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Wifey and I had our Ponchatoula Wal Mart Medicare kiosk stint today and texted few fishing buddies and coordinated our planned Trestles trip tomorrow and was hoping to get back home and see nice package of ultra-fine,ultra-effective Fin-S Shakers in colors that are unbelievable and really have NOT found any other soft plastics that come close to Lunker City's in terms of variety of colors and sizes dat baffle de mind,not to mention tail-waggling effects,think dat was de ticket last Th,once I switched from tried-and-true Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse.Texted de Wiz and he joked dat I cleaned out de warehouse,once he saw just a fraction of what I ordered(got me fine shirt,gratis with orders over $100).Got more than enough to keep Trestles specks enticed and Dave Raggio and I chatted briefly yesterday and he and AJ whacked and stacked dem specks this past Sat!!!Wanna make a trip with dem fellows to somewhat compare notes and Dave and I agreed that what most of dem trollers were trolling up looked to be 14-16 inch fatties vs 19-22 inch logs jigged up using soft plastics,my absolute favorite way to fish,be it sac-a-lait,bass,reds,flounders,specks,of course!!!Rigged up nice and BIG swimbaits,using Gamakatsu swim-bait weighted hooks and Myron at Marshland in Ponchatoula had excellent idea,especially deep-jigging either Causeway-he advised that the addition of pegged bullet weight,Texas-rigged,would assist not only with casting but also getting dem fine swimbaits down to de lunker minefield!!!Hope de 3 Amigos tomorrow whack and stack some fine Trestles specks and love this time of year.Gonna re-check Wunderground and should have excellent,though cold conditions and BIG BAITS usually yield BIG FISH!!!Go out and get u summmm!!! Mandevillian

43 minutes ago

Been a ridiculously sub-par duck season,at least for de Nuck and Futz Duo and with winds predicted to be quite favorable for a nice area we suspected would be holding nice variety of ducks,like teal.mottled ducks,greys,possible ring necks and maybe some widgeons and mallards(not counting whistling ducks),we decided we had a hunt or two left in de ole bodies and from de get-go,seemed like we zagged when we shoulda zagged,finding ourselves pretty squarely on dat proverbial'X' duck hunters so dearly strive for!!!When it was all said and done,we emerged with one doggone duck shy of a 2-man limit and our take was 5 greys,3 teal(two green wings and one blue wing),two mottled ducks,and one drake ringer,compliments of me and thought dat it was doggone scaup but quickly spotted two white bands encircling bill and he won't make dat mistake again!!!Heard a lotta chattering from variety of ducks and bout doggone time de Nuck and Futz Duo emerged with some quality AND quantity!!!He may be doing paddle-in tomorrow,Wifey and I headed up to Jackson,MS to visit with younger son,in MS College School of Law.Probably gonna hit local ducks maybe one,two more times,then take Wifey to de Trestles(might scope out Bass Pro in Pearl as dey may have dat Fin-S Shaker,Limetreuse,and possibly may have fine lead heads with incredible anchor system and angled shape plus eyes on each side-may find Do-It mold dat makes jig heads close to those).Had awesome time,shot hunt pics to plenty of my Duck Mafia and can't wait to hit few more ducks,if winds and water levels allow.Love to hit Honey Island for woodies but dat most likely AINT gonna happen with Pearl at 17.0 ft and climbing.Did not hear lotta shooting by us,guess sub-par duck season gotta lot to do with dat!!!Doggone Internet out at home but I-Phone Hot Spot does OK!!! Mandevillian

January 18 at 5:06pm

Had some tough decisions to make today-Honey Island Swamp closed due to extremely high(17.0 ft and climbing)levels,possible Big Branch tree rat hunt,possible Big Bust duck hunt or try de Tracks per AJ fishes videos,thanks,thanks,more thanks.Wifey helped me get all de duck gear(pirogues,decoys,cover material,etc)taken outta ole Southfork and I decided launching at Bayou Liberty Marina gonna be my best shot at making my way to Trestles safe and sound.Hit blanket of fog once I emerged into Lady P and used Lowrance and slow going to finally get to dem Tracks,probably made first cast round 10:00 am,way later than I wanted.Chatted with fellows in smaller flat,doing de trolling thing,not my cup of tea and I started off tossing Berkely Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse on custom-made jigheads(need to make bunch more)and fellows trolling suggested I try something in green and dat was exactly what I was planning for next soft plastic.Get bunch of extremely fine soft plastics from Lunker City and the Fin-S Shaker in Limetreuse needs to be renamed Trestles Trout Tamer.First speck I caught was a hammer,probably 20 inches but I tried,in vain,to boat-flip him and dat did NOT work out!!Very next speck was true hammer,21.5 inches but extremely thick(later weighed him-3.68 lbs)and I pecked away,lost two more decent specks and ended up boating 8 with top three 3.68,2.45,1.75 lbs respectively,all caught on incredibly-effective Fin-S Shaker,threaded onto their fine 3/8 oz fish-eye jigheads made like NO OTHER jig head,closest I can come to is stocked at Academy,H20 with fisheyes on each side,think dat makes them very realistic and the fat profile of Shaker soft plastics most likely entices hammer specks to inhale em!!!I missed at least 20 fish,kinda rusty from NOT fishing nearly enough and bout de same scenario with rotten duck season,not nearly enough practice to knock off de rust from shooting skills.Know where my next trips gonna be and everyone at Trestles was courteous.Ordering PLENTY Fin-S Shaker lures and checked Academy,not a doggone lure even the right color and NOTHING shaped exactly like dis fish-mauler!!!Thanks AJ,appreciate de videos and might see ya soon as I need to network with the Braswell Pharmacy folks and might run into ya next door to them!!! Mandevillian P.S. Did nab fine but under-sized red,Limetreuse Shaker

January 16 at 9:09pm

Me and a Medicare Client,also happens to be member of Abita KC Council,waited out MOST of de dense fog and launched de ole SouthFork around 12:30 pm,headed somewhat straight for de Causeway,even with nice Lowrance Electronics,was quite a trip to get to 4 mile marker,ran into most likely 1000-1500 coots,mixed in with buffleheads and scaup(dat where all dem waterfowl migrated to???).I made de comment,based upon my observation that with all the salvinia and fresh water,we might be lucky enough to nab a blue cat or two and we managed exactly ONE blue cat,a fat 4.25 lb specimen,fell victim to none other than Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse of course,threaded onto custom jigheads I make myself.We noticed little to no water movement,made a few strategic moves and got nada and did see two noisy-azz airboats,always wonder why they seem to ALWAYS be out and about just about when I want to fish in relative peace and quiet!!!Had fun,showed fishing buddy how fine de ole SouthFork turned out and told him I am planning on getting custom-cut MarineMat made for front deck,gonna have 'Mandevillian' stenciled into fine mat and might even get one for rear seat deck!!Hope springs eternal,hope catching big blue cat NOT harbinger of Spring Fishing in Lady P Basin!!!Can't wait for duck season to mercifully end and still holding out hope,especially with de frigid conditions predicted for next week,Tues to be exact!! Mandevillian

January 15 at 6:47pm

Figured this time would not forget dekes and would have decent chances at acrobatic Honey Island woodies and did chat with two diehards this am,portaging in 2-man Compagna pirogue while I toted in light-weight yak.Seems they had been doing well and admitted dat it took em quite a bit of exploring yesterday to limit out(had dey tried to convince de ole Mandevillian otherwise,woulda known dey bluffing)and thought today's solo trip would be best yet.Did not have dat many woodies anywhere near shooting range,had one flock of three at marginal at best range this am,took two quick shots at em and did NOT cut a feather,heard very little shooting,guess de woodies getting de message to avoid screeching and avoid flying too close to slough!!!Still had fun and round 7:10 am with nothing flying,took to de tree rat woods,saw exactly two tree rats,both scurrying on ground,never easy to target em once dey on ground,unless ya gots a squirrel dog to tree em!!!Ultimate insult-while headed back,took look on flooded slough and spotted fine pair of woodies and even those got nervous and quickly swam away way before I even could even think about trying to jump-shoot em!!Walked quite a ways,saw only the two tree rats hauling tail on ground and think I may forego woodies til Sunday.Got nasty weather headed our way and can't wait to get with GB3 and hit his fine SE Arkansas duck club,gotta have way more action than what USED to be Sportsman's Paradise.Gonna respond to post about ducks in flooded corn-typical BIG MONEY operations taking FULL advantage of MONSTER loop hole allowing bringing water to feed vs other way around!!!!!Sad,sad,sad,indeed but til dat Migratory Bird Treaty gets changed,wave of future and LA better get used to plenty of MT Skies for plenty time in future and past.Check out three consecutive sub-par seasons for MOST folks hunting LA,Pecan Island,Delacroix,Hopedale,NShore,etc.Very few respectable hunts and I know Venice has been superb for SOME folks just not as consistent as she used to be and parts of Delacroix have SOME ducks but not nearly as consistent as she used to be!! Mandevillian P.S. Got buddy with high-dollar club in superb freshwater marsh,probably well over 1500 acres and nary a duck on ALL DAT PRISTINE PROPERTY!!!

January 09 at 1:01pm

Had great idea,tagging along small light-weight yak and tossing out few Woodie decoys in fine Honey Island slough,trouble was I somehow FORGOT decoys and did not realize it til we got to slough!!!Not a big deal since woodies seemed to fly right to this slough,decoys or no decoys!!!Me and diehard duck hunter/fisherman/Medicare Client got set up well before shooting time and even had luxury of having fine lil yak for possible retrieves and there was slight ground fog,not sure if dat influenced flight plans of Honey Island woodies but we saw and heard very few woodies,really had ONLY one decent shooting opportunity that unfortunately we did NOT cash in on,me getting only one shot and my hunting buddy was unable to fire a round at de acrobatic woodies!!!Gotta pounce on whatever chances we get and today not a good day,unfortunately!!!We did head to our deer club,I swapped out SD card and have fair amount of deer activity on food plot,need to cash in on THOSE opportunities,season ending soon and been tough duck and deer seasons!!! Mandevillian

January 08 at 12:12pm

Found what may end up being saving grace in form of fine and productive Honey Island wood duck slough and thought the addition of baitcaster with Top Dog would assist in retrieval of downed game,woodies and squirrels,but was not thoroughly prepared to become proficient at casting through maze of branches,vines,etc!!!Made solo Honey Island wood duck hunt while Bayoubob was doing similar hunt,though paddle-in hunt in NShore Marsh and think my decision to abandon Big Branch for balance of miserable 2019/2020 duck season a wise one.Got set up well before shooting time and even placed few decoys,though not in ideal locations due to extremely deep water in slough(will prepare better next time)and had fine pair of woodies WANT to be shot,trouble was I did NOT oblige them as they glided past fine hunt spot!!Not long later,yet another set glided in,busted drake on first shot hit probably drake with this one on second and third shots and first drake stone dead and tried my best to snag him with baitcaster but unable despite valliant effort and did hear other drake,most likely wounded,screeching like they do when on water but was unable to locate him,very frustrating and but WILL have either Chapman pirogue of kayak on next venture out there!!!Hurts as when I was trying to track down dead drake,ran across pile of fresh drake feathers,NO DOUBT,from drake I downed this past Friday but likewise unable to get to due to extremely high water.Dat gonna end this Wed/Th when I will not only take another diehard with me but will have lightweight Chapman or yak with me!!Bayoubob got back to me saying he did NOT raise his gun while I had more than ample opportunities just need watercraft to extricate downed game!!Got text from GB3 and his hunt in Arkansas a slow one today,unfortunately!! Mandevillian

January 05 at 12:40pm

De Nuck and Futz Duck Busters were hoping against hope dat a few ducks may have invaded some of the NShore Marsh,known to harbor decent flocks of teal,woodies and mottled ducks and we saw very few of any species of duck but was so well-hidden dat pesky nutria had NO idea where I was hunkered down,took neat video of him eating three corner grass(doggone rat was eating my cover!!!)Only had gimme shots at teal,unfortunately whiffed and dat was de hunt,wrapping it up early as we saw NO reason to stay past about 8:30!!!Did chat with a few hunters dat did manage to bag a few ducks,mostly the afore-mentioned teal and some mottled ducks!!!Might hit Honey Island slough tomorrow,hoping to nab a few woodies and gonna watch Saints playoff game,need to erase memories of 'Minnesota Miracle'Got Arkansas trip to look forward to and hope local duck scene improves,though see NO signs of dat happening,unfortunately!!! Mandevillian

January 04 at 10:53am

Knew weather gonna be nasty but did not have potential for thunderstorms,thankfully.Hit an area for the very first time,Honey Island slough that was swollen predictably and saw at least three tree rats,oblivious to my presence,trouble was knocking em down not an issue,retrieving em woulda been ridiculously tough,even with waders as sloughs higher than high and did find promising spot for future wood duck hunts.Might be great idea to tag along either small yak to retrieve quarry or baitcaster with nice topwater plug to snag ducks,squirrels!!!Did not hear much shooting and after watching end of wood duck flight,took to de tree rat woods and gotta say new Lacrosse waders the ultimate for crossing sloughs,just gotta make sure depth of sloughs aint too doggone high!!De Nuck and Futz Duck Busters taking to de local Marsh tomorrow and Sun hoping to thin out ridiculously thin duck population,maybe we may have a few woodies at first light and possibly a few less-than-educated and young mottled ducks might grace our presence!!!Eagerly anticipating Arkansas trip latter part of this month and after duck season,gonna target specks,reds,T-Funky sac a lait,etc then Turkey Season and just prior to Turkey Season,Honey Island should give up some mouth-watering mudbugs,mini-lobsters!!! Mandevillian

January 03 at 1:00pm

Well,well,seems de Nuck and Futz Duck Busters might be catching a huge break in the form of unbelievable offer to hunt the SE Arkansas club of fellow Sportsman who USED to hunt Big Branch Marsh and has been following my reports and guess he feels sorry for us with all de hard work,preparation,dedication,etc we routinely put in and bust it de ole-school way,transporting Chapman pirogues well into interior ponds where we USED to pound out some quality ducks.Got back to this fellow and will exchange contact info and see what we can arrange.Bayoubob and I purposely delayed our launch this am to await rainstorms and launched de ole but extremely reliable SouthFork round 6:30 am,heard some shooting,spooked plenty,plenty teal,mottled ducks,etc and we each hunted separate ponds and neither of us emerged with anything.Did have group of 6 mallards looking like dey wanted to listen to some mallard music but dey decided to land over 300 yards away!!!Got perhaps a few more Big Branch hunts in de ole body and looking very forward to change of pace in form of Arkansas trip!!!Good luck to all duck hunters,whether they hitting Delacroix,Hopedale,Venice,etc.Got pockets of ducks in all dem areas,none concentrated as far as I can determine!!! Mandevillian

January 02 at 1:05pm

De Nuck and Futz Duck Busters took to de NShore Marsh(insanity means repeating same thing over and over and EXPECTING different result)and insanity ruled de roost today as we saw maybe 12 ducks each with NO GREYS spotted(tough when ya bread-n-butter duck virtually non-existent)and heard very few shots,most likely from folks thinning out ridiculously-thick coot armies.Each of us hunkered down in areas that USED to harbor nice variety of quality ducks,like greys,teal,woodies,mallards,etc and I saw one Woodie that blazed by before I could get shot off and saw handful of well-educated mottled ducks and ZERO mallards and exactly same amount of greys,tough conditions for sure.Still gotta few hunts in ole body,might try change of venue tomorrow,including much later launch to possibly capitalize upon later flights of mallards and if there are any greys,lotta times this late in season they tend to fly much later,hint,hint!!!Hope everyone had Happy New Year,was hoping 2020 would usher in some ducks and saw neighbor on way home and we confirmed what most have discovered-lotta SE LA a duck desert,sad,sad,sad,especially when ya gotta head to Texas or Oklahoma for half-way decent hunts,thought we were still Sportsman's Paradise but we have become Duck Desert!!! Mandevillian

January 01 at 11:55am

Getting to be somewhat routine,early wake-up head to fine Honey Island Swamp WMA and get very few chances at woodies but stalk for tree rats and today was somewhat of a nice change of pace,headed to yet another area known to harbor woodies and met fine group of diehards,looking to thin out de wood duck population,thank God Santa brought me ultra-fine pair of Lacrosse neoprene waders as dat Swamp is indeed quite flooded.Gents I met were cordial and we spaced ourselves apart and had marginal shots at missiles of wood ducks that gave us NO warning,other than small flock of three that screeched when they came from opposite direction vs de norm!!!Got fed up round 7:10 and headed to tree rat woods,saw handful of hunters and chatted with older gent in fine canoe,what a great idea to launch canoe and slowly stalk deer/hogs/woodies/tree rats,etc!!!Offered to lend gent a hand and his response sounded bout what I would say,'If I needs help launching,should not be headed out solo!!'Tried my best to locate tree rats and walked my tail off and was startled by unbelievable sight of two longboards fighting in tall tree with two hens in same tree.Took pics and video and spotted hunter,motioned him over so he could get glimpse of incredible sight and joked with him dat we would NEVER see this in Wild Turkey Season.Will submit for Wild Turkey Lottery for both Pearl River and Sherburne(where I luckily shot banded jake bunch of years ago)and hope and pray to get selected,preferably for Pearl River as Sherburne a shell of what she used to be,unfortunately!!!Gotta be one of the most incredible sights I have witnessed in over 20 years of chasing Wild Turkeys,guess it happens just have NEVER witnessed turkeys fighting in tall tree!!!Happy New Year to all-hope 2020 brings us some long-awaited waterfowl!!!Don't bother asking where I spotted this fine sight!!! Mandevillian

December 31, 2019 at 1:56pm

Decided Wifey and I have not had any time to try T-Funky together so today we launched de Southfork round 11:00,hoping to possibly take advantage of predicted falling tide and we launched at 3 Rivers Launch and saw at least 4 other tow vehicles,perhaps indicative of decent fishing.Too bad we managed not a nibble and we did hit quite a few areas known to produce fish,guess de fish failed to get e-mail dat dey needed to bite!!!At least we got away from home,business,aggravating telemarketing phone calls,etc and I did show Wifey exact spot where I nabbed few wall-hanging bass.Think we gonna head back soon and tomorrow doing walk-in Woodie hunt in Honey Island Swamp,hope dem woodies get de message!!!Happy New Year to all and hope 2020 shapes up to be awesome year,gotta lotta outdoor activities planned,including Sherburne Wild Turkey Hunt(if lucky enough to get Lottery Pick),Honey Island Swamp crawfish trips,Trestles and Causeway fishing trips,Bayou Segnette cabin overnight trip and Ozarks Rainbow Trout vacation around April or May!!! Mandevillian

December 30, 2019 at 7:29pm

Was hoping to find some Honey Island woodies then hit NShore Marsh much later than typical and getting a later start this time of duck season often has paid off(this has been such a bummer of a duck season)but have not had any luck in any of my hunt locations this pitiful season.Got to Honey Island just before 4:00am,saw no one behind me,guess lack of consistent woodies had something to do with that!!Got set up,waited and waited and heard significant amount of shooting from areas both way E of me and a tad W and S of where I was.Since Santa bought me fine pair of heavy-duty Lacrosse waders,wanted to test em out in flooded cypress and tried my best to find some tree rats,to no avail.Then after getting text from Bayoubob(hunting paddle-in spot)decided to hit NShore Marsh,make long paddle and check to see if any greys still hanging around.ran into handful of hunters,none had anything and stuck it out til about 11:45 and called it quits,sore and aggravated from serious lack of ducks,at least where I have been hunting.Migratory patterns have MOST definitely been manipulated,critical when gadwalls conspicuously absent and not sure IF they ever gonna show up and funny thing is diehard buddy of mine was recently telling me Mexico has had significant flocks of mallards since teal season???How could we have missed their migration and with flooded corn,never intended to be harvested,stragegically placed N of LA,how much of a chance do we stand!!! Mandevillian,knowing full well lotta factors involved but Migratory Manipulation definitely has a role

December 28, 2019 at 4:28pm

Was supposed to have dense fog this am,guess de weather folks wrong this time,not such a bad thing!!!Got to Honey Island Swamp well before 4:00 am legal entrance time and waited til right at 4:00 am to enter,not sure where the woodies went but know why I had de pond to my lonesome-somebody failed to shoot me text/e-mail,etc.No worries as I intended to hit a few nice oaks hoping to ambush some tree rats and was able to stalk one-dropped it in its tracks and spooked another nearby tree rat in process.Bayoubob texted me wanting to hit Big Branch tomorrow,gonna head back to same pond tomorrow,hoping for better results and being a week end,no doubt might have a few hunters chasing tasty and extremely agile woodies.Got home just in time to catch Santa Fed Ex delivering ultra-fine set of Lacrosse waders,possibly the finest pair of waders I have ever had!Think I will wait til possibly mid-week to hit Big Branch,she has been such a no-fly zone,at least for greys and when de bread-n-butter duck non-existent,why bother til Arkansas hopefully freezes up,though probably no time soon.Wifey headed to 11:00 Medicare Client meeting in Madisonville and we have three in Tangi today,starting at 1:30pm.Santa also brought me very fine solar-powered wireless charging station,very nice to have in deer stand/duck blind/fishing boat to make sure I-Phone NEVER loses full charge!!!Have scuba-type ultra-waterproof lockable container to store wallet,cell phone,solar-powered wireless charger and will be putting items to great use often.Can't wait til Honey Island Swamp mud bugs active-they are fat and incredibly great to eat and hope they are plentiful-have over 50 hand-made deepwater nets,essential for dat Swamp!!!Gotta catch some dem Wiz's specks and use dey carcasses for bait!!! Mandevillian

December 27, 2019 at 10:53am

First things first,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!Had a great time hitting Honey Island Swamp early yesterday am,typical scenario unfolded plus somewhat unfortunate but workable situation occurred.What has been typical has been for me to arrive early and wait outside entrance to Swamp and chat with or meet hunters that arrive just after me and we enter right at 4:00 am and get situated in our respective spots.What transpired yesterday and what I am NOT gonna tolerate is mud boat jockey showing up well after folks comfortably and SAFELY spaced apart and hitting these 'hunters' with Q beam and having them attempt to set up not more than 50-70 yards away!!Guy yesterday apparently mistaken took my Q beam to mean come over and get in the blind with me!!!I yelled out to this group of hunters that they were entirely too close and that they had PLENTY of pond to maneuver to,even after this guy tried to convince me that they would draw ducks to me-I wanted to say dey only thing ya gonna draw to me is gonna be steel pellets,not wood ducks!!!Thank God they obliged and moved well away from me.Only took one shot at wood duck missile and failed to connect but said short prayer and beautiful drake came right in busted him and brought him home with me and they young guns I met while waiting to enter managed to get 4,think they dropped 6 but were still searching as I left Swamp,one fine drake in hand.Gonna deer hunt tomorrow and back at woodies most likely rest of this miserable Marsh duck season!!!Hope Santa was great to everyone-Wifey and I exchanging gifts later today and we spent the night in Kenner at my mom's and just got back from Christmas Day Mass-Jesus is reason for Season!!! Mandevillian

December 25, 2019 at 10:22am

Game plan for today got slightly altered as received text around 5:00 am from my fishing buddy warning of potential rain in Covington but Mandeville skies were clear!!!Younger son,in from first semester at MS College School of Law wanting some fishing therapy and he gladly assisted me in clearing out duck gear from flatboat and getting her ready for fishing,at least til ducks prove I aint wasting valuable time chasing non-existent ducks!!!Hit T-Funky slightly later than we wanted to but once there could not get on bite and part of reason was lack of decent water,guess two days of persistent rain mucked up the water terribly and spots that usually produce fish produced not a nibble!!!Hit plenty of spots,went as far N as Bogue Falaya and had just finished telling younger son that I have yet to spot any bucks while fishing T-Funky/Bogue Falaya and we spotted two young bucks,probably chasing a doe.They came from wooded lot next to fine Bogue Falaya home where I normally nab a few fine Kentucky bass and decent largemouth bass.Quite a few years ago chatted with owner who had diver working for him clearing up debris behind his bulkhead(quite coincidentally that day they saw me nab big bass and owner joked dat I caught his dinner).Bummer of a trip,luckily at our last spot nabbed small bass and tossed him on ice for ice bath ride home-only thing between skunk and not skunk!!!Deer stand a-calling me and gonna try Honey Island woodies for time-being as dat only burns few hours and much less of an exertion vs typical duck hunt transporting Chapman pirogues deep into Marsh,unloading and watching MT Skies!!!Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year to all-just got call from potential Medicare Client-gonna write her new Medicare Plan with 1/1/2020 effective date and gonna hit woodies that morning,this coming Friday!!! Mandevillian

December 23, 2019 at 6:00pm

After yesterday's promising scout/hunt trip after an unsuccessful Honey Island Woodie hunt,figured repeat of same game plan might yield slightly different results!!!Wrong,wrong,more wrong.The Honey Island Woodie hunt might have been better had I spotted fine pair of woodies making bee-line for my dekes but they veered off,landing about 70 yards out,flooded big-time,maybe with lower water a few cypress islands that are NOT submerged might pan out.Took exactly one shot at pair streaking through the trees and failed to connect-met two young hunters who ALMOST got 4-wheel drive Jeep stuck!!Hit NShore Marsh and chatted with two hunters headed back to launch,think they had some redheads and told me there were a few hanging around plus a nice trophy greenie(I am way behind my typical greenhead haul/year)and I set up in incredible natural blind that I supplemented with palmetto branches.Hoped that nice flock of greys I spotted yesterday stuck around but I left around 11:30,more than bummed out and texted wingman,Bayoubob,that I was unfortunately tossing in de towel,at least for the time-being and hitting fine deer stand,overlooking incredible food plot and deer feeder and have ample videography dat plenty does and bucks hanging round,hope to thin out dat herd pronto!!!Check out blind-think it was so well-concealed dat ducks could not find me!!! Mandevillian

December 22, 2019 at 5:40pm

Had great intentions this am,wingman Bayoubob decided to sleep in due to possible flooding in Honey Island Swamp(she was a tad high but about perfect for woodies)and chatted with two young guns waiting like me to enter WMA right at 4:00am and did have to Q beam a few hunters getting kinda close!!Waited and patiently waited,heard shots way N and E and me then doggone pair of woodies blazed high over-head,probably wise choice to NOT fire at em but did take three quick blasts at flock of three woodies that were marginal at best and did hear quite a bit of shooting,had doggone tree rat dead to rights,shoulda blasted him but HATE spooking woodies especially those woodies that made NO noise today,guess dey been shot at a bunch!!!Made my way out,chatted with guys I met this am and they did not connect and dummy me wasted time trying to launch at Salt Bayou to access Fritchie(launch is posted and launch on HWY 90 looks unusable,at least to the Public,looks to be Government access for Fritchie Mitigation,whatever dat signifies)!!!Did make my way to ole-time NShore Marsh spot,saw zero ducks and chatted with at least three groups of hunters,seems no one connected today!!!Hope to redeem self tomorrow and hope springs eternal-got text from John Manion-they had nice mixed strap looked to be bunch of greenwing teal,mottled duck,widgeons,nice bag from the Delly!!!Hope my strategy pans out tomorrow!!! Mandevillian

December 21, 2019 at 2:53pm

Well,Today was a big-time bust,launching Southfork and hitting nothing but mudflats at our first spot(word to the wise-now know where NOT to try with very low water conditions)and we motored back to first launch spot,put boat on trailer and headed to nice set of ponds we suspected would not only have decent water but possibly a few ducks.Trouble was,by the time we hit second choice of ponds,we had lost the advantage of having blinds and decoys out well ahead of shooting time and I personally think had we NOT made mistake of trying to hit first spot,we may have been set in time to intercept a few ducks.Did not see that many,those we did see were either resident mottled ducks or PHD mallards and only spotted maybe one Woodie and small flock of bluewings,only on way out of Marsh!!!Pitiful showing today,might toss in de towel for the time being and we even had very good wind conditions,heard decent amount of shooting but did not see much flying.Might have to resort to targeting woodies and whatever mallards decide dey want to listen!!!Probably gonna start fishing and saw great video last couple weeks showing great fishermen nabbing fine Trestles Specks-NOT gonna bother watching any more Trestles videos as already knows specks out there!!! Mandevillian

December 19, 2019 at 6:48pm

One other item of note,my older son smoked three ducks we shot this past Sat,two fat greys and one nice mottled duck and think I ended up getting mottled duck and that smoked duck was superb.He used some cherry smoking chips ole Santa got him for Christmas and we got him fine smoker few years ago and need to get him to smoke some rainbow trout Wifey and I caught in Arkansas not that long ago.Headed back to Ozarks probably end of April!!! Mandevillian

10 hours ago

Thanks,dredger,we really do appreciate the kind words and love our ole-school style of hunting and dat NEVER goes outta style!!Got few more E Zone hunts in de ole body and still have Area 9 for bowhunting til Feb 15th,then shifting gears towards Trestles hammers,Honey Island mudbugs,Sherburne Wild Turkeys(possibly Honey Island Wild Turkeys)and loving every minute of it. Mandevillian

11 hours ago
A comment titled: Re: Old School Duck Hunt Video in response to a report titled: Old School Duck Hunt Video

Delta,Most definitely feel ya pain,we ONLY shot a few greys at just bout de bitter end of E Zone!!!Lotta factors involved not gonna worry bout those factors outta our control just think what our wonderful fish guides would be saying if dey HAD to go to either MS or TX to target reds and specks????De Nuck and Futz Duo still got possibly few hunts left and hope SE Arkansas treats us royally next Tues and Wed!!!Thanks for sharing ya videos and hunt posts,I NEVER mind posting but NEVER give away exact locations for obvious reasons.Now bout time for Turkeys,sac a lait,crawfish,Trestles hammers,etc!!!! Mandevillian

11 hours ago
A comment titled: Re: Last Weekend Results in response to a report titled: Last Weekend Results

Proud Pop,Gotta tell ya dat I just texted de wise ole Wizard and gotta give ya credit-you would be de ONLY guide I would use if I wanted to enjoy the services of a duck guide!!!Love dat DC Countdown 2.0,just gotta remember it vs leaving it in backpack I use for wood duck/tree rat hunts!!Bayoubob and I still have yet a few more hunts in these wore-out ole bodies.Not a knock on other Guides,plenty of great ones out there,just know and trust ya and always enjoyed chatting with you and ya dad!!! Mandevillian

Yesterday at 3:56pm
A comment titled: Re: Fishing in Golden Meadow in response to a report titled: Fishing in Golden Meadow

Nice fish-just stopped at one my favorite Independent Tackle stores,Marshland Sports in Ponchatoula,and Myron and I chatted bout de logs I caught at Trestles this past Th.Got me some fine swimbaits from Bass Pro(they mighty-proud dem soft plastics but dey ultra-realistic)and we figured with theaddition of smallish pegged bullet weight,dem specks aint gotta chance,especially dem logs dat lurk amongst Trestles minefields!!!Gotta risk losing lotta tackle if ya want lunkers!!!Nice trip,fellows!!! Mandevillian

Yesterday at 2:33pm
A comment titled: Re: Last week end of a sad season in response to a report titled: Last week end of a sad season

speckle_searcher,At least yall shot SOME greys,took me til darn-near end of horrendous season to even see a few greys where de Nuck and Futz Duo been hunting!!!Hate to tell ya baiting ya pond would NOT help as dat already taken care of(legally)quite a bit N of us via changes in Migratory Bird Treaty.Hope does indeed spring eternal and those of us diehards hunting E Zone got one more week end and if doable,I have total of four possible EZone hunts(probably gonna skip Sun to take Wifey fishing de Trestles).If ya saw our proposed Season dates for 2020/2021,we do end on last day of Jan 2021.Arkansas closes on Jan 31,2020 and GB3 and de Nuck and Futz Duo plans an assault,hopefully on geese and mallards and whatever else decides to fly close enough!!! Mandevillian

Yesterday at 12:05pm

frogslayer,De Nuck and Futz Duo might have a few more hunts up our sleeves and might be tempted to check out some promising spots this Wed and Th!!!Finally think dem stubborn greys got de message and headed our way,bout doggone time!!! Mandevillian

Yesterday at 11:54am
A comment titled: Re: Last Weekend Results in response to a report titled: Last Weekend Results

Yep,Scott,think the greys FINALLY got de e-mail,text,whatever and dey showed up for one nice Nuck and Futz NShore Marsh slam.With the ripping E winds predicted for Wed,might opt outta Trestles trip in favor of hitting NShore Marsh,if water levels allow it!!!Gonna get me good jighead mold to make fine jigheads that will mate up perfectly to Fin-S Shakers and DID find some fine but pricey Bass Pro swimbaits that look way too real to NOT entice hammer specks to tear em up,specks in de 3-4 lb range,no doubt!!! Mandevillian P.S. Wifey and I noticed ridiculously HIGH Pearl River levels and on our ride home from Jackson,lotta water unfortunately headed OUR way!!!

Yesterday at 11:52am

Thanks,guys. Just got off phone with yet another member of my Duck Mafia and he might join me this Th and he and I and another Abita KC member plan to hit Trestles this Wed. GB3,Hope dem Arkansas ducks and geese cooperate. Still a miserable season but got signs of life after all. Mandevillian

January 19 at 7:33pm

Hit Pearl,MS Bass Pro,picked up new baitcasting rod plus found some find Shad swimbait that look incredible and rigged with weighted swim bait hooks might just entice quite a riot at dem Trestles. Did not see Do It mold to make ring-shanked jig heads but found nice weighted hooks similar to what one would use fishing bass swimbaits and bet the weighted hooks plus ultra-realistic swimbaits nab some fat and sassy specks. Can’t wait to get Lunker City lures in a s did order slightly bigger Shakers in 4 inch version(big bait,big fish🎣🐠)Looks like Wifey and I gonna hit Trestles this coming Sun hope to at least replicate success of this past Th🎩👍🎣🐠 Mandevillian

January 19 at 5:40pm
A comment titled: Re: Last Weekend Results in response to a report titled: Last Weekend Results

Scott,Ya killin me with dat pic🦐Ain’t gonna be too long before I totally shift gears and hammer some mini-lobsters in Honey Island Swamp. Turns out GB3 is actually hunting exact piece of property dem Duck Commanders used to hunt and de Nuck and Futz Duo hoping to shoot some mallards in shade over a week. Congrats and enjoy dem mud bugs. Mandevillian

January 19 at 10:59am

Wiz,Thanks again for lighting a fire under me regarding chasing something other than non-existent ducks,for the most part.Got em yesterday and hope ya got pics of Bayoubob(Nick,Nuck,etc)and de Ole Mandevillian(Futz,etc)!!!We thoroughly enjoyed de NShore Marsh hunt yesterday,had de right set of conditions with perfect winds,water levels,etc and we heard variety of duck species quacking up a storm and dummy me left calls and Thermocell in backpack I tote in to Honey Island Swamp for woodies!!!Guess I did NOT need em afterall!!!Hope me,Dane,Buddy can chase some Trestles hammers this Wed/Th and hope Pearl,MS Bass Pro might have nice supply of Fin-S soft plastics-CAN'T find em locally,probably good thing as just like ya customized lures,tossing something different combats 'lure fatigue' and ask any bass pro-dey love tossing something slightly or totally different than every other angler.Money won via successful tourneys dictates what dem folks toss and why NOT toss something other than 99% of other folks!!! Mandevillian

January 19 at 7:23am

Steelsprayer,Thanks,finally got on dat 'X',trouble is water levels in Regular Duck Season rarely allow access to this fine area.Might see if Th works out as I am planning a Trestles assault Wed with a few Abita KC members.Really want to chase some Honey Island woodies but think gate at ole Hwy 11 probably closed.Guess I can drive out there to check it out.Finally,finally got on not only quantity but quality,bout damn time!!! Mandevillian

January 19 at 7:11am
A comment titled: Re: Last Weekend Results in response to a report titled: Last Weekend Results

Proud Pop,Awesome hunt and forgot to tell ya my funny story but DO agree with ya regarding the calling.Dummy me FORGOT not only my calls(especially like de DC Countdown 2.0 you suggested few seasons ago)but also FORGOT thermocell and guess de duck gods looked out for de Nuck and Futz Duo as we ended one shy a 2-man limit and I believe I shot ya pics of some grizzled ole veteran duck chasers!!!Cherish de time with ya Pop's and ya need to hit dem Trestles and get u sum dem fatty specks!!!!Thanks for everything ya do for ole-timers like Nuck and Futz and I LOVE your HONESTY(not saying other guides bs folks)but ya call a spade a spade just like me!!! Mandevillian

January 18 at 5:15pm
A comment titled: Re: Jan 17 Hunt in response to a report titled: Jan 17 Hunt

Yep,Hope definitely springs eternal. De Nuck and Futz duo camped out in separate ponds in area we found in teal season if dat tells ya anything bout dis crazy sub par duck season. Spooked at least three pairs of mottled ducks on way to fine lil spot and heard few flocks of tree ducks. Hope to at least shoot de ole Beretta. Think Wifey and I gonna fish Trestles next Sun as predicted winds and tide should be about right and by then should have plenty Fin-S Shakers ready to shake,rattle,roll🐠🎣🎩🍀 Mandevillian

January 18 at 5:58am

Got some more tough decisions,fish de ultra-crowded Wall,head down to de Wiz's neck of de woods,fish dem Tracks and think me and 2 Abita KC buddies gonna make our way back to de Tracks and see if we can whack and stack some logs!!Dumb me tried to boat-flip yet another hammer fishing E side while guys were trolling W side and they did not even see size of log I missed!!!Guess the Lake got huge influx of bait and dem specks inhaled it,gained bunch of weight and when I texted de Wiz after boating biggest speck,I guestimated weight at shade over 3 and it was closer to 4!!!Ordered over $100 worth of soft plastics and jigheads from Lunker City and getting nice Tee Shirt,gratis!!! Mandevillian

January 17 at 6:31am

Ya might even want to venture towards the Slidell area and possibly fish the Trestles as plenty folks trying their luck both trolling(not my cup of tea)or finesse fishing(pun intended as Fin-S is name of ridiculously effective soft plastics). Missed at least 20 fish hooked 10,not counting under-sized red and biggest speck was a hammer slightly over 21.5 inches and 3.68 lbs(digital scale)🎩🎣🐠 Mandevillian

January 16 at 10:05pm

Wiz,Thanks for lighting a dogone inferno under me-got ya text just about de time I was getting ready to launch.Dem Shaker lures were enticing some hammer trout-did NOT have to measure one today and dat 21.5 inch specimen was a pig!!!I might try Petain Lagoon next time down ya way but with what I found on NShore,hard to beat bout 25 minute tow and maybe 20 min boat ride(fog made trip take lot longer today)!!!Nice fish and I cleaned mine,went to Academy to TRY to find something remotely close to Shaker lures but no go-gonna order bunch dem plus lotta fine jigheads,do not have mold to make exact same kinda jigheads!!! Mandevillian

January 16 at 9:17pm

Got small flatboat,16 by 52,and I sometimes make a run to mid-lake but water at Trestles today was ten times better looking vs what was at Big Bridge yesterday.Get you some dem Fin-S Shaker lures,hammer trout were mauling em and I easily missed 20 fish!!! Mandevillian

January 16 at 9:12pm
A comment titled: Re: Duck Season End is Near in response to a report titled: Duck Season End is Near

Steelsprayer,My favorite Woodie spots have recently gotten shut down due to extremely high Pearl River water levels,currently shade over 17 ft!!!Can't wait to hit Arkansas later this month!! Mandevillian

January 16 at 7:40am
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