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Been trying to get a buddy from Abita KC's back out to the T-Funky and today we made a trip to the T-Funky,got an early start,found the water much clearer than previous trips and we actually saw a handful of fishermen,chatted with one veteran T-Funky sac a lait chaser and actually fished one of the same sloughs and saw him arm-wrestle a fine bass,probably bout 4 lbs(saw plenty of bass bedding down,hint,hint)and Neal and I managed to box two decent sac a lait and Neal nabbed fine bass,lost a true chunk right next to boat(older son,possibly grandson,musta confiscated my landing net-used to to catch a few of their chickens!!)and Neal and I saw the tail fin of very nice bass behind some fine cypress trees.I told him next time we get together,we might chase some bass and sac a lait,not always easy and the ole-timer we ran into did indeed agree dat dem slabs much better-tasting than bass,anyday!!Had fun and the overcast initial conditions made our trip extremely pleasant.Water was about 73 degrees and bet the slabs gonna be congregating real soon.I caught my sac a lait on Bobby Garland soft plastic,Neal caught his fish on Spoiler Shad,not sure what color,but those are some slab-killas!! Mandevillian P.S. Highlight of trip was witnessing fine osprey soar down and nab a fish-we heard the spash and spotted the osprey swooping around scoping out the surfacing fish and it grabbed a nice one!!

March 07 at 5:48pm

Been wanting to return to ole T-Funky to chase dem delicious and fun-fighting sac a lait and took two separate trips,one am and one in early afternoon.Had battery connection issues at home(good thing I checked as I always do)and quickly rectified issue!Had yet another mishap backing down 3 Rivers Rd,slightly goofed and back down into doggone culvert(my bad but had grass-cutting service somewhat rush us-shoulda let dis fella get around us vs trying to quickly back down)and good thing I had nice tow strap in ole Lincoln as couple fellas saw our predicament and quickly towed ole Lincoln outta jam,pronto!!!Finally got underway,hit a few sloughs where we fished successfully Mardi Gras Day,NADA,finally got to slough where we ran into fella dat AWAYS seems to nab some slabs and he told us he had just missed 3plus lb slab(no reason to doubt this fisher)and I finally nabbed decent slab,dispatched him to thick ice bath!!Dat was it for am trip and we chatted with a few sac a lait fishers,no one had a single fish!!Came home,older son and I took brief naps and I made my way back to end of 3 Rivers Rd,took my time and launched flat and tried same slough where my am fish had come from,nada.Picked up older son and grandson and older son was using one of my Slab Daddy jigging poles and used Shiney Hiney lure and nabbed decent sac a lait,me and grandson got blanked!!Oh well,dat why Dey calls it fishing NOT shopping and me and older son gonna give it a go next Wed,gonna be extra-vigilant backing down 3 Rivers Rd!! Mandevillian

March 02 at 10:02am

Wifey posed ridiculous question to our 6 year-old grandson,go to Mardi Gras in Covington OR go fishing the T-Funky with Paw Paw!!!Guess what he chose??? He and I hit the T-Funky this am,saw how filthy the water was this past Sunday and I figured what the heck,dem fish GOTTA eat,we just needed to find some water dat was a tad clean and ole Paw Paw knows some fine sac a lait sloughs!!!First slough,real close to launch was a dud so we decided to hit an area dat I ALWAYS seem to nab a few quality slabs and dat is what transpired today-got us 5 nice sac a lait with biggest shade over 1 lb,1.05 to be exact and next biggest right at .86 lb,all fish were fat specimens and Wifey gonna cook em tomorrow!!Think we just a tad pre-spawn and they were in spawning pattern,tight to cypress trees and Bobby Garland soft plastics tipped with orange Crappie Psychic trailers did de damage under slip corks!! Mandevillian

February 21 at 7:54pm

GB3 once again graciously invited de Nuck and Futz Duo up to de Quack Shack for much-needed change of scenery and comraderie plus some damn good hunting.We arrived Monday around time for good ole family food at Charlie Mae's and GB3 and his hunt party had nice haul awaiting us.We tried an afternoon hunt but dat did not pan out and he and one of his guests,Corey Pierce,treated us to some real fine guitar pickin and drummin,compliments of GB3 and Corey,great tunes,fellas!!Tues proved to be a decent hunt with nice mix of ducks harvested,highlights fine greenie!!Wed we split up with GB3 pounding away at nice mix of greys,teal,redheads,all fine table fare and de Nuck,Futz,Corey Trio unfortunately scratched!!We did find fine pond with flooded soybeans at far end of pond and it was incredible watching tons of fine ducks getting off pond and we hit em Th but could NOT get em in close enough but Corey's fine yellow Lab,Drake,did a fine job of retrieving our ducks,minus one I walked over to and the highlight was a fine greenie me and GB3 tag-teamed and he landed LONG ways off!!We also dropped another greenie but he bled out,soared and possibly landed well outta decent retrieving range!!!Thanks,Gregg,gonna make a return trip latter part of Jan and was awesome checking out the Fox 8 clip ya forwarded and Drew and his buddies some serious die-hards,hope they pounded away again this am.Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year to all and be safe out there.Taking a hiatus til possibly Wed. Mandevillian

December 24, 2022 at 10:01am

Got de Three Amigos together aboard Nuck's fine Camo Cadillac and we even decided to pick up some 'fishing insurance' too bad dem Trassels specks wanted NO part of live bait.Saw nice flock of gulls terrorizing the shrimp being chased by nice reds and nabbed two in simultaneous fashion and ran into de LA Fishing Produce Man and he was not quite sure who we were at that distance.Moseyed back to de Trassels where only a nice toss-back(self-release flounder),compliments of Nuck,tossing some color of Matrix Shad came close to us and just as de LA Fishing Produce Man was passing us,I latched onto brute of a red,36 inches,and full of fight,took me bout 20 minutes to subdue de beast!!!Picked up few small white trout in nearby Bayou Liberty plus huge snot shark and I missed very decent speck!!!Got way too busy a Medicare Consulting Schedule and we each came away with nice reds,did not take pick of one of our reds,my bad and de pic of me holding big red does him justice!!Hope to get out but won't be till possibly week after next!! Mandevillian

November 04, 2022 at 4:23pm

Wifey and I took our annual(maybe semi-annual soon)Ozarks trip and we had no idea we were gonna be able to squeeze in two guided trips!!As fate and luck would have it,our first trip,with well-known and EXPENSIVE guide service,same exact one we used last year,did not go nearly as well as we had hoped for and not sure to what we can attribute that to(Wifey even made teal and sausage gumbo for our guide)and from the get-go,we could sense something was amiss.We started off using fresh crawfish tails(I have NEVER been a bait-tosser)and went with the flow,literally and figuratively and we did catch quite a few decent,not big rainbows and our plans were to have a shoreline lunch and somehow that got BOTCHED up and it did not happen AND we could sense our guide not happy and also he was NOT happy that we wanted to take an afternoon trip after our shore lunch did not happen and guess Wifey could readily detect some animosity(paid $500 for what should have been all-day trip-ended mercifully at 3 PM)and I will NEVER use this EXPENSIVE guide service.As God would have it,Tuesday,the day before this trip took place,we went to Buffalo City(where the White and Buffalo Rivers meet)and we met quite a character,turns out he is from Baton Rouge and quite the jokester,Paul Shuffler,I believe I got dat spelling correct.Paul gave us the business card of another character,Danny Barker,of Buffalo City Guide Service,and I was utterly shocked and amazed when I reached Danny and he told me Paul was correct in his fee of $250(half the price of other Cotter guide service)and we not only paid half the price(other guide service wanted $400 for half-day)and we did fish a LITTLE in afternoon with other guide service BUT Wifey gave me dat look on our Wed trip dat said it all-take us back,we had MORE than enough grief for a lifetime(not sure if our guide having bad day or got into argument with owner but we aint going back to DAT guide service)!!!Paid half the price and had twice the fun.Danny started us off with egg sac flies with barb-less hooks and Wifey and I both nabbed a ton of small to medium rainbows and Danny was excellent,telling us he was immediately releasing a ton of these rainbows as he said we could do MUCH better and the second part of our trip,we tossed hand-tied jigs that looked like minnows,very much our cup of tea and it was game-on!!!By the time we finished up around 12:30,we had boxed 10(2-person limit)and caught over 45 and a few highlights was me watching quite a few feisty rainbows nail the jigs as we either jigged them or paused and twitched the lures and I did nab a fine and fat rainbow with nasty lamprey attached to right side of his head and Danny removed stubborn lamprey and we saw quite a scar from where this pest had attached himself to side of rainbow!!!Got us best guide out there,uses NO BAIT,and is not only incredibly personable(maybe he can give our previous guide some lessons)but an incredible teacher!!!Gonna book him EVERY Ozarks trip we make and we are quite certain one day gonna make Ozarks permanent home.We always meet the most incredible folks on the planet and NO ONE is sorry they relocated to the Ozarks,what a tribute to the Natural State!! Mandevillian

September 20, 2022 at 5:45pm

Knew we had a slight window of opportunity and took advantage of very slight(6:30-8:30 time frame-am)and only emerged with one stout fish,a flathead catfish dat took up entire length of my chest and tipped de scales at 9.54 lbs!!!Had two diehard duck hunting buddies with me and good news is the thick Salvinia,so prevalent in Cane Bayou,is much less prevalent and easy to navigate through.I wanted to show my buddies the newly-emergent grassbeds in Lake P but huge storm that dumped bunch of rain on us prevented checking out the redfish hotspot and we did have to hunker down in small trenasse in No Boat Bayou as huge rainstorm hit us and we waited til Lake P was not that rough to make our way back.We had a probable red snap off and another gained his freedom as I was frantically trying to get trolling motor going to make the fun fight a tad more tipped into my favor!!!At least we did emerge with an ugly specimen but once I cleaned up de beast,it cleaned up fine!!Can't wait to grill the filets and they look incredible!!Teal Season round de corner and we saw ZERO teal but did see nice flock of trophy mottled ducks,probably at least 8 in flock!!! Mandevillian P.S. Flathead fell victim to fish-slaying Lunker City Shaker 3.75 in Jungle Jazz(perhaps the absolute best croaker imitation out there)!!

August 19, 2022 at 6:52pm

Had decent window of opportunity and nice in-coming tide,only downside was predicted SW winds and what the heck,get out and at least try a few choice spots!Did nice solo(not counting beloved chocolate lab,Molly)trip and wanted to try re-emerging grass beds but SW winds made that idea useless so I opted for Plan B,No Boat Bayou. Recently did some maintenance on fine High-Speed Lew’s baitcaster and perfect timing. Hit No Boat Bayou tossing Shaker in Jungle Jazz and nabbed fine 19 in red after missing a few fish,other than fine-fighting but useless gaff tops and did box nice flounder and keeper speck and released four under-sized specks(awesome news for Fall)and did have few takers on Tsunamai Chartreuse spoon but only feisty Ladyfish!!Lake P water getting very fine and should start yielding some fine specks,always has reds a-plenty and bridges should do quite well if not now real soon!! Mandevillian

August 06, 2022 at 9:37am

Me and a buddy from Abita KC’s have been wanting to get a chance at some Lake P reds and had decent game plan just had to deal with dreaded SW winds this am. Figured we might find some decent reds in protective cove and one 17 in red did indeed come from dat lil redfish honey hole and the SW winds slightly subsided so I showed my buddy some re-emerging grass beds and true to form,nabbed thick feisty specimen using Chartreuse Tsunamai Spoon. Thought all hope was lost as this fish managed to get under my trolling motor but by that time he was worn out simply hurriedly lifted trolling motor and gave fish little more time to wear him out. Only got rough measurement of the bigger red but looks to be close to 27 in stud. Got some fine meat for pellet-fired smoker and last red older son cooked on smoker was more than incredible! Mandevillian

July 29, 2022 at 11:42am

Little Creek Hunting Club has memberships available for 2022/2023 Deer Season.Contact Frank Muller,Club President C(985)290-3016. Mandevillian

July 24, 2022 at 4:37pm

De Nuck and Futz Duo(minus Molly)hit No Idea/No Boat Bayou today launching outta Lake Rd Launch and we hit one of our favorite bayous and he nabbed three specks,none made de cut and I only nabbed one but missed it at boat side and it would not have made the cut.Nuck was tossing Matrix Shad(green hornet)and I was tossing Lunker City Shaker,Vampire in 3.75.Water in Lake gorgeous and boaters beware-Nuck skinned skeg on underwater SOLID obstruction just to E of mouth of Bayou Lacombe(probably best to stick to slightly off-center of Bayou Lacombe to avoid probably solid pipe)!Think GB3 also hit same solid obstruction while back and he was fortunate to not bend prop shaft too badly. Mandevillian

July 08, 2022 at 3:51pm

Not sure what true issue is with this site but this may be try # 5 to post brief report probably gonna add pics later. Here goes-few days ago took beloved ole lab,Molly,and salvinia along Cane more than thick thankfully have functional trim to get motor to about top of dat junk. Tossed Tsunamai chartreuse spoon across grass beds to no avail hit Big Bridge snagged tiny croaker smaller than 3.75 in Shaker(Vampire Killa color). Came back to grass beds tossed spoon NADA. Happy Fourth don’t have a Fitfh on de Fourth !! Mandevillian

July 02, 2022 at 5:31pm

Second try to post today's report!!Wanted to hit re-growing fine grass beds but once again NW winds took care of dat,hit No Boat/No Idea Bayou and tossed and tossed Shaker 3.75 in in Vampire-no takers swapped out to bass gear in the fashion of Culprit Craw Dad(Wifey and I call dat worm Benson Boogie worm)and did not take too long for fat but short marsh bass to gobble up worm,tossed him on ice and on way out had HUGE alligator gar,probably every bit of 6 ft stud,come within a hair of nabbing Culprit worm,woulda been NO fun with 12 lb Vanish fluro spooled up!!Did make my way back to fine grass beds and saw another fisher on opposite side from me,not sure what he dragged up,I had a few feisty fish swipe at Tsunamai Chartreuse spoon.Need to get back out to those grass beds,plenty reds patrolling them and I spooked a few and yesterday spotted fine gar,probably 4 ft long cruising one of those beds and also saw big sting ray yesterday,never a bad thing as they target same tiny crabs as reds do!!Hope to find either more favorable wind conditions or another set of grass beds to toss spoons and spinnerbaits across!!! Mandevillian

June 24, 2022 at 6:25pm

Knew oppressive heat was gonna roll come about 9:30 or so and had every intention of trying topwaters(NW winds took care of dat)and had to make the most of today's solo trip so option of hitting No Boat/No Idea Bayou was decent choice.Got greeted with slightly falling tide chunked Shaker in Vampire(dat color takes nice bite outta fish,pun intended).Nabbed tiny blue catfish then nabbed decent 17 in red and made executive decision to make the journey to Big Bridge where I found dirty water and somewhat rough conditions,headed back in and had neat Army helicopter fly directly over me-guess he was hoping I might stick a fine red,coming off grassbed,but dat did NOT happen.Hope to scout a few decent-looking areas tomorrow. Mandevillian

June 23, 2022 at 5:41pm

Wifey and I have NAHU CE event to attend tomorrow am and been wanting to check out nice ole bass haunt on SShore,the actual name is Duncan Canal,we call it Parish Line Canal. Got up very early this am trailered ole SouthFork from Mandeville to Kenner,launching at Williams Blvd boat launch. Winds were somewhat higher than expected,no worries as we headed to very nice and protected Parish Line Canal and I had grandson and Wifey and chocolate lab,Molly,with us. Our intention was to hit P Line Canal first then make run to PowerLine Pilings and see what those reefs would hold,trouble was wind abs waves NOT favorable but we did nab 9 bass,kept 7 and Wifey caught the bulk while I caught two footballs and tossed back small fella dat was nabbing bait along rocks and I deftly tossed Culprit worm in CrawDad(Wifey and I affectionately call dem Benson Boogie worms due to coloration)!Cleaned up those fine bass might get my mom to cook em up tomorrow evening after Wifey and I get back from our CE event. Had a blast and might get back real soon. Only issue is co$t of two ga$!!! Mandevillian

June 20, 2022 at 5:57pm

Promised grandson and Wifey that we would try our hand at hopefully catching a bunch of crabs for Father's Day crab boil and we started our trip at mouth of Bayou Lacombe,witnessed yak fisher catch fine 31 in red that he actually offered us(we had probably room in our chest at the time but declined his generous offer)and we tried soaking some nets with terrible results,went to No Boat/No Idea Bayou and just as the name implies,there were no boats present and we set out our nets,caught maybe five crabs,including the nice one I scooped at mouth of Bayou Lacombe!Lake P was gorgeous,had a steadily falling tide,shoulda been decent crabbing conditions,guess the crabs played hide and seek!!Oh well,grandson the lucky beneficiary of today's crab trip.At least Molly enjoyed modelling shades!! Mandevillian P.S. Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!

June 17, 2022 at 6:07pm

Knew No Idea/No Boat Bayou most always holds some decent fish,even with W winds,took grandson and beloved chololate lab,Molly,down Cane and to No Boat Bayou(Cane fulla Giant Salvinia-gonna be a chore come Teal Season).Had nice spinning rod set-up for grandson and he wanted to fish but the spinning rod was tad too much for him to properly cast SO Paw Paw proceeded to make a few casts,had nice falling tide,figured some of the No BoatNo Idea Bayou small drains would have reds at the intersections and got to first intersection,made long cast,popped sliding cork/Z-Man shrimp imitation a few times was NOT paying attention,cork SUBMERGED and I missed decent hook-set of fine red that chased Z-Man shrimp all de way back to boat!!!Frustrated,but not tossing in de towel as far as sliding cork set-up,I made a bunch of casts,missed a few possible small bass and told grandson we would make one more pass back towards Lake P,using Vampire Shaker and fine azz Duckett Triad rod with Tatula and 12 lb fluoro and we were about to head for home when I felt distinctive strike of beast of a red and fight was on,big-time.Could readily tell this was a stud of a red,one we would enjoy fighting and release once we got pic plus his length.Thank God the red cooperated and moved from deep bayou towards shelf in Lake where average depth maybe 3 ft and NO pilings or obstructions-took about maybe 10 minutes but showed grandson glimpses of beast of a red and he was somewhat afraid to try to net de beast so I sufficiently wore out this beast,he barely fit his head in net but we got him hoisted aboard,took few pics and released de beast to allow another angler the fun.Was incredible fight and he darn-near spooled me,thank God trolling motor was able to adequately keep up with him!!! Mandevillian

June 15, 2022 at 12:51pm

Doggone site acting up did post reply to post via de Wiz. Here goes try # 2. Had slight window of opportunity wanted to try to head W to Causeway but once I got to mouth of Cane Bayou decided best course was to head to No Boat Bayou maybe some call it No Idea Bayou and today it lived up to either name as my boat ONLY one there. Had older First-Generation. Curado in tow spooled with #30 Fins Wind Tamer with # 20 Seaguar Fluoro leader(Killa combination) and did not take too long for my go-to Vampire Shakers(3.75)to take bite outta fat and feisty 28 plus inch red. I had all the confidence in the world in this set up and thoroughly cleaned older Curado and got her working like new. Bout less than five minutes later put net on irate but worn-out fat azz red followed up by nice flounder then another slightly smaller flounder and last fish to hit ice was 19 inch red not nearly as irate as red # 1. Missed possibly one each red and flounder and 11 hit heat was definitely on and me and ole Molly headed homeward. Gonna add few pics later. Wifey driving headed across Big Pond to get more Medicare Kits for enrolling more clients. Wifey doing way more than Hubby as I love chasing fish every chance I get. Fun times today. Mandevillian

June 09, 2022 at 3:12pm

Got invite to join Causeway Dave and Fishing Produce Man(AJ Lacava)and how could I turn dat invitation down-just had to make sure it was today vs tomorrow as Wifey and I typically attend Mass at either St.Jane de Chantal in Abita or Most Holy Trinity in Mandeville.Got us very early start and Causeway Dave nabbed first fish,a nice speck that obviously had been hugging bottom judging by scars on his belly.I hooked what felt like very thick speck,turned out to be first generation Curado(second time I have snagged first generation Curado and this one might be able to be resurrected!!Joked with my fishing partners and we grinding out nice box of 13 fat specks and 20 white trout-told Dave I would gladly take the white trout-years ago guide showed me how to properly prepare white trout in a manner that makes em virtually indistinguishable from specks-they just do not freeze well.Think Dave and AJ used Swamp Lures in Rat color,I started tossing Lunker City Vampire,quickly switched over to Limetreuse(3.75 in-killa color in stained,murky water like what we encountered).Had exactly ONE fish get away and we slung em aboard and my fish that got away actually broke the line,not from his weight but small white trout(and a few big ones) and thick specks musta frayed my line and my bad.Not sure if ole AJ was taping when I did have log of a speck bounce off gunwale of Dave's boat and he looked at me like what the hell ya doin'!!!Dat log came home with us along with 12 of his buddies.I had a great time with these soft plastic PROS and was gratifying to get a chance to fish side-by-side and got me ole antique Curado to boot!!How often dat happen??? Mandevillian

June 04, 2022 at 5:50pm

Had decent window of opportunity and wanted to get a fellow from the Abita KC's back to de Tracks,or at least de East Bridges as de Trestles bite may be bout done!Got us an early start,Lake conditions were very nice but I did make the wrong decision to try to hit the Southern-most spots out there and dat was a mistake as Lake got churned up.We did try Hwy 11 where just the day before I nabbed 7 nice specks and missed a few good fish and had probably two brutes of reds snap off.Dinked and dunked around,never getting on a pattern,unlike Th,and our grand total was three flounders with one a toss-back and one stinking hardhead and I did have fish break off,probably a red that hit not long after flounder choked down Shaker in Vampire(killa color in relatively clear water).What was ultra-cool was watching no less than 6 sheepshead charge the Vampire Shaker(3.75 in)and two actually broke water and ironic thing is I had made de executive decision to hit one last set of I-10 Twin Span Pilings and on VERY LAST cast as I was steadily retrieving Shaker past a Piling,wouldn't ya know it,big thick sheepshead came outta water and I did lift rod tip as it appeared the specimen on direct collision course with my lure!!!My fishing buddy heard the first sheepshead crash the water surface,not sure if he heard the second but definitely heard my excitement-woulda been ultra-cool to nab sheepshead on this incredible soft plastic,works like NO OTHER locally-available soft plastic,got plenty of folks that have now witnessed this lure's incredible effectiveness-Got another report to write from Causeway TODAY!!! Mandevillian

June 04, 2022 at 5:33pm
A comment titled: Re: Great Day for Catching Trout in response to a report titled: Great Day for Catching Trout

Watched recent Jar Fishing and LA Fishing Produce Man You-Tubes and looks like Spring Specks here!!!Not sure what ole Lady P gonna dish out but with NE winds predicted AND falling tide,got a great scout trip planned and hope to get back after some fine fish both tomorrow and Wed.Love the way new Lowrance Elite FS-7 works AND with LA One E chip,easy peasy navigation and gonna eventually re-mount small fishfinder onto trolling motor.Got fine small arms case with nice padding inside,makes for perfect container for not only depthfinder but also nice and small 12 v re-chargable battery!!! Mandevillian

March 13 at 10:55am
A comment titled: Re: Great Day for Catching Trout in response to a report titled: Great Day for Catching Trout

Wiz,Hope to get older son and his girlfriend out to edge of Lake P on NShore,got good feeling dat a few nice specks/reds,possibly bass or two gonna await us!!Looked at both wind and tidal forecast and Wed,at least early,should be prime time!! Mandevillian

March 08 at 8:24pm
A comment titled: Re: Neal and Paw Paw Hit T-Funky 3 7 23 in response to a report titled: Neal and Paw Paw Hit T-Funky 3 7 23

Went back to T-Funky this afternoon and had AJ and Jr with me and AJ nabbed two fine slabs,one shade under a lb the other quite a bit smaller but plenty fine.Me and Jr got skunked,though we each missed a few take-downs!!

March 08 at 8:21pm
A comment titled: Re: Neal and Paw Paw Hit T-Funky 3 7 23 in response to a report titled: Neal and Paw Paw Hit T-Funky 3 7 23

CCAguns,Dat is funny and at least we have some slabs each trip. Grabbing quick sushi lunch with Wifey then gonna head back to 3 Rivers and anytime ya run into ole time T-Funky slab chasers in same general area ya know at least ya gots a fighting chance. De Wiz ran outta tags and might sneak in Lake P trip next week. AJ typically has Wed off and if Lake P looks good might try Top Waters,love de explosion and got brand new Daiwa Coastal 200 TWS awaiting maiden trip. Mandevillian

March 08 at 1:34pm
A comment titled: Re: Neal and Paw Paw Hit T-Funky 3 7 23 in response to a report titled: Neal and Paw Paw Hit T-Funky 3 7 23

Yep,CCAguns,We always seem to be outdoors,either busting it on huge vegetable garden,doing yard work,working on property,etc and getting ready to take AJ and Jr back to couple fine T-Funky sloughs,seeking fine and tasty slabs.Lotta bass bedding up and Neal and I saw the tail fin of what initially appeared to be HUGE slab,turns out it was a very fine bass setting up bed!!!Unless we catch smallish bass,most likely will release any chunks,after taking a pic or two.We saw a fellow land very fine bass probably close to 4 lbs!! Mandevillian

March 08 at 12:07pm

Have a few up-coming T-Funky trips set up,one tomorrow am and possibly two on Wed,one am,one early afternoon and with Daylight Savings Time starting this Sunday,afternoon trips will no doubt be extended!! Mandevillian

March 06 at 7:25am
A comment titled: Re: Back out again with a lil surprise in response to a report titled: Back out again with a lil surprise

Wiz,Nice fish,indeed and neat surprise!!Think I mentioned to ya dat I watched recent Marsh Man Masson You-Tube and commented regarding exact location(secret slough)and to Todd's credit,he commented with hearted reply!!!We most likely gonna chase dem slabs til ole Lake P gets right and dat should be real soon!!Congrats on nice catch,hope to head back to fine slough this coming Wed,with older son and grandson!! Mandevillian

February 25 at 10:01am

Yep,Grandson one lucky lil fella. Turns out my older son off next Wed and just watched Marsh Man Masson You Tube and we might have two of us tight-lining soft plastic Bobby Garland lures while grandson tries what he and I used,Bobby Garland soft plastics under slip cork and we tipped dem plastics with orange Crappie Psychic trailers,Killa combo. Mandevillian

February 24 at 2:55pm
A comment titled: Re: Mardi Gras Trout Time in response to a report titled: Mardi Gras Trout Time

Wiz,Nice specks,as usual for ya!!Took grandson to T-Funky and we did indeed find fairly clean water,could at least see foot of trolling motor!!Had fun and caught dinner,plus!!Wifey fried 6 of the 10 filets and they were phenomenal!!Nice catch!! Mandevillian

February 23 at 8:04am
A comment titled: Re: Don’t Get Much Better than This in response to a report titled: Don’t Get Much Better than This

Wiz, Nice specks. Told ya bout the five deer hunts I just made with Buddy up near Monroeville,AL!Saw deer on four of five hunts just turns out first one tiny doe second one was tad bigger but I decided to let it walk and grow and possibly drop a few fawns(probably best use of their resource)and spotted two deer Sat afternoon only issue was at about 300 yards out they turned into thick woods and last one was skittish and turned right back into woods,possibly either heard me or spotted me attempting to get rifle into position. Oh well,always got Area 9 til the 15th of this month and Buddy plans to get me back up there next season. At least the chances presented themselves. Mandevillian

February 06 at 6:38pm
A comment titled: Re: Recap last Three Trips in response to a report titled: Recap last Three Trips

Wiz,As always,nice fish. De Nuck and Futz Duo joined forces with GB3 not sure what ya wanna call dis trio guess de Three Stooges might work!!!We had an awesome time up at GB3’s ultra-fine Quack Shack,sent ya some fine pics,one of me doing my best Lab imitation with a drake grey in one hand,hen grey in other and we had incredible time Sun-Tues and brought bunch of fine ducks home. Gonna soon shift emphasis towards chasing fish and newest addition to new Lowrance Elite FS-7,LA E SD chip,makes navigation a breeze. Mandevillian

February 01 at 8:51pm
A comment titled: Re: Late Season Ducks in response to a report titled: Late Season Ducks

De Nuck and Futz Duo headed N to GB3's fine Lake Village,AR Quack Shack at end of this month and looks like weather locally gonna cause a no-go for Saturday and Wifey and I headed across Lake for Tulane's Cotton Bowl Celebration festivities,what an awesome game that turned out to be and me and Wifey and younger son attended!!Been rough and tough Duck Season 2022/23 and always have hope for the next season! Mandevillian

January 19 at 8:59pm
A comment titled: Re: Late Season Ducks in response to a report titled: Late Season Ducks

Wanted to add pics!

January 16 at 10:45am
A comment titled: Re: Late Season Ducks in response to a report titled: Late Season Ducks

DD,Join da rest of us diehards dat having exact issue and even worse for de Nuck and Futz Duo as the strong NNW and NW winds blew most of whatever water we had left,making our last hunt quite the chore,mine made much worse due to an ornery gator who managed to show up to aggravate me even slowly swimming(extremely lethargic-took video footage and he was definitely moving in sloooow motion)towards my dekes,making it a chore to get em all picked up!!We each saw the typical pattern,few mottled ducks doing what dey do to survive and TONS of coots all around us.I took advantage of the coot colonies,blasting my solo limit of 15 and gonna get Wifey to make gumbo outta dem lil critters-noticed that their huge gizzards cleaned up incredibly well and when I first met Wifey and her family,they had delicious gizzard stew and these coot gizzards HUGE!!De Nuck and Futz Duo taking yet another road trip to GB3's fine Quack Shack(no coots up there)!! Mandevillian

January 16 at 9:29am
A comment titled: Re: Roping da Trout In in response to a report titled: Roping da Trout In

Found out Pepe de skunk visited my buddy,de soft plastics expert,and he caught NADA. Mandevillian

December 27, 2022 at 3:41pm
A comment titled: Re: Roping da Trout In in response to a report titled: Roping da Trout In

Rope dem specks in,Wiz Had septic tank issue today and also had ground fault interrupt outlet go S so Wifey and I hit Lowe’s got brand new sump pump grabbed few 20 amp ground fault interrupt outlets got all issues fixed and was awaiting report from soft plastics expert today. Probably not hitting de fish til after Cotton Bowl road trip. Congrats on fine catch. Mandevillian

December 26, 2022 at 5:43pm
A comment titled: Re: Good day for tagging a few trout in response to a report titled: Good day for tagging a few trout

Wiz,John Manion complimented me for my brief Lake Village report and funny thing was the greenie from Tuesday was loaded with fresh corn,not the deer corn folks would be feeding deer with but fresh off-the-cob corn,musta been hitting flooded cornfield!!!Dat Lake Village area loaded up with fine ducks,we just could NOT get em in close!!!Bout 21 came home with de Nuck and Futz Duo!!!Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!!! Mandevillian

December 25, 2022 at 6:37am
A comment titled: Re: Nuck and Futz Hits Lake Village in response to a report titled: Nuck and Futz Hits Lake Village

Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!The greenie from Tuesday was a frequent visitor to a nearby flooded cornfield,based upon the corn in his throat and plenty of fresh kernels in his gizzard.When I clean ducks,I typically strip them bare like chickens and clean out the gizzards,livers,hearts and Wifey sometimes keeps them in body cavity when she stuffs the cavities with sweet potatoes,rice,whathaveya!!Dat gonna be incredibly good mallard and last hunt we hit flooded beanfield!!! Mandevillian

December 25, 2022 at 6:31am
A comment titled: Re: Nuck and Futz Hits Lake Village in response to a report titled: Nuck and Futz Hits Lake Village

Wanted to add a few more pics!! Mandevillian

December 24, 2022 at 10:14am
A comment titled: Re: buglumm fishin in response to a report titled: buglumm fishin

Got some decent fish in Lake P and try jigging some soft plastics at Trestles and seek diving seagulls,not a bad way to scare up some fish!! Mandevillian

December 14, 2022 at 4:41pm
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