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After 8:00 mass at St.Jane de Chantal,me and a Medicare Client finally got a chance to launch my Southfork that has been undergoing a serious total make-over and I have been wanting to possibly scout for teal and possibly sight-cast for reds and check out the new electronics I recently installed,Lowrance Hook 2-5 Tripleshot.Think I may have some transducer issues as GPS chart screen works to perfection(that screen is incredibly accurate-gonna be nice for early am duck hunts)and other pages did not seem to work,gonna sort em out one at a time.Great news is ole Southfork tight as a drum with zero leaks and my fishing buddy loved new Grizzly Grip,Emerald Green,and I have about 3 nice coats on all interior surfaces and floor and Fasco Epoxy that I painted on underside allows boat to slide right off trailer and will beef up underside(same stuff they put on aluminum airboats)and ole Southfork should last another ten years!!Got to Lake and found the most putrid water I have ever encountered in Lake P,kinda just like I predicted with protracted Bonnet Carre' Spillway opening plus extreme heat,tremendous and deadly(to fish for certain)algae bloom.The water not only looks putrid,it also has terrible odor and we spotted numerous dead bass and the smell was horrendous.We tossed and tossed Bomber Spinner Baits,typically killer on reds and bass,and each of us had something grab lure but we suspect nothing more than pesky alligator gar and not sure I even want to fish that environment til that putrid water gets flushed outta the Lake and the entire Lake P Basin.Hate to think of teal season round the corner and not too enticing with the horrendous odor and color and look of the water.Damn glad we are headed to Ozarks next month for incredible trout fishing,rainbows dat is,and incredibly clear and cold water and he and I chatted about the possibility of moving to dem fine Ozarks,trouble is it would be hard to pass up salt water fishing,though judging by the incredibly putrid Lake P water,not a difficult choice,I must say!!!Sad,sad,sad to see the Lake in this ridiculously lousy shape and I might have to head way S,to Grand Isle for a speck fix.Reds do not cut it,way too easy to catch and not that much of a challenge,honestly.When we sight-casted for reds in Lake,that was fun but til this nasty water gets flushed and replaced with decent water,sight-casting outta de question!!! Mandevillian

August 15 at 8:49pm

Went to extremely important Flyway Federation Meeting last night in Slidell and had Hopedale fishing trip planned to today and I added to my thread regarding NShore Flyway Federation Meeting late last night.Me and Medicare client hit the Hopedale area and he got about 50 live shrimp and I love shrimp imitation lures and lost Vudu almost on first cast as ultra-fine Quantum Smoke Spinning reel,mated to very nice St.Croix Triumph rod allows me to about spool reel with cast!!!Damn wind caught my cast,popping cork and Vudu ended up in doggone rocks and I lost Vudu but was good fortune as I tied on borrowed popping cork from fishing buddy and mated Tsunamai Holographic Shrimp(Glow)to it and even de lil specks liked to take de pole outta ya hands.Unfortunately,we only managed 8 decent specks,lost a nice one probably close to 3 lbs(surfaced when I set hook and managed to somehow spit Tsunamai)and my fishing buddy got small sheepshead on livie under popping cork and I made a believer of him regarding Tsunamai Holographic Shrimp.Dat think looks way too real.We released probably 30-40 specks with quite a few 11.99 inches and I do NOT take a chance,aint worth it and we probably missed a good bit of early bite by waiting at Hopedale Marina until the skies somewhat cleared up,did get rained on a few times but no big deal.Looks like we gonna be hitting the Shell Beach/Hopedale area quite a few more times before what we hope to be a decent teal season!!!TheWizard 7 called and we stopped,enjoyed a cold one with him and he showed us ultra-fine Reddington 4-piece fly rod,forget the weight.Karl,nice place ya got in Violet-wished Buddy and I lived a tad closer to ya and will let ya know when Lady P starts giving up some nice reds!! Mandevillian

August 02 at 7:41pm

After Wifey and I crossed the T-Funky,yesterday, on our way to meet some new Medicare Clients in the Tangi area,I texted one of my Abita KC buddies and said we could either hit the T-Funk or instead hit N section of Bayou Lacombe(made the suggestion we hit N Bayou Lacombe)and we hit N section of Bayou Lacombe this am,finding muddy,muddy water,unexpectedly!!!We both started with top-water frogs and I had very fine bass nail frog but I made cardinal mistake of trying to set hook vs letting bass get frog about swallowed and I missed nice one!!!Switched over to Zoom Speed Worm(have my antique Ugly Stik FY1100 ready to go)and my buddy,much more experienced at fly-casting,put a few on ice,using fly rod and popping bug, and I finally caught a few bass,tossed one in box and released another and had nasty gar grab Zoom and used pliers to get toothy beast off hook(once he hit worm knew what it was-thought I had nice trophy bass at first!!).Bet the T-Funk was pretty today,just because we went E vs W.Fishing buddy got call from his brother who gave him some intel on Lake Borgne fishing and we might head that way next week,just before his grandson,Max,heads back to high school.Wifey and I and fishing buddy trying to coordinate possible vacation to NE Arkansas,Yellville is the city,and we may get together for some rainbow fishing on White River near Cotter,always full of nice rainbows and he and I have bunch of flies to water-test!!! Mandevillian

July 24 at 3:39pm

Had an awesome time at the Sportsman's Show,went yesterday with Wifey and two of my Abita KC buddies and I gravitated towards the out-of-state duck guides(not sure if they can live up to the promises!!!)and on more than one instance,I made reference to Migratory Alterations,and the guides most definitely looked like they knew exactly what I was referring to!!!One gent did say that his service,not gonna mention particular Guide Service,averaged 17.9 ducks/blind and my obvious next question coulda been how many hunters/blind did it take to achieve 17.9 ducks???I did not question this fellow and did not want to put him through the wringer but I hope and pray that his service booked quite a few hunts and if they can average 17.9 ducks with three hunters,that would be awesome but an educated guess would be that they had more than three hunters/blind.All in all,we had a great time,chatted with NO Fly-Fishing club,picked up very nice ultra-light South Bend rod and matching Daiwa ultra-light spinning reel(can't wait to christen this fine lil jewel),and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the folks with me likewise enjoyed their time at de 'Dome!!Heard Spillway slowly being closed and hope and pray that ole Lady P rights herself,pronto!!! Mandevillian

July 22 at 7:48pm

Abita KC buddy and I hit one of our favorite stretches of the Bogue Falaya yesterday,launching very early at 4th St in Covington and we both tried top-water popping frogs to no avail,he switched over to his very fine 4-5wt fly rod and I switched over to Zoom Speed Worm,Ultra-Vibe,June Bug Red and it did not take too long for us to catch a few but a few was all we managed to catch!!The water was high and very muddy,except in a few spots,especially in one spot where we found plenty of big bream beds,and I got neat pic of small alligator gar with fat perch in his jaws.Think he mighta been a tad peeved if I woulda stolen his dinner!!!Not sure exactly what contributed to the muddy water,perhaps remnants of TS Barry or hopefully not the results of ridiculously-prolonged Bonnet Carre' Spillway Opening!!Think we boated 4 bass,kept one and he nabbed nice perch on popping bug(need to get back to fly-fishing and made bunch of neat popping bugs)!!My fishing buddy has most definitely re-kindled passion I used to have for not only fly-fishing but fly-tying!!Hope dat Spillway closes soon!! Mandevillian

July 19 at 6:43pm

Have to send out huge shout out to a gent that took on the task of total rebuild of lower unit of my Johnson 50 outboard.What had happened to me is I hit underwater obstruction Katrina year,had second-hand lower unit installed and it started giving me issues and finally decided to get lower unit completely rebuilt and from what I understand,lotta boat mechanics would rather swap out lower units and I certainly considered that route but figured why take the chance and one of my duck-hunting 'Mafia' just so happened to run into his favorite mechanic while he and I were coming back from a fishing trip.Turns out we were pulling into Academy Covington parking lot and he saw Larry Boesch,his favorite marine mechanic and funny but 100% true story here-my buddy had changed all four plugs on his fine Yamaha 4-stroke 90 HP and it ran rough and I suggested perhaps he did not properly gap plugs and when we saw Larry and his wife in parking lot,we told him,just so happens Larry had all his tools with him and my buddy did not have all four plug wires securely attached and some were loose and he tightened plugs,securely attached all four plug wires and dat 90 runs like brand-new!!!I decided to ask Larry if he would be interested in rebuilding my lower unit and he was more than accommodating,I assisted in removal and few days ago he reinstalled lower unit,came back yesterday,adjusted carbs,put in new throttle parts that were not allowing wide-open throttle and de ole Johnson runs extremely well,lower unit as tight as brand new unit and price tag was about half what a new lower unit would run.Feel blessed to have happenstance met Larry(985)789-4572 and he said he has all the certifications required to work anywhere,any boat dealer,etc and wanted to send shout-out to him and personally thank him!!! Mandevillian P.S. Can't wait til TS Barry finishes up what he started and maybe we might catch some decent fish!

July 12 at 12:27pm

Wanted to send head's up that the location has been changed for the upcoming NShore Flyway Federation Town Hall Meeting and the attached flyer shows the correct location,Slidell City Auditorium.Hope to see yall there!! Mandevillian

July 10 at 7:53pm

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but someone needs to step to the proverbial plate and I feel extremely qualified to speak on the toxic water being discharged into the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.My degree from UNO is Biological Sciences with a Minor in Chemistry and one of my favorite UNO Professors,the recently-deceased Robert Kashner,PhD would be mighty proud of what I am embarking upon-an expose' on the toxicity and dangers presented by the flooding of the Lake with seriously contaminated MS River water.First things first,I totally understand why the Bonnet Carre' Spillway was opened and why it continues to flood the Lake with ridiculously contaminated water.My major beef is that I feel it is irresponsible at best to continue down the path of routine Spillway Openings and perhaps a more ecologically responsible course would be to seriously dredge the River,fix terribly inadequate levees,open the Morganza to somewhat relieve some pressure on the MS and from what I have heard,there is the danger of NOT being able to close the Morganza after opening it,what a waste of flood protection!!! Now,let's get to the issue of what exactly might be lurking in all that beautiful,muddy MS River water.I have done quite a bit of searching to find what exactly might be in the MS and for starters here are some facts about the River.It happens to be the 4th longest river in the world,possibly the second-most polluted US waterway and all or parts of 31 states drain into either the MS or tributaries that make their way into the MS.From what my searching has shown,more than 12.7 million lbs of toxic chemicals like nitrates,arsenic,benzene,and Mercury have been dumped into the River.What is even worse is that compounds like Chloride,Cyanide,Phosphorus,PCB's,PFOS(perflurooctane sulfate)are extremely common in all that beautiful water and the best is yet to come,the wonderful algae blooms that rob the Lake of Oxygen,sink to the bottom and cause hypoxia(lack of Oxygen)and contribute to Dead Zones,surely everyone has heard about the magnificent Dead Zones in the Gulf of Mexico that are EXPANDING exponentially. Here are some of the contaminants 'swimming in the MS River' and now surely 'swimming in the Lake'.Get ready for plenty of contaminated fish,shell fish,marine life,etc contaminated with some of these wonderful things:Pesticides,Herbicides,2,4-D,Acetochlor,Atrazine,Metalachlor.Atrazine has been linked to prostate cancer and other cancer in humans and reproductive deformities in frogs.Acetochlor has been classified ' probable human carcinogen'.Mercury presents a major issue in that it is present in baitfish that are in turn ingested by 'predator fish'(most of what folks routinely catch are considered predator fish-specks,reds,flounders,etc).The bioaccumulation of Mercury presents a serious issue in that predator fish'accumulate' this wonderful compound and they may have more than ten times the levels of the 'baitfish' they consume and a report on the Health of the MS,based in Minnesota,suggested eating 'non-predator' fish and bear in mind this is from MN,quite a stark contrast to the environmental situation in our section of the MS River.Guess one could consume mullets,not me,but where ya gonna find 'non-predator' fish,folks!!! I could go on and on and will cartainly do my part to convince folks not to consume ANYTHING originating in Lake P possibly for a long,long time and cyanobacteria,E.coli,etc are not to be ignored and just think of it this way,MS closed ALL beaches and told their residents to NOT consume fish where algae blooms took place.There are way too many toxic contaminants from the River for my liking and it may be a great thing to catch reds right now but I for one would not even for one second consider consuming ANYTHING originating in the Lake,way too dangerous and just check with the American Cancer Society for the list of probable cancinogens very common in River water and guess where all that River water has been diverted to and with the record heat we have been having,way too toxic an environment. Just read interestingly similar report of demise of Mosquito Lagoon and it sounds very similar to the demise of our estuary,Corps of Engineers involved in both situations.Apparently,the Corps dumped 1.2 billion gallons/day of freshwater down St.Lucie Canal and into Indian River Lagoon and their fishery has suffered mightily and the cyanobacteria(blue green algae)robbed the area of oxygen causing the obvious decline in fish and the author of this article,Andrew McKean,advised that he would in no way consume anything from the area involved,Mosquito Lagoon.From what I hear,this is world-class fishing,just like what we have or did have. As a coincidence,our older son grew some incredibly delicious pink oyster mushrooms and from the looks of what is going on across our coast,the only oysters we might be consuming are pink oyster mushrooms.Sadly,the St.Bernard Commercial fisherman may be at a total loss for at least a few years or so and that should irritate all of us that enjoy sport fishing,consuming shellfish,or just enjoy a ride to the Coast to wadefish(aint gonna happen,at least not me)and something needs to be done in short order. Sorry to be the bearer of horrible news,maybe Lee Zurik should take up the torch and I know of one other individual that may want to get on board and he was able to take down a Parish Coroner,District Attorney and with his power,perhaps some changes will be made before it is way too late. Mandevillian P.S. Consider one other very disturbing fact.The half-lives of many of these contaminants is a measure of how long it takes to degrade one-half of the compound and unfortunately,PCB's(used in industrial applications,paints,plastic,rubber,mechanical lubricants)have a half-life of 10-15 years and one source cited Mercury as having a half-life of 444 years.Other forms of Mercury have far shorter half-lives 52 days for commonly found methymercury.Methylmercury is the form of Mercury found in fish and it is not soluble,leading to bioaccumulation.

July 09 at 9:25pm

Had some time on my hands and have a good buddy who not only is a member of the Abita KC's with me but also a Medicare Client and he and I have been wanting to chase some bass,especially in light of all the negativity,rightfully so,regarding the tremendous contaminants present in the MS River and my understanding is that some of those potentially deadly contaminants have half-lives(time it takes for half of the parent compound to disintegrate)of close to 100 years and how ya gonna tell me Lake P fish are 'good' to eat-gimme a break and let's get the Spillway closed pronto and I probably will refrain from consumption of Lake Pontchartrain Basin seafood for possibly the rest of my life,I am that serious about what is swimming in the Lake with over 30 states dumping carcinogens into the MS with zero regard for LA and her residents.Maybe it is time for a class-action lawsuit to rectify the 1929's style engineering that is supposed to protect the Greater NO Area,again gimme a break.Kiss the oysters and fin-fish good bye possibly forever,it is that bad and politics should not prevail over the livelihood of so many La residents who make their living shrimping,commercial fishing,harvesting oysters,etc.Enough of my ranting!!! Went to where we might not only catch fish but possibly be able to eat what we catch and we launched at 4th St in Covington and started fishing N of the Launch(probably shoulda headed way N where we found tons of bream beds)and my fishing buddy was using fly rod(he got my new Okuma reel set with fine salt water line-probably gonna have to head to Grand Isle or Venice and that may not be far enough away to get away from terrible water).I tried Strike King Sexy Frog,not a single taker and quickly switched over to tried-and-true Zoom Speed Worm,June Bug Red,of course and we covered some water,finally found some fine bream beds in shallow and ultra-clear water and I tossed Zoom Speed Worm to bed,saw the flash of nice bass and he inhaled worm,pt him on ice and sight-casted to another bass and he likewise inhaled worm.My buddy did catch fine bream on popping bug and we managed to snare a bunch of trees and thanks to my beard,I got shielded from the attack of Zoom Speed Worm that was snared on tree branch and I reared back hard to extricate worm and it came right back at me with just enough time to turn somewhat away from worm,it nailed my beard and bounced off but the hook did scratch my face,slightly and I joked with my buddy and being 'saved by de beard'!!Hope to nab a few more freshwater fish,think I will totally refrain from Lady P for very good reason and Delacroix probably aint much better-have heard Hopedale might be worth the drive and Grand Isle way far for my liking but perhaps may be time to hit Gulf vs anything near me,what a sad state of affairs!!!Until folks unite and rally for some changes,I see nothing but dual and possibly triple Spillway Openings and how sad that Morganza not opened because of fear dat it may not be able to be closed-maybe let Mother Nature take her course and route dat water where it should be going anyway!!!

July 05 at 9:04pm

Just had to let my cyber-buddies know how proud me and Wifey are regarding the news we received today,just about the time I was finishing up the cutting and fitting of nice dove-tail bee box that my older son and I hope will be large and productive enough for plenty of fine honey!!Younger son had just been advised that he got accepted into MS College of Law in Jackson,MS and we were ecstatic and our feet have not touched de ground since!!The analogy of the work and preparation I put into building this bee box and our younger son getting accepted into Law School was way cool.Turns out our older son,a beekeeper,has a very fine hive that he just pulled over a gallon and a half of delicious honey out of and we have been toying around with building a bee box for me and I jumped in,using some fine ole fir plywood that my brother-in-law donated(got Mercedes hood sent from California and they used great thick fir plywood for box to protect hood).He owns a body shop in Holden and he donated the plywood for shelves in our older son's recently-constructed Tuff Shed and due to some minor issues we had with the Tuff Shed folks,Wifey was able to negotiate free shelving and nice metal ramps!!!I want to set up swarm trap(know I may be tad late)and we have plenty of property in nice section of Mandeville,heavily-wooded and loaded up with plenty of bees,including the nasty Guinea wasps that pack a wallop(just get stung by one and see what I mean)!!!We can't believe we gonna have a lawyer in de family and he has such high aspirations and I told him MS College will be a better place for accepting him and they want gentleman like him(Eagle Scout,good student,very fair and even-tempered,and humble and kind)guess de apple don't fall too far from de tree!!!Hope older son and I manage to catch nice swarm and we probably will pull more delicious honey from his hive soon!!! Mandevillian

July 02 at 9:10pm

Bayoubob invited me to join him for what we hoped to be nice redfish trip in Lady P and we had the best of intentions,just encountered nasty,stained water and saw zero reds!!!Started our trip launching at concrete launch on Lake Rd(I stopped at Cane Bayou Launch and chatted with gent and his wife headed on W side of Goose Pt)and we had perfect wind conditions and ventured as far as area around Second Pipeline and almost immediately we each hooked up with probably huge alligator gar,his popped off mine spit the hook and with the sensitive rod I typically use,detected toothy critter!!We tried plenty of likely spots,encountered gent in fine Hobie yak and he likewise was lamenting the lack of 'redfish herds' and I even got text from TheWizard 7 telling me he had just seen You Tube where reds were stacked up,most likely good bit due E of where we fished.I hate boat parades and so does Bayoubob and we ventured towards area I typically sight-cast fine reds and I did have fish grab Bomber Drumbeater but quickly spit it.Finally made de executive decision to head towards area where I nabbed 8 bass the day before and only one decent bass made de trip home with us,preventing a skunk trip!!!Love Bayoubob's new boat,think he may call her 'Camo Cadillac'.Probably gonna head to Delacroix Marsh next Friday.Water in Lake P looks like solid River water,gonna have to search for 'redfish herds' and I have no doubt there are plenty of reds,based upon the volume of bait we saw yesterday! Mandevillian

June 30 at 7:31am

Been itching to head N up Bayou Lacombe(think I made wise choice based upon conversation I had with Bayou Lacombe regular)and launched yak around 6:10 am after making ice run on Hwy 59(some fool left box of trash at ice facility)and I saw half bag of ice plus someone left me a quarter in coin return,guess my lucky day!!!Started solo yak trip tossing popper with not much to show for it other than feisty small bass that inhaled popper and I let de lil jewel free!!!Switched over to Zoom Speed Worm,JuneBug Red and started pecking away,finishing up with 7 and had two nice bass in de mix and think Bayou Lacombe regular,Forrest Green,sent me some good luck as we crossed paths,lamented the damn Spillway Opening(S),and not long after chatting with him,nabbed fine bass and showed it off to him and his fishing buddy!!!Missed a few with some feeling rather substantial but dat is yak fishing and bass fishing in particular,not always easy to get best hook-set sitting dat low on de water!!Did see a few yikkers and I was headed back as they were heading out.Wanted to nab my limit but tide quit on me around 10:30 and dat was about when I nabbed 7th bass!!!Going with Bayoubob in his new fine flatboat and we may join boat parade E of Bayou Lacombe but hate prospect of getting greeted with 2-3 ft waves and finding nasty water and where I fished,water was gorgeous and with two of us possibly tossing different presentations,who knows,might end up with nice box of fat bass!!! Mandevillian

June 28 at 1:47pm

First things first-Happy Father's Day to all dads out there and also wanted to send shout-out to those folks that participated in yesterday's 27th Annual Jesuit Alumni Rodeo-my younger son and I had a blast,caught very few fish but to be honest,my younger son and I were somewhat limited in that I did not have access to my Southfork and we yak fished and had to navigate a fair number of boaters,all possibly intent on getting on some fishing before de heat took its toll!!Thanks to de Wizard7,we had fairly good idea of where to seek protected shorelines and possibly nab a few fish and we fished pretty hard two days,Fri and Sat and Friday was our better day with me nabbing at least 5 bronze beauties just one made the mark and one fat marsh bass and keeper speck made it home with us Fri.Both days we tossed Bomber Drumbeater spinner baits and yesterday we both tried weedless(???)gold spoons and I quickly got frustrated with gold spoon,switched back over to Drumbeater,nabbed bronze beauty that I took pic of and released.I made a serious move back,against fairly strong wind,and hit same trenasse and series of ponds that I fished Friday and rather quickly nabbed fine red,probably close to 18 inches but he had other intentions and somehow spit extremely sharp hook!!!We had fun,explored the Delacroix marsh,found a few willing participants and definitely will return soon,hopefully with Southfork,but no big deal if we yak fish as that entire Delacroix interior marsh taylor-made for yak fishing and from what I have been told by de wise Wiz,Fall is best time for Top-Dog fishing for some trophy specks,Also wanted to send shout-out to Capt Charlie T,the guest Captain for Jesuit's Rodeo.He gave excellent presentation on chasing fish using soft plastics and Versa-Max Bolt cork and it makes perfect sense in that the fish most likely suspended right at fresh/salt water border and having the ability to rapidly alter depth critical this year with two doggone Spillway Openings underway!!!Thanks,Capt Charlie,too bad I did not win 4-person guided trip with ya.Lucky me did spend 27 years in Pharma Industry at a time when we could entertain clients via guided trips and I took full advantage.Lastly,wanted to send shout-out to two of the most accomplished Lady P fisherman out there.Dr.Rob Weiss and Chink Sumas,always enjoy the company of these fine gents who happen to be incredible speck fishermen.Wiz,I want ya to fish this rodeo next year,dat beast of black drum ya released woulda easily won biggest fish,ole nasty drum but woulda fetched a prize!!!Happy Father's Day to every dad out there,mine passed away about 7 years ago,still feel his presence,especially on Father's Day.Dad,thanks for making me the man I am,know we will be reunited some day!!!Keep praying for me dat I will get fortunate enough to nab some Rodeo-winners like my younger son did last year,nabbing fat 3 lb LA bass dat took second place!! Mandevillian P.S. Perhaps the Jesuit Rodeo Board could consider adding yak division,plenty folks serious about yak fishing and I love my yak fishing and it was great hearing from CCA Director

June 16 at 10:55am

Younger son and I,both Jesuit grads,gonna search marsh for slot reds,with the capable assistance of gent who knows dat marsh better than anyone else I know!!!Plan to meet this fine soft-plastic expert bright and early tomorrow and he has extensive experience chasing not only fat reds but surprisingly big specks,inside,this time of year!!!Have Abita KC meeting to attend,younger son headed to Mandeville from my Mom's in Kenner and we gonna tote yaks S Bound in search of bass,reds,specks,flounders,heck we might try to catch monster black drum for heaviest fish.My expertise is tossing soft plastics at bass,specks,reds,flounders and have even caught a few mullets on soft plastic!!!Hope we nab a few and no problem not having my ole Southfork,we gotta lotta paddle-craft and extremely fun sneaking up on schooling reds in gin-clear water!!! Mandevillian

June 13 at 6:00pm

Been undertaking major total rebuild of older Southfork,16 by 52 Commercial Flat,powered by beast of a 50 Johnson and this ole gal has been through a lot,starting with lower unit crash,compliments of dear ole Katrina and did get used lower unit installed and lower unit replacement was never as strong as original and eventually it started acting up and rather than plunking down serious coin for new motor,decided to fix what I had.50 Johnson screams and duck hunting buddy of mine introduced me to his marine mechanic and he and I took off lower unit last Monday and hoping to get her back on water in time for Jesuit Alumni Rodeo this Friday and Saturday.This rig had some cracks on underside and I found excellent mobile aluminum welder who came to me,had ole Southfork blocked up,trailer removed,and once he did his magic,I applied a few nice coats of Fasco 2-part epoxy,thoroughly mixed in dark green pigment(was told to start with neutral Fasco)and it was a chore,sanding down underside of 16 by 52 flat but perserverance and lotta sweat equity got it done,Fasco is some incredible stuff,same stuff used on undersides of airboats and Lord knows the abuse they endure.Leak-checked her,checked out perfectly and re-installed 1/8 inch sheet aluminum flooring(had to grind away Grizzly Grip dark green paint)and got flooring sanded and primed and found some serious solid aluminum 1/4 inch rivets(Hanson Rivet Company).Cut new vinyl moldings to seal off gaps between edge of flooring and sides of flat and used Loctite Construction adhesive,custom-cut each piece of solid vinyl moldings and next step will be to seal all seams with Fast-Cure Marine Adhesive 5200,very incredible stuff that I have used extensively on many marine repairs/rebuilds.Next step is to apply 5200,allow 24 hrs to cure and then apply few coats of dark green Grizzly Grip to floor and inner surfaces of entire Southfork.Have already sanded and metal-prepped and painted Skipper B trailer and custom-made fine composite running boards,using Trex 1 by 4's and quality marine bunk board carpeting.Last step will be to get lower unit back,reinstalled and adjusted and she should last hopefully another 10-15 years!!! Mandevillian

June 11 at 8:39pm

Few weeks back I posted regarding the potential of using composite wood for trailer bunk boards and was initially thinking I might have made unwise choice and even got a reply to that effect and happy to report that it appears that these Trex composite deck boards,sandwiched and glued and screwed together gonna be best set of running boards I have ever seen.Great news in that these sat out in over 95 degree weather,never once warped and having them edgewise makes huge difference and I used quality bunk board carpeting and monel staples and Gorilla construction glue and stainless screws and only issue I encountered was having to grind down the boards every spot where they attach to supports of trailer.I cut carpet at each attachment point and made sure to staple the carpeting down securely.Lowered Southfork 16 by 52 commercial flat onto Skipper B trailer this evening and everything looks awesome,can't wait to trailer ole gal to launch,check for leaks,then get aluminum flooring re-installed with new foam flotation underneath.Think this rig could take on serious soaking and not sink!!! Mandevillian

June 03 at 8:21pm

Had some time on my hands,winds not allowing Lady P shoreline redfish haul so me and Medicare Client and his grandson,Max,decided we needed some bass therapy.Launched at Main St headed N and I had serious blow-up on Spro frog,possibly 3 plus lb bass but he did not get hooked and I tried quite a few likely top-water spots and my fishing buddies tried spinner baits,Zoom Speed Worms,JuneBug Red and I quickly switched from Spro frog to RedShad Zoom Speed worm and did latch onto smallish bass,Max put on a clinic and he boated 4 with two of the bigger bass coming aboard compliments of his.Me and his Paw Paw struggled but we did contribute and we ended our trip with 9 bass,let a few smaller guys fight another day and we will return,no doubt very soon.Had to head to Hattiesburg to help younger son get moved back home after graduating from USM!!Hope winds allow Delacroix Marsh trips and there should be plenty reds out there as well as well as some cruising the clear waters of the NShore!! Mandevillian

May 29 at 8:49pm

My boys and I decided we needed some yak therapy and had gotten some intel dat there may be some willing participants in the form of some fine reds out in de Lake possibly within fairly easy yak reach and we found only a few with none coming home with us as I boated a fine lil red,possibly 12 inches long,quickly released him and had one probably 14-15 inches but he quickly spit de Bomber Spinner Bait and my older son caught one,14.5 inches and had one probably 17 inches but lost it right on side of yak and my younger son had a few swipe at the Bomber but no solid takers and my older son spotted a manatee and tried to take clear pics but the big sea cow not clearly visible in cell phone pic.I did nab a nice bass of about 1.6 lbs and he made de trip home with us.Headed back tomorrow,gonna do our best to nab a few and my older son met a gent that showed him his solo limit of reds and advised that he caught probably 35 reds today,no reason to doubt this gent and we have a good idea of where to head tomorrow.Water not looking too bad,particularly alongside the shorelines and Bombers glide through grass like a weed-eater!! Mandevillian

May 26 at 9:41pm

Me and Medicare Client hit one of our favorite stretches of Bayou Lacombe,launching outta Main St and heading N and we greeted two other boaters who were launching about same time as us.I started with Rebel Popper,not a taker and switched over to typical Zoom Speed Worm,Junebug Red and my fishing partner was tossing either spinner bait,Lucky 13(antique one way older than me),crawfish crankbait and we saw Lacombe regular in nice canoe,exchanged pleasantries and I saw him nab fine bass and we got text from TheWizard7,fishing the Delacroix Marsh,and he was cranking up some fine specks,Top Dogs looked to be knocking them bigger specks(Thanks,Wiz for text and pics).We fished fairly hard,my fishing buddy nabbed fine sac a lait,using crawfish crank bait and luckily for me,nabbed decent bass just as Zoom Worm was sinking alongside lilly pads.Gent in canoe reported nabbing 8 bass and we struggled,big-time.Sent a text to a buddy of mine who keeps fine lil duckboat on slip N of Main St launch-he joked that Bayou Lacombe not gonna compete with Delacroix Marsh!!!Happy Memorial Day to all and be safe on de water.I prefer to NOT hit de waters Memorial Day,will work around de house as I have lotta un-finished projects stacking up!! Mandevillian

May 23 at 9:41pm

Been doing plenty of maintenance and repair work on Southfork 16 by 52 commercial flat and have boat blocked up,had welder fix a few cracks on underside of boat and started working on trailer bunk boards and have always heard about electrolysis issues when exposing aluminum to pressure-treated pine and decided to scope out You-Tube for ideas on using composite decking for running boards and looked like awesome and extremely long-lasting alternative with zero electrolysis issues.What I did was hit local Lowe's and got enough Trex boards to rip boards for runners and sandwiched 2 one-inch thick Trex boards together,using Gorilla construction glue and stainless screws to make what seems like ridiculously durable and strong bunk boards,the only issue I ran into was having to sand the bunk boards everywhere they mate with bunk supports.Got it done,sanded each runner to exactly fit between each support and hit Bass Pro for some very nice bunk carpeting,attached it using monel staples and only thing I need to do is to install custom-made runners using new galvanized bolts and washers.Wonder if anyone else tackled such a project.This trailer seems more bullet-proof than original and can't wait to get Southfork work completed and lowered back onto trailer so I can get back to fishing!!!Think these boards gonna last minimum of 20 years and I will be 80 by then,certainly not wanting to redo em!!! Mandevillian

May 18 at 3:20pm
A comment titled: Re: Don’t need any bait in response to a report titled: Don’t need any bait

Sorry bud,Struck out today(guess here comes the fishing report)and TheWizard has seen the tremendous progress and pride in my workmanship sorry ya do not feel same way. Be glad to offer reports but have had boat issues that I finally worked out sorry 😜 Mandevillian

13 hours ago
A comment titled: Re: Don’t need any bait in response to a report titled: Don’t need any bait

Wiz,Dat sure looks like some mighty fine marsh reds with their golden or bronze sides!!!Buddy and I launched de totally rebuilt Southfork this am round about 6:25 or so and good news/bad news.Good news is not only is Southfork water-tight and super-fine with her new Grizzly Grip all around but she screams and we got her up to 32.5 mph,not bad at all for 50 hp Johnson!!Other bit of good news is Lowrance unit works great at lower speeds but loses sonar around 19-20 mph and might be simple transducer adjustment.Not really that big a deal since I have Navionics upgrade with charts color-coded for depths and my main use will bs navigating to duck trenasses and spots we pretty much know but in foggy conditions gonna be nice to have trails to follow.Buddy and I were amazed at both the down and side scan views and might be a simple fix to why I lose depth capabilities at higher speeds(transducer was kicked up a tad,possibly from low water spot when we scouted for teal-saw zero ducks other than one nice Woodie).Might take her back out on Bayou Lacombe Monday and other bit of bad news is one of my baitcasters got knocked outta boat this am and landed on driveway and think older son did not see her and she got run over!!!Getting ready to scope out Amazon Prime for replacement Lew's Laser MG fine reel think she ran me maybe $79!! Mandevillian

18 hours ago
A comment titled: Re: Another Sad day for New Orleans area in response to a report titled: Another Sad day for New Orleans area

Yep,The plane I flew in about 23 plus years ago was stunt plane,fine biplane with canvas wings and the doc who flew it,Dr.Adrian Cairns,Jr was quite the character and the only reason I know it was over 23 years ago is Wifey was expecting our younger son and he jokingly told her he could aeronautically induce labor to which she said thanks but no thanks. Dr.Cairns passed away not that long ago and I will cherish the memory of flying in a stunt plane de rest of my life🎩😎 Mandevillian

19 hours ago
A comment titled: Re: Another Sad day for New Orleans area in response to a report titled: Another Sad day for New Orleans area

I had never personally met Theophile but know of a few folks that used him and just today at a Blue Cross Blue Advantage Medicare Training Meeting had a colleague mention to me that she and her husband used him and when I was in the Pharma Industry and we were allowed to take clients on guided fishing/hunting trips,one of my dear friends and former client used Theophile and had superb fishing trips wade fishing!Sad,sad,sad and I flew with an ENT,now deceased,in a Stutz Bear Cat,awesome stunt plane and one thing I recall vividly is seeing a plaque on the dash that clearly stated'This aircraft NOT certified by FAA for safety' and my guess is the plane Nancy Parker flew in likewise had that same plaque.Hard to fathom two tragic crashes in short span!! Mandevillian

Yesterday at 9:00pm
A comment titled: Re: Lake P(utrid) Results 8 15 19 in response to a report titled: Lake P(utrid) Results 8 15 19

Yep I checked Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation website and was not surprised at the thick algal bloom we were mostly trying to see if any teal had made an appearance. Sadly,we saw zero signs of life out there plus smelled rotting fish and the water is disgusting. Hate to hope for Tropical Storm but short of that Lake P a mess for long time and I certainly would not even THINK about consuming anything originating in water that toxic. Mandevillian

August 17 at 8:37pm
A comment titled: Re: Lake P(utrid) Results 8 15 19 in response to a report titled: Lake P(utrid) Results 8 15 19

Jokingly texted my fishing buddy from this past Th and also texted our favorite marine mechanic(he told me I probably did not have Lowrance transducer fully plugged into back of unit-he was right on track!!)and told em I need to quit hanging round ole Buddy M(just joking)and once I fully engaged transducer cable,looks like all is good with unit and Buddy M and I gonna most likely forego Lake Putrid for quite a while.Came home from Kenner last night after visiting with my Mom and lo and behold,Causeway signs warned about the nasty bugs yet again and he hit swarms of them on ride home.Sad,sad,sad situation with our beloved Lake and probably gonna take long time for ole Lady P to heal those deep wounds.Might just have to visit de Wizard in Delacroix or hit Hopedale where we know the salinity much higher than 0.4 ppt!!!Not sure what exactly caused the odor this past Th but educated guess is rotting fish and contaminated Lake P water-not gonna consume anything from dat Lake for long,long time!!!!! Mandevillian

August 17 at 3:29pm
A comment titled: Re: Four days of Tough Fishing in response to a report titled: Four days of Tough Fishing

Cap,Sounds like ya call a spade a spade and did not sugar-coat a few tough days,hats off to ya.I love fishing Lake P but right now and for the next few months(barring a Tropical Storm to send in some salty water)the best bets for me and my fishing Mafia(duck Mafia once teal season gets her very shortly)would be down South towards your area or possibly Hopedale along the Long Rocks.Hope ya get on some nice fish pronto-used to be able to take clients on guided fishing trips and I used some of the best soft-plastic fishing guides in SE LA and ya know ya fishing is tough when even live bait aint enticing dem fine fish!!!Thanks for being honest and NOT trying to hustle customers!!! Mandevillian

August 17 at 3:19pm
A comment titled: Re: A Blind Thank You in response to a report titled: A Blind Thank You

That reaffirms my belief that they are plenty of honest folks out there-lost my wallet about year ago think during teal season and just happened to call last place I stopped,Mande Bay gas station in Mandeville,and an honest individual turned in my wallet,along with my cherished money clip(my Mom had it specially made using ole English Initials-I am a Jr and these Gold Initials were my dad's)and I am pretty sure,though not 100% sure I knew who found wallet.This wallet was in ziplock bag(Boy Scout trick to waterproof wallet with hunting licenses,etc).Not 100% sure but think it was turned in my Gary Knecht(not sure I spelled his name correctly)-he and I were in same business,Pharmaceuticals,and think he was arriving at gas station about same time I was leaving!!! Mandevillian

August 13 at 8:59pm

Wiz,Once again ya 'Spot-On' pun intended and I can't remember last time I used live bait,whether shrimp,croakers,etc and I have not been nearly as successful as you in your piece of 'Paradise' and think Buddy and I will give my totally rebuilt Southfork a nice 'shake-down' cruise and check out the new Lowrance with enhanced Navionics updates installed!!Been toying around with dat fine lil unit and love the data presented-gotta lotta marked reefs out there!!!Good luck to all using live bait-the marina operators luv em!!!Don't need no stinking shrimp!!!Hope to nab a few sight-casted reds on Bombers,gold spoons,etc(no live bait)!!! Mandevillian

August 12 at 1:02pm

Wiz,Could not have stated it any better.I can't tell ya how many trips I have made with folks tossing live shrimp right alongside of me and surprisingly,I either caught more keepers or just plenty fish that never needed measuring vs having to about stomp on specks to make sure dey made de 12 inch mark from folks using live shrimp.I think one reason is that some folks tossing live shrimp may not work dat bait nearly as aggressively as you and I and the Tsunamai Holographic Glow shrimp stood out in murky Breton Sound water vs live shrimp that did NOT glow or have the fine Holographic silver about where the innards would be,just my 0.02!!!I will say that dipping soft plastics in Chartreuse Spike It makes a HUGE difference and I did not try dat on last Hopedale Trip.Just got Navionics update downloaded onto memory card and used micro SD card inside bigger memory card to get Hook2-5 Tripleshot as up-to-date as it can be and love the charts shown with known obstructions,reefs,etc listed!!Can't wait for Fall and big sow specks on soft/hard plastics!!! Mandevillian

August 11 at 10:55am
A comment titled: Re: First Teal Sighting of the Year in response to a report titled: First Teal Sighting of the Year

Man,Dat is what it is all about,teal rockets and plenty of feed,hopefully to keep em interested.I have been extremely fortunate to meet a gent who knows the Delacroix Marsh better than anyone else I know and he keeps telling me Fall is when dem big ole specks nail soft plastics and Top-Waters like no tomorrow and like I told ya via text,can't wait to get de ole Southfork back out and chasing reds and possibly finding some NShore teal.Thanks for the head's up and hope yall slam some teal and maybe catch some big Delacroix reds and specks.Not sure when I will scout,kinda getting the itch,and hate week ends when way too many boaters out and about!!Good Luck and keep us posted and I will do likewise-love de way the Navionics upgrade has improved my Hook2-5 TripleShot-just gotta get her out and check out GPS/Depthfinder!! Mandevillian

August 10 at 9:44pm

Guess what,Dr.Spot,not bragging just stating the truth that Most of the time live bait NOT essential and on that Hopedale trip my fishing buddy bought 50 live shrimp and not 100% sure but about 99.99% sure he only contributed sheepshead to box and I joked that for a low price I would rent him Tsunsmai🎩 Mandevillian,anyone can and Should catch a fish with a fish🎣

August 10 at 4:06pm

Just be extra careful and bet there are tons of reds awaiting ya.Got a buddy from Abita KC's headed to Hopedale tomorrow and he will most likely get some fishing insurance(live shrimp)and hope they slam some nice specks.I have been working very hard at basically total rebuild of 2000 Southfork 16 by 52 Commercial flat and just about hour ago played around with new Lowrance GPS/Depthfinder and can't wait to do final install and give de Southfork good water test with hopefully some decent fish to take home!!Good luck!! Mandevillian P.S. Bet it won't be too long before Lady P gives up some nice sight-casted reds!!!

August 06 at 8:07pm
A comment titled: Re: BLAST AND CAST HOUMA in response to a report titled: BLAST AND CAST HOUMA

Have heard from some reliable sources that the teal are starting to trickle in-attended very informative Flyway Federation meeting last Th-some of the diehards attending have seen decent flocks of teal and I fully intend to do my share of scouting and have diehard buddy who just got new fine camo boat and new F150 to tow de beast with!!!Good luck on your leases and can't wait!!! Mandevillian

August 05 at 7:45pm

Otis 78,Most definitely can fish Hopedale(have never tried Shell Beach)via yak and there are plenty of spots within easy yakking distance from Hopedale Marina and fishing the interior Hopedale Marsh might be excellent choice!Cut my teeth launching at Pip's and not sure if it is still usable and plenty of spots to try,who knows just might stumble upon spots NOT that easily accessible via bigger boat(s)!!Got buddy who fared much better than us most likely fishing same general area and think only difference was their choice of soft plastics,croaker imitation vs shrimp imitation.Had we been able to keep maybe 50% of what we caught last Friday,no doubt we may have had close to 40 specks,easily.Another Abita KC buddy contacted me today and my suggestion was to try live shrimp,not necessary,but he may be able to get fish worked up,switch over to Tsunamai Shrimp,and hang on as we lost one of our very first fish hooked,most likely shark based upon how shredded the line was!!!Good luck and be safe!! Mandevillian

August 05 at 7:42pm
A comment titled: Re: Captain Bob Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Captain Bob Leeville Report

Capt Bob,I remember watching ya on one dem channels,not sure which one,praying for ya and have a few Medicare Clients with various health issues that likewise need our prayers as well.Hoping to get back down to Hopedale soon,water very salty and seeing healthy porpoises,other than possibly shutting down de speck bite,not such a bad thing.Chatted with a gent from St.Jane de Chantal church,he is studying to become a priest and lives in Peru and he and his brothers made a very nice Hopedale trip this past Th and we went day later,just had way too many small specks but was still productive and fun trip and scheming to get back there pronto!With the aid of this site,have met numerous outstanding sportsmen,some of whom have become trusted fishing partners!!!Hope to see some reports from ya soon!!!Hang in there,my friend!! Mandevillian

August 04 at 8:32pm

Wanted to thank Josh and the folks that presented at tonight's Slidell Flyway Federation Meeting-great job,guys,got plenty of ammo to support the altered natural migratory patterns,somewhat coincidentally,right after the legal language of the Migratory Bird Treaty(Act)was changed to NOW allow legal baiting in the form of hunting 'unharvested corn(grain)' and allowed legal manipulation of water levels,small wonder that ducks that used to routinely migrate into our great state now have possibly irreversibly altered migratory patterns and not gonna be easy to get the DU and Delta Waterfowl folks to the table but a start was most definitely made.From a purely personal and somewhat anecdotal observation,ducks that formerly migrated en mass(gadwalls,especially),no longer frequent ponds that have exponentially increased in SAV since Katrina year(happened to be one of our best-ever seasons hunting the beautiful NShore Marsh)!!The data presented most definitely pointed to dramatically reduced migrations of gadwalls and mallards and perhaps ZERO impact on divers,that do not eat corn on a regular basis(redheads,scaup,canvasbacks)and my personal observation is that a lot of the gadwall-filled grass-laden ponds have been taken over by much less desirable scaup,wonder where the gadwalls are hiding(anywhere up N where legal baiting in the form of hunting unharvested crops is routine).Before one goes about dumping corn in ponds down here,not only is that strictly illegal it would serve no purpose since the former migrators we had are now up N,possibly MO,IL,KS,definitely not Sportsman's Paradise.Thanks,Josh,for sending me kudos and it was a pleasure meeting with ya and the staff at Flyway Federation of LA.Maybe if we can convince DU and Delta to co-ordinate a tracking survey with radio-transponders,you would have scientific evidence of exactly what we suspect is going on.Headed to Hopedale tomorrow,gotta get some shut-eye and have a safe trip back home!! Mandevillian,eagerly awaiting replies-know they gonna fight Flyway!!

August 01 at 10:52pm
A comment titled: Re: 1st time marsh fishing question in response to a report titled: 1st time marsh fishing question

Get a few good and updated satellite maps and some areas to start with providing some very good marsh fishing would be the Hopdale/Shell Beach area as well as the Delacroix Marsh.There are probably plenty of reds in protected marsh and I am certain a trip down the Back Levee Canal out of the Hopedale Marina should lead ya to some nice reds and one very good spot happens to be just across Bayou LaLoutre almost a stone's throw from the Launch,believe it or not.I know of some yak fishermen who do very well fishing near the Dam and check it out.I am headed to Delacroix this Friday and we will be seeking reds with fly rods!!Good luck!! Mandevillian

July 31 at 9:36pm
A comment titled: Re: Don’t need no stinking shrimp in response to a report titled: Don’t need no stinking shrimp

Awesome trip,Wiz,and next time we get together will see if I can locate pic of deformed red,caught at SShore Williams Blvd PowerLine Pilings(used to be shooting reds in barrel).What happened that trip was I found plenty of willing reds,caught three at one set of pilings and texted Wifey that my limit would come quickly(reds were trailing hooked red,happens all the time if ya got enough reds hanging around,guides told me the other reds want to make hooked red spit up fish so they nab him)and in no time had my solo limit,Wifey said why not try for ten,letting last five go and I did just that and one of the last 5 was missing entire bottom jaw and he nailed Fin-S fish lure(probably best glass minnow imitation on the planet,bar none).I used to dip tails of Fin-S fish in Chartreuse Spike-It and it made HUGE difference!!!Not sure why I ever strayed from those Fin-S fish but ole John C texted me asking about effective colors and check em out(LunkerCity.Com)think ya might like em!!!Can't wait to get back together soon!!! Mandevillian,never gonna give up on dem Fin-S Fish lures!!!

July 30 at 2:53pm
A comment titled: Re: Bayou Lacombe Results 7 24 19 in response to a report titled: Bayou Lacombe Results 7 24 19

Absolutely include me in for a trip too seek some trophy bass in the Fall.DeWizard7 was telling me the Delacroix Marsh offers plenty of trophy specks come Fall as well and I can't wait to water-test some recent poppers I made,mostly for bass but I have a few shrimp flys and some salt-water poppers and the UV coating I put on them looks awesome and adds a bit of durability to them!! Mandevillian

July 29 at 11:22am
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