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Crunched numbers for the season, detailed below. Total was 187 ducks on 31 regular season hunts. Had plenty of slow hunts but also good many memorable ones, especially in the first split. Fulvous whistlers 1 Pintail 3 mottled 2 grays 69 GW teal 47 BW teal 26 dosgris 17 bufflehead 7 wigeon 3 woodie 2 spoon 8 mallard 2 SPECKS 4 187 ducks on 31 hunts yields an average right about 6 ducks a hunt, down from about 7 last year but still much better than the abysmal 4.2 ducks/hunt of the 2018-2019 season. Much of our success came in the first split where we averaged just under 9 ducks/hunt before a 2nd split that slid to 4 ducks/hunt.........but by all means, keep voting to hunt late into January along the coast. There were plenty of coastal marsh hunters that gave up and just quit going late in season, but had some success in first split. No water, no birds, made worse following the (arguably) toughest hurricane season for our coast in recollection. Looking forward to spring and all things that comes with it around here. The hangover from this season will soon wear and we'll be scheming on the fall.

February 02, 2021 at 12:56pm

Hunted Thurs, Fri, and Sat last week to wrap up what turned out to be a pretty decent first split. Log says it was 114 ducks on 13 hunts, included one DNS hunt on 12/3, and two hunts of 3 ducks or less. That includes the TWO ducks killed on the coastal zone opener, by far the worst opening day I've ever seen. All that said, this split total is the highest since the very strong 2012 season (133 ducks), and the second highest first split total on my log kept since the 2002 season. We are hunting both coastal and east zones, alternating between ag land in central La and SE La salt marsh, both public and private. Species breakdown is as follows: mottled - 1 Grays - 62 GW teal - 20 BW teal - 22 dosgris/scaup - 3 bufflehead - 2 wigeon - 1 woodies - 1 spoons - 2 After being way up last year, mottleds are way down this year. Think it directly correlates to the 100 mph hurricane that plowed through the Delacroix/Hopedale hunting grounds as usually we kill a few. We killed one on opening weekend but haven't hardly seen one since then. Grays are way up, already surpassing a lot of other seasons' totals for both splits. Blue wing teal are also up, and we had noticed that green wings hadn't really shown up yet but the blues were thankfully there. We'll rest up and look forward to the second split opener on Dec 19.

December 07, 2020 at 1:42pm

With teal season now wrapped up, I took the 2 minutes it required to crunch and re-crunch my numbers for the details below: 26 BW teal taken on 6 hunts Though we started with a nice hunt on opening day taking 9 birds, the rising tides made sure we were unlikely to have any more success in SE La coastal (tidal) marshes. Our water levels stayed high thanks to not one but TWO tropical systems influencing our area in the two week season. On arrival back to the camp dock from the last hunt down there Friday Sept 25, we could have driven the boat up on to the dock......this after it had been falling for days already. With such deep waters in the outer marshes, the birds had nowhere to feed and thus kept us from holding anything in our usual places. Wrapped up the season on a high note, though, in the White Lake marshes on a LDWF lottery hunt. Really quick 2-man limit and we packed it up and went back to the camp there. Great weather, lots of birds, great people running it. We'll look forward to November 14!

September 29, 2020 at 8:44am

Got in 28 total hunts that included the early speck opener in Avoyelles Parish ag land, so 27 duck hunts. Logged 186 ducks on those 27 hunts for a per-hunt average of 6.9 ducks. Mostly hunted Delacroix area and a few hunts near Bunkie/Avoyelles Parish rice. Species breakdown is as follows: 56 GW teal 9 BW teal 82 grays* 11 mottleds* 12 shovelers 6 scaup/dosgris 1 bufflehead 1 woodduck 6 mallards 2 blackbelly whistling ducks 7 specklebelly geese *82 grays is more than the prior two seasons combined, only 27 in 2017 and 35 in 2018, and is more in line with some of the bigger seasons we've had. *11 mottleds is an all-time record, besting the previous record of 8. Even so, I can recall a number of hunts when ops on mottleds were missed, this could have easily been 15 or more. Also of note, greenwings were back up from a recent low of 26 last year. They were not as prevalent on Delacroix lease as in 2016, 2017 but better than last year. Photo herein shows stats from recent prior seasons to compare against, shakes out as pretty decent and certainly better than last year. Wasn't the best one but we've had much worse as well. Know it was a tough season for many, but some had a really productive one, including a lot of SE La public land. Weather just didn't get it done for us in much of late November and through December, was just fairly mild with pacific fronts. Nonetheless had some great times at camps with great food and people. We'll look forward to doing it again in the fall.

January 27, 2020 at 12:28pm

Had two decent hunts to kick it off near Delacroix over the weekend, though overall reports were mixed from full limits of mostly teal to 'didn't even think about shooting'. The usual shooting well before legal shooting time while I'm throwing decoys was mostly absent on opening day so that's often a tell-tale of how many birds are around. When the birds are thick, it's a war the dark. Otherwise, it's quiet like it should be. Three of us managed to strap 11 on Saturday, a mix of grays, mottelds, a few dosgris, a spoon, and a GW teal. On Sunday, passed on the dosgris and strapped 10 birds, mix of grays, GW and BW teal, and mottleds. Little better shooting each day and we get near a 3-man limit but would have had to be perfect, and also shoot more dosgris. As a bonus, caught some pretty freshwater cats off the dock at the camp. That combined with a big Tigers win, made for a solid opener weekend. Try them again later this week after calling off Tuesday's hunt with the gale warnings. Good luck and be safe out there

November 13, 2019 at 1:52pm

Not a whole lot to say other than that it was the slowest season we've had in quite a while, definitely in recent memory. Not only from a numbers standpoint but also in the patterns of birds observed, just entirely off. Hard to judge numbers too far back because I didn't always make the number of hunts that I routinely get in now but numbers way down along with overall sightings. At first we thought something was off in our marsh but at least took slight comfort when reports in person and online were rampant with the same message 'Where's the birds!??' Quite the frightening question considering no storms to hit south Louisiana coupled with one of the harshest, most persistent winters in many years. Front after front came, but brought little to no change more often than not.

Species breakdown was as follows:

29 grays (101 last season, 153 year before!)
10 mallards
8 mottleds
1 Mexican duck
29 GW teal (62 last season, 61 year before!)
7 BW teal
11 spoon
1 ringneck
6 pintail
1 wigeon
4 redhead
2 dosgris

109 ducks on 30 hunts, also 6 specks, 1 snow and 1 blue
This is down from last year's 221 ducks on 28 hunts, and 270 on 28 hunts the year before. Would have made more hunts had I thought it would be worth the effort, passed on a few weekdays I'd usually be in the blind.

Grays and GW teal still led our harvest which is about the only glimpse of normalcy in that breakdown. Scaup (dosgris) were far below our normal harvest, yet mallards and mottleds were up.

Nonetheless, we had some good times and I made some new hunting friends and enjoyed hunting with those of previous hunts. In total, I was fortunate to hunt in Delacroix Island/Hopedale, Slidell, Creole, Klondike, Welsh, and Bunkie/Whiteville. Regardless of any changes in upcoming seasons, we'll be hard at it one way or another. Good luck fishin'!

January 29, 2014 at 11:57am

Didn't bother with the East Zone this week with the goofy weather, complete with fog and little to no wind this weekend. This season had a lot of ups and downs as we had to constantly move to keep up with the birds. Just when we thought we'd found a honey hole to hammer out a few good hunts, we'd find them working somewhere else the next trip forcing us to make too many mid-hunt moves. Also, when the water went out with the few strong fronts we did get, our birds left with it or would raft on big lagoons. Did notice more mallards this year than usual and a good few found their way to our straps sporadically. Likely could have had all we wanted if we took the time to target them in small waters.

Species breakdown as follows:

101 grays, 62 GW teal, 3 BW teal, 1 mottled, 12 spoons, 26 dosgris (1 greater, the rest lesser scaup), 3 buffleheads, 10 mallards, 3 wigeon; 3 specklebelly geese. Total is 221 ducks on 28 hunts, down from 270 last season.

1st split averaged 11 ducks per hunt but 2nd split fell off drastically to around 5.5/hunt. We usually saw quite a few birds but had a tough time really getting on them in big numbers as the 2nd split wore on.

Note: If we were just hunting numbers, dosgris numbers could easily be doubled if not more. 1st split we passed on them in droves holding out for later gray flights that sometimes never panned out. Second split we mostly took them when opportunities presented, though not nearly as many as earlier in season.

Hunted mostly in southeast La with only one trip to the Whiteville/Bunkie area rice in January. Plenty of good times with good friends and even got some guys their first greenheads for the wall. Time to trade the flat and shotgun for the bay boat and rods but I'll be raring to go again come September. If you're on facebook you can keep up with my hunting and fishing trips at
good luck fishin'!

January 27, 2013 at 8:02pm

Pretty solid start to the season, hunting both the Coastal Zone and East Zone Isaac-battered marshes. Weather was treating us pretty good until last week when this warm-up started, glad to see us shut down this week with the warm forecast.

Been doing a lot of post-hunt scouting or afternoon fishing, though most who know me know full well that the binoculars stay in my hand far more than a fishing rod this time of year. Have been moving around about every hunt but really have yet to find any particular 'hole' they're piling into. By moving around we just try to give them a different look each day.

Species breakdown as follows:
64 grays, 5 spoons, 41 GW teal, 1 BW teal, 1 mottled, 1 wigeon, 1 greenhead, 3 buffleheads, 16 dosgris. Total is 133 ducks on 12 hunts, averages out to about 11 birds/hunt. Some days were great, some days we'd have 2-6 and glad to have them. Last Thursday we were covered up in dosgris but opted to let them all pass, not looking to pad numbers, but instead just shot our 6 grays and missed on a few others. Long-range forecast shows better weather a week out so hopefully it cools down by the 15th. good luck out there

December 03, 2012 at 7:49am

Guys I'm looking for some reel care tips from those of you who routinely fish multiple days per week and are hard on equipment in the saltwater. Like many of us, I've got an assortment of rod/reel combos in varying conditions and values but looking for tips on maintaining smooth reel operation for the long haul.
In short, what do you do to your spinning and casting reels when you get home after each and every trip when chasing specks and reds? Maybe some of you guides can chime in on what's worked for you since you rely so heavily on your equipment. thanks guys and good luck fishin'

February 16, 2012 at 12:44pm

Had a great year hunting around the state, though most hunts made throughout southeast Louisiana marshes, both public and private land. Plenty of miles on the truck, boat and ATV and had some great times with old friends and new. Was lucky enough to hunt Delacroix, Bayou Bienvenue, Chef Pass, Whiteville/Bunkie rice, and Lake Arthur fresh marshes along with various SE La WMA's.

Final tally was 270 ducks on 28 hunts, so averaged a shade under 10 birds per hunt. Most were two-man blinds but also had two solo limits and one 4-man limit. Didn't really chase the geese as much this year, took only 1 speck and no snows or blues.

Species breakdown was as follows: 153 grays, 6 BW teal, 58 GW teal, 14 mallards, 3 buffleheads, 8 mottleds, 10 shovelers, 1 wigeon, 8 dosgris, 7 black-bellied whistlers, 2 pintail.

Like most folks, we saw a ton of grays this season and had a field day with them. Hopefully they come back next year! However, troubling to see one lonely wigeon on the log after taking 35 in 2005-2006 season. Thanks to all who hosted me in different places this year, hope to do it again next fall. Good luck fishin'

January 30, 2012 at 6:40pm

Despite the warm temperatures and mosquitos, we managed to put together two solid hunts over the weekend.

Saturday the birds worked well with a stout S/SW wind all morning, 3-man limit by about 8:15 with 16 grays, 1 GW teal, 1 mottled

Sunday again had a decent wind from the SE but had to deal with the fog and ultimately wait it out. We picked away at them in the fog then finished up after 10:00am when it finally cleared out. 13 grays, 2 mallards, 1 GW teal, 1 BW teal, 1 dosgris.

January 23, 2012 at 12:39pm

Finally got some weather in here to shuffle the deck and it looks like most guys are benefitting with some good hunts.

Had a stellar trip to Doug's Hunting Lodge in Klondike last Thursday Jan 12. Three of us took 8 mallards (7 greenheads), 2 mottleds, 2 GW teal, 1 BW teal, 4 grays and 1 sprig for 8:30. Could have melted your barrel shooting squealers early on but we passed on them along with spoons and a good many teal. Winds were ripping 15-25 from N/NW all morning

Hit SE La marsh last Saturday the 14th in a late-season pothole that holds water. Unfortunately, the birds aren't really using it this year like last, despite the water being very low. Put down everything that came by, couldn't be choosy. 1 mottled, 1 spoon, 1 bufflehead, 1 dosgris. No wind, clear conditions didn't help to move what was around either.

Looks like the divers are showing up more in a lot of bags as we're getting toward the tail end of the season. Seeing a good many dosgris and buffleheads on Lake P but doesn't seem like quite as many as last year. Back in the marsh this weekend, good luck closing it out in the WZ.

January 19, 2012 at 1:01pm

The weather's been a bummer lately fighting the fog with no wind, warmer temperatures and LOW water in the marshes. If you're holding some birds you can put together a strap after the fog lifts but don't count on the weather making them move around & unfortunately it's a lot of the same birds with no fronts to move in some new faces. Been scraping together a few here and there in the marsh but no big numbers this week. Seems like everyone's seeing the grays do their usual late-season thing: move out to big water to raft up. Need this week's front in a bad way to shuffle the deck and move some birds around. On the calm days, a jerk string rig has been a game-changer for getting birds close. Made a solo hunt today and saw a surprising number of GW teal, taking my 6 in about 20 minutes, didn't even put eyes on a gray duck. They may have flown later but I was out of the marsh by 7:15. Headed to try some fresh marsh near Lake Arthur later this week, good luck out there & Go Tigers!

January 08, 2012 at 11:40am

Hunting has been pretty good from what I've seen the last week or so. Spent last weekend in the Bunkie/Whiteville area. Plenty of ducks in the general area but the masses have not yet taken to this particular section of fields like they did last year. There are, however, droves and droves of snows and specks in the area. Saturday two of us had 4 GW's and 1 greenhead, with plenty of chances on GW teal flights to get our 12. Also should have had a couple of specks at least. Sunday the ducks were even fewer on our field, though strong numbers seen in the general area, managed only to take 1 speck.

Mid-week in SE La marshes was solid with strong numbers of grays all around. Plenty of hunters taking limits of GW's and grays. Limited both days:
Wednesday 16 grays, 1 GW teal, 1 dosgris
Thursday in the rain: 21 grays, 1 wigeon, 1 GW teal, 1 spoon

Good luck out there & Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011 at 7:35am

Overall it was a solid first split in SE Louisiana marshes. Looks like the grays have shown up in force for most everyone, essentially statewide. Also saw a good many green wing teal and a smattering of mallards, spoons, few pintail. This week I noticed a definite increase in divers following the big front with more dosgris and bufflehead buzzing around. Looks like another front early next week should help us out to kick off the East Zone on the 10th.

101 ducks on 10 hunts; mostly grays (56) and GW teal (28) and the rest spoons, BW teal, pintail, mallards, mottleds, dosgris, and bufflehead.

December 02, 2011 at 2:12pm

The hunting all around SE La has been good so far with plenty of birds down to keep things interesting. Hunters in some areas are even reporting more birds than they've seen in quite some time. Since the West Zone opener last weekend I've only not hunted on two days (Mon/Tues) making trips to Delacroix, Chef/Bayou Bienvenue, and various SE La public marshes. I was most impressed with the gray duck flights last Wednesday in the Bayou Bienvenue area, just phenomenal with a SW wind blowing 20-30+ with the storms passing through that morning, thankfully missing us. Wave after wave of flights 50-60+ strong all morning long, really something to see. So far grays and GW's have made the bulk of the straps but have also taken BW teal, pintail, mallards, spoons, dosgris, and mottleds totaling 67 birds on 7 hunts. Yesterday was slow with the fog and a sharp decline in birds with the high water. We need this front tomorrow night in a bad way to get the water out. Good luck this week and Happy Thanksgiving.

November 21, 2011 at 12:50pm

Wrapped up what was a great 2011 teal season yesterday with a fun hunt that was over far too quickly. Four of us had limits in hand in under 15 minutes and took our time picking up from there, taking in the show of birds against the glow on the horizon. The little front at end of last week looks to have recharged our bird supply making for two last days with plenty of limits taken. One observation I noted that others have similarly seen was the unusual number of green wings down here. Though things got off to an unusually slow start in SE La following Tropical Storm Lee, the hunting picked up shortly thereafter when the water got back to normal levels.
In total, my log shows 104 teal taken on 9 hunts (101 BW, 3 GW). Some days you had to work for them, shooting well with the chances presented, and some days you could have just thrown handfuls of rocks for limits. Great times with a lot of good friends. 'Till November......Go Tigers.

September 26, 2011 at 12:36pm

Guys i'm looking to head out to the Pearl River Navigation Canal and want to launch at the Lock 1 ramp (Lock 1 Road in Pearl River). I spent many years there earlier in my life but it's been at least 5-7 years or so since i've used that launch. Any chance I can launch a 21 bay boat there on a tandem axle trailer?

Supposed to take some relatives for a ride there this weekend but don't want to get to the launch and have issues. Any drop off issues I should know about? All I've launched there in the past was my 16' flat boat.

Thanks for any help, have a good 4th weekend.

June 30, 2011 at 11:14am

Hoped it would calm a bit this morning after ripping all day yesterday, but the wind insisted on another day of outdoing itself. Spent a few hours trolling (and rocking and rolling) on the causeway this morning in the new boat. Boxed 10 trout ranging from 13' to 20', 1 red and lost 1 lucky trout who managed to flip back into the water off the deck. Threw back a couple undersized specks. Water was dirty but not terrible and the chartreuse baits were showing up well, seemed to be the color of the day. All fish caught on MirroLures, rattletraps or trailed B2 squid in chartreuse. good luck out there

April 17, 2011 at 9:08pm

Got my numbers put together and it was certainly a good season. Had a lot of fun hunting a variety of places with good friends and family. Countdown is on to September!

Total for the year in my blind was 246 ducks, 8 specklebelly geese, 1 blue goose

Species breakdown is as follows:

GW teal 68
BW teal 39
Gray 35
Mottled 6
Spoon 55
Dosgris 28
Redhead 1
ringneck 1
bufflehead 1
woodie 2
mallard 8
pintail 2

A few observations on the numbers: more mallards than usual, most around the state observed the same. Usually we’d only kill maybe 3-4 a year if that many, and we had the chance to harvest many more had we targeted them in smaller potholes earlier in the season. The number of spoons was up significantly, largely due to more rice field hunts in the Cheneyville/Bunkie/Whiteville areas this year. Dosgris (scaup) were also up; many days we’d pass on them landing in the spread 30+ at a time but on slow days we took our 2 per person. Before the season I would have thought we’d kill a hundred grays because they showed up in droves around October 15th and stayed a while BUT they disappeared right before the opener, 35 is down from 93 in 2005 but about average for the years since then (30-40), last year’s low of 11 being an anomaly. Green wing teal harvested is way up from a usual 30-40 per year; most killed in first split rice and marsh with only a few in 2nd split.

Made hunts in: Lacombe/Slidell, Delacroix Island, Hopedale, Lake Arthur marsh, Bell City, Cheneyville, & Bunkie/Whiteville

February 03, 2011 at 12:22pm
A comment titled: Re: Pecan island second split in response to a report titled: Pecan island second split

Slow in delacroix for us, mostly divers and scarce few grays each day this weekend.

December 21, 2020 at 8:13am
A comment titled: Re: 1st Split Results in response to a report titled: 1st Split Results

And strangely enough, I'm hearing of tons of reports like yours in Delacroix of 'can't keep the dosgris out' but we've killed all of three, just aren't even seeing them.....and we have big water nearby. Sure its nice when you can pass on them, but I'm certainly not above shooting them, we are duck hunters.

December 07, 2020 at 2:07pm
A comment titled: Re: Opening Weekend 2020 Duck Report in response to a report titled: Opening Weekend 2020 Duck Report

Worst opener by a mile for me in Delacroix. 2 grays Saturday, both shortly after LST, then did not fire after 6:05am, awful. Reports were mixed across my network in the area, some did well but most did poorly. Sunday reports as a whole were even worse, and we ended up with 5 in my blind. Blinds that smoked them Saturday, struggled Sunday. No wind, clear skies, warm temps, nothing moved.

November 16, 2020 at 7:58am
A comment titled: Re: Grey Duck Sighting in response to a report titled: Grey Duck Sighting

Saw a few grays today down in lower hopedale and into delacroix, marsh not as bad as I feared it might be. Still some feed here and there so hope others make out OK. Most of our blinds made it, thankfully. Watch out for barely-floating storm debris like lumber, old pilings, etc., picked up a few things today I was fortunate not to hit.

November 05, 2020 at 1:34pm
A comment titled: Re: Grey Duck Sighting in response to a report titled: Grey Duck Sighting

Well they're in biloxi marsh (for now) 'til this flippin' storm comes ripping through there this evening. Ughhhhh Thanks for the report anyway; good luck all with your camps, boats, homes, etc. Can only hope friday's front brings reinforcements in, also another front early next week.

October 28, 2020 at 9:55am
A comment titled: Re: who\'s ready for some ducks ? in response to a report titled: who's ready for some ducks ?

Nice camp and flag; saw a few wads of dosgris out on Lake Borgne Saturday, nice to see. Front later this week coupled with a big moon will get the birds moving. It's warm here but frigid north of us, so we'll see .......and need to get this next dang storm over with

October 26, 2020 at 8:50am

Good work on the video, glad you had a good season. Will be interesting to see what that hole produces in November....surely plenty of teal at least.

October 02, 2020 at 12:13pm
A comment titled: Re: Teal Season Opener 2020 Video in response to a report titled: Teal Season Opener 2020 Video

Glad you're off to a good start. Water is falling nicely down that way behind the storm........but looks like there may be something around this weekend coming up the Gulf. Keep an eye on it

September 16, 2020 at 3:37pm
A comment titled: Re: Teal Opener in response to a report titled: Teal Opener

Hunted Delacroix both days, 9 on saturday and 0 on Sunday. Like many reported above, saw more birds on Sunday (in the floods) than on Saturday, but we played hell getting them over the decoys, seemed to be flaring off the spinners. Called hunt early to gather stuff out some blinds and head in to prep camp for storm. Hope all make out ok with this one and we can get back out there soon

September 14, 2020 at 2:19pm
A comment titled: Re: Teal Report in response to a report titled: Teal Report

Got two reports of birds seen over the weekend around Lake Borgne, there are a few around. Full moon today/tomorrow should move more and there are even a few little fronts in the forecast. Bigger issue for, especially marsh hunters, is getting the ag fields in SE La dried up. Lots of sheet water in pastures and cane fields from the recent storms, scattering the birds that are around.

August 31, 2020 at 8:15am
A comment titled: Re: Gearing up for Teal Season 2020 in response to a report titled: Gearing up for Teal Season 2020

I'm ready!

August 11, 2020 at 1:04pm
A comment titled: Re: Squealers, teal and 2021+seasons in response to a report titled: Squealers, teal and 2021+seasons

The matter is fairly complex but the short of it is, you will not be shooting squealers (black-bellied whistling ducks, mostly) any time soon during our September teal season. As someone stated, you can shoot up to 6/person/day in the regular season, and I've had some hunts in SW La fresh marsh where quite a few were taken with some huge wads that, as many of you have noted in teal season, are suckers for whistling. Though we are seeing more and more of them, very little is known about the BBWD's as a whole, and there is also concern that the fulvous whistling duck is also present in early season, a species that even less is known about. So the potential for mistaken identity is there for harvesting the fulvous variety and impacting their population.

August 11, 2020 at 12:58pm
A comment titled: Re: HIP certification in response to a report titled: HIP certification

Recently got mine online via the new system, couldn't be easier and a whole lot better than dealing with the big box retailers, especially in today's crazy world. As a bonus, now the LDWF will get actually useful data from your HIP entries instead of just whatever the person at the register randomly put in to hurry you along, as boug23 alluded to above. I'll gladly pay the $2 for it to be so convenient.

July 14, 2020 at 2:32pm
A comment titled: Re: Season Recap in response to a report titled: Season Recap

I've heard from a number of others in my circles that noted the same thing only to discover that so many others had as well. Like mentioned above, hope they imprint now that it's quiet out there, see them in Nov.

January 29, 2020 at 12:21pm
A comment titled: Re: 2019/2020 Season Close Out in response to a report titled: 2019/2020 Season Close Out

I think plenty of hunters got discouraged maybe early and hung it up. In my travels in the marsh I routinely saw birds flushing from ponds I knew to be hunted earlier in the season, but hadn't seen anyone in weeks. As a result, their land became refuges and made our hunting more difficult.

January 28, 2020 at 8:56am
A comment titled: Re: Season Recap in response to a report titled: Season Recap

Delta Duckman you make a great point in that the first split didn\'t feel like it was good at all, but the tally showed 105 ducks logged so that\'s on par with some of my best 1st splits of the past since I started keeping a log for the 2002-2003 season. We weren\'t seeing all that many birds, had to shoot well with the ops we got......some days we did, some days we sure didn\'t. \r\n\r\nLikewise, we all remain optimistic for next season and I was encouraged to see some new birds on closing weekend, many of the grays we killed were observed to be immature so hopefully they imprint with the guns noW put away. We\'ll find out in November!

January 28, 2020 at 8:51am
A comment titled: Re: Season Recap in response to a report titled: Season Recap

Re: dog He's good in the blind, he's great tolerating infants and toddlers climbing on him. Saved us a ton of birds this season by finding them in the marsh/rice stubble.

January 27, 2020 at 2:47pm

Mike, likewise had good hunts on closing weekend in Delacroix with E/SE winds, the north wind on closing Sunday was junk, scratched. I likewise heard of large numbers of grays on big shallow lagoons rafting up/feeding on low water grass flats

January 27, 2020 at 12:36pm
A comment titled: Re: Season Recap in response to a report titled: Season Recap


January 27, 2020 at 12:32pm
A comment titled: Re: Season Recap in response to a report titled: Season Recap

More photos

January 27, 2020 at 12:31pm
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