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Not sure what happened to my report but here goes try #2.Been labor of love,first step was total rebuild of power trim unit,next step was to completely prep,sand,prime then sand some more to get fine finish(helps dat brother-in-law,lives next door,is expert body/fender man with fine shop in Holden).Lower unit,replaced due to Katrina-year obstruction,was dark blue Evinrude color and rest of motor OMC white and I thoroughly sanded,sanded,sanded some more,and got rid of ALL pits and got metal smooth and shot fine Zinc primer,Moeller,from West Marine and gonna shoot OMC white on all surfaces,once priming,sanding,sanding,more sanding done and hate to do half-way decent job,gonna look fine once I apply decals to finish coats after even more sanding to get dat finish mirror-smooth!!!Proud of my hard work and only way to do it,thorough prep and wipe-down with either MEK or lacquer thinner,sometimes both!! Mandevillian

August 04 at 9:58pm

Brother-in-law and sister-in-law have very fine and relatively old(at least 25 years old)pond next door to us and I got relegated to baby-sit duty for our grandson as Wifey and older son were headed to extremely important zoning meeting and I SHOULD have attended but decided to let Wifey and older son wage war on what lotta folks are vehemently opposed to,zoning change to have town homes right next to and in front of where we have lived for PLENTY years,Wifey and sister-in-law are Mandeville natives(hence my nickname)and between the two families,have about 16 pristine acres and we certainly would like to NOT have bunch of dwellings right next to us.Turns out,quite coincidentally,I actually went to high school with one of the sons of a partner in the De-Val subdivision(we live behind this subdivision)and these folks are the ones planning the Townhomes(maybe I WILL attend next meeting).Enough of political shenanigans for now,grandson and I decided to ply the waters of fine pond and we dug up a few fat worms and I had his fishing rod set with cork and Spoiler Shad(stuck worms on dat hook)and I had micro-lite spinning rod with popper(deadly on bass).First fish came on first drop of worm,big bluegill,and grandson was in hog heaven and I started chunking popper,had bunch of fine explosions,nabbed three nice bass and we caught another bluegill.Doggone turtles kept chasing both worms and popper and it was a chore to keep turtles at bay.Found out PLENTY folks vehemently opposed to this boon-doggle of a development and I probably Will attend next meeting,gonna be de ole 'Evinrude in de cess-pool'!!! Mandevillian

August 04 at 9:23pm

Wanted to get out to grassbeds today and me and Bayoubob were planning a trip in his fine flatboat but received a text around 4:15 am dat he was not up to de trip and I totally agreed dat it would not be in his best interest to head out today so I stayed in bed,did some more work on sanding and priming ole Johnson 50 and Wifey and older son and grandson headed to Silver Slipper Casino right after lunch and I watched radar and did my best to convince our 'separation anxiety' chocolate Lab dat she would be a tad much as far as a passenger(unless I used huge canoe)and I wanted to do ole-school trip with one of my fleet of Chapman pirogues(newest one).Headed down Lake Rd to end and chatted with a few folks fishing and NOT catching and told em dat I was MOST likely taking pirogue ride.Did have three rods in tow,one with fine Rapala Blades,one with Zoom Speed Worm,last with Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait(killer on reds/bass)-good thing I had trusty Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait!!!Started off chunking Blades,water was very dingy and nada and switched over to Jann's Netcraft and did take a while but nabbed decent eater-sized bass and swapped over to Zoom Speed Worm,had a few takers but no hook-sets(most likely smaller bass).Water was pouring into marsh,surprised I did not nab more than a solo bass,did see pair of fine trophy mottled ducks and might start seeing teal rockets come first full moon of August!!Was fun,got some work done on Johnson motor cover and can definitely see light at end of tunnel as far as repainting job of entire motor and transom bracket(quite a chore and requiring plenty wet sanding)and lastly,me and CCAguns headed to our deer club early tomorrow am so we might be able to remove/replace Kubota steering gear box(got Abita KC buddy lending us his 4-wheeler and trailer)!!Hope tomorrow brings us right weather to work on Kubota and possibly latter part of week might be decent tide/weather combo!!! Mandevillian

August 02 at 10:40pm

We were having some issues with our septic system(Hoot 500 GPD septic system probably about 21 years old)and last time we had system pumped down we think we did not get entire system pumped down and were about to have serious issues so Wifey got on phone,found B and G and de rest is history.Brian with B and G showed up yesterday around 8:45 and promptly showed me the concrete lid to main tank(probably totally missed by last company to pump down system)and he did thorough job,getting all three chambers completely pumped down to concrete bottom and he advised that he was headed to Grand Isle today through week end.Told him I would give his company a shout-out and here it is.He was kind enough to suggest that we get risers for both ends of system,allowing a better seal vs concrete lids and also allowing inspection should we need to check on system and lastly will make pumping down system much easier for either him or whoever we decide to use,probably 5-7 years from now.Thanks,Brian,hope ya down in Grand Isle nabbing some fine fish and gladly recommend your company to others requiring septic system maintenance!! Mandevillian

July 30 at 8:53pm

CCAguns only had to ask one time if I wanted to make return trip to his fine ranch and private 10 acre lake at Liberty Trace and we headed there yesterday just after dinner and spent the night,getting great and early start and got on some fine and feisty bass and one decent perch.Each of us started today's return trip tossing topwater,with him using popping bug and me tossing Spro frog,each of us had decent blow-ups but unfortunately no hook-ups(not gonna try to attach pics to initial report).I decided to try Zoom speed worm and he tossed a variety of soft plastics,catching fish with pretty much every soft plastic offering and I decided to try a lure I recently picked up from Fish USA,Rapala Blades,and dat lil lure looks like a Sonic the Hedge Hog and was nabbing fish from the very first cast!!!We each had 2 sets of double hook-ups and unfortunately on those double hook-ups,we lost all dem bass and he lost a chunk,probably every bit of 2 lbs!!!Had lotta fun,came home with 15 bass and one fairly big perch dat made mistake of following Blades up to pontoon boat and inhaled it.Think all told,we caught well over 40 bass and fished from about 6-11 and made our way home with ice chest of fine bass and a perch.Love de action of dat Blades lure and so do de fish.Seemed like best results came from pulsating retrieve vs steady retrieve and bet Lady P reds will CRUSH Blades lures!!!Just got comical You Tube from Abita KC member,fellow fashioned lure outta block of walnut,squared off lure,attached two sets of treble hooks and seems like he caught nice bass with chunk of wood,nuttin' fancy!!! Mandevillian

July 30 at 7:38pm

Well ,well,guess this site does NOT want me to attach fine pic of HUGE speck caught today not 100% sure where nor do I know what the lucky fisher(probably his personal best,as far as specks are concerned)nabbed beast on(wait til I am able to attach pic-told ya I like shrouding stories like this in mystery)!!Was very busily working on both the outboard of my SouthFork(doing extensive paint job on entire motor,including adding brand new decals)as well as fixing very inferior paint job on steering gear box for antique Kubota(vastly inferior paint job,plus incorrect color)and noticed I had just received text with pic from a dear friend.Got permission to pen report and unfortunately,site STILL not allowing me to attach pic-sent de Wiz a pic and he guestimated speck to be 8 lb brute,person who initiated text likewise guessed 7-8 lb speck!!!Bet folks who do NOT typically fish Lady P or who are not here presently make a b line pronto and bet lotta folks wanna know where and what as far as location/lure selection!!!Keeping folks shrouded in my-stery(play on words for my story)!!! Mandevillian,unfortunately fishing vicariously currently!!

July 28 at 9:11pm

CCAguns and I embarked upon what we anticipated to be decent bass trip,launched at Main St this am,fairly early and we tried darn-near everything but sticks of dynamite and NADA on bass,even though the water looked extremely nice and I twisted his lil finger and we made our way S to mouth of Bayou Lacombe and Lake P was not only extremely calm,but water looked incredible.Too bad we wasted better part of morning chasing phantom bass.We made our way towards grassbeds but not before sneaking into nice trenasse,where he nabbed decent channel catfish,then we hit the grassbeds and started chunking variety of lures,he tossed Johnson silver spoon with chartreuse highlights and I went with H20 Express(Academy brand)mullet wakebait,had decent speck blow up lure but SOMEHOW slip pair of treble hooks and not long after,CCAguns nabbed fat red,probably real close to 23 inches and fat,fat,fat and I finally connected with decent red,inhaled mullet wake bait and he asked my opinion on fine Rattle Trap,chrome body with chartreuse back and he made exactly one cast,musta landed right on fat red's head and we finished our trip not too long later,emerging with three nice reds and channel cat and thanks to CCAguns,I got 4 fish to clean!!!Probably gonna be off water few days,got lotta sanding and priming to do on ole Johnson 50 and will get her back on water,possibly as early as next week!!!Did see Julie Baudier and chatted with her after I got home,told her bout what we caught and what we used to catch em and ALWAYS glad to lend her a hand!!Turns out she fished E of where we fished and dem reds will NO Doubt be patrolling lush grassbeds,fulla mullets and crabs and who knows,might sneak in a few thick specks just before Sept Teal Season,like clock-work!! Mandevillian

July 22 at 3:05pm

Gotta send nice shout-out to the fine folks at 5 Star Marine as I had issues with the powertrim unit(rebuilt probably 8 years ago)and I decided to tackle the fun chore of rebuilding unit,using not only a kit from them but also fine brass cap for hydraulic cylinder(doggone last shop that rebuilt unit apparently did NOT have spanner wrench to remove and tighten cap)and my older son and I had NO choice but to put de Gorilla grip on cap plus use pin punch(never good idea but only choice as holes were bunged up tremendously)!!!Took some doing but with the assistance of few You Tube videos plus mechanical know-how and ingenuity(had to use serious pipe vise to get nuts started on stainless lower pin-now I know WHY many mechanics do NOT rebuild power trim units).We never were able to extract upper pin but that was not necessary as we had more than enough room to tackle rebuild from underside.Wifey and I got unit re-installed after I reassembled piston assembly and replaced a few O-rings and the brass cap from 5 Star Marine really is nice touch,after I painted unit with nice enamel paint,after zinc primer and this unit should last long time!!Attaching pics to show folks how nice unit looks and might tackle chore of sanding,priming,painting engine to have her match fine powertrim unit!! Mandevillian,probably saved about $400 tackling job myself!!

July 20 at 5:15pm

Me and a Medicare Client(Abita KC member)and his grandson had intentions of putting plenty of chunky Bayou Lacombe bass in de box today but some issues prevented us from making a long run from the launch.Not sure if his electrical system or on-board charger the culprit but he had dead battery(cranking battery)but 24 volts of trolling motor batteries so we used the trolling motor,launched a tad later than we should have and did cover decent amount of water and emerged with only two decent bass,missed a few and we did find pockets of beautiful water and good bit of stained water,unfortunately!!Hope to get my power trim put back together,got fine and heavy-duty brass cover for hydraulic cylinder and will get entire unit top-coated with good coat of enamel(got nice coating of zinc primer on unit)and should last good long time,primed and painted and can't wait to get ole gal back out on water.Think we keep our favorite boat mechanic busy and he no doubt will be working on my buddy's boat asap as we think water pump shot in addition to some issue with electrical system,may be something as simple as defective on-board charger!! Mandevillian

July 19 at 2:31pm

CCAguns and I joined his business partner and the son-in-law of his business partner today on what we had hoped would be nice Hopedale haul.The boat we were in is quite a beauty,26 ft Crevalle Bay with 300 Yammie on rear and they started the trip at Seabrook Harbor,where the boat is stored and met us at Hopedale Marina and we saw the typical week-end crowds ganging up to get live shrimp!We made our way to the numerous and productive wellheads in Bay Eloi and caught fish at pretty much every stop,trouble was we had PLENTY of throw-backs,most fish caught on either sparkle beetles in tandem(CCAguns)or Tsumanai shrimp under Versamax Bolt(Mandevillian)and a few came on dead shrimp on bottom or variety of other soft plastics.Once the tide quite pouring in and the heat took its toll,around noon,we headed back in think we totaled about 15 specks with a few white trout and even had decent channel mullet but believe he got tossed back into de drink!!Water was not too bad and think with some E winds,water where we fished has to clear up a tad.Not bad trip and NO BAIT needed,for about 98% of our catch!!Gonna make bunch more trips and might brave the heat next time and catch the front and back end of a tidal cycle!!Headed to Bayou Lacombe tomorrow!! Mandevillian

July 18 at 8:01pm

Had relatively short window of opportunity this am,wanted to head back to T-Funky in Chapman pirogue and was hoping to replicate yesterday's results.Got a tad earlier start,hit fish magnet right away and missed a few unidentified fish,most likely big ole slabs and finally hoisted decent one aboard and slowly paddled S after fish magnet unfortunately gave up only two tiny Kentucky bass and almost took pic of bass much smaller than the worm inhaled!!Switched from Spoiler Shad to Zoom Speed Worm,JuneBug Red and nabbed two almost back-to-back decent bass correctly guessed to be close to 1lb each and guess de light switch and heat switch went off and on respectively!!!Got brutally hot and only fished from shade before 6:00 am to about 8:45 and headed for de homestead.Did chat with gent who complained about the trash folks insist on leaving AND the rotting frog carcasses(almost picked em up to toss in river for catfish,etc to devour)!!Hope to join CCAguns tomorrow as he wants to show me some red/bass hot spots using Ribbit frogs and got fine dark Spro to toss at dem fish.Did have at least two blow-ups on Spro but once again could tell these were fish no where near big enough to gobble up dat Spro!!!Ole T-Funky slowly but surely starting to clear a tad and perhaps I coulda stuck to spot where bass came from but Tim,from yesterday,advised that the T-Funky water near Beau Chene much better and I did paddle to a few curves from Beau Chene,quite a paddle from 3 Rivers Rd launch!! Mandevillian

July 14 at 11:34am

Well,If it were NOT for BAD luck,de Mandevillian would have NO luck but at least did drop a few nice sac a lait and nice perch on ice this am!!Have tons of issues,mostly mechanical in nature,starting with powertrim on ole SouthFork and just yesterday,CCAguns and I were working on deer lease,took break and I went back around 5:00 pm and was about done bush hogging the main road in front of his spot and noticed steering on ole Kubota(weak link on these tractors)had gone completely out,was NOT able to steer in either direction and I had replaced steering box about 8 years ago,now needs yet another steering box and top it off,broke well over a mile from where I parked my older son's truck!!!Just what I needed-today's trip was a decent one,starting fairly early launching at my favorite T-Funky spot,Three Rivers Rd Launch and chatted with a couple launching pond hopper and they were commenting on the number of dead frogs at the launch-I checked and told em these frogs did NOT die from poisoning-they had their back legs removed,hint,hint-I might need to go frogging out there pronto-BIG frogs most likely with HUGE legs!!!Not long after launching one of my newer Chapman pirogues,saw a gent headed towards my FISH MAGNET and I was not certain who he was at the time(turns out he and Tony Taylor were fishing in this gent's boat some time around mid March)-Tim is his name-he said his LiveScope system ran about $5500,more than what I paid for my SouthFork!!!I had met them probably in March and did not recognize the boat nor Tim til we chatted today and guess who caught the first two fish-de Ole Mandevillian with ZERO electronics but excellent spot dat NEVER fails me and Tim was tinkering around with his fine electronics while I stealthily paddled just a tad S of him and he said he could see PLENTY sac a lait and Kentucky bass on his LiveScope but the doggone slabs would chase the soft plastics then turn away at last second.Not sure what he caught while we fished close to each other but I missed HUGE slab,then boated three and a perch and he was headed towards much cleaner water,I was paddling and only went a short ways down T-Funky,had two blow-ups on Spro frog but could tell they were not big bass the way they smacked at frog.Headed back towards fish magnet,got call from Wifey dat the supply pipe for our 1050 ft deep Artesian well had a crack in it and dat was NOT what I wanted to hear but did drop another decent sac a lait on ice,got back to launch and stopped at Covington ACE hardware,think name is Steve's Hardware and ran into die-hard yak fisherman(need to let him know bout BS fee at Cane Bayou Launch)and he works part-time at Steve's Hardware and he hooked me up with repair items,should not be that difficult a repair!!!Tired of mechanical issues and was hoping today's T-Funky trip de medicine I needed but dat aint de case,unfortunately!!!Like our deer club president reminded me,eating a dinosaur is best accomplished ONE bite at a TIME!!! Mandevillian,not gonna risk attaching pic right now

July 13 at 11:56am

Kinda suspected this was gonna happen and today Wifey and I were headed back home from a ride to Slidell and while she was driving past the entrance to the formerly free public launch,I noticed a sign that looked like it was indicating a fee had been levied to use what was formerly a free launch and best thing is charge is per person(???)Not sure how this transpired but can MOST definitely tell folks dat I will NOT be using this rudimentary launch ANY MORE,even after I turn 62,when the fee drops to what it should be,ZERO.It is NOT the price that has me irked just the principle that NOW folks have to pay an access fee when Cane Bayou should be a public waterway and the Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge is just to the East of Cane Bayou and there is NO charge to enter Big Branch for bird watching,hunting,etc.Not sure how this transpired but again will NEVER use this launch and it gets ridiculously crowded vs the free and public launches one can EASILY access.Thanks to whoever caused this me$$.Tried to attach pic but was having issues and all one has to do is to drive to the Cane Bayou launch and see for themselves what has happened,terrible thing to charge for such a dirt launch with what-portolet for amenities.Guess if there was a real bathroom with running water,etc one could POSSIBLY fathom paying an access fee but gimme a break,$3 per person and folks 62 and up free-I make 62 soon enough and WON'T use dat launch EVER again!!Guess we can thank Billy Nungesser for this foolishness,trust me,has his name all OVER it!!Hope other folks likewise boycott this launch and if not,so be it!! Mandevillian

July 10 at 9:49pm

GB3 texted me saying we would have a tad later start to our crabbing/possible bass fishing trip down Bayou Lacombe today and I could NOT resist the urge to get there a tad before him,toss some soft plastics at whatever and dat is what I did right before he arrived.Got to Main St around 8:05 and started tossing Monkey Milk soft plastic minnow threaded onto fine lil Roadrunner jig head and did not take too long for two feisty bass to inhale dat offering and once GB3 arrived,we headed S a tad past mouth of Bayou Lacombe,checked his traps and ended up with probably 18 nice crabs,re-baited traps and I joked with him,stating dat it would be comical to attach laminated sticker to his traps with de following,'I know ya checking my traps,do both of us a favor and kindly re-bait em for both of us!'We did try for bass but heat and bright sun no doubt sent de bass deep and neither of us had much time and got back to Main St around 11:00.Thanks for donation of some fine crabs,GB3,gladly take ya up on offer for future crabbing trips and I should have at least 4 traps ya can use!!Hope to get ole powertrim unit on SouthFork rebuilt,parts and spanner wrench arrived today!! Mandevillian

July 09 at 5:58pm

CCAguns and I decided yesterday to hit some of my favorite T-Funky spots today(was actually toying with idea of chasing reds and bass in duck ponds in Lake Catherine area)and we launched fairly early as we knew bad weather most likely was gonna hit us around 11:30(timed it perfectly)and first spot,fish magnet,only produced fat sac a lait(I rarely target them this time of year but know of a few deeper spots likely to hold a few)and we each missed a few fish and CCAguns released smallish bass and we started our excursion,never finding water anywhere near what we like to toss for fish in.Each of us missed huge fish and I am still flabbergasted over how I missed huge bass that made a wake as he gobbled up Spro frog without getting hooked!!!Showed CCAguns a few choice spots(woulda been hard to blind-fold him as he took his boat)!!Ended the trip early as we could sense nasty weather about to hit us and each of us dropped two fish on ice,thanks,CCAguns for fish donation!!GB3 and I might hit Bayou Lacombe tomorrow,hope we get chance to check his crab traps and possibly toss some spinnerbaits at reds in grassbeds!!!There is absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind,based upon recent trips,that nice reds anywhere up to about 27 inches are awaiting a fine spinnerbait tossed their way!!!T-Funky needs a day or two to settle out and fine sac a lait are still out and about and first fish I hooked today was fine sac a lait and fish prior to him slipped hook and was even nicer slab!!!They do not usually go too far from their spawning grounds,basically just retreat to deeper water,NO LIVE BAIT needed for em!! Mandevillian

July 06 at 3:06pm

CCAguns and I did a short lil Bayou Lacombe bass trip today ahead of my 10:30 am hair cut appointment and we launched fairly early,though we might wanna launch tad earlier next time!We both started tossing frogs,I tossed fine Spro frog and he tossed Ribbit frog(love de way dem legs wobble)and neither of us managed any hook-ups,though I did have more than likely big ole perch smack frog,just dey aint big enough nor quite ornery enough to smash frog and get hooked.He swapped over to what I think he called Yellow Magic,pretty much a carbon-copy of PopR and we both tossed popping bugs and ALL I got rewarded with was a STINKING(emphasize stinking-he really smelled bad)alligator gar that I initially thought was big ole bucketmouth!!!CCAguns put on bass-catching clinic,ended up boating 4 with feisty goggle-eye and missed HUGE bass and I ended up losing decent bass that SOMEHOW managed to get ensnared in my doggone trolling motor,not sure what transpired other than MY bad!!We had a good time,told him next freshwater trip gonna be T-Funky,where my personal best 5 plus lb bass came from,tired of water that AINT moving and bass dat do not totally cooperate and lotta folks say T-Funky hard to fish but I tend to disagree!!!Got few choice spots dat typically give up some 3-5 lb bass,gonna blind-fold CCAguns and show him some dem choice spots,possibly next week,winds,weather,water quality permitting.Hope all have a Safe and Happy Fourth and don't have a fifth on de fourth!! Mandevillian

July 03 at 9:55pm

Not sure why I seem to be unable to attach pics and definitely subscribe to adage dat pic tells 1000 words!!Launched de Southfork bright and early this am,searching for bass and possibly reds and only managed one of each,fat bass probably close to a lb,inhaled H20 Express Mullet Wake Bait and missed a handful of fish,most likely bigger bream and did manage 23 inch fat red,wish I could attach pic but no big deal.Water in Lady P pretty putrid,probably extremely fortunate to nab any reds today and this one musta knocked Jann's Netcraft Spinnerbait for a loop as I tossed dat baby into thick school of mullets and felt distinct thump,set hook and when I boated red saw hook imbedded in side of its head,lucky it did NOT break free but think combo of 17lb Suffix Advance Fluro and high-speed Lew's baitcaster made relatively short work of this chunky red that looks to have belly full of mullets!!Hoping to hit Hopedale tomorrow with CCAguns,getting ready to take hibernation nap then get in tough with him and clean bass and red.Grandson loves watching me clean em!! Mandevillian

June 30 at 3:41pm

Getting aggravated at site-been attempting to attach pics(useless right now)and instead of wasting time attempting,in vain,to attach pics will give narrative,instead!!Getting close to Teal Season and knowing what I know about how crazy busy my Consultant Schedule typically gets just prior to Teal Season,I decided to get a jump on some of the work needed on one of my fleet of three Chapman pirogues.Got one from 1981,probably one of their very first and she has gone through two sets on gunwales,now on third set and newer one,2002 era,needed upgrade as her original cypress gunwales getting weaker by the day and not worth risking damaging perfectly fine Chapman by NOT replacing gunwales and got neat set of thick vinyl gunwales from Steve Geraci,owner and resident of Slidell-makes it easy for those of us not wanting to make the haul to Chalmette.Newest Chapman is about year old got her at last season's Delta Waterfowl Banquet,NShore Chapter and she has the nice and thick vinyl gunwales,bullet-proof,in my estimation.Got newer Chapman ready for installation of vinyl gunwales and also got her sanded and painted interior and exterior with duck boat green,Crescent Color,Mandeville store has great oil-based paint that is extremely durable!Can't wait to scout for teal an turns out decent amount of teal seem to hang around not that far from some sight-casting redfish spots!!Wish I could attach pics but does NOT seem to be allowing me,even went to Google Chrome as my browser,to NO avail!! Mandevillian

June 30 at 3:29pm

Had decent window of opportunity and wanted to see what kinda water conditions we might be facing in Lady P tomorrow/Sat.Had Medicare Client(Abita KC member)and his grandson and we launched his fine G3 fairly early this am at Main Street and made our typical bee-line for mouth of Bayou Lacombe where we were greeted with not totally un-expected stained water conditions.Knowing what we now know(trolling motor not functional-due to faulty breaker that Todd at Dixie Trolling Motors quickly,after the trip,fixed and water not being anywhere near redfish-friendly,we woulda opted for what turned out to be decent bassing conditions.Once we hit Lady P and had trolling motor issues(my buddy MIGHT be willing to part with First-Generation I-Pilot 84 lb trust 24 v trolling motor and would prefer hand-controlled unit,similar to mine),we made de executive decision to fish Bayou Lacombe,using big motor to maneuver(not best idea but doable).Probably best decision I made for us was to toss crankbaits,I used Academy H2O Express wakebait and my buddy and his grandson tossed similar crankbaits.First fish to hit ice was feisty and fairly decent-sized perch that absolutely crushed wakebait and not long later,I nabbed smallish bass dat also hit ice and highlight of de day was bass that nailed wakebait that I initially thought was small gar,turned out to be nice 2 lb bass and little later,I nabbed nasty ole choupique dat not only bent one of my treble hooks but also shook free in net and managed to ensnare both sets of treble hooks,took me forever to extract lure from brand-new net.My buddy's grandson did nab fine perch that SOMEHOW managed to slip two sets of treble hooks!!!Not sure where I will fish tomorrow with both my sons and grandson but we just may target bass tomorrow,especially since Bayou Lacombe most likely gonna be very nice vs nasty ole Lake P.Had fun with Medicare Client and his grandson and just got back from picking up set of fine and sturdy vinyl gunwales for one of my Chapman pirogue fleet(have three fine Chapmans getting ready for upcoming Teal Season,can't wait)and showed my buddy fine tree line that not only holds decent amount of mallards but MAY have some deer roaming the oaks out there!!Hope we nab some rodeo-quality fish tomorrow and from what I saw today,a return trip close to where the bigger bass came from most likely decent idea and might hit SShore Sat,looking for possibly bigger bass and MAYBE some reds!!! Mandevillian

June 25 at 6:58pm

Took advantage of nice in-coming tide plus favorable wind conditions and took our two sons and grandson on what we hoped to be productive crab/redfish trip just ahead of Father's Day and I could not have gotten a better pre-Father's Day present.We launched not quite as early as I typically do,had 17 crab nets ready for action and a few rods with various lure presentations,one Tsunamai under Versamax Bolt cork,one with Jann's Netcraft Spinnerbait(killer on grassbed reds),one with incredibly effective Lunker City Shaker,last ole trusty tank of a Curado with Top Dog.Started our trip soaking crab nets and headed to grass beds in between and older son was tossing Pimp Daddy Shaker with orange tail and saw him set hook of fine and fat red that I guesstimated to be over 21 inches,he was a shade under 24,and dat was it as far as fishing went and we ended up with 50 decent crabs,all caught using thick turkey necks!!Had nice pre-Father's Day and crabs ready for us to bust up!!!Happy Father's Day to all dads!!!Mine smiling down on me from Heaven and think he had a hand in today's productive trip!!!Hope we nab some fine fish next Fri/Sat for Jesuit Alumni Rodeo. Mandevillian

June 20 at 4:04pm
A comment titled: Re: Reds along grass lines in response to a report titled: Reds along grass lines

Wiz,Nice haul,tried to respond using I-phone but wasted my time so here goes--was supposed to chase some Lady P reds and potentially some dem lunker specks like de one I sent ya dat Chris Hoelzel nabbed probably not very far from where I typically pirogue fish-had change of plans as Buddy needs to clean up his yard after his son-in-law and a nice neighbor cut down dead oak tree(he and I were gonna tend to dat tree tomorrow).Taking my newest Chapman on nice solo trip tomorrow and hope to nab a few nice fish,starting with Top Dogs at first,then might switch over to hard plastics,spinnerbaits,various colors of Johnson spoons!!CCAguns,Buddy,and I plan to hit some Hopedale hot-spots next Tues-CCAguns checked tidal forecast and looks very promising,weather-permitting!!! Mandevillian

10 hours ago
A comment titled: Re: Are you fishing too much? in response to a report titled: Are you fishing too much?

Math Geek,Gotta hand it to ya,watching(very carefully,I might add)ya video proved BEYOND a shadow of a doubt dat I aint been fishing NEARLY enough.I certainly have fallen into de trap of potentially fishing/hunting too much(just ask Wifey after about middle of MOST duck seasons)but due to numerous issues,I currently have NOT been fishing nearly enough,thanks!! Mandevillian

11 hours ago
A comment titled: Re: More Rigolets Action in response to a report titled: More Rigolets Action

Got slight change in plans for tomorrow,buddy of mine and I were planning a Lady P assault on reds,dat still gonna happen,venue slightly different-gonna be solo in newest of my fleet of Chapman pirogues.Got little more paint work done on ole outboard and taking break(Math Geek convinced me dat I aint been fishing NEARLY enough)and gonna also try a Hopedale assault next Tues,weather permitting,with CCAguns and an Abita KC buddy of mine!!Hope dem Lady P reds cooperate,who knows,a few dem lunker specks like Chris Hoelzel nabbed,might grace my ice chest!! Mandevillian

11 hours ago
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Nice catch,got plenty meals in dat box!!Was gonna help a buddy chop down dead oak in his front yard,he got neighbor to cut down tree,freeing he and I up to chase some Lady P reds(maybe some specks)and I am a tackle junkie(don't dare tell ole Sleepy Joe dat)and got a few spoons to toss at dem reds,Silver Flash,Black,Copper,and a Tsunamai that Wally World had(looks like baby redfish)!!Congrats on fine catch!! Mandevillian

15 hours ago

Yep,Funny story bout a guy who would routinely mock my fishing reports(not here,another site)and the web administrator took notice as did bunch of folks who hunted and fished with me and the web administrator sent me private e mail with de idiot’s name and lo and behold turned out to be guy I used to co promote Prilosec with MANY years ago and I was not the least pleased but chalked it up to sad situation where ya assume a fake identity and mock others really doing nothing but putting accurate info out there(just have never given EXACT spots)🎩😎 Mandevillian

18 hours ago

Looks pretty nice to me and once ya either rebuild or repower her can’t wait to see pics. Ironically,an anonymous infrequent poster sent me voicemail regarding two ridiculous accusations and one of them totally incredulous was that somehow I had EVERYTHING to do with the fee imposed at Cane Bayou Launch. Guess my frequent mentions of the launch somehow increased usage to the point where ole Billy Nungesser and Bayou Adventures went about installing fee box. The other incredulous accusation was about my “diary”and that one is equally unbelievable. Guess folks hate hearing about success/failure trials tribulations and NOT gonna stop posting regardless of what some HATERS want me to do so guess they have option of NOT reading my repirts(diary etc)🎩 Mandevillian

Yesterday at 9:25pm

Yep,pics tell de story and I shoulda put pics of before/after but suffice to say the after pics REALLY gonna tell de story.Can't wait to see your pics and progress.What is really rewarding is watching the progress and knowing that a total rebuild on power trim woulda ran hundreds of bucks and think I spent maybe $250 and about $78 of that was for fine brass cap!! Mandevillian,NEVER satisfied with 'average'

August 05 at 9:46pm
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Damn I-Phone,tried to respond but nada-here goes try with trusty computer-nice to see at least dinner coming from de Big Bridge-have NOT fished Causeway in quite some time,ironically,last trip out there produced ONE baby catfish,tiny blue catfish and there should be some saltier fish out there,hope to chase some fish real soon!!Wifey and I Medicare Brokers and this is the proverbial 'calm before de storm' with us re-certifying with all the Major (and Minor)Carriers and first stop for us was the always-fun AHIP Certification which we just wrapped up few minutes ago-ya can tell where my mind is RIGHT now!!! Mandevillian

August 05 at 7:54pm
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Very nice triple tail-like seeing fish that close to well heads and got a few buddies with boats well-equipped to handle what Bay Eloi and S can toss ya way!!! Mandevillian

August 05 at 7:49pm

Thanks,Wanted to get more work done on her today but Wifey and I are Medicare Brokers and we have a ton of re-certifications staring us in de face(we did the bulk today-both passed tough test with flying colors)and I did steel wool dat Zinc primer and dat stuff is plenty tough,gonna shoot all the aluminum parts with it then sand,prime with grey primer and shoot topcoats!!Hope to show some pics soon and also hope dat Precision gets prop work done pronto.Totally agree dat elbow grease and persistence key to good and lasting work!!!Dat rig takes me just about everywhere I need to fish,duck hunt,etc!!! Mandevillian

August 05 at 7:39pm

Just took very fine steel wool to lightly smooth Zinc primer and that stuff is adhered extremely well to lower unit,great paint that I got at West Marine,Mandeville store.Might prime the aluminum portions of outboard as the Zinc component should theoretically protect the aluminum from corrosion and this primer sands extremely easily.Taking prop to Precision Propellor in Metairie to have new bushing pressed in and will also have them check out condition of blades,probably great idea to true-em up!! Mandevillian

August 05 at 10:33am
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Got a hunting buddy who just joined a deer lease in Greensburg(St.Helena Parish)and think he is headed up there tomorrow.I need to get back out to my club in St.Tammany but been so dang wet and got rutted up roads that needed tending to and we do have a member with access to skid steer and we got tons of busted up concrete delivered,free,free,free and our newest member knows a concrete specialist who installs fine concrete/brick driveways and has quite a back-log of driveways to install so we should be getting plenty of road material dropped off!!Nice deer up there near de State Line!! Mandevillian

August 05 at 9:28am
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Last Cast,Not sure if this is de fix or not but just was able to post reports without pics then went back in and added the pics to each report.Kinda a pain but like lotta folks would agree,pics tell it ALL and I did contact Precision Propellor in Metairie and they will take my prop and install new bushing and gonna get em to possibly true-up de blades why not while they are installing new bushing!!!Had bushing replaced in way ole antique Manatee 16 ft Tri-Hull(still have de ole gal)and it made a WORLD of difference with new bushing and had those blades trued-up.My dear mom makes 88 this Th and gonna visit with her and get prop dropped off-too bad we no longer have local NShore prop shop!! Mandevillian

August 04 at 10:17pm
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I would check with Todd Schultz at Dixie Trolling Motors in Mandeville before proceeding with ANY transducer mount!!Do not have his number handy but know lotta folks who have used him and EVERYONE well-satisfied,just saying!! Mandevillian

August 04 at 9:49pm
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Yep,Sharks a tremendous predator and can't begin to tell ya how many times both me and de shark spooked each other from extremely CLOSE encounters while pirogue fishing Lady P.She will not only amaze but shock ya with the variety and quality of finfish so CLOSE to home and this is getting to be about prime time with Teal Season round de corner and if we EVER get a break from persistent W winds,Lady P WILL be producing some fine specks to go along with the reds,already out there awaiting skillful lure presentations.Just visited with CCAguns,bringing back a fine Husky chain saw we borrowed from a buddy of mine and he and a buddy planning a Rigolets Estates trip,great knowing folks with private launches,right in this gent's back yard.Love those kinda trips where ya aint gotta wait in line to launch,UNLESS ya wedded to tossing live bait and love me some finesse(Fin-S-nice play on words for ridiculously effective soft plastic that gets imitated NOT innovated by plenty lure slingers)fishing with either soft plastics or fine hard plastics-de Wiz turned me and lotta folks on to Wake Baits,incredibly effective fished right across or alongside thick grass beds!!Got more paint prep to tend to and might get prop to Precision Propellor as I took ride to where Hopkins used to be and looks totally abandoned,sad indeed as they did great work and understand owner passed away but thought I had read where family planned to take over prop business.Good deal on fishing de Rigolets-had a dear friend who loved launching at Sonny Lombard's Marina and we fished plenty of spots in Rigolets area,typically soft plastics ONLY as my deceased buddy did not like either dead/live bait and we typically caught more than enough for a few great meals and he NEVER wanted to keep any fish!!!Ended up buying his 2002 era Chapman pirogue and dat is de one I installed life-time vinyl gunwales on and did custom stencil camo paint job on!! Mandevillian

August 04 at 12:26pm
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Yep,Site been tad ornery and I likewise was having issues attaching pics to posts. Funny thing is de Wiz only uses his phone and hardly ever has issues. Like pics,not dat fishermen have SLIGHT tendency to exaggerate,BUT pics provide visual evidence😜Nice haul,indeed. Just shot few coats of Flex Fill primer on ole Johnson 50 motor parts hope to get top coats done pronto. Need prop work done been since Katrina dat I had Hopkins in Covington redo prop after I blew out lower unit Katrina year(lower unit as well)😬 Mandevillian

August 03 at 5:53pm
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Last Cast,Good deal on de fish received text and pic of huge speck a fellow caught on live shrimp did not ask for specifics but speck weighed between 7-8 lbs caught on live shrimp and from pic have real good idea where this lucky fisher caught trophy speck. Been busy with few projects and really busted it today getting CCAguns to lend hand getting steering gear box removed/replaced on Kubota 🚜 Hope to hit few certain areas in Lady P holding not only few BIG specks but plenty reds🍀🎣🐠Congrats. Mandevillian

August 03 at 4:59pm
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Thanks,CCAguns and I went to our local deer club this am and thanks to good buddy of mine(Abita KC Member)we were able to borrow his Honda Rancher got steering gear box removed and replaced on ole Kubota workhorse diesel and damn battery was too weak,even with a jump charger. We got battery home got it on charger and gonna head back out soon as we can and headed to Crescent Color(Mandevillle location)and gonna get more flexible primer to thoroughly prime rest of Johnson 50 cover and entire motor. Been labor of love and got brand new decals to make de ole motor look as well as she runs. Just received text that the owner of Hopkins Propellor passed away(had heard that)and not sure where to take prop as when I removed it noticed bushing fragments on prop shaft. Mandevillian

August 03 at 3:35pm
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One thing for certain bout De Pack’s reports-dey very thorough😜 Mandevillian

August 01 at 9:54am

Lotta folks toss back bull black drum but once dey gets a taste of Wifey’s mock crab cakes made outta bread crumbs and black drum meat they not likely to toss em back in future. I have caught some big drum and redfish and on reds we not only trim away red meat but also make thick steaks outta them and marinate them in whatever Wifey chooses to use,typically she makes incredible concoction of vinaigrette dressing with fresh black berries and that marinade is incredible stuff,someday gonna bottle it up and sell some. Mandevillian

July 31 at 12:15pm
Boutte, LA

Attempting to do total rebuild of powertrim hydraulics on 1999/2000 Johnson/Evinrude 50 hp and looks like last mechanic to work on hydraulics used possibly pin punch vs spanner wrench to unscrew cap on hydraulic cylinder.Most likely gonna need new/used cap for the hydraulic cylinder and know what a brand new/never used cap runs.Thanks in advance. Mandevillian(Tony Cyprus,Jr) cell(985)807-4123

July 10 at 9:36pm