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First boat on the birds this morning, got 4 fish in before it started getting crowded (although it was crowded, noone cast any comments that I could tell). Caught 9 total thanks to the birds, 4 over 2 pounds with one 5-15 pounder (check this coming Sunday's American Press).
Had a first today. While bouncing my plastic on the bottom, felt a light bite and set the hook. Did not appear to be anything there so I let the bait set for a moment while taking a sip of water. Next thing I know, I get my rod slammed and peeling drag. First thought was a good redfish. I fought the fish all the way to the boat and get a good look at a solid 7 pound or better trout. As I started fumbling for the net, she says fairwell and spits the hook. What I was left with was my leadhead, plastic bait, and a croaker. Only thing I could figure was the croaker hit the plastic and was hooked, then this sow tried to eat the croaker. Too bad I did not have enough hook to really hang the trout too. Would have been a good mount with the croaker sucked up in her mouth.

May 22, 2009 at 11:28am

I have a lot of respect for other fisherman, but found myself very challenged this morning in Turners Bay. I, my son, and his friend arrived just after sun up to find the birds working in Turners Bay. As we approached a group of birds, another boat came in to fish. No big deal, fished birds with many boats around without any incident. As I hooked my first trout of the morning, the guys in the other boat (using their trolling motor) almost ran across my line while fighting the fish in. When I commented “Come on buddy” he replied “you have a trolling motor, use it”. With that being said, we let them do their thing and still managed to bring in a few more trout and started looking for more birds without boats on them.
It did not take long to spot more birds with no boat around. I used my trolling motor to quietly move into position to fish them and yet again, another boat moves in on us. This time it was a guide (Boat registered in Texas) with 3 sports, and the guide had the nerve to tell me “Don’t crowd me, I am trying to make a living". Now keep in mind we had already boated a few trout before this guide pulls up, yet he has the nerve to accuse me of crowding him. Good fishing etiquette is to allow twice the casting distance between boats. I could have easily placed my leadhead into his boat when he moved in on us.
This is the first post I have ever placed in here. Guess I will start bringing my camera along to take pictures of these "fishermen". In the future I plan to post the pics of these offenders and post them on here with what they did. You guys think we could start a new region called "Calcasieu Lake Wall Of Shame"?
On a positive note, yesterday I was by myself and limited out on trout by 8:20am, of which 4 were 3# or better. Today, even with the rude guys trying to rule the lake, the 3 of us caught 30 trout and one flounder.

May 21, 2009 at 2:22pm
A comment titled: Still not convinced in response to a report titled: Completely beside myself...

I do recall seeing this yellow 21' Kenner. Was that you?

May 26, 2009 at 2:14pm
A comment titled: Never fails in response to a report titled: Completely beside myself...

Regardless of trying to make a situation better by posting it here so maybe some people can learn from others experiences, someone always "THINKS" they know better (like brian1971 and Fish2424). I'm sorry, but at this time I will have to call your bluff on your comments. I would imagine you witnessed someone else’s unfortunate experience, not mine. Or maybe you have me mistaken for the guy in the other boat since you think I am the offender. Please, before commenting get all your facts straight. Don't detract from the intended purpose here, which is to educate the guys on fishing etiquette who "Just don't know" and those who "Just don't care".

May 25, 2009 at 10:51am

Let’s keep the facts straight. As I stated in the original post, both boats (mine and the other) approached the birds at the same time. Now a little more in depth: Both boats had shut down their outboards away from the bird action and used trolling motors to move in closer. Also, the other boat had not caught any fish and was not following along with the birds. I had pulled the first fish from this group of birds. He ran his trolling motor and was trying to cut between my boat and the birds (not more than 15 feet from me) while I was fighting a fish in (no way he did not know I was there, therefore I conceder this an intentional act).
I for one have been fishing the Calcasieu estuary for 30 years and know about fish movement, birds working, how to approach birds which are working/picking dependent on tidal movement and wind direction, and so on… I also make it a point to pass groups of birds that already have boats on them since everyone should know the more boats, the more spooked the fish get regardless of the birds. In ideal situations you may get away with the one boat per group of birds, but there are no ideal situations on Big Lake. Prime example was Friday morning. I was the first boat on the first group of birds (turned into a rather large group) to start working in Turner’s Bay (in the right place at the right time). I was lucky enough to get 4 fish in the boat before all the other boats started to converge on the birds. In total, I caught 9 (one better than 5#) from that group of birds and felt very fortunate to have done that well. When the bite quit, I looked around and there must have been 10-12 boats within casting distance of me. No one tried to cut me off from the fish. Again, I feel very fortunate to have caught 9 and hope that some of the other boats managed to pull a few fish. Although I was first on the birds, I don’t feel I owned the group (that is the reality of it). I only wish that others could learn not to crowd the fish/birds so the bite can continue. Many times I have gotten into a good group of birds, finished my limit, and then got out of the way so someone else could have some fun.
On another note, I fish with my barb mashed. If I catch a large sow and can release her without harm, back in the water she goes. Unfortunately the sow I caught Friday morning had inhaled the bait and was hooked deep. Even with an 8" hook grab I was not able to retrieve the hook without harming her. I have been able to release the majority of fish I have caught over 5#’s. Remember, these large sows are the ones who keep our lake populated.

May 24, 2009 at 2:21am
A comment titled: Trying to be the better Man in response to a report titled: Completely beside myself...

First, I would like to say my hats off to the majority of the guides. When I was younger, I had considered a career as a guide but decided I would ruin my passion for fishing by turning it into a job.
The majority of the offenders have been individuals. I only fish weekdays, not weekends due to the number of boats on the lake. I have fished Big Lake for years and have to agree it is getting worse. I could have easily "Tuned them up" by running circles in the area with the outboard screaming, cussing, and ruined it for them too, but trying to set the good example of being a better man for my 20 year old son and his friend. It’s sad that both boats did what they did. I like taking all my kids fishing, gives them something constructive to do. The actions displayed today counter acts what I am trying to encourage with my kids.
On the other hand, if I was a sport in that boat, I would have requested the guide bring me back to the landing and report him to the owner of the guide service and demand a full refund.
As for the guy almost running over my line, he knew I was there. He intentionally cut in front of me (not more than 15 feet) to cut us off from the birds.
Just about everyone has a digital camera these days. Rather than having a confrontation and stooping to their level, just take the photo and post it with comments on what happened, facts only. Maybe even take some video footage (most digital cameras have this feature) and post to, and then put a post on here with a link to the video. There are many different ways to fight back without confrontation. Let me know your ideas.

May 21, 2009 at 9:46pm
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