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the wind prediction for yesterday (Tuesday was great. And it actually was not windy. We were excited to get on the beach so off we went To Fourchon Marina... with some live cocahoes headed south out of Bell River at dawn. But when we got to the mouth of the pas, the rollers coming off the gulf were huge. We ran a mile or so down the beach toward Grand Isle but it was way to rough to fish the beach. I guess the south winds all night built us some heavy wave that take a long time to dissipate.

Plan B... Back up the river and out into Timbalier bay for a long day of chasing trout. We could not find a pattern and tried everything... could only pick up a few here and a few there. Most were actually caught on plastic under corks... ending the day at 2PM with 32 trout and one red.

We stopped at the Seafood Shed in Golden Meadow on the way back to pick up some fresh shrimp. When we got home, we discovered that the guy in front of us must have had the same model ice chest and grabbed ours while we were paying inside the office. Instead of 2 big bags of fish fillets and 25 lbs of VERY LARGE shrimp, we has 50 lbs of very small shrimp.

June 12, 2013 at 5:49pm

Leeville... Wednesday 6/29... Much windier (from the north) than predicted... No clean water, not real muddy just not good... Good incoming tide... baits only visible to 10 - 20 inches down... Ran 60 miles all over Timbalier Bay... fishing islands and structures... A few fish here and a few there... too many throwbacks... live shrimp, live minnows and artificial... 7 hours on the water... Final box... 20 specks, 3 flounder, 1 sheepshead, and 1 black drum.

We'll get 'em next time.

June 30, 2011 at 7:54am

Three of us fished Friday heading west out of Leeville. We only made 4 stops, each further west and ended the day with 62 specs and 3 reds after about 6 hours of fishing. Most fish were caught on live minnows (Carolina rigged and under a cork) as well as soft plastics. (both free-lined and under a cork) We fished a few Islands and one structure. The fish were not stacked up anywhere, but would just come and go a few at a time, so we just hung with each of the 4 stops for quite a while before moving on. The tide was very weak so there was not as much water moving as I like. Water clarity was OK but not great. The 62 trout ranged from barely legal to some fat 19 inch models! We through back about 2 doz that were too small to keep.

June 13, 2011 at 7:56pm

DAY ONE: Great excitement about the low wind predictions were dashed when we got on the water Saturday morning at 5AM. We faced stiff winds out of the SE and big rollers in Timbalier Bay. It was so windy that the only way to fish the bay was finding shelter behind the islands. There we found water that was fishable but not great. We also found scattered specs that were very small, with many whites mixed in. We used live shrimp, live minnows and plastics. After several hours, we gave up and headed into the marsh. We found a nice spot and hooked up with a few more trout and 6 nice keeper red fish to end the day. Our catch for the day was a couple dozen specs, some whites and 6 reds.

DAY TWO: We woke up at our Port Fourchon Marina room at 4AM and did not like the heavy SE breeze that greeted us when we opened the door. The Marina was not open, so we drove back to Gail’s in Leeville to pick up more minnows. We headed back into the belly of the beast at around 5:30AM. We were going to just stay in the marsh, but when we got into Bayou Lafourche, the wind was lighter so we braved the chop and headed for the rigs on the back side of E Timbalier Island. We found fishable water there, relief from the heavier waves and a current that was screaming! The incoming tide was so strong that we could not even fish the well heads very well. We only got a few bites and a few hardheads, so we fished the north side of E.Timabalier Island for a while then headed to the back side of some other islands again for relief from the wind. The water looked a little better than Saturday, but we still could only find small specs and whites. After a while, the winds calmed down greatly, and we decided to move further north. We found a spot 50 yards off the south side of an island with a dead oyster bottom and started catching keeper trout with some small ones mixed in. The incoming tide was pushing bait into the island, and that spot turned out to be the ticket we needed. We stayed there with steady action for over 3 hours and bagged our 3 man limit of specs and a couple of small sharks. It seemed to be a small honey hole, as several other boats were in the area and kept moving around us very closely. They would catch fish, but not as well as us in our spot. The trout would hit any type or color of plastic under a cork. But live minnows or Gulp plastics jigged slowly on the bottom consistently yielded the larger specs. We bagged number 75 at around 1:30PM and called a nearby boat over to take our spot, then fired up the big motor for the last time. We headed in to clean fish and went home with 9 one-gallon bags of filets. Many of our 75 specs were just keeper size, but about 3 dozen were larger trout in the 17-21 inch size.

May 26, 2008 at 2:09pm

Tommy, Mark and I launched at Port Fourchon Marina yesterday at 5:30, with 50 live croakers, every color of soft plastic made and great resolve. The winds were pretty stiff but locals said that they had been much heavier during the night. We decided to head out to the Islands of Timbalier bay anyway. The fishing was really tough. Strong north winds were working against a week incoming tide, leaving little moving water. The water around all of the islands looked like chocolate milk. The only place you could find clean water was way out in the open where the wave action was unfishable.

We worked hard for a dozen or so specs with a few whites mixed in. Finally, in the early afternoon the winds started to calm and the birds began working. We got on some school trout and waded through many undersized ones to land some keepers. We ended the long day at 2:20 with 51 trout a a few sail cats. Most trout were caught with plastic under popping corks, because most came from under birds. Very few were caught with the croakers.

June 04, 2006 at 3:13pm

The Baton Rouge Mafia put the HIT on trout this morning. The Paisan Team of Boccaccio and Carroccio (AKA Ringeaux and Blazer) headed out to Fourchon early Thrusday morning... As we left Port Fourchon Marina's dock, there was no wind, and it looked to be a great morning. Heading west into Timbalier Bay, I stopped the SeaPro off a point on an island that I've been wanting to try... GOOD CALL! Ringeaux noticed some big brown shrimp being chased and we trolled to within casting distance. We caught 5 or 6 immediately with popping corks and plastic, then decided to switch to topwater. Another good call! We put about 25 more fish on ice all on Top-Dogs. These fish weren't huge, most 15-17, but were slamming the Dogs. I did put a nice 21 incher in the boat, and Ringeaux had a 19.5 incher. The porpoises came and crashed the party, but we still caught a few more. By 8 am we had 40 fatties in the box. It took us a while to scratch out the next 10 for our two man limit, but it was a fantastic day on the water!

May 26, 2006 at 11:39am

Ringeaux and I arrived at Joshua's in buras before sunrize yesterday morning. We saw JLT's old boat setting by the trailer and it's pretty beat up! (After fishing, we looked at his camp and saw the house in some trees 200 yards away and accross the street from it's foundation.)

We launched Bob's Blazer and headed south to a spot just a few minutes from the launch and I hooked up with a fat 21 inch trout on a bone She Dog, followed by another 20 inch fish. Ringeaux was not far behind with a 19 on plastic under a cork. Just a couple more fish there and off to spot #2, moving towards Scofield Bay. There we picked up a few more good fish but not quite as large. The 3rd stop was along some remaining Scofield Bay shorline, fishing a break where the wind and tide could push bait through. We picked up enough there to stick the pole in the water. When that slowed, we just moved 50 yards down to the next cut and finished off the limit at 11:25. The bite was steady but not fast and furious. I caught #51 and through him back just so we could say that we left them biting! We don't like to play "catch & release" with trout, as many don't survive that. We threw a few back by mistake, trying to swing them into the boat, but did not catch a single fish under 12 inches and most were 15-18. The majority of the trout were caught on "pink" plastic shrimp under corks! (DOAs and Old Bayside)

Ringeaux knows Buras much better than I, and he really put us on the fish. It was a near perfect day... sunny but not hot, mild winds to keep bugs away, moving but not fast water, an early limit, few boats on the water and a good friend to clown around with. Our 50 trout were riding home by noon. Now get down to buras and catch those fat ones we left behind for you. And don't let your manhood prevent you from thinking pink!

April 14, 2006 at 9:55am
A comment titled: Fourchon in response to a report titled: Fourchon beach fishing

Good to hear this. We are headed to Fourchon in the morning and plan to fish the beach. Thanks for the report.

June 10, 2013 at 9:23pm
A comment titled: Six Pound Trout in response to a report titled: 6 pound trout in Leeville Marsh

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! I guess the water is warming fast now. How much longer before the trout will be at the Island's in Timablier Bay?

April 06, 2010 at 10:08am
A comment titled: Plenty of fish in response to a report titled: Gray Duck and Rosa Bay

There are plenty of fish in and around Timbalier Bay, from Catfish Lake down to Timbalier Island. Get into Timbalier Bay and work around the islands. On these strong incoming tides, (unless it's too windy and rough) work the south shores where the current is pushing bait up against the islands. Plastic under corks, or on the bottom will work. Also use live minnows or shrimp under corks or on the bottom. See my Port Fourchon report from last Saturday and Sunday. Good luck...

May 28, 2008 at 9:00pm
A comment titled: Golden Meadow launch in response to a report titled: golden Meadow

Yes. It is still open. Don't forget to give us a report!

February 28, 2007 at 1:54pm
A comment titled: Glad to see you back in response to a report titled: There's No place like Buras---There's No place like Buras

Capt John... Glad to see you back where you belong. I've been stuck catching limits of smaller trout in Timbalier Bay. Ringeaux and I did make one good trip with a limit of trout several weeks ago out of Joshuas. We saw your old boat. We'll get over that way soon (where the trout have shoulders) and look you up!

May 31, 2006 at 4:13pm
A comment titled: Stren Superbraid in response to a report titled: Fishing line ??

After using PowerPro for a few years, I switched to Stren's Powerbraid. I use the 30LB test on all of my reels. Power Pro is great stuff and the only advantage of Stren's Superbraid is that it holds its color much longer than PowerPro. The braided lines are much more expensive up front, but since they last so long, they are actually cheaper than mono. You can use it for years. A neat trick is to use a braided line, then after a year or so, just reverse it on your reel and it's like having new line again. The only advantage of this trick is that the line (that was burried on the spool) looks newer and has good color. Braided lines have their downside too, but you should try it on a reel and see if you like it.

April 15, 2006 at 8:25am
A comment titled: Leeville in response to a report titled: Is it happening

My neighbor always fishes on the east side of Leeville and has done well the last two weekends with trout limits. A friend of mine fished out of Fourchon yesterday going west. He caught 35 nice trout (no throwbacks) around Brush Island all on Speculizers. Good Luck

April 15, 2006 at 6:49am
A comment titled: no trash in response to a report titled: Think Pink

There was no trash in the water where we ran. Once on the water, you would not know there had been a storm.

April 14, 2006 at 5:05pm
A comment titled: Who won? in response to a report titled: Trout are still biting

So what rig caught the most fish... Bobbers or Chubs? The Bungle in the Jungle is comming!

January 07, 2005 at 9:44am
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