made!!!Can't get NO BETTA!! Mandevillian

June 09 at 7:37pm

Hope everyone fares ok through Christobal and had plenty idle time on my hands and CCAguns gave me plenty lead plus lent me nice Do-It Mold for 3/8 and 1/2 oz lead jigheads and I have at least 5 other Do-It Molds that have been relatively idle,particularly since the soft plastics I have been tossing(Lunker City Shakers)mate perfectly with perhaps the absolute finest jigheads I have EVER seen/used-Pro Series jigheads with ridiculously sharp and strong hooks and I get the painted ones in mostly 3/8 oz size.Been itching to get after making some jigheads(lose plenty at Long Rocks)and this Tropical Storm gave me plenty idle time and bought fine Lee production pot(is incredibly efficient)and been texting with gent down in Houma dat I befriended via this site.He was telling me that his hobbies sound lot like mine and he has made plenty custom rods(I have professional rod wrapper),makes tons of INCREDIBLY effective soft plastics,and makes plenty of lead jigheads and was stating that he has not purchased a lure,jighead,rod for over 7 years.De way I spend money,could save me a King's Ransom!!!Got about 60 lead jigheads made and texted pic to this fellow and he praised the quality(always nice getting a compliment,especially from someone who has been doing this probably longer than me)!!!Can't wait for Christobal to move N and hope and pray that EVERYONE spared his wrath.Next step is to run electric line to fine shed Wifey and I built about 4-6 years ago and entire back wall is fine bench,tailor-made for rod-building,lure-making,etc!!Hope CCAguns and I can make a Hopedale trip possibly this Friday and want to get AJfishes a supply of soft plastics for him to toss!! Mandevillian

June 07 at 3:13pm

Had nice window of opportunity today,was solo,and got to Main St Launch just after a yak fisherman had launched and was hoping wind forecast was on de mark(it was exactly what I expected)and was hoping for nice falling tide(it was falling nicely).Lady P was a very calm lady today and made my way to exact spot(s)CCAguns and I fished yesterday and spotted two other fishing boats(respected distance)and did not see any fish boated today but did have un-identified lure smasher smack spinnerbait almost immediately(probably a jinx!!!)and did find incredibly clear stretches of water,spotted nice puppy drum dat chased spinnerbait,tossed spinnerbait at nice pair of reds,had one swipe at lure and dat was it as far as grassbeds,made my way to Causeway(glassy calm)and water clarity there(both sides of drawbridge and 4-mile turnaround)was excellent but suspended algae and funk not exactly fish-friendly and did foul-hook small blue catfish at 4-mile turnaround,winds picked up significantly and made my way back to Bayou Lacombe,tried few spots for bass and nada,headed in might head back out possibly Sun,winds and weather permitting and hope to show CCAguns a spot or two on local deer club tomorrow!! Mandevillian

June 05 at 4:53pm

CCAguns and I wanted to possibly sight-cast to some grassbed reds in Lady P and all we could muster was a smallish lil red that gladly smacked Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait.We got an early start,hit some gorgeous grass beds and all we could muster was a fine but under-sized red that obliged by smacking spinnerbait.Both CCAguns and I were mightily disappointed in not only lack of reds but bass as well and we hit the 3 Wells Area,thanks to Navionics chip I installed in Hook2-5 and was actually first time I used the chart screen to navigate to spot marked on GPS/Chart screen via Navionics update.Typically use downscan feature and we had calm conditions but instead of in-coming tide,we encountered opposite,falling tide and dat shoulda been great as we fished an area dat drains marsh via trenasses and we spotted at least 6 stingrays,typically a great sign.We tried different tactics,from gold spoon to spinnerbait to senko worm(CCAguns tossed senko right to nice bass dat grabbed it but somehow slipped hook).I did miss possible fine bass dat grabbed Zoom SpeedWorm,JuneBug Red and I was way late on hook-set!!!Water was pristine in plenty spots,just no willing reds or bass.Might head back tomorrow ahead of predicted nasty weather Sat/Sun!! Mandevillian

June 04 at 9:58pm

See where the Advocate Outdoors Calendar lists this Th's Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Meeting,set for 9:30 am at Joe Herring Room,State Wildlife and Fisheries Headquarters.If concerned sportsfishers and guides want to voice opinions regarding the rampant menhaden fishery,here is a golden opportunity.About time we address this destructive industry and Captain Tommy Vidrine's You Tube could not come at a more opportune time!!Hope a few folks can participate. Mandevillian

May 31 at 9:51am

After the fun chore of totally redoing the interior and replacing liner of huge 18 by 33 oval pool,needed some dat fishing therapy Lady P so often offers and just yesterday,Wifey and I took ride down Lake Rd to scope out expected water conditions and water looked pretty doggone good.Had 10:30 hair cut appointment,checked with a regular fishing buddy(Medicare Client and fellow Abita KC Member)and we decided on 1:00 pm launch at Main St.Found decent conditions at mouth of Lake and moseyed on over to grass beds and started and finished with same lure,fine Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait with dark green/chartreuse 3/8 oz head and dark skirt(reds and bass can't seem to get enough of this lure)!First fish to hit ice was smallish but fat marsh bass and not too long later decent 18 inch red hit de ice and we both missed a few fish.Certain sections of Lady P featured pristine water,some sections had muddy water and I did spot fairly big stingray,never a bad sign.Gonna be off water for a few days,then might just hit same area tossing same lure,why not,it works!!Told my fishing buddy about where I snagged neat spinnerbait kit and gonna make a few more plus Wifey and I did some Academy Slidell shopping yesterday and I found great Plano spinner/buzz bait box that holds 26 lures.Real soon should be receiving Angling AI fine 4.0 inch swimbait mold and everyone that I have communicated with that has made some custom open-pour swimbaits with this particular mold has nothing but RAVE reviews.Need to get inexpensive micro wave oven,electric griddle and vacuum chamber and should be producing some neat custom swimbaits,can't wait!!What would be ultra-cool would be to take Jann's Netcraft jighead spinner bait kit and attach custom open-pour 4.0 or 3.5 inch swimbait and sees what dat encites.Already know how doggone effective the spinnerbait is,just wanna experiment and do some requisite tinkering!Who knows,might be onto extremely effective combo dat CAN NOT be purchased locally or even on Internet!! Mandevillian

May 29 at 7:58pm

CCAguns and I had great game plan today for our Hopedale trip but Mother Nature and wind forecast tossed us wicked curve.We purposely delayed our departure from NShore to supposedly take advantage of not only predicted tidal movement(minus ridiculous SE darn-near gale force wind)but also possibility of finding clean and moving water(we found clean but NOT moving water,unfortunately).I had an hour Zoom conference that took exactly one hour and we arrived at Hopedale Marina tad after Noon and I received at least two texts from de Wiz who had four reds but reported ZERO tide(bad omen for us).We had gorgeous water,mostly,and covered lotta water and looked like it was gonna be productive trip as I nabbed fat marsh bass on Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait(bass and reds love dat fine bait,gonna make bunch more)and we thought we woulda found moving water but think strong SE winds fought tide and won!!!We tossed and tossed bunch of different baits and Lunker City FireTiger in 3.5 inch Shaker did some damage on two reds(one in pic was first)and only able to box one as bigger red managed to wrest free right at boat!!!CCAguns did nab nice bass and all we emerged with was one nice red and two bass and GREAT part is we fished a totally different Hopedale area and gonna slowly and methodically put pieces of puzzle together.CCAguns has mighty fine Kenner Vision,think shade over 20 ft with Merc Optimax on rear,quite a beast and when I was in Pharma Industry,quite a few guides ran Merc Optimax engines and they screamed!!!Gonna head back PLENTY times,getting a different part of Hopedale maze put together and hope to show him some easy reds on NShore grassbeds,what a treat when we can sight-cast to reds in basically our backyards!! Mandevillian

May 21 at 10:59pm

mulletsquisher,Wish I had better news regarding rebuild of powertrim assembly but dat aint de case as this unit giving me a world of hurt getting not only top pin out but whoever rebuilt unit last time(took her to a repair shop-they have since gone outta business-go figure)musta NOT had spanner wrench to loosen and remove cap for hydraulic cylinder and they about DESTROYED holes in cap where a spanner wrench WOULD properly fit!!!Guess I will do my best to remove cap,probably gonna destroy cap and have to get either brand new(never used)cap of try to find good used one!!Did put ad looking for cap for 1999/2000 Johnson/Evinrude 50 hp powertrim cylinder cap and hope to find one soon or gonna plunk down some coin for new one(good news is should be long-lasting repair with heavy-duty o-ring kit vs inferior OEM kits-MAY last 6-8 years at most).Gonna get her back on water pronto and do have lotta friends more than willing to let me jump aboard and did have invite this am to join a fellow who posts here but had plenty work to do today,Thanks Proud Pop for invite!! Mandevillian

7 hours ago

mulletsquisher,I was having world of difficulty loading pics not sure how I fixed issue,possibly just plain ole dumb luck.Awesome job on bass,having issues with powertrim and tackling rebuild myself and still got world of issues getting doggone thing disassembled!!! Mandevillian

Yesterday at 6:06pm
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Nice trip,Wiz,met an older gent with rig similar to yours and think his Yammie was possibly 2-stroke-he was having not only trailer issues but carb issues and I referred him to Larry Boesch,the mobile mechanic Buddy introduced me to.Might enlist assistance of Larry to take off cover for hydraulic cylinder as last boat mechanic that worked on power trim musta used doggone center punch vs correct spanner wrench and bunged up the holes on cover,gonna be a chore taking cover off and pin AINT coming off,at least not anytime soon,gonna attempt rebuild from underside.Got very resourceful brother-in-law living next door and he has body and fender shop in Holden and has PLENTY tools,including impact hammer and it did NOT budge pin!!! Mandevillian

Yesterday at 6:03pm
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Checked today and Spro frog I have tied on is not solid black,Kermie is dark green and black spotted and his belly is a pearl white,should work fine and might take me a run to Academy soon.Hope GB3 and I get on some Bayou Lacombe bass Th,my doggone hydraulic system on trim went out and extracting stubborn top pin on cylinder may NOT happen,should be able to rebuild system from underneath,especially since cylinder bolted to stainless rod and once I get cover off,should be able to unbolt bolts on bottom,holding system in place,and finish the fun job.Think first rebuild ran well over $550-$600 and with everything I needed to buy might run well less than half that! Mandevillian

July 07 at 7:58pm
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duckdough,Thanks for the compliments,I pride myself in my workmanship and next project on my agenda is total rebuild of power trim system on SouthFork.Seems powertrim waited til last week to finally bite de dust and when Wifey and I put her under her boat cover and I went to trim up motor,noticed she was not going up like she should and I saw tell-tale puddle of hydraulic fluid.Fast-forward to today and it has been quite a chore,probably impossible,to extract top stainless pin at top of hydraulic cylinder!!Brother-in-law came over just yesterday with awesome tool,slide hammer,and the pin is threaded on starboard side to put in bolt and use slide hammer.We busted out tails and were not able to budge pin and I could tell whoever tackled rebuild last time really bunged up the port end of pin.From viewing numerous You-Tube videos,looks like I will be able to totally rebuild trim hydraulics without having the remove top pin,looks like cylinder bolted to the stainless rod and I should be able to remove and replace ALL O-rings from the underside and I did purchase new hydraulic motor,why not change everything at same time as it makes NO sense to leave rusty ole motor next to rebuilt hydraulic cylinder.Think first rebuild ran close to $550 and with all the parts and my free labor,might run way less than half that doing it myself and should be not that big a deal replacing O-rings and making sure to keep fluid clean!!Let ya know when job complete-o-ring kit set to be delivered tomorrow,motor assembly next week and I bought marine spanner wrench to remove cover of cylinder!! Mandevillian

July 07 at 7:52pm
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Thanks for tip,Spro I tossed happens to be black on top and pretty sure belly is either yellow or white-might toss solid black one next time-water was no where near clear and like I mentioned,the one I missed was starting to pull drag on 50 lb Win-Tamer,so pretty sure it had some heft to it!!Might hit ole Academy before next frogging trip!! Mandevillian

July 06 at 8:16pm
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Thanks,Steelsprayer,de T-Funky was predictably stained,not to the point of not being fishable,we just had to eliminate areas that were not all that fish-friendly and each of us lost very nice fish,never gonna have 100% hook-ups,especially with us tossing frogs and I did indeed wait til I felt pressure of bass grabbing Spro frog,just did not get hook-set!!Gotta lotta spots to show CCAguns and he wants to reciprocate by showing me spots in Chef area!Can't wait for rains to diminish and once water gets lot more fish-friendly,wanna destroy some big ole bass on topwaters,frogs and poppers,especially and have few spots that should be prime for deep-jigging slab sac a lait!! Mandevillian

July 06 at 8:04pm

GB3,Awesome plaques,did not know ya are quite de chef!!CCAguns and I headed to T-Funky bright and early tomorrow and hope dem T-Funk chunks decide to cooperate!!Older son keeps reminding dear ole dad dat T-Funky is where my biggest-to-date bass have come from and got a few tricks up de ole sleeves!!Once we get better Lake water conditions,think I will learn a few sight-casting redfish/bass spots in Chef area,heard some dem duck ponds got gin-clear water and just got in Do-It mold to make spinnerbaits and got good supply of fine Mustad hooks and stainless wire for making redfish-proof spinnerbaits.Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait kit did well but beefy reds tend to maul dem lures,always wondered why more folks don't toss spinnerbaits at dem reds as dey destroy spinnerbaits,literally and figuratively!! Mandevillian

July 05 at 9:15pm

GB3,Looks like a mighty-fine trip to me!!Doggone local conditions do not seem to be getting better but bass trips are in de cards,no doubt!!Congrats on fine haul and got ya plenty of meat for de freezer!!Can't wait for Lake to clear up to where sight-casting reds the 'new normal' and CCAguns has plenty of duck pond spots for chasing not only reds but bass as well!!!Bet yall enjoyed dem Bayou Lacombe crabs!! Mandevillian

July 04 at 9:00pm
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Yep,CCAguns,I did indeed forget about the neat wildlife,guess I see neat displays of wildlife that I sometimes take it for granted and dat huge flock of Canada geese was quite impressive.Had great chat with Frank Muller,our deer club president,and told him we gonna head to lease soon to work on huge ruts in plenty of the roads out there.Can't wait to show ya MUCH more productive spots on T-Funky and she is quite a gem and I have some DEEP-diving crankbaits that might encite a riot among the 3-7 lb bass out there-hurts losing a big bass and know ya lost at least 2 chunks just yesterday.My personal best have all come from T-Funky and easy to see why-she offers much more tidal movement and has plenty of deep water plus lotta folks have impression dat she is hard to fish-got me a few spots that typically give up 3 lb and up bass and gotta blind-fold ya first(LOL).Just wrapped up gunwales installation on 2002 era Chapman and wanna check out possible deer hunting spots in the areas we fished yesterday,archery-only but not a big deal,got some big ones in there and saw pics of true beast that young fellow got,6 point,that had a neck the size of horse!!Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Independence Day!!GB3 fishing with charter guy today,too bad I have NOT had chance to get him some jigheads AND CUSTOM swimbaits!! Mandevillian

July 04 at 11:21am
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duckdough,Check out the most current pic of 2002 era Chapman with her warpaint and new light-weight vinyl gunwales and caps fully riveted down(doggone cheap rivet gun died on me with 4 rivets left to install-Harbor Freight in Covington was open,thankfully).The vinyl is super-easy to install,provided ya grind down excess resin that ya might have on gunwales.Wifey gave me a hand yesterday and I dry-fitted em yesterday after camo stenciling last few panels of 3-stencil,5 color camo stencil kit.I would take off gunwales on my 1981 era Chapman and install these but I did such a job using 5200 marine adhesive that it would be a chore removing gunwales and caps I epoxied on.Gonna leave ole gal for those hunts where we need three Chapmans and having two light-weight Chapmans,ready and willing to serve,gonna be super-nice.The way I cut groove in pressure-treated gunwales for antique made it fairly easy to curve them and honestly,the antique is the MOST sturdy of the three,no doubt due to the structural integrity of wood vs vinyl but wood is much heavier and subject to deterioration,over time.I cut extra-wide groove in pressure-treated gunwales and laid in thick layer of marine 5200 adhesive,incredible stuff and Steve Geraci was very impressed with the second set of gunwales I fashioned.Check out the newer gal,ready well before Teal Season!! Mandevillian

July 04 at 11:10am
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Think issue resolved,here are few pics of fine 2002 era Chapman,dry-fitted with fine,thick vinyl gunwales and vinyl caps,need to get ya a set pronto!! Mandevillian

July 03 at 9:57pm
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Wiz,Nice trip,no doubt.Ya gonna love de looks of my 2002 era Chapman,think ya might have gotten my pics tonight.CCAguns and I hit Bayou Lacombe this am and all I could muster(other than nice bass lost right at boat,got tangled up in my trolling motor!!!)was stinking alligator gar and I aint kidding about stinking!!!Thought I had huge bass based upon the fight but turned out to be alligator gar close to 3 ft long!!!Keep me posted on dem marsh fish,might have to make a trip to saltier waters!!!Happy Fourth and like a dear old doc used to routinely joke about this time of year,'Dont have a fifth on the fourth' and this gent NO DOUBT would have AT LEAST a fifth on the fourth!!!Hope I can attach pics as Chapman turned out very fine!! Mandevillian

July 03 at 9:36pm
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duckdough,I tried to respond this am,before CCAguns and I headed to Bayou Lacombe,but reply did not got through via I-Phone.I am having a world of issues with this site as well as attaching pics,not sure what the issue is but will see what I can do.Too bad I am unable to attach pic of 2002 era Chapman with camo stencil job,new paint job interior and exterior(nice oil-based extremely durable paint from Crescent Color in Mandeville)and dry-fitted thick vinyl gunwales and front and rear caps.All I have left to do is drill pilot holes and install black rivets and I would bite de bullet and plunk down some coin for what is no doubt the LAST set of gunwales ya gonna have to install.I did the drill on 1981 era Chapman,twice replacing the gunwales and Steve Geraci did see the second set I installed as I brought antique Chapman to his house so they could redo floor(buddy of mine borrowed her when she was brand-new and cracked the floor and we did our best to patch her but best solution,ever,was to let the pros at Chapman redo floor)and my second set of gunwales lasted long time but eventually rotted out(pressure treated)and set on her currently about 2-3 seasons ole and in awesome shape.Certainly,the wooden thicker gunwales make pirogue not only tad heavier BUT much more stable,no a doubt in my mind.The down-side is they WILL eventually rot and $110 not bad for permanent solution,my 0.02!!Your choice but if and when I can attach pic ya might be swayed towards permanent set!! Mandevillian

July 03 at 9:30pm
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GB3,Tell Ms Loretta de Mandevillian says hello and enjoy de fruits of ya labor and good luck fishing tomorrow. CCAguns put on nice lil bass-catching clinic today while all I could muster was a stinky ole alligator gar(put up great fight)and hope Lake water gets right soon or else we gonna have to follow de yellow brick road and visit de Wiz🧙‍♂️Like a doc friend would say “Don’t have a fifth on de fourth😬” Mandevillian

July 03 at 5:11pm

CCAguns,Ya might be right about why the frog bite was non-existent today on Bayou Lacombe!!Me and Buddy Melancon tried to find some willing bass today,found exactly three and one was chunky,the other two were much smaller but eat well!!Jr was ecstatic,asking his Paw Paw to clean dem bass and see what dey been chowing on-all three had empty stomachs!!Looking forward to getting ya back out there tomorrow early before de heat takes its toll!!Buddy and I looking forward to getting with ya on some duck pond trips out in Chef area,love sight-casting reds and with the winds forecasted for all of next week,Ole Lady P gonna be a mad ole gal with stirred-up water,NOT suited for sight-casting.Think I mentioned to ya dat I ordered Do-It mold for making spinner baits and ordered the thicker stainless wires,the ones with complete ring at top,much stronger than the ones I got from Jann's Netcraft.Saw neat trick to making skirts,using a pen for tool to hold collar and small wire to pull skirt material through pen and fashion fine,custom skirts!!! Mandevillian

July 02 at 5:30pm
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duckdough,I am about wrapped up with the camo stencil job and next step gonna be to install fine and thick vinyl gunwales and got plenty of nice black rivets to handle the job.If I can ever figure out what the issue is regarding my inability to attach pics will attach some before and after pics,I love working on pirogues,wood-working,etc and have become quite self-sufficient and once I find decent amount of free time,gonna start custom pouring swimbaits,been communicating with a gent who saw my posts here and he has been quite a gem,giving me PLENTY advice and he was supplying TWO bass pros with incredibly effective and CUSTOM baits and ask any bass pro worth his salt about CUSTOM vs off-the-shelf lures and ya aint gonna be surprised at what dem pros tell ya!!! Mandevillian,NEVER satisfied with AVERAGE!!

July 01 at 9:35pm

Try tossing a spinnerbait,it WORKS!! Mandevillian

July 01 at 9:27pm
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Taking a boat gives one access to much more productive spots vs crabbing from the road.Not that long ago,Wifey and I hit an area only accessible via boat and we caught more than 4 dozen with some HUGE crabs.Might see about headed back to dat spot early next week!!Bassing in Bayou Lacombe tomorrow,hope we nab a few,gonna toss Spro frog at some dem lunkers hanging around de lilly pads and thick cover!!! Mandevillian

July 01 at 9:25pm
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$110 for rails and caps and rivets. Should be relatively easy to install. I replaced set twice Two sets of hands would be ideal and will likely get older son to lend a hand. Steve Geraci is gem of a guy and told me I can call anytime for assistance. Let ya know when I install em. Mandevillian

July 01 at 9:43am
Boutte, LA

Attempting to do total rebuild of powertrim hydraulics on 1999/2000 Johnson/Evinrude 50 hp and looks like last mechanic to work on hydraulics used possibly pin punch vs spanner wrench to unscrew cap on hydraulic cylinder.Most likely gonna need new/used cap for the hydraulic cylinder and know what a brand new/never used cap runs.Thanks in advance. Mandevillian(Tony Cyprus,Jr) cell(985)807-4123

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